This is a list of mootish words.

Systems of GovernmentEdit

English Anglish
autocratic led by one
anarchic leaderless, unled
anarchy leaderlessness
anarchism the creed of leaderlessly run rikes
democratic folk-led, poll-run
democracy(countable) folk-led rike
democracy(uncountable) folk leadership
ecclesiocratic church-led
matriarchic mother-led
monarchy(uncountable) kingship
monarchy(countable) kingdom
kleptocratic thief-led
krytocracy deemer-led
oligarchy leadership by the few
oligarchical led by the few
gerontocratic run by the elderly
gynecocratic woman-led
gynecocracy woman-leadership
economy wealthdom
ochlocracy gang-leadership, gang sway, gang might
plutocratic led by the wealthy
plutocracy leadership by the wealthy
republic folk headship
sovereign overking(nb. att'd), uppermost head
sovereignty headship, standaloneness, standalone headship(distinguish from supremacy)
timocratic owner-led
timocracy(countable) owner-led rike
timocracy(uncountable) owner-leadership
totalitarianism outright sway

Political entitiesEdit

English Anglish
nation folkdom
polis township
peasantry churlhood
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