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This is a list of Holy Fathers (Mean English: Popes), leaders of the Roomanish Broad-Church.

Holy Father Franklin

Holy Father Franchish, today's Holy Father.


Scoring Years English Anglish
1 30/33-64/68 Saint Peter Holy Peter
2 64/68-76/79 Saint Linus Holy Lin
3 76/79-88 Saint Anacletus/Cletus Holy Cletus
4 88-99 Saint Clement I Holy Clemens I
5 99-105 Saint Evaristus Holy Evaristus
254 1831-1846 Pope Gregory XVI Holy Father Grayery XVI
255 1846-1878 Pope Pius IX Holy Father Godly IX
256 1878-1903 Pope Leo XIII Holy Father Lee XIII
257 1903-1914 Pope Pius X Holy Father Godly X
258 1914-1922 Pope Benedict XV Holy Father Bendict XV
259 1922-1939 Pope Pius XI Holy Father Godly XI
260 1939-1958 Pope Pius XII Holy Father Godly XII
261 1958-1963 Pope John XXIII Holy Father Yon XXIII
262 1963-1978 Pope Paul VI Holy Father Paul VI
263 1978 Pope John Paul I Holy Father Yon Paul I
264 1978-2005 Pope John Paul II Holy Father Yon Paul II
265 2005-2013 Pope Benedict XVI Holy Father Bendict XVI
266 2013- Pope Francis Holy Father Franchish