Old EnglishspEnglish
Ac conjBut
Acale adjCold.
Accord vbLate Old English, from Old French acorder ‘reconcile, be of one mind’, from Latin ad- ‘to’ + cor, cord- ‘heart’; influenced by concord. from OF. 2. to bring to heart. 2. to reconcile, cause to agree. 3. to reconcile oneself. 4. to settle quarrels. 5. to come to agreement, to agree upon. 6. to consent; assent. 7. to find harmony with; to be harmonious towards. 8. to be proper or suitable. 9. to grant, reward.
Accord phr"Accord With" - be in agreement with.
Accord phr"Of One's Own Accord" voluntarily; of one's free will.
Accord phr"With One Accord" - unanimously.
Ache nA pain, hurting.
Ache adjThat aches, continuously painful.
Ache phr"Ache to be at Home Again" - desire or yearn to be back in familiar surroundings.
Ache phr"One's Heart Aches (bleeds) for (Someone)" - one feels great sympathy for somebody (often used sarcastically.)
Acheful adjFull of aches; aching.
Achefully advIn an very achy way.
Acheless adjWithout ache or throb.
Achelike adjResembling or characteristic of an ache.
Acher nOne who, or that which, aches.
Achily advIn an achy manner.
Achiness nThe property of being achy.
Aching nThe feeling of an ache. 2. a dull pain.
Aching advIn an abidingly, painful manner, painfully.
Achingly advIn a painful or aching manner.
Achoke vbTo suffocate.
Achoose vbTo choose.
Achy adjFull of aches, suffering from continual or recurring pain.
Acknow vbTo recognize, to acknowledge, confess of or on, reveal, disclose, realize.
Acock advTo act defiantly.
Acold vbTo be cold. 2. to make cold or cool.
Acome vbReach, attain, arrive.
Acool vbTo wax cold or cool. 2. to make cold.
Acop advOn the top, on high.
Acorn nThe fruit of the acorn, being an oval nut growing in a wood cup or. 2. a testicle (slang).
Acorn-bearing adjProducing acorns.
Acorned adjFurnished with furnished.
Acorn phr"Ride a Horse Foaled by an Acorn" - to be hanged on the gallows.
Acre nOriginally 'unenclosed land; then, tilled, enclosed land, a piece of land of a definite size, a land measure. 2. a piece of tilled or arable land. 3. afield. 4. a churchyard, cemetery, as in 'God's Acre.' 5. a measure of land, originally as a ox could plow in a day, later 40 poles long by 4 poles broad (4840 sq yards.)
Acre breadth n4 poles or 22 yards
Acred adjComprising or owning or possessing many acres of land.
Acredale nLand in common field
A'crow advIn a crowing manner.
Acre-fight nOE. combat (a ghost word).
Acre-foot nThe amount of water required to cover one level acre to a depth of one foot; 43,560 cubic feet: used by irrigation engineers.
Acre length n40 poles or a furlong, (ie. 'furrows length')
Acreman n.Farmer, husbandman, cultivator, plowman, till(er)man
Acre's breadth n4 poles or 22 yards.
Actande adjEighth.
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