Latin is an olden Indo-European tung that sprang in the land called Latium. It became widely spoken as the main tung of the Roman Anweald. As a wordending and wordbuilding tung, it leans little on wordsetting. The Latin staffhoard, which comes from Greek, are the most widely written in the world.

Although now widely huyed as a dead tung with no born speakers left and only a handful of skilled ones, Latin has been a great ordstem for many latter tungs, and still holds high sway in the field of lore. Six out of every ten words in English come somehow from Latin, and most of today's tungs have Latin words. Latin is the forebearer of all Romance tungs. In the Western world, Latin was the shared tongue for lore and rikscraft for over a thousand years before being overtaken by French. Church Latin is still the main tung of the Roman Catholish Church, and thus the lawful tung of the Vatican.


Latin was one of many Italic tungs, and was brought to Italy in the H8-7th BC by incomers from the north who settled in the Latium, and umb the Tiber ea. Latin later drew on Etruscan in the north, Celtish and on Greek.

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