Kingdom of Mann and ðe Iles
Suðreyjar (Old Norse)
Rìoghachd nam Mhanainn agus nan h-Eilean (Scottish Gaelic)
Reeriaght Vannin as ny h-Ellanyn (Manx Gaelic)
GÆ 839-989; GÆ 1061-1075; GÆ 1079-1265
Rikeneſs Self-ſtanding rike GÆ 839-989; GÆ 997-1061; GÆ 1070-1098; GÆ 1103-1265
Knaving of Norway

Norse lordingrike GÆ 1098-1103
Headſtead Heſherton
Kinde of ƿaldry Lonetowdom
Lonetow- GÆ 839-853 Godfrey I (first)
- GÆ 1254-1265 Magnus II (laſt)

Ðe Kingdom of ðe Iles withheld ðe , ðe ilands of ðe Firth of Clyde and ðe Ile of Man from ðe 9th to 13th yearshundred . Ðe ilands were known to ðe Norse as ðe Suðreyjar, or "Southern Iles" as underſhed from ðe Norðreyjar or Northern Iles of Orkney and Shetland. In Scottish Gaelic, ðe kingdom is known as 'Rìoghachd nan Eilean'. Ðe bygoing lorekeep is unfulfilled, and ðe kingdom was not an abiding being þroughout ðe whole timespan. e ilands recked are ſometimes ettled as ðe Kingdom of Mann and ðe Iles, alðough only ſome of ðe later redes foreheld ðat heading. At times, ðe redes were ſelfhooded of outward ƿalderſhip, alðough for much of ðe timespan ðey had overlords in Norway, Ireland, England, Scotland and Orkney. At times ðere ſeem to have been wedbewharving calls for all ſundries of ðe turf. ſGÆ ƿþ Write the first paragraph of your page here.GÆ

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