Old English sp English
Afar adv From far; far, at or a distance, as John saw the place afar. 2. at, to, or from a great distance; far away
Afar phr "From Afar" - at a great distance.
Afare vb To depart
Afear vb To frighten.
Afear adv In fear.
Afeard adj Afraid; struck with fear.
Afeed vb To feed, nourish.
Afell vb Strike down, fell, lay low
Afield adv On or to the field, abroad.
Afield phr "Far Afield" - in the field.
A'fellowship vb Fellow (late OE.) - to be in fellowship, to accompany.
A'ferrom adv From afar, afar, afar off.
Afford vb To further accomplish; afford. 2. to manage (do). 3. with 'can' - to have the means to be able. 4. without 'can' - to give of what one has; afford. 5. of things; to be capable of yielding; yield naturally or affording.
Afford phr "Can't afford to" - not in a favorable position to; daren't.
Affright vb Frighten, terrify
Affriended ppl Made friends.
Affright n The action of causing terror. 2. the state of terror.
Affright vb To frighten terrify.
Affrighted adj Struck with fear, alarmed.
Affrighted adv In an affeared manner, with fright or alarm
Affrightedly adv In a fearful manner.
Affrightful adj Full of terror; alarmed, frull of fear, timid. 2. alarming, exciting, shocking, deadful, revolting.
Affrightfully adv In terrifying or alarming way or manner.
Affrighting adj Frightful, terrifying.
Afgod vb Idol, false god,
Afgodness n Idolatry
Afield adv On or in the field, esp. of labour or battle (war). 3. to or into the field. 4. away from home. ('to go further afield')
Afield phr "To Go Further Afield" - to travel afar, overseas, abroad.
A'fingered adj Afflicted with hunger, famished, very hungry.
Afire vb To be on fire; or in a state of burning.
Afire adv On or in fire; burning. 2. fig. burning with passion, emotion etc.
A'flee vb To run away, escape, run away.
Afleme vb to drive away, expel, eject.
Aflicker adv In a flickering state.
A'flight vb To put to flight.
Afoam adv In a state of foam.
Afloat adv Also adj. 2. in a floating condition, afloat as opposed to aground. 2. at sea opp. to on shore. 3. OE - buoyed up in the air. 4. in a state of overflow or submersion. 5. fig. unembarrassed; having one head above water. 6. adrift; afloat. 7. in full swing. 8. in commerce and currency free ad subject to market fluctuation; afloat.
Afloat phr "To Stay Afloat" - to remain solvent.
A'flow adj Floating, flowing, drifting. 2. (fig.) - in progress.
Afond vb To try, make a trail of, put to the test, find out by experiment. 2. to attempt, to try.
Afong vb (Afang)- to take by force or authority. 2. to sieze, apprehend; afong. 3. to take what is offered, to accept. 4. to recieve (a person); to welcome. 5. to recieve, get, come into possession; afong. 6. to be in possession. 7. to get offspring; to conceive; afong.
Afoot adv On foot, on or by one's own feet. 2. astir, moving, on the move; in active existence or operation.
Afoot prp Of place: befor. 2. in OE. (rank) - in precedence.
Afoot conj Sooner than.
Afoot phr "There's Something Afoot" - planned (secretly)
Afore adv Before, prior to, previously.
Afore pfx Before, previously.
Aforegiven adv Given before, prior to or previously.
Aforegoing adv Gone before or prior to.
Aforehand adj Beforehand in condition; forehanded.
Aforehand adv Beforehand, in advance, in anticipation.
Aforenamed adj Named earlier in a document; aforementioned.
Aforeness n Preexistence; the state of being before.
Aforesaid adj Of a previously stated list, the entry of the list items, usu. the first in two or three-mentioned list items. 3. above-mentioned; aforementioned, aforesaid; mentioned.
Aforespoken adv Spoken after the initail event or happening.
Aforethought n Premeditated, planned ahead of time; thinking beforehand. 2. fore, fore-thought, thought.
Aforetime adv Of old time or in a time past; in days of old, in a former time, though before, formerly, auld lang syne.
Aforetold adv Told or spoken afterwards; foretold.
Aforeward adv First in rank, in front.
Afornens prp Against opposite. 2. fig. before, in the presence of. 3. with regard to, in respect of, as concerns,
Afornens adv Over against, opposite.
Aforn-ons adv In front.
Afresh adv Anew, freshly, with a fresh commencement.
Afrith vb To make peace.
Afrought adj Affrighted, timid, frightened (in mind).
Aft prp Behind, in rear, hind, stern of position. 2. in or near the hind part or stern of a ship or aircraft. 3. earlier (of time)
Aft phr "Fore and Aft" - from stern to stern, lengthwise.
Aft phr "Aft Meal" - an extra meal; a meal taken after and in addition to the ordinary meals.
After conj Signifies that the action of the clause it starts take place before the action of the other clause.
After adv The second of two; next; later. 2. of place: nearer the rear, more aft. 3. of time: earlier. 4. behind; later in time; following.
After prp Subsequently to; following in time; later than. 2. behind. 3. in pursuit of, seeking. 4.iIn allusion to, in imitation of; following or referencing. 5.next in importance or rank. 6. as a result of. 7 in spite of. 8. according to an author or text. 9. denoting the aim or object; concerning; in relation to. 10. (obsolete) According to the direction and influence of; in proportion to; befitting
After adj Later, second of two, next, following, subsequent. 2. at or towards the stern of a ship.
After phr "After All" - in spite of everything. 2. anyway or in any case. 3. in the end, however.
After phr "After Dark' - after night has fallen ; at dark.
After phr "After Me the Flood" - used to imply total indifference to what might happen after one has died ("apres moi le deluge")
After phr "After One's Own Beat" - having the same opinions, feelings, behaviour as oneself.
