Here is a list of big scorings. Scorings after a foursand sometimes brook Old English scorings, just as Mean English uses Latish forfastenings for its big scorings. However, the Mean English and Anglish way of Scoring is fully othered; for more knowledge, see the heeding below.

With the Short Shale, the shale mostly brooked in Anglish and English, a name for a long scoring deems a scoring a "sand" if three noughts are eked after the forput scoring (a thousand), as opposed to the Mean English way of brooking the scoring forfastening to find out its length from one million. This will make it so that the Mean English forfastening is one less than the Anglish forfastening; bysp.

One Thousand: 1000

One Twisand (million): 1,000,000

One Thrisand (billion):1,000,000,000

As can be seen from above, the forfastening is besteved by the scoring of noughts in scores which have the afterfastening -sand eked after one Thousand, which has three noughts. In other words, the outspewer goes up by three.

Anglish, like Mean English also brooks a long shale; wontly, this shale is seldomly brooked in most English-speaking lands in nowen times—although it was in yore—and is mostly brooked in Mainland Evelandish Tungs or by scorelorers and worldkeners.


One Thousand: 1000

One Twisand: 1,000,000

One Thousand Twisand :1,000,000,000

One Thrisand: 1,000,000,000,000

For the Long Scale in Anglish, one would eke a thousand before a scoring to mark that three naughts have been eked to a scoring (besides 1000), but if one were to add three more naughts, then the scoring would edhold a new forfastening, bysp.

One Twisand: 1,000,000

One Thousand Twisand: 1,000,000,000

One Thrisand: 1,000,000,000,000

To heighten understanding, outspewish marking & worldkenly marking is in the list for the scorings.

Mark: Know that scorings of the same name for the short shale may have an othered worldkenly marking for the long shale.



Worldkenly Marking Short Shale Long Shale (Seldseen)
Mean English Short Shale Anglish Short Shale Mean English Long Shale Anglish Long Shale
106 1×106 Million Twisand, Micklered Million Twisand, Micklered
109 1×109 Billion, Millard Thrisand, Thursand Thousand Million, Millard Thousand Twisand, Thousand Micklered
1012 1×1012 Trillion Foursand, Etning Billion Thrisand, Thursand
1015 1×1015 Quadrillion Fifsand, Fivesand Thousand Billion, Billard Thousand Thrisand, Thousand Thursand
1018 1×1018 Quintillion Sixsand, Seoxsand Trillion Foursand, Etning
1021 1×1021 Sextillion Seofonsand, Seventhsand Thousand Trillion, Trillard Thousand Etning, Thousand Foursand
1024 1×1024 Septillion Eightsand, Eahtasand Quadrillion Fifsand, Fivesand
1027 1×1027 Octillion Ninesand, Nigonsand Thousand Quadrillion, Quadrilliard Thousand Fifsand, Thousand Fivesand
1030 1×1030 Nonillion Tensand, Tiensand Quintillion Sixsand, Seoxsand
1033 1×1033 Decillion Endlefsand, Elevensand Thousand Quintillion, Quintilliard Thousand Seoxsand, Thousand Sixsand
1036 1×1036 Undecillion Twelfsand Sextillion Sevensand, Seofonsand
1039 1×1039 Duodecillion Thirteensand Thousand Sextillion, Sextilliard Thousand Seofonsand, Thousand Sevensand
1042 1×1042 Tredecillion Fourteensand Septillion Eightsand, Eahtasand

- and others...

For Lightheartedness, kindly use the Short Shale on most leaves to halt bewildering and greaten understanding.

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