Below is a board for the likening (comparison) of onfastenings (affixes) by tung (language).

Likening Board (Comparison Table)Edit

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English Freesish Netherlandish Theech Latish French Greek
a-/or-/ur- oar-/oer- er-/oor-/oer- er-/ur-
after- efter- nach- post-
again- her- wieder- re- re- ανα- (ana-)

επανα- (epana-)

ξανα- (xana-)

and-/an-/on-/un- ont- ant-/ent-/emp- dis- dé-/dés-/dis-
al(l)- al(l)- al(l)- all- omni- πᾶν- (pan-)
at- ad-
be- be- be- be- -ew (-eo)
-bere, -beare -ber -baar -bar -fer
by- by- bij- bei- παρά- (para-)
-craft -kraft -kracht -kraft -ry/-ery
-dom -dom -tum -antia/-entia, -ia, -ies,        -itas/-tas, -itia,       -tudo/-do   -ance/-ence,    -esse, -ité/-té, -tude
for- fer- ver- ver- pre-/pro-
fore- foar- voor- vor- pre-/pro- anté-, pré-
forth- foar- voort- fort- πρός- (pros-)
ful(l)- vol(l)- voll-
gain- tegen- gegen- contra- contra-/contre-

αντι- (anti-)

αντί- (antí-)

αντ- (ant-)

ανθ- (anth-)

hind- achter- hinter-
-hood -heid -heit/-keit -antia/-entia, -ia, -ies,        -itas/-tas, -itia,       -tudo/-do   -ance/-ence,    -esse, -ité/-té, -tude
in- ein- en-/em- in-

εἰς- (eis-)

ἐν- (en-)

-ing (nominal suffix) -ing -ung   -aticum, -atio/-io/-tio,   -tura    -age, -ation/      -tion, -ure/      -ature
-ing (adjectival suffix) -end(-) -end(-)       -ans (-ant-)/-ens      (-ent-)/-iens (-ient-)   -ant(-)/-ent(-)/    -ient(-)
-ly/-ally (adverbial suffix) - -lijk -lich -e, -iter/-ter -ment -ά (-á)

   -ώς     (-ós)

mid-, mith- met- mit- con-/com-/col-/cor-/co- μετά- (meta-)
mis- mis- mis- mal-
-ness, -wist -nis -nis -antia/-entia, -ia, -ies,        -itas/-tas, -itia,       -tudo/-do   -ance/-ence,    -esse, -ité/-té, -tude
nigh- na- nach- κατά- (kata- or cata-)
off- of- af- ab- ab-
on- oan- aan- an- in-

ἐπί- (epi-)

out- ut- uit- aus- ex-/e- é-

ἐκ- (ek-)

ἐξ- (ex-)

over- over- over- über- super-/supra- sur- ὑπέρ- (hyper-)
-ship -skip -schap -schaft -antia/-entia, -ia, -ies,        -itas/-tas, -itia,       -tudo/-do   -ance/-ence,    -esse, -ité/-té, -tude
through- troch- door- durch- trans- διά- (dia-)
to- toe- zu-
to- toe- zer- dis- dé-/dés-/dis-
mid-, together-, with-, samed- met- mit- con-/com-/col-/cor-/co-

σύν- (syn-)

σύμ- (sym-)

umb(e)-/emb- om- um- ambi-

περί- (peri-)

ἀμφι- (amphi-)

under- onder- unter- infra-, sub/subter- sous- ὑπό- (hypo)
un- on- un- in-/im-/ir-/il-/ig-/i- in-/im-/ir-/il-, mal-

α- (a-)

ά- (á-)

αν- (an-)

up- op- op- auf- ἀνά- (ana-)
with-/wither- weer- wider-/wieder-
y-/a-/e-/i- ge- ge- con-/com-/col-/cor-/co-
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