The Laws of the Net (English: Rules of the Internet) is an Unacknowledged list of 47 (or 74) laws for the Net. It came from 4Chan. Some more acknowledged laws inhold "Law 34" and "Law 63".

The Laws of the Net (Laws 1-47) Edit

  1. Don't talk about /b/
  2. DON'T talk about /b/
  3. We are Nameless.
  4. We are many.
  5. We do not forgive. We do not forget.
  6. Nameless can be an awful, feelingless, uncaring fiend
  7. Nameless is still able to give
  8. There are no true laws of online writing
  9. There are no true laws over online overseeing either - have fun with that ban!
  10. If you like a foe webside better, DON'T
  11. All your carefully chosen comebacks can be easily overlooked
  12. Anything you say can and will be wielded against you.
  13. Anything you say can and will be made into something else - patched.
  14. Don't comeback with trolls - they will win
  15. Harder you bid, Harder you blunder
  16. If you do blunder to a great step: It might yet become a winning blunder
  17. Every win blunders soon.
  18. Everything that can be tagged can be hated.
  19. The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.
  20. Nothing is taken unfunnily.
  21. Things are new, until a few ticks later
  22. Twintacka is made to wreck every last bit of freshness.
  23. Twintacka is made to wreck every last bit of freshness.
  24. Every newpost is a newpost of a newpost
  25. The link with the beginning thread lessens with every new post
  26. Any thread could be switched to something unlinked
  27. Always ask about someone's kind fondness for no true ground.
  28. Always ask about someone's kind - lest it is truly a man.
  29. Girls=Men and Kids=FBI Workers
  30. Girls on the Net aren't true.
  31. Tits or go.
  32. You need likenesses to have your comebacks be true.
  33. Lurk more - it's never enough
  34. If it is, then there's whore-showings of it. No outliers.
  35. If that isn't so, it will be.
  36. See something bad, there's worse.
  37. You can't split by nought (0).
  38. No true thresholds, not even the sky.
  41. Desu isn't funny, it's worse than one-liners of Chuck Norris.
  42. Nothing is holy
  43. The more wonderful things are - the greater it is to wreck it!
  44. Make one good thing about the Japanish and you are a weeaboo
  45. When you see a lee, get in the wagon
  46. There are furry whoreshowings of things.
  47. The pool is always shut.

Unacknowledged Laws (48-74) Edit

  1. Everybody lies.
  2. Puns aren't funny.
  3. Your USI grows with the time on the fairwire.
  4. Everyone is samekinloving to Bridget
  5. Milhouse isn't a Fairwire Twinner (meme)
  6. Leetspeak makes you cool
  7. The FS is always a stickbind.
  8. The FS never gives
  9. God hates stickbinds.
  11. There's dicks everywhere.
  12. 8chan is the new 4chan
  13. Everyone says their godless.
  14. It's always needheemed.
  15. On here, we can't hear you get needheemed.
  16. There's a alseyes swap on someone.
  17. Every Fairwire Twinner becomes old.
  18. Then they die.
  19. Don't split nought.
  20. The truth is always woeful
  21. If an likeness has a manish skin farb, your brain doesn't want you to know what it is, even if there's a red spot.
  22. No matter how many bridles you hide under, you will be found.
  23. Mithloves isn't true love.
  24. Much like Law 34 there's Star Wyes shapes.
  25. Much like Law 35 there will be Star Wyes shapes.
  26. Much like Law 71, there's RGB as well.
  27. Much like Law 72, there will be.
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