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Again advFormerly used in many combs., all now obs. in meaning it corresponds to Latin 're' in the senses in opposition, reciprocal or reflected action, and repetition. 2. back to a former position in return. 3. anew, once more, once repeated, anything besides, on the other hand.
Again phr"Again and Again" - repeatedly, over and over, over and over again.
Again phr"Again withstand" - to resist.
Again phr"Again witness" - to witness against.
Again phr"Come Again."- pardon, what did you say.
Again phr"Now and Again" - occasionally
Again-ask vbTo require, ask back.
Again-begetting nRegeneration.
Again-behest nPromise further or gain. 2. vow again. 3. command further.
Again-behold vbTo look opposite.
Again-bihote vbTo be responsible for surety.
Again-bite nRemorse, chiding, recrimination.
Again-bow vbTo bend back.
Again-bring vbTo bring back.
Againbuy vbTo redeem. buy back.
Againbuy nRedeemer
Againbuying nRedemption.
Again-chare vbTo turn back, repeal.
Again-clepe vbTo recall.
Again-come vbTo encounter.
Again-coming nA return, a coming back.
Again-drawing nReaction.
Again-falling nRelapse.
Again-fare vbTo return.
Again-fight vbTo fight against.
Again-gift nRepayment.
Again-go vbOppose, go against.
Again-hold vbWithhold, hold back.
Again-know vbTo know again, remember, recognize.
Again-meeting nRe-encounter; meeting of adversary; a chance meeting.
Again-ness nTo renew, ednew.
Againrise vbTo rebel, rise up against.
Againrising nResurrection.
Againsaw nContradiction, gainsaying.
Againsay nObjection.
Againsay vbSpeak against. 2. to say nay.
Againsayer nNay-sayer. 2. opponent
Again-saying nContradiction, opposition, contention.
Again-seek vbTo ask for, require.
Again-shine vbTo reflect.
Again-smite vbTo react, reverberate.
Again-smiting nReaction, reverberation.
Against prpIn physical contact with, in close but separated relationship. 2. in a contrary direction to. 3. close to. 4. in front of; before a background. 6. in physical opposition to, or in collision with. 7. (heading, social) a contrasting or competitive relationship. 8. in contrast and/or comparison with. 9. in competition with, versus.  10. in opposition to. 11. in exchange for. 12. as counterbalance to. 13 as a charge on. 14. as protection from. 15. (obsolete) exposed to. 16. in anticipation of; in preparation for (a particular time, event etc.)
Against conjBy the time that (something happened); before. (obsolete.)
Against advIn opposition to something. 2. (gambling) having a specified likelihood of not winning or happening.
Against phr"Against One's Will" - contrary to someone's desires or wishes.
Against phr"Against the Law" - illegal, forbidden by the law.
Against phr"Against the Run of Play" - contrary to the flow of the game. 2. (fig.) against the mood or circumstance of the situation.
Against phr"Against the Tide" - to take up a minority position. 2. move, act in a direction, way that is opposite to that of most other people.
Against phr"Against the Time" - in anticipation of, and as a provision of, and as a provision for, some event that is expected to occur in the future.
Against phr"Swim Against the Time" - to take up a minority position.
Againstand vbTo stand against, to withstand, oppose.
Againstness nThe state or quality of being against or in opposition to something, esp. an an established or opinion.
Against time adjMeasured relative to the deadline rather than the competitor.
Against time advWith urgency, being aware that the time available to do something may be insufficient . 2. with urgency.
Again-tell vbTo repent.
Again-wend vbTo turn back.
Againward advBack again. 2. once more. 3. vice-versa, on the other hand
Again-withstand vbTo resist.
Again-witness vbTo witness against.
Again-writing nA script again or copy.
Agast vbTo aghast, frighten, to take fright.
Agathered adjGathered, assembled.
Agenbite nSame as 'ayenbite' - remorse.
Aget vbTo seize, get hold of.
Ageten vbTo pour out. 2. to shed. see: 'ayeten'
Aghast vbEarlier spelling 'agast' - to frighten or terrify. 2. to be frighten or terrifies.
Aghast adjAffrighted. 2. seize with the physical signs of terror or amazement. 3. ghastly.
Aghasted adjFrightened, terrified.
Aghasting adjThat terrifies or alarms.
Aghastness nState or quality of being aghast. 2. horror.
Agild(e) vb.Without compensation, without execution of the weregild.
Agin prep & conjAgainst
Agginning nBeginning.
Agin vbEarlier form ' begin' - to begin.
A'give vbTo give back, give up, surrender.
Agleam adjGlowing with subdued light.
Agleam advGleaming.
Aglow adjGlowing radiant.
Aglow advIn a glow of warmth, color, or excitement.
Ago vbTo go forth. 2. to go away. 3. of time: to pass.
AgoadjPass by, past. 2. gone, gone by. 3. dead, passed away.
Ago prpIn the past, such as 'I saw him ten years ago."
Ago advAs in "long ago."
Ago phr"Dead and gone long ago" - of time long pass.
Ago phr"Long ago" - of time long past. 2. obsolete form 'yore ago.'
Agood advIn earnest, heartily, as "I made her wept agood."
Agraith vbPrepare, make ready. 2. dress, deck, accouter. 3. make one self ready
Agraithing vb & nAttiring, dressing, decorating
Agrise vbTo quake, abhor; horrify, to be horrified. (gris: horror, grisliness. 2. to shudder with terror, be full of horror. 3. to tremble, quake, be afraid or moved. 4. to shudder at in terror or abhorrence. 5. to be horrified, terrified, or afraid.
Agrised adjHorrified, terrified, very frightened or afraid.
Aground advOn or to the earth. 2. on or to the strand or shallow bottom of any water.
Aground phr"To Run Aground" - of a ship stranded in shallow waters.
Aguilt vb.Sin, do wrong, declare guilty.
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