Leipzig (Theech)
Flag of Lipswick
- Land
- Riding
Townish ridings of Theechland
Revetung Allmean Hightheech
Other tungs Uppersaxish
Inwonername Lipsicker
- Lord Boroughreeve

Burkhard Jung
Settled 1015
Landswathe 114 miles²
Befolking 560,472

Lipsick (Theech: Leipzig,) (Greater Anglish: Lindeney,) is the most folkful stead in the banded landship of Saxland, Theechland. With a befolking of 582,277 dwellers (1.1 twisand livers in the bigger townish grindle) it is Theechland's tenth most folkly stead. Lipsick is located about 160 thousandmetes (99 mi) southwest of Berlin at the rithmeet of the White Elster, Pleisse, and Parthe streams at the southern end of the North Theech Field.

Lipsick has been a trade stead since at least the time of the Holy Romish Rich. The stead sits at the inblock of the By King and By Ricship, two foremost middle eld trade pathways. Lipsick was once one of the overling Evelandish hearts of learning and couth in fields such as glee and forlaiding. Lipsick became a overling townish midst within the Theech Folksteerish Ledewealth (East Theechland) after the Twith World Wye, but its couthly and wealthdom foremosting dwindled.

Lipsick later played a weighty playwork in spurring the fall of sharedom in Middle & Eastern Eveland, through happenings which took spot in and around Holy Nicholas Church. Since the edforoning of Theechland, Lipsick has undergone weighty makeover with the freshening of some sheedly buildings, the tearing down of others, and the growth of a newfangled overferry belowbuilding. Lipsick today is an trade kernel, the most liveworthly in Theechland, as of the GfK cheapstowing groundwork body and has the twoth-best forthcoming thees of all steads in Theechland, as of HWWI and Berenberry BenchhouseLipsick Deerlore Groove is one of the most newfangled deerfolds in Eveland and rows first in Theechland and twoth in Eveland by Anthony Sheridan. Since the opening of the Lipsick Stead Burrow in 2013, Lipsick begins the middlebit of the S-Bahn Middle Theechland open faring layout. Lipsick is nowenly listed as C World Stead and Theechland's "Boomtown".

Upper Lipsick has become one of the most wellknown work houses in Theechland, and finds its steadiness to the year 1693, making it the third oldest work bit in Eveland after La Fenice (Venice, Italy) and the Hamborough Landship Work (Hamborough, Theechland). The Well-known Lorestead of Glee and Showhall ''Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" is lied in this stead. It was during his stay in this stead that Friedrich Schiller wrote the well-known Song of Glee.

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