[translation by Sigalius]

to the Colossaelanders


1.Paul, sendling of Christ Jesus, through the will of God, and Timothy, a brother,

2.To them that be at Colossae, holy men and trustful brethren in Christ Jesus,

3.Est to you and frith of God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. We do thanks to God, and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, evermore beding for you,

4.Hearing your trust in Christ Jesus, and the love that ye have to all the holy men;

5.For the hope that is kept to you in heaven, which ye have heard in the word of truth of the Gospel.

6.That came to you, as also it is in all the world, and maketh ovest, and waxeth, as in you, from that day in which ye heard and knew the est of God in truth.

7.As ye learned of Epaphras, our fellow most dear-worthy, which is a true cumberling of Jesus Christ for you;

8.Which also showed to us your loving in ghostliness.

9.Therefore we from the day in which we heard, withdraw not to bede for you, and to ask, that ye be filled with the knowing of his will in all wisdom and ghostly understanding;

10.That ye walk worthily to God quemely by all things, and make ovest in all good work, and wax in the cunning of God,

11.And be strengthened in all strength by his sheer might, in all forbearance and longsuffering with gladness,

12.That ye do thanks to God and to the Father, which made you worthy into the erf-share of holy men in light.

13.Which rid us from the might of darknesses, and bore us over into the kingdom of the Son of his loving,

14.In whom we have gain-buying and forgiveness of mistakes.

15.Who is the betokening of unseen God, the first begotten of all shaping.

16.For in him all things be made, in heaven and in earth, seen and unseen, whether kingseats, or ledemarks, or overlords, or rikes, all things be shaped by him, and in him,

17.And he is before all, and all things be in him.

18.And he is head of the body of the Fellowship; which is the beginning and the first begotten of dead men, that he hold the first rank in all things.

19.For in him all the fullness of God was quemed to dwell,

20.And by him to again-weave all things unto himself, and made frith by the blood of his rood, those things that be in earth, or that be in heaven.

21.And when ye were once fremd, and foes by wit in evil works,

22.Now he hath again-weaved you in the body of his flesh by death, to show you holy, and unwemmed, and guiltless before him.

23.If nevertheless ye dwell in the trust, grounded and steadfast, and unshifting from the hope of the Gospel that ye have heard, which is forthspoken unto each shaping that is under heaven, of which I Paul am made cumberling

24.Who now gladden in my ails for you, and I fill up those things wanting of the harm upon Christ in my flesh, for his body, which is the Fellowship.

25.Of which I Paul am made cumberling after the meting out of God, that is given me in you, that I fulfill the word of God:

26.The roun that was hidden from worlds and strains. But now it is showed to his holy ones,

27.To whom God would make known the wealth of the wuldor of this roun among thedes, which is Christ in you, the hope of wuldor.

28.Whom we bode, warning each man, and teaching each man in all wisdom, that we forthset each man stark in Christ Jesus.

29.In which thing also I strive, wrestling by the working of him, that he worketh in me in strength.

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