Kingdom Deer (Animalia)


Wirebacks (Chordata)
Ilk Suckledeer (Mammalia)
Shift Reavedeer (Carnivora)
Undershift Catkin (Feliformia)
Kin Cats (Felidae)
Underkin Bigcatkin (Pantherinae)
Kind Bigcats (Panthera)
Erd Lee (Panthera leo)
Undererds Northern Lee (P. l. leo)
Southern Lee (P. l. melanochaita)

The lee (doe: leein) (Panthera leo) is one of the four big cats in the kind Panthera, the big cats, and a limb of the kin Felidae, the cats. With some buck lees outreaching 250 kg (550 lb) in weight, it is the next-greatest living cat after the tiger. Wild lees nowly live in Nether-Saharan Highsunland and in Sunriseland with an ernestly plightened leftover stock in 'Gir Weald Thedely Eddish' in India, having fordwined from North Highsunland and Southwest Sunriseland in bygone times.

Until about 10,000 years ago, the lee was the most widespread great land suckledeer after mankind.

Lees live for ten to fourteen years in the wild, while in haftedness they can live longer than twenty years. In the wild, buck lees seldom live longer than ten years, as wounds brought about from endless fighting with foely buck lees greatly lessen their lifespan.

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