After phr "After One's Own Heart" - sharing one's taste or views.
After phr "After You" - a formula used in offering precedence.
After phr "Be After Somebody" - pursue, want to catch.
After phr "Be After Something" - desire, want to obtain.
Afterbeat n A secondary, weaker half of a musical beat; a forebeat.
Afterbirth n The secundine of the placenta which is expelled from the womb after birth. 2. birth after the death of the father. 3. late-born or afterbirth children.
Afterbite n Something that linger after it is bitten, especialy a flavour, an aftertaste. 2. that which returns with a memory, usually one which is bitter or painful.
Afterbody n The after part of a vehicle. 2. a companion body that trails a satellite or space craft. 3. section or piece of launch rocket or spacecraft.
Afterborn adj Born after the father's death.
Afterbrain n The posterior lobe of cerebellum.
Afterburn n The burning of further calories after the end of a stint of vigorous exercise; afterburn. 2. in sociology, afterburn is the practice of criticizing a person after they have left, or stopped contribution to the conversation.
Afterburner n A device in a turbojet engine which injects fuel in to the exhaust system to increase the thrust.
Afterburning n The process of injecting of fuel into an engine to increase the thrust.
Afterburthen vb To burden with.
Aftercare n The care of a patient during recovery after an operation or after hospitalization.
Aftercome n A subsequent result, consequence; something that comes after.
Aftercomer n Successor
Aftercoming adj A following state, sequel, consequence or result. 2. an aftercome.
After-cooler n A radiator designed to reduce the temperature of the fuel mixture in the supercharging system of a jet aircraft.
Aftercooling n The cooling of gas subsequent to compression. 2. the cooling of a nuclear reactor after it has been shut down.
Afterdeal n Afterdele: disadvantage.
After-eye n To keep in view or sight.
Affright n Sufden fear; alarm,fear, fright; cause of fright.
Affright vb To strike with sudden fear. 2. frighten.
Aftergame n A subsequent scheme or expediency undertaken to afford a chance of retrieval or improvement.
Afterglow n The glow in the sky after sunset; afterhlow. 2. the light emitted by an incandescent object while cooling. 3. the mildly euphoric feeling experienced after a pleasurable experience, afterglow, such as sex or a drug-high. 4. light emitted by phosphor after excitation. 5. an after-party.
After-grass n Grass that grows in a field after a crop (usu. of grass) has been harvested.
After-grave n The state of life after death. 2. the hereafter; existence after death.
Aftergrowth n Any secondary growth of a crop after harvesting. 2. (metaphorically) - a secondary development of any kind.
Afterhand adv Afterwards.
Afterheat n The heat generated in a nuclear reactor after it has been shut down, produced by residual radioactivity in the fuel elements.
Afterhind adv Behind.
Afterings adv The milk drawn from a cow. 2. dregs; the last of any substance that is a poorer quality than the earlier substance or later?
After-life n A future life; life after. 2. the later period of one's life.
After-light n An afterglow. 2. (also fig)the light of what is known; hindsight. 3. afterwards.
Afterling n One who comes older or later. 2. an aftercomer who is later.
Afterling adj Coming after, later, subsequent or later, late in order of time or succession.
Afterlithe n OE. - Aeftera: second & litha: serene, name for the two months June and July; old name for July.
After-liver n A survivor.
Afterlong adv Lengthwise, along.
Aftermath n Second or later mowing or crop. 2. crop of grass which springs up after the mowing in early summer. 3. a result, especially an unpleasant one.
Aftermind n A new or changed way of thinking, often as a result of regret and repentance. 2. a renewed way of thinking.
Aftermost adj Hindmost; last in time; most or fartherest aft. 2. nearest the stern of a vessel.
Afterness n Posterity, the quality of being after.
Afternoon n The time from midday to evening.
Afternoon drive time n The evening rush hour when people drive home from work and listen to radio broadcasts. 2. afternoon-drive.
Afters n Dessert. 2. festivities held after a wedding meal.
After-school adj Taking place after normal scool hours.
Aftersee vb To witness or see after the fact or event. 2. to see in hindsight or retrospectively.
Afterseen adj Seen or witnessed after the fact or event. 2. seen in hindsight or in retrospection.
After-send adj Sent afterwards, subsequently.
Aftershave n A lotion, gel or liquid used after shaving.
Aftershow n Occurring after a stage show or film premiere.
Afterspring n Posterity. 2. a spring time weather change out of season.
After-sun n Describing the cooling feeling applied to the skin after exposure to the sun.
After-swarm n A second swarm of bees.
Aftertale n A postscript; something added when the tale or story is, or ought be, ended. 2. a note added to a letter after completion. 3. ill-talk, slander, defamation.
Afterthought n A subsequent thought. 2. reflection after an act; hence, a later explanation. 3. thought or reflection coming later.
After-time n The future; at a later time.
Afterward adv Behind. 2. subsequently. 3. next in order.
Afterwards adv At a later time.
Afterwardsness n The concept that an earlier event in one's life can acquire a meaning.
Afterwinter n Renewal of winter.
Afterwise adj Wise after the event.
Afterwit n Wisdom which comes after the event or too late. 2. later knowledge; the knowledge of riper years or later times. 3. second thoughts; reconsideration.. 4. one who lacks foresight. 5. recognition of former folly; practical repentance; coming to one's senses.
Afterwitted adj Wise when it's too late. 2. wanting in forethought.
Afterword n A postscript to a letter; or an appendix to a book. 2. an epilogue
Afterworld n. Future, afterlife, other existence.
Afterwort n The second run in the brewing of beer.
After-written adj Written or recorded in writing afterwards
Aftmost adj Furthest aft, most sternwards, as far as possible.
After-year(s) n A later or future year. Usually in plural
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