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Aback advBackwards, 2. in the rear.
Aback phr"Be Aback Of" - at the back of, behind.
Aback phr"Be Taken Aback" - to be caught in the front suddenly, by a shift of wind and driven astern. 3. fig. to be disconcerted by a sudden event or situation. 3. to surprise or discomfit by a sudden and unlooked-for-check.
Aback phr"Come Aback" - to retreat, withdraw.
Aback phr"Drive Aback" - to repulse.
Aback phr"Hold Aback" - restrain, hinder.
Aback phr"Put Aback" - repel, reject.
Aback phr"Stand Aback from" - to stay or reamin aloof. 2. to allow. 3. to eschew.
Abackward advBackward.
Abaft advOf direction: backward, in the rear.
Abane vbPut under church ban, abanne, anathemtize, summarily proclaim.
Abare vbTo uncover, reveal.
Abb nThe woof or weft in web. 2. threads in a woven fabric.
Abbot nThe head priest or religious minister of an abbey.
Abbotric nAbbacy, abbotship
Abbotship nThe office or rule of an abbot. 2. abbotical term of office.
A-be vbTo be.
A-be phr"To Let A-be" - to let or leave alone.
Abeam advOn a line at right angles to a ship's or an aircraft length. 2. opposite the middle of (a ship or aircraft).
Abeam adjAt right angles to the length and directly opposite the centre of a vessel or aircraft.
Abeam prpAlongside or at angles to.
Abear nBearing, gesture, action, behaviour.
Abear vbTo tolerate, endure. 2. to bear, carry. 3. to endure, suffer, now always " cannot abear." 4. to manage or comport oneself. 5. a word of honourable antiquity, widely found throughout the dialects; in London speech considered a vulgarism.
Abearing nThe action of managing or behaving oneself, as in 'good abearing.' 2. abearance or good behavior.
Abeat vbTo beat, strike, hit.
Abecede nAlphabet.
Abeche vbTo feed.
Abed vbTo confine to bed (by illness).
Abed advLaid up; to bring-a-bed: to deliver of a child. 2. in bed, to bed; on the bed.
Abed phr"To bring a-bed" - to give birth.
Abede vbAnnounce.
A-before advOf former times.
Abeilan vbVex, offend.
Abelde vbTo become bold or bolder.
Abere adjClear & evident by proof, manifest, notorious
Abere-murder nPlain or downright murder; not manslaughter, unpremeditated killing or chance-medley
Abide vbWait, stay, remain; continue to be; remain true to, faithful; stand firm; put up with. 2. to wait, stay remain. 3. to wait defiantly, to face. 4. to wait submissively. 5. to wait the issue of, to wait for. 6.
Abide phr"Abide By" - to remain faithful with, true to, to stand firm, comply with. 2. to follow the rules of. 3. to obey someone's orders.
Abide phrAbide With" - to remain with someone; to stay with someone (archaism).
Abider nOne who abides: waits, continues, remain faithful, stands firm, faces up to, submits. 2. one who lives or abides in a certain place for a long time.
Abiding nThe action or state of one who abides. 2. an abode, an abiding place. 3. lasting, complying.
Abiding adjLasting, remaining, steadfast; faithful.
Abiding phr"To be law-abiding" - to adhere to the law and lawful command.
Abiding-house nPlace of abode or dwelling.
Abidingly advIn an abiding manner and way. 2. assiduously, patiently. 3. endurinfly, permanently.
Abidingness nPermanence, lastingness.
Abier vbUp or upon a bier or coffin; into the coffin.
Abite vbTo bite, nip, taste.
Abited adjMildewed.
Ablend vbTo blind.
Ablow vbTo blow or breathe into. 2. to puff up something, to cause to swell.
Ablow advBlooming, blowing.
Aboard advOn board; within a vessel or train.
Aboard phr"All Aboard" - a signal of departure.
Aboard phr"Fall Aboard" - to collide.
Aboard phr"Get Aboard" - to get foul of.
Aboard phr"Hard Aboard" - lying alongside.
Abode nDelay, stay, dwelling-place. nb: OE. 'bode' - waiting, expectation.
Abode n(Abide)The action of waiting, delaying.
Abode vbTo presage, prognosticate, forebode, to be ominous.
Abode phr"Be Without Abode" - having no fixed above.
Aboding adjForeboding, portenting, omnious.
About advOf position: around the outside; on or towards every side; all round. 2. on any side; near. 3. nearly, all but. 4. of movement and motion: round, in revolution. 5. in circumference. 6. in a roundabout way, therefore astir, on the move, prevailing.
About prpOf position: Of position: around the outside; on or towards every side; all round. 2. somewhere, near, in or near. 3. at hand. 4. in connexion with, attached to as an attribute or circumstance. 5. concerned, touching on. 6. of time near, close to. 7. of quantity: near, close to. 8. of motion : to and fro; round.
About phr "About Ship" - to change a ship's course by going on the opposite tack.
About phr"About the Ear" - near to or close to one's ears. 2. in close contact.
About phr"About Time" - close to the right time. 2. far past the desired time.
About phr"About Turn" - face in the opposite direction. 2. to cahange one's opinion, ideas.
