Lisbon is the revetown of Portugal. 600 thousand folk live within its marks, (mickleborough: 3.5m). It is the westernmost headtown in Europe.

Stear Edit

Some believe Lisbon was built first by the Phoenicean folk, who called it Allis Ubbo (shielded harbour), since many Phoenician orshafts have been unsheathed. The Romers later built a town there and called it Ulyssippo/Olissippo, after Ulysses. For their help in the Mid Punish Gouth, the Romers gave the folk of Olissippo sway over the land about it, Romish township, and spared them from any gavel/tithe (taxes).

After the fall of the Romish Anweald, Olissipo, now called Ulishbona, was melded into the Swabish Gallish kingdom, which later became deal of the west Gothish Kingdom, until it was taken by the Moors in 771. King Afonso 1st andtook Lisbon in 1147 in the Besetting of Lisbon. However, the Moors often ransacked Lisbon and the umbsettings, such as the 1189 raid by caliph Yaqub al-Mansur who inthralled over 3000 children and women.

Lisbon only became the reve borough in 1255. The first lorehall of Portugal was built in Lisbon,  in 1290 (although later shrithed to Coimbra). In 1755, a thretchful earthquake struck Lisbon, killing between 30 and 40 thousand, the deadliest ever in Europe. Much of the town was shended, but edbuilt thanks to the quick deed of the Athel of Pombal.

The H16th Belem Tower, built on the Atlantish shore is one of the bremest landmarks in Portugal.

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