The Anglish Moot
King Leedhaterask withbuilding
Kingdom Deer (Animalia)


Wirebacks (Chordata)
Ilk Creepdeer (Reptilia)
Bough Dreadasks (Dinosauria)
Shift Askhips (Saurischia)
Undershift Wightfeet (Theropoda)
Kin †Leedhateraskkin †(Tyrannosauridae)
Underkin †Highleedhaterasks †(Tyrannosaurinae)
Kind †Leedhaterask †(Tyrannosaurus)
†King Leedhaterask †(Tyrannosaurus rex)
Other Erds
†Bataar (GA: Heleth) Leedhaterask? †(Tyrannosaurus bataar)?

The Leedhaterask (Chancery English: Tyrannosaurus) was a stour reavesome dreadask from the Upper Chalktide 68 to 66 twisand years ago. It was a two-footed meateater with a weighty skull steadied by a long heavy tail. Unlike its stour and mighty hind limbs, its forelimbs were small, yet still mighty for their grete. These forelimbs also only had two fingers on each hand. It is likely that Leedhaterask was both a hunter and an eaceeater. It had a full strong chaw and its bite had the might to shatter the bones of other dreadasks. More than thirty forebilths of the King Leedhaterask have been found, some of them being nearly full bonesets.