Two of the main things dealt with by Lifelore are wights and worts, shown together in this stream.

Lifelore (English: biology) is the lore of life and the living. This lore seeks to know and to understand the ways life takes, and the forthcoming happenings - birth, growth, shape and the walking of life and the living through many a thousand years' tide. The three main offshoots of lifelore are wortlore, deerlore, and stafflinglore.

Setlore Edit

Setlore (English: taxonomy) is the lore of laying out and naming sammings of lifelorely beings grounded on shared marks. Beings are sammed together into sets and these sammings are given a sethoad. The main sethoads brooked today are Lorddom, Kingdom, Shed, Ilk, Shift, Kin, Kind, and Erd.

Being Setlore
Mean English Anglish Lorddom Kingdom Shed Ilk Shift Kin Kind Erd
human were Truekernels Deer Wirebacks Suckledeer Highdeer Wereapes Were wise Were
dog dog Truekernels Deer Wirebacks Suckledeer Reavedeer Houndkin Hounds kindred wolf Hound
salmonella laxstaffling Stafflings Truestafflings Eggwhitestafflings G-Eggwhitestafflings Gutstafflingshifts Gutstafflingkin Laxstafflings gut Laxstafflings
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