How to be an Anglish Moot Activist and and a well-balanced life Edit

On this letter. I will give you tips on how to remain active even times you will feel lazy. On this moot. We need more pages everyday or else this moot cannot grow without us. So the moot depends on us and we must all work together for this moot to flourish in a fast speed. As information continues to add, so should the moot will be. We must give our efforts everyday not just only for this moot but also for our daily life. Our studies, work, priorities and our family are our responsibilities we try to face for our everyday life. So this are my tips on how to be an activist on our moot and so as our life.

1.) We must know how to balance our responsibilities Edit

- Balance is our goal3.)to accomplish our dreams. It is never easy when we will start our goal. You sometimes feel pressure on what today or for tomorrow. So we all have to balance our duties in many ways;

a.) Writing all your activities through schedule

b.) Be aware of your duration or time boundaries and continue your schedule through shifting to the next activity

c.) If you are not done on what you doing, leave the rest to next day unless the deadline is tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

2.) We must do it earlier than five days before the deadline Edit

- If you have a project/task/duty and it has a deadline. Do it in advance and don't got to near the deadline doing it. It is very difficult to do things in a rush. Rushing leads to the task that you are suppose to do will be pospouned or procastinate to the other days or people.

3.) Have a rest day or hour and reward thyself on your rest day Edit

- Our body needs rest and so as our brains. Especially when we are lucubrating (studying very hard) and work-outs. Our bodies have limits so you deserve a rest and you have the right to have a rest day as well.

E.g. I have many duties: College, work, Spanish Lessons, Football Club, and Anglish Moot publishing. But my rest hour per day is 12:00 to 2:00 and my rest day is Sunday. That means, Monday to Saturday are work days but I still have rest hours each work day and I have no work at all on Sunday. On Sunday, I will reward myself for all hard-work I have been this week.

I hope all of you get my point on how to be successful as well and remember that you have responsibilities but you deserve to be happy as well. Thank you and good Morning.

- An Activist, Lightnig Strike

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