Here is a list of greens, ovets, and crouds.

Greens Edit

English Anglish
amaranth leaves unfading leaves (unfading: calque of Greek amarantos)
arrowroot arrowroot
artichoke eatthistle (cf. Ic. ætiþistill)
arugula colewort (calque of Latin eruca)
asparagus sparrowgrass, earth navel (<OE eorðnafela)
bamboo shoots grasswood shoots
beet beet
bok choy Midric headwort
broccoli colesprout, sproutcole
brussel sprout Brussel sprout
cabbage headwort, cole, kale
carrot dauke, more
cassava Ruddish arrowroot
cauliflower coleblossom, bloomcole, kale
celery singular: leafstalk, plural: leafstalks
chard fow-leaf, fow-stock, fow-stem
chayote wendring pear
chive ramson
corn corn
daikon Dawnlandish rootgreen
endive leafpod
fennel haywort (calque of Latin faenum meaning "hay")
fiddlehead fiddlehead
garlic garlic (from OE gar and leac)
ginger hornbody (calque of Sanskrit srngaveram)
horseradish horserootgreen
jicama Moonsnavelish wendedroot (Moonsnavelish "Mexican" + wend "turn", the literal meaning of nip in turnip is unknown)
kale kale
kohlrabi colewendedroot
leek leek
lettuce leaf

romaine lettuce: Romish leaf

iceberg lettuce: iceberg leaf, icebarrow leaf

manioc Ruddish arrowroot

(not technically a vegetable, but a kind of fungus)

onion chipe (OE cípe)
parsnip daukeroot, moreroot
pea pea, greenthball
parsley stanleafstalk (stan rimes with John, the "o" in stone is due to Norman influence)
potato earthpear (cf. Swed. jordpäron)
pumpkin marrow tillberry, harvestball
radish rootgreen

(originally from Swedish)

rootbag (cf. Swed "rotabagge")
salsify clamwort
shallot small chipe, chipeling
snow pea snow pea, snow greenthball (linked with OE snāw)
spinach spinach (literal meaning unknown), possibly "green hand"
sweet potato sweet earthpear
watercress watercress

Ovets Edit

English Anglish
açaí coleberry (cf. NHG Kohlpalme -> açaí palm)
acerola Redstanish chirse (Redstanish: Barbadian)
apple apple
apricot stoatapple (cf. NHG Marille -> Italian armellino -> little stoat)
avocado butter pear
banana moonpod, moonapple, moonbairn
bell pepper Knell Pepper (<WG *piper (reconstructed), borrowed from Latin and derived from Sanskrit; unfortunately, the literal meaning of pepper is unknown.), Knell Hotapple, Knell Hotovet
blackberry blacberry
blueberry hewnberry
breadfruit breadapple, breadovet
cantaloupe stan rindberry, stan shellberry, stan barkberry
carambola starapple, starovet
cherimoya coldtrindel (calque of Quechua "chiri" and "muya")
cherry chirse (OE cirse)
clemetine Marshlandish sourmidricapple (marsh: calque of Berber "tingi", Berber name of Tangier, which is where the tangerine is said to originally come from)
coconut skulnut
cranberry cranberry
cucumber earthapple
date fruit palmapple (<OE palmæppel)
durian thornapple, thornovet (thorn: calque of Malay "duri")

(it is actually a fruit)

elderberry elderberry
feijoa South Emericish eyapple (the fruit is shaped like an egg)
fig fike (<ME fike <OE fīc)
gooseberry gooseberry
grape wineberry
grapefruit wineovet, wineapple
guava pearberry, wava
honeydew melon honeydew rindberry, honeydew shellberry, honeydew barkberry
jackfruit breadapple, breadovet (cf. Dn. brødfrugt)
kiwifruit Midric gooseberry, Midric beam
kumquat little Midricapple, Midricappleling (calque of Chinese "kum kwat")
lemon sourapple
lime green sourapple, bitterapple
longan drake's eye (calque of Chinese "lóngyǎn")
loquat rush Midricapple (calque of Chinese "luh kwat")
mango gawk's bliss, yeke's bliss (cf. Eng. cuckoo's joy)
melon rindberry, shellberry, barkberry
nectarine huneyorapple, huneyorovet, heaven's broth apple, heaven's broth ovet
okra Highsunlandish seedpod
olive eleberry (OE eleberġe)
orange Midricapple
papaya blasterapple (calque of Cuban Spanish "fruta bomba")
passionfruit luvapple
peach perseapple
pear pear
persimmon driedapple (calque of Algonquian "pasimenan" meaning "fruit dried artificially")
pineapple firapple
pitanga South Emericish chirse
plantain green moonpod, green moonapple, green moonbairn
plum plum
pomegranate seedapple, seedovet
pomelo thickrindberry
prune dried plum
pomelo Morrowlandishapple
quince mintovet (mint meaning "coin")
rambutan hairovet (calque of Malay rambutan)
raspberry hindberry (cf. Dn. hindbær), luvblossomwineapple (luv-blossum-wine-apple) (calque of Anglo-Latin vinum raspeys), luvbloomwineapple
rose apple luvblossomapple, luvbloomapple
sapote softapple
soursop spikeapple, spikeovet (named after it's appearance)
strawberry strawberry
sugarapple sweethurstapple
tamarind Ealandish fingerovet (calque of Arabic "tamr hindī ")
tangelo tangiermorrowlandishapple
tangerine tangierovet
tomato goldapple (cf. NHG Goldapfel, French pomme d'or)heartapple (OE heortæppel)
watermelon waterrindberry, watershellberry, waterbarkberry

Crouds Edit

English Anglish
allspice allcroud
basil kinglywort (calque of Greek "basilikon")
bay leaf berryleaf (calque of Latin "baca")
cinnamon overseaish rind (<OE ofersǣwisc rind)
clove nutleafblossom
garlic garlic (from OE gar and leac)
ginger hornbody (calque of Sanskrit "srngaveram")
horseradish horserootgreen
oregano brightnessbarrow (calque of Greek "oreiganon")
parsley stonleafstalk
sandalwood soulburnwood (yellow soulburnwood can't be eaten, but red or white soulburnwood can)
turmeric worthyearth (calque of Medieval Latin "terra merita")
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