English Name Anglish Name Fear of...
Achluophobia Darkfear Darkness
Acidophobia Sourfear Acid
Acousicophobia Clangfear Loudness
Acrophobia Heightfear Heights
Aerophobia Flightfear Flightcraft/flying
Agoraphobia Roomthfear open room
Agyrophobia Thwarsefear crossing streets
Aibohphobia Drowwordfear/Raefear Palindromes (words that are spelt the same forewards and backwards)
Aichmophobia Sharpfear Sharp things
Ailurophobia Catfear Cats
Albanophobia Albanlandfear Albanians
Alektorophobia Chickenfear Chickens
Algophobia Woefear Ache; Hurt
Ancraophobia Windfear Drafts/wind
Androphobia Menfear Men
Anglophobia Englishfear The English
Aphenphosmphobia Touchedfear Being touched
Aquaphobia Waterfear Water
Arachnophobia Spiderfear Spiders
Astraphobia Thunderfear Thunder/lightning
Atelophobia Notgreatfear Having weaknesses; Shortcomings
Autophobia Alonefear Loneliness
Bacteriophobia Rodlifefear Bacteria
Basiphobia Fallingfear Falling
Basophobia Straightstandfear Walking/standing upright
Batrachophobia Frogkinfear Amphibians
Belonephobia Needlefear Needles
Bibliophobia Bookfear Books
Blood-injection-injury type phobia Bloodsightfear Sight of blood/scathe/injections
Cacophopia Uglyfear Ugliness/loathliness
Carcinophobia Deathlumpfear Cancer; a growth
Caroptrophobia Lookingglassfear Looking glasses
Chemophobia Blendfear Chemicals
Cherophobia Happyfear Happiness
Chiroptophobia Batfear Bats
Chromophobia Huefear Hue, color, farbe
Chronophobia Timefear Time
Chronomentrophobia Timerfear Clocks; Timers
Cibophobia Foodfear Food
Claustrophobia Narrowroomfear Narrow room
Coimetrophobia Graveyardfear Graveyards
Coprophobia Shitefear Stool; crap; cack
Coulrophobia Clownfear Clowns
Cyberphobia Reckonerfear Reckoners
Cynophobia Dogfear Dogs
Demonophobia Hellfiendfear demons
Dendrophobia Treefear trees
Dentophobia Toothleechfear dentists
Domatophobia Housefear houses
Dysmorphophobia Flawfear obsession with real or fake bodily defects
Ecophobia Also Housefear home
Eisoptrophobia Shewerfear mirrors
Eurotophobia Sheathfear female genitals (aka vagina)
Emetophobia Spewfear vomiting
Enochlophobia Crowdfear crowds
Entomophobia Midgefear insects
Ephebiphobia Youthfear youth
Equinophobia Horsefear horses
Ergophobia Workfear work
Erotophobia Kinisheanfear sexual abuse
Erythphobia Redfear or Blushfear red or blushing
Frigophobia Overcoldfear being to cold
Gamophobia Weddingfear marriage
Gelotophobia Laughedatfear being laughed at
Gephyrophobia Bridgefear bridges
Genophobia Folkhalfear sex
Genuphobia Kneefear or Kneelingfear knees/kneeling
Gerascophobia Eldingfear aging
Germanphobia Theedishfear Germans
Gerontophobia Elderfolkfear elderly
Globophobia Loftballfear balloons
Glossophobia Speakfear public speaking/trying to speak
Gymnophobia Nakedfear being naked/nudity
Gynophobia Womenfear women
Halitophobia Badbreathfear bad breath
Haphephobia Also Touchedfear being touched
Hedonophobia Gladnessfullfear having pleasure
Heliophobia Sunfear sun/sunlight
Helminthophobia Wormfear worms
Hemophobia Bloodfear blood
Herpetophobia Creepdeerfear reptiles
Hexakosioihexkonahexaphobia Sixhundredsixtysixfear 666
Hippophobia Also Horsefear horses
Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia Longwordfear long words
