Here is a list of farbs.

English Anglish
amber brimyellow
amethyst drunklack
aquamarine seawater, seahue, seagreen, seablue [otherspelling: seablowe]
auburn redbrown (cf. NHG Rotbraun); chistlebrown (cf. NHG Kastanienbraun); chistlered (cf. Dan. kastanjerød)
azure haw
baby blue babyblue [otherspelling: babyblowe]
beige graybrown, greybrown (cf. Ic. grábrúnn)
black black
blue blue [otherspelling: blowe]
bronze redore
brown brown
burgundy winered (cf. NHG Weinrot)
celeste Italish skyblue [otherspelling: skyblowe]/ Walsh skyblue [otherspelling: skyblowe]
cerulean heavenblue [otherspelling: heavenblowe]
coral yellowpink
crimson fairred (cf. Ic. fagurrauður)
cyan bluegreen [otherspelling: blowegreen]
emerald hurstgreen
gold gold
gray/grey gray/grey
hot pink hotpink
khaki soaly
indigo bawseblue [otherspelling: bawseblowe]
lavender pale bawse
lime light green, sourapple green
magenta bawsered
maroon redbrown (cf. Ic. rauðbrúnn)
orange yellored (OE geoluhread)
olive elegreen
pink pink
purple bawse (OE basu), fishdye (OE fiscdēah), tiver (OE teafor), woaden (OE wæden), redblue, bluered, clamhue, clam
red red
rose bloompink
ruby hurstred
salmon lax
sangria bloodred
sapphire hurstblue [otherspelling: hurstblowe]
scarlet firered (cf. Du. vuurrood)
silver silver
tan yarebrown (yare -> "to tan")
teal teal
turquoise greenblue [otherspelling: greenblowe] (cf. Ic. grænblár), turkstone
vermilion walbawse
violet appleleaf
white white [otherspelling: hwite]

Feel free to add any more farbs if you wish.

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