Leif Erikson Day is a Banded Folkdoms' thanksday happening on Winterfulth 9. It ares Leif Ericson, who brought the first Broadlanders known to have set foot on North Americkish ground. In 1964, the Rikething asked the Rikehead to make the thanksday through a yearly abeding. Lyndon B. Johnson and each Rikehead since have done so. Rikeheads have brooked the abeding to cry up the bestowings of Americkslanders of Norse afterbearing and the geist of gaining knowledge of something formerly unknown.

As well as the banded thanksday, some rikes acknowledge Leif Erikson Day on their own, ahonely in the Upper Midwest, where scores of folks from the Norse lands settled. In 1930, Wisconsin became the first rike to take on this holiday, thanks to Norwayer-turned-Americkslander, Rasmus B. Anderson. A year later Minnesota did as well. In 1963, the B.F. Rikethingsman from Duluth, John Blatnik, put forth a draft of a law to mind Leif Erikson Day land-wide. The following year, the Rikething took the thanksday on with all yes-wales.

Winterfulth 9 has no bearing on any happening in Leif Erikson's life. The day was chosen after the ship Restauration coming from Stavanger, Norway, coming in to New York Harbor on Winterfulth 9, 1825 at the start of the first banded-together inwandering from Norway to the Banded Folkdoms of Americksland

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