About phr"About to" - just going to.
About phr"And About Time Too" - this is something that ought to have happened some time ago; is long overdue (in the opinion of the speaker); not before time.
About phr"Be About" - to be astir.
About phr"Be About to" - be on the point of doing something.
About phr"Be Right About" - be correct or accurate.
About phr"Bring About" - to cause to revolve, bring to pass, effect, to eventuate. 2. to cause to take place; accomplish.
About phr"Come About" - to revolve (as time); come about or come to pass.
About phr"Go About" - to endeavor. 2. to undertake, arrange, prepare.
About phr"How About" - what do you think?
About phr"Out and About" - active, around and about.
About phr"The Wrong Way About" - by the wrong end or (other) side or way about.
About phr"Turn About" - alternately.
About phr"Up and About" - out of bed, after an illness.
About phr"What About" - what do you think of? 2. would you like to? 3. why, concerning.
Aboutness nThe relevance of a text to its reader.
Aboutwards advBeing near to
Above nHeaven (The Above).
Above advOverhead, vertically up, on high, on top. 2. in heaven (in OE.); beyond the level of reach. 3. on the outside; covering all. 4. higher in many senses. 5. in addition.
Above phr"Above All (Else)" - most important, more than anything else. 2. above all else.
Above phr"Above and Beyond" - in addition, more than necessary.
Above phr"Above Asking" - to proud to ask.
Above phr"Above Board" - honest, in the open. 2. open or openly; honorably.
Above phr"Above One's Bend" - out of one's power or control.
Above phr"Above One's Head" - beyond one's ability to understand.
Above phr"Above One's Hook" - beyond your comprehension' beyond one's mark.
Above phr"Above Oneself" - self-satisfied, conceited; arrogant.
Above phr"Above the Ears" - In the mind; the psychological strength to think clearly and decisively whilst under stress or anxiety.
Above phr"Above the Fold" - of newspapers: situated in the other half of the front page of a broadsheet newspaper, thus the more prominent, as the lower half is not usually visible when the newspaper is displayed for sale. 2. by extension, situated near the top of a web page, not requiring scrolling. 3. anything similarly occupying exclusive position of relevant prominence.
Above phr"Above the Law" - outside the jurisdiction of the court. 2. exempt from the law that applies to everyone else.
Above phr"Above the Salt(s)" - of high standing or honour.
Above phr"Keep One's Head above Water" - to stay out of difficulty. 2. fig. to keep up with one's work. 3. just be able to manage; spec. when in financial difficulties.
Above phr"Not Above" - not too honest or proud to be.
Above phr"Over and Above" - additional to.
Above phr"Rise Above Oneself" - think one is better than one is.
Aboveboard adjLegitimate, honest and open.
Aboveboard advLegitimate, honest, and open.
Above-given advSupplied or put above, written above, said or mentioned above me.
Above-ground nThe portion of society that not underground. 2. not hidden, furtive or secretive. 3. of music etc., outside the mainstream.
Above-ground adjAbove the surface of the ground; (fig.)above the surface. 2. not dead and buried; alive. 3. existing, produced, written or published by the establishment.
Above-named adjMentioned or named, aforesaid.
Abovesaid adjMentioned higher up on a document or page, previously mentioned, aforesaid.
Above-written adjWritten above or before.
Abow vbTo bend, incline; fig, to do homage, submit.
Abraid nSee braid (part OE and ON.)
Abraid vbTo wrench out or away from. 2. pull out, snatch,, withdraw (a sword). 3. to start usually out of step. 4. a swoon or fit, to awake. 5. to spring or dart. 6. arouse or startle. 7. to break forth abruptly into speech, to cry out. 8. ejaculate. 9. to frequent, resort to.
Abreak vbTo break into pieces. 2. to break forth, burst out.
Abreast advWith breasts, or fronts, in line; side by side; on a parallel with. 2. abreast being up to particular standard or level.
Abreast advAbreast alongside each other, facing in the same direction
Abreast prpKeep informed;keep up-to-date.
Abreast phr"Keep Abreast Of" - keep informed, up-to-date.
Abreathe vbTo give time to recover breathe.
Abristle adjBristling.
Abroad nAny region outside one's homeland. 2.
Abroad advBroadly, widely, at large. 2. over a broad wide surface. 3. widely asunder, with fragments or portions widely scattered. 4. widely apart, with the parts or lims widespread. 5. at large, freely moving about; fig. current in the outside world. 6. out of one's home or abode; outdoors; out in the open air. 7. out of the home country, in or into a foreign country. 8. wide of the mark of truth; astray. 9. out, over, thrust out.
Abroad prpThroughout.
Abroad phr"To Go Abroad" - to travel overseas to a foreign country or a colonial possession.
Abrood vbOf a bird: on its brood or nest (eggs), to be hatching eggs.
Abrook vbTo bear, abear, tolerate, brook, endure.
Abuilding adjBeing built.
Aburden vbTo burden, oppress.
Aburst vbIn a burst of rage, in a bursting condition.
Abwool nWool from the abb or warp.
Aby vbTo pay for, to suffer for, to atone for, to make amends, to expiate. 2. to endure, suffer. 3.
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