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A'hand advAt hand, near.
A'hang advTo hang up.
Ahead advAt the head, in advance (of a moving company). 2. in the direct line of one's motion. 3. pointing forward, forward. 4. forward or onward rapidly, headlong; fig. in an unrestrained way.
Ahead phr"Ahead of" -in front of, in advance of, preceding.
Ahead phr"Ahead of One's Time" (idiom) - in advance of concurrent commonly accepted ideas. 2. showing characteristics of changes yet to be. 3. present in one's work before later advances in the field. 4. further advanced in knowledge, outlook etc than one contemporaries.
Ahead phr"Ahead of the Field" - be better than one's competitors.
Ahead phr"Ahead of the Game" - having completed a task before it is due, ready, prepared, or anticipated.
Ahead phr"Ahead of Time" - prior to the expected, in advance, beforehand, time, early. 2. in advance of an arranged, or particular, time. 3. having ideas too original to be immediately accepted; also, new, original, taking in advanced technological advances.
Ahead phr"Full Bore Ahead" - proceed forward quickly.
Ahead phr"Full Steam Ahead" - get going as fast as possible
Ahead phr"Get Ahead of" - make one's way socially, financially.
Aheap advAll of a heap, to heap up.
A'heat advIn or into heat.
A'heave vbTo heave, lift up.
A-height adjAloft.
A'hese vbTo hear.
A-high advOn high, aloud.
A-high-lone advPerhaps an emphasizing of alone.
Ahind advBehind.
A-hold advBringing of a ship close to the wind, so as to keep or hold to it.
A-hold phr"A-hold of" - something to catch, take, lay hold of.
Ahorse advOn the back of a horse, on horseback
A-horseback advOn horseback.
A'hull vbTo shell beans or peas. 2. so as to lie under bare poles , helm lashed alee, and the bow nearly into the wind; said of a ship in heavy weather.
A'hunger vbTo be hungry. 2. to make hungry.