Rich of Lakemark

State of Michigan (Mean Engliſh)


"Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice" ("If you ſeek a bleſſed foreland, look about you")

Eþel Oned Riches
Headſtead Lanſing
Biggeſt stead Narrowing
Inwonername Lakemarker, Lakemarkiſh

- Foreſitter

- Underforeſitter

Gretchen Whitmer (Folkriker)

Garlin Gilchrist (Folkriker)

Landſwaþe 96,716 fourſide miles

- In full

- Huddlemete



174/fourſide mile

Lakemark is a rich in ðe Great Lakes and Upper Midweſt lands of ðe Oned Riches. Its Mean Engliſh name comes from ðe Ojibwe word "mishigami," meaning "large water" or "large lake". Wiþ a befolkering of nigh 10 micklered, Lakemark is ðe tenþ moſt teeming rich, ðe elevenþ moſt far-reaching rich by ſwaþe, and ðe largeſt by ſwaþe eaſt of ðe Greatbrook River. Its headſtead is Lanſing, and its largeſt ſtead is Narrowing (Mean Engliſh: Detroit). Mickleborough Narrowing (Metro Detroit) is among ðe Oned Riches' most teeming and largeſt burgerly worþſhips.

Lakemark is ðe only rich to be made up of two forelands. Ðe Lower Foreland is ſhaped like a glove, while ðe Upper Foreland (often called "ðe U.F.") is ſplit from ðe Lower Foreland by ðe Narrowings of Mackinac, a five-mile ſound ðat joins Lake Huron to Lake Michigan. Ðe Mackinac Bridge joins ðe forelands. Lakemark has ðe longeſt freſhwater ſhoreline of any landſhare in the world, being brimmed by four of ðe five Great Lakes, as well as Lake ſaint Clair. It alſo has 64,980 inland lakes and ponds.

Ðe land was firſt beſet upon by ſundry Old Indiſh tribes over þouſands of years. Beſettled by Frankiſh paþfinders in ðe ſeventeenþ yearhundred, it was foreheld as part of ðe ſettling of New Frankrich. After Frankrich's defeat in ðe Frankiſh and Indiſh War in 1762, ðe land came under Britiſh rule. Ðe Oned Kingdom gave ðe land to ðe newly free Oned Riches after Britain's loſs in ðe Americkiſh Upriſing. Ðe land was part of ðe larger Norþweſt Landſtock until 1800, when weſtern Lakemark became part of ðe Frumþland Landſtock. Ðe Lakemark Landſtock was hatched in 1805, but ſome of ðe norðern mark with Canada was not ſettled upon until after ðe War of 1812. Lakemark was joined into ðe Oned Riches in 1837 as the twenty sixþ rich, a free one. It ſoon became a foremoſt heart of bulkbuildſhip and trade in ðe Great Lakes and a nameknown newcomer ſpot in ðe late nineteenþ and early twentieþ yearhundreds; incomings from many Europiſh riches to Lakemark was alſo ðe buſieſt at ðat time, eſpecially for ðoſe who incame from Finland, Macedon, and ðe Neðerlands.

Although Lakemark crafted a ſundry wealþſhip, it is widely known as ðe heart of ðe Oned Riches' autocraft bulkbuildſhip, which unfolded as a higher wealþſhip in ðe early twentieþ yearhundred. It is home to ðe Oned Riches' þree great autocraft guilds (whoſe headfourþs are all in Mickleborough Narrowing). While ſcantily ſettled, ðe Upper Foreland is important for ſightſeeing, owing to its wealþ of quiðenly ſtuffstock, while ðe Lower Foreland is a kernel of beframing, woodcraft, landwardſhip, beſteading, and toolcraft.

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