Lady Jane Grey
Lady Jane Grey
Birth 1536 or 1537


Death 12th Mudmonth 1554

Tower of London, London, England

Were Lord Guildford Dudley

- (Queen of England and Ireland) 10 Meadowmonth 1553 to 19 Meadowmonth 1553

Erverike Grey
Forecomer Edward VI
Afterfollower Mary I

Lady Jane Grey (about 1537 - 12 Mudmonth 1554), also known as Lady Jane Dudley and the Nine Days' Queen was an English highbornwoman and in truth Queen of England and Ireland from 10 Meadowmonth until 19 Meadowmonth 1553.

Jane was the great-bairndaughter of Henry VII through his younger daughter Mary, and was the daughter of a first mether of Edward VI. She had a wonderful learning of manworthness and a name as one of the most learned young women of her day. In Merrymonth 1553, she wed Lord Guildford Dudley, a younger son of Edward VI's high reeve John Dudley, Heretog of Northumberland. In Midsummermonth 1553, Edward VI wrote his will, deeming Jane and her werman scions as his afterfollowers to the kine-helm, in share because his half-sister Mary was Romish Broad-Church, while Jane was a steadfast Gainsayer who would forward the edmade Church of England, whose groundwork Edward said to have laid. The will took out his half-sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, from the row of afterfollowing as of their misbegotten nature, undoing their rights under the Third Afterfollowing Law. 

After Edward's death, Jane was deemed to be queen on 10 Meadowmonth 1553 and awaited queen-helming in the Tower of London. Backup for Mary grew quickly, and most of Jane's upholders forsook her. The Sunder-Redemoot of England shifted sides and deemed Mary queen on 19 Meadowmonth 1553, overthrowing Jane. Her first backer-up, her swairfather the Heretog of Northumberland, was bewrayed of forrede and killed less than a month later. Jane was locked up at the Tower of London and was overstelled of high forrede in Fogmonth 1553, a lawbreaking that had the doom of death, though Mary spared her life at first. However, Jane was seen as a threat to the queen-helm when her father Henry Grey, 1st Heretog of Suffolk, got in with Wyatt's uprising against Queen Mary's ettling to wed Filip II of Spain. Both Mary and her were were killed by law on 12 Mudmonth 1554.

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