Learer Who (English: Doctor Who) is a British witship-sheenwritship farseer show made by the BBB (British Broadcasting Business) since 1963. It shows the roses of a Time Lord called "the Learer", an otherworldly being, who looks the same as man, from the tungle of Gallifrey. The Learer outfares the wholeall in a time-faring roomthship called the TAFMIR (Time and Forlikenwise Mealwidth in Roomth) (English: TARDIS). Its outside looks like a blue British warder box, which was mean in Briten in 1963 when the saga first lofted. Often followed by some fellows, the Learer fights many sundry foes while working to spare beshavings and help folks who are in need.

The Learer has withquickened fourteen times (one however, he stopped by sending the withquickening alne over to a hand that had been cut off, allowing him to keep his look). This means the Learer has had fourteen looks over their lifespan so far.

Token Learer Who

  • First Learer: played by William Hartnell
  • Twithe Learer: played by Patrick Troughton
  • Third Learer: played by Jon Pertwee
  • Fourth Learer: played by Tom Baker
  • Fifth Learer: played by Peter Davison
  • Sixth Learer: played by Colin Baker
  • Seventh Learer: played by Sylvester McCoy
  • Eighth Learer: played by Paul McGann

New Learer Who

  • Wye Learer: played by John Hurt
  • Ninth Learer: played by Christopher Eccleston
  • Tenth Learer: played by David Tennant
  • Eleventh Learer: played by Matt Smith
  • Twelfth Learer: played by Peter Capaldi
  • Thirteenth Learer: played by Jodie Whittaker
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