Hodophobia Farefear travelling
Hoplophobia Gunfear firearms
Hydrophobia Also Waterfear water
Hypnophobia Sleepfear sleep/nightmares
Hypnophobia Illfear illness
Ichthyophobia Fishfear fish
Indophobia Indlandfear Indians
Insectophobia Also Midgefear insects
Kourmpounophobia Buttonfear buttons
Lilapsophobia Twisterfear tornadoes/hurricanes
Lipophobia Foodfatfear fats in food
Lusophobia Portugalfear or Calehavenfear The Portuguese
Mageirophobia Cookfear cooking
Melanophobia Blackfear black
Melissophobia Beefear bees
Monophobia Also Alonefear alone/isolation
Musophobia Micefear mice/rats
Myrmecophobia Antfear ants
Mysophobia Bugglefear germs
Necrophobia Deathfear the dead/death
Neophobia Frotherfear change/progress
Nipponophobia Japanfear or Dawnlandfear the Japanese
Noctiphobia Nightfear night
Nomophobia Reachlessfear being without phone contact
Nosocomephobia Healhousefear hospitals
Nosophobia Addlegainfear getting disease
Nostophobia Edwhirvefear going back home
Numerophobia Rimefear numbers
Nyctophobia Also Darkfear darkness
Obesophobia Weightgainfear gaining weight
Oikophobia Homestuffear house things
Odontophobia Also Toothleechfear dentists
Oleophobia Fattybreefear oil
Oneirophobia Dreamfear dreams
Ophidophobia Snakefear snakes
Ophthalmophobia Staredatfear being stared at
Ornithophobia Birdfear birds
Osmophobia Smellfear odors
Panphobia Everythingfear everything
Pedophobia Childfear children/babies
Phagophobia Swallowfear swallowing
Phallophobia Bonerfear erections
Pharmacophobia Leechwortfear medication
Phasmophobia Ghostfear ghosts
Philophobia Lovefear love
Phobophobia Fearfear fear
Phonophobia Also Clatterfear or Talkfear loud noises/voices
Photophobia Lightfear light
Pogonophobia Beardfear beard
Pornophobia Whoreshowfear porn
Porphyrophobia Blueredfear purple
Pteromerhanophobia Also Flightfear flying
Pyrophobia Firefear fire
Radiophobia X-beamfear or


Ranidaphobia Frogfear frogs
Rollercoasterphobia Eightwayfear roller coasters
Russophobia Russlandfear Russians
Scopophobia Also Staredatfear being stared at
Sexophobia Swivefear sex/sexual organs
Sideromophobia Ironroadfear trains/railroads
Sociophobia Folkfear people/socializing
Somniphobia Also Sleepfear sleeping
Spectrophobia Also Shewerfear mirrors
Spheksophobia Waspfear wasps
Stasiphobia Standfear standing/walking
Taphophobia Gravefear graves/being buried alive
Technophobia Toolcraftfear technology
Telephonephobia Wirecallerfear (m/t)aking phone calls
Teraphobia Misshapedfolkfear disfigured people
Tetraphobia Fourfear 4
Thalassophobia Seafear sea
Thanatophobia Also Deathfear dying
Thermophobia Overhotfear high temps
Tokophobia Childbearfear childbirth/pregnancy
Tomophobia Unknown unexpected medical procedure
Tonitrophobia Also Thunderfear thunder
Toxiphobia Banefear being poisoned
Trauatophobia Harmfear injuries
Trichophobia Hairlossfear hair loss
Triskaidekaphobia Thirteenfear 13
Trynophobia Needlefear needles
Trypophobia Holefear holes
Vehophobia Drivefear driving
Venustraphobia Sheenwomanfear beautiful girls
Verminophobia Also Bugglefear germs
Workplacephobia Workordfear the workplace
Xanthophobia Yellowfear yellow
Xenophobia Farlandfear foreigners
Zoophobia Deerfear animals
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