The Anglish Moot
Ledewarder Fungather
Republican Disc

Shortshape LOF (Lofty Old Fungather)
Seatlede Ronna McDaniel (MI)
Foresitter Donald Trump (NY)
Undersitter Mike Pence (IN)
Writmoot Morehood Leader Mitch McConnell (KY)
House Lesserhood Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA)
Staddlered   March 20, 1854; 165 years ago
Heralded Whig Party

Free Soil Fungather

Headhouse 310 First Road SE

Washington, S.F. 20003

Lorestead Wing Lorestead Ledewarders
Youth Wing Young Ledewarders

Teen Age Ledewarders

Frow Wing Theedish Riker of Ledeward Frow
Highseas Wing Ledewards Overseas
Belongand (2018) 32,854,496[1]
Thewcraft Holds Middle Right to Far Right
Thoughtsets Morehood:

 • OnHolddom[2]
 • Fellowship OnHolddom[3][4][5]
 • Middledom[6]
 • Stockrike Onholddom[7]
 • Freesomedom[8]
 • NewOnholdom[8]
 • Oldonholdom[9]
 • Right-Wing Ledelike[10][11]

European Partner Evelandom Onholders and Geldom [12] (regional partner)
Old Partner World Folkship Onen[13]
Eastland and Westban Partner Eastland Westbane Folkship Onen[14]
Color Red
Seats in the Writmoot 53 / 100
Seats in the House of Spokesmen 197 / 435
Rikes Stewardships 27 / 50
Rike Upperoom Seats 1,080 / 1,972
Rike Loweroom Seats 2,773 / 5,411
Total Rike Room Seats 3,853 / 7,366
NonRike Stewardships 1 / 6
NonRike Upperoom Seats 12 / 97
NonRike Loweroom Seats 14 / 91

The Ledewarder Fungather, also known to as the LOF (Lofthy Old Fungather), is one of the two overling thewcraft fungathers in the Oned Ricks the twider is its pastolic wyes, the Folkshiper Fungather.