All people who bloggs on this website, I want to say thank you for growing this website to grow Aenglish more. We need more power. I encourages you everyone to please share this to your family and friends. We need more active people for this website. Let us blogg atleast three new pages a day for it to grow. I may not be an admin but I am an activist for this movement. I want this movement to be successfull but I cannot do it alone. I need you, all of you.

Let us not be shy on sharing this. This is a movement and we are part of the movement. Let other people know that we have this wonderful blessing that we can all change the world. As today, the english language evolve. Changes exist through time. We can all be successful if we all work together. I PLEASE BEG YOU ALL LET US SPREAD THIS MOVEMENT AND CREATE THREE TO FIVE NEW PAGES PER DAY. Thank you and a wonderful day to all of you.

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