The Anglish Moot
Anglo-Saxon Influence This article is written in a dialect of Anglish that is heavily swayed by Old English. Some words may not be understood.

Kingdom of Ireland
Ríoghacht na hÉire

1ſt Aſhaping
GÆ 1166–1189

2th Aſhaping
18 Solmonth GÆ 1541–20 Yulemonth GÆ 1800
(N.W.: 28 Solmonth GÆ 1541–30 Yulemonth GÆ 1801)
GÆ 1652–1660: Imeanwealth

Kingdom of Ireland GÆ 1789
Ðe Kingdom of Ireland in GÆ 1789
Standing 1st Aſhaping
Uttoverreding thedeſhip (GÆ 1166-1170; GÆ 1185; GÆ 1189)

2th Aſhaping
Heedly rich of England (GÆ 1542-1707)
Heedly rich of Great Briten (GÆ 1707-1800)
P.W.: Ðe word "king" is ðe ſame as "kin" + "-ing" (wordlore 3) and it antidely meant "Fellow of a kin". It, ðus, turned into a heading ðat meant "head of a kinſhip".
Head of a kinſhip
Head of a thede
Head of a thedeſhip
Headborough 1st Aſhaping
Dublin (acknowledged; alðough King Roderick's highſeat belove at Dunmore in Connacht)
2th Aſhaping
Mean tungs 1st Aſhaping
Middle Irish

2th Aſhaping
Engliſh, Highflacking Waðelish
Lief 1st Aſhaping
Romiſh Niȝholiſhneſs

2th Aſhaping
Anglienneſs (rich-reevely)
Romiſh Niȝholiſhneſs (beſtridedly)
Eretowiſhneſs (formerly in Elwenſted)
Kind of leedward "Patchwork" kiery ervetowdom (GÆ 1166-1189)
Oneſhiply wittingmootiſh writlawful loneredeſhip (GÆ 1542-1800)
Onewolder 1st Aſhaping
- GÆ 1166–1189 (erst) Ruaidrí
- GÆ 1166–1189 (laſt) Ruaidrí

2th Aſhaping
- GÆ 1542-1547 (erst) Caoimhrí
- GÆ 1760-1800 (laſt) Ceifhearg III

Lord Louthenend - GÆ 1542–1548 (erſt) Andelend Hl. Leger
- GÆ 1798–1800 (laſt) Churl Hornwallis
Heaf Inwritend - GÆ 1660 (erſt) Mettiwer Locke
- GÆ 1798–1800 (laſt) Robert Stewart
Lawmoot Mathelmoot
Upper house House of Lords
Neðer house House of Means
Stear 1st Aſhaping
- GÆ 1166 Wreathing of King Redrich
- GÆ 1169–1171 Angle-Normaniſh raid of Ireland
- GÆ 1175 Grithwrit of Windsor (GÆ 1175)
- GÆ 1183 Stepping-down of King Redrich
- GÆ 1185 King Redrich's erſt short edwend to þrith
- GÆ 1189 King Redrich's twoth short edwend to þrith

2th Aſhaping
- 18 Solmonth GÆ 1541 Ƿreath of Ireland Bedoing GÆ 1542
- GÆ 1642–1652 Bondly Wyes
- GÆ 1652–1660 Imeanwealth
- GÆ 1782–1800 Lawmootiſh Selfdom
- 1 Eremonth GÆ 1801 Bedoing of Oning
GÆ 1700–1800 84,421 km2
(32,595 fs mi)
GÆ 1700 3,000,000
GÆ 1800 5,500,000
Mintwhit Irish pound
Today a deal of Kinewise of Ireland
Yeaned Kingrich

Ðe Kingdom of Ireland (Highflacking Iriſh: Ríoghacht na hÉire, Nowtime Iriſh: Ríocht na hÉire), also called ðe Kingrich of Ireland, was a rich ðat had a ſundry of þree richneſses at þree ſundered times in ſtear. Bin its erſt aſhaping, it was an uttoverreding rich ðat began with ðe wolderbeeing of King Redrich II of Hundlingen as full King over ðe whole iland in GÆ 1166, ſtarted to weaken after ðe Normaniſh raid, and laſted until King Redrich's þird and last downſtepping in GÆ 1189. In its erſt aſhaping, it was more reevely ettled as ðe "High Kingred of Ireland", ſince King Redrich was ſametimely High King over ðe lave of ðe kings on ðe iland, all of whom were below him in rung.

And in its twoth aſhaping, it was a heedly rich of England and ðen of Great Briten ðat beſtood from Ingday, 18 Solmonth GÆ 1541 until Þursday, 20 Yulemonth GÆ 1800. In its twoth aſhaping, it was reded by loneredes of England and ðen of Great Briten in wightly foroning with her oðer riches. Ðe kingdom was forwielded from Blackpool Stronghold by an underking (ðe lord outfadend, later lord loughtin) affixed by ðe king or queen. Ireland had its own lawmaking body, fellowdom, landferd, lawful layout, and its richly holimoot.

Ðe ledemark of ðe twoth kingdom had formerly been a lordſhip reded by ðe kings of England, ſtaddled on Monday, 18 Winterfulth GÆ 1171 by Hamrich II of England bemiðingly as Lord Hamrich I of Ireland (which took lough after ðe Angle-Normaniſh raid of Ireland). By ðe 16th yearhundred, ðe landspan of Engliſh ſhrunken greatly, and moſt of Ireland was held by Gelish Iriſh firstendoms and headmanſhips. In GÆ 1542, King Hamrich VIII of England was wreathed "King of Ireland" as Hamrich, King of Ireland. Ðe Engliſh began begrounding wield over ðe iland, which sparked ðe Soumonſted Uprisings and ðe Nine Years' Wye. It was fulfilled in ðe 17th yearhundred. Ðe raid whelmed beſlaying land from ðe foreborn Iriſh and fermſhipping it with ſettlers from Briten.


Ƿreath of Ireland Bedoing GÆ 1542 Irish Ƿittagemoot


Liſt of Irish loneredes
1st Aſhaping
Redrick, King of Ireland
2th Aſhaping
King Hamrich VIII of England and [I] of Ireland

King Edward IX of England and II of Ireland

Queen Marry I of England and Ireland

Queen Elsbit I of England and Ireland

King Quall VI of Scotland and I of England and Ireland

King Churl I of England, Scotland and Ireland

King Churl II of England, Scotland and Ireland

King Quall II of England and Ireland and VII of Scotland

King Wilhelm III of England, II of Scotland and I of Ireland & Queen Marry II of England, Scotland and Ireland

Anne, Queen of Great Briten and Ireland

King Yorry I of Great Briten and Ireland

King Yorry II of Great Briten and Ireland

King Yorry III of ðe Foroned Kingdom of Great Briten and Ireland

Roderick Wolfnedling