A Misthy or Wonderful Wight, is an afinding or fathomed and often otherworldly deer, many times thwarsebred and sometimes a share were whose being has not or cannot be shown and that is told of in folklore or afindwrit but also in eretidely writs before eretide became a lore.

English Anglish Bewriting
Cyclops Oneeye One-eyed ent
Dragon Drake
Dwarf Dwarf Stout, harsh man
Giant Ent Overly stour man
Griffin Ernelee Body of a lee, wings and head of an erne
Hippocampus Horsefivel Head and forelimbs or a horse, rear of a tumbler
Hippogriff Horseerne Half ernelion, half horse
Jötunn Ettin
Merfolk (Mermaid, Merman) Merfolk (Mermaid, Merman)
Minotaur Mazebull; Bullman Man with the head of a bull
Monster Thurse
Pegasus Winged Horse, Winghorse Horse with wings
Titan (Greek) Ettin
Troll Troll
Unicorn Onehorn Horse with one twisting horn on its forehead
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