This is a list of often brooked Latinisms in the English tung and their matches in Anglish.

Latin Anglish
e.g. (exempli gratia) s.a. (such as)
i.e. (id est) t.i. (that is)
n.b. (nota bene)
l.w. (mark well)
ibid. (ibidem)
s.a.a. (same as above)
et al. (et alii)
a.a. (and all)
q.d. (quaque die)
o.e.d. (one each day)
b.i.d. (bis in die)
t.e.d. (two each day)
t.i.d. (ter in die)
th.e.d. (three each day)
q.i.d. (quater in die)
f.e.d. (four each day)
prn. (pro re nata)
a.n. (as needed)
etc. (et cetera)

a.s.f. (and so forth),

a.s.o. (and so on)

magnum opus Masterpiece
mea culpa my flaw
non compos mentis not thinking straight
non sequitur bad followon
nota bene mark well
per annum by the year
per capita by heads
per diem by the day
per se by itself
persona non grata an unwelcome one
post hoc after the truth
post mortem afterdeath
pre hoc before the truth
quid pro quo (noun) trade
quod erat demonstrundum such was to be shown
rigor mortis stiffness of death
semper fidelis always faithful
status quo (noun) the way things are
tempus fugit time flies
terra firma steady earth
terra incognita unknown land
versus against
vice versa the other way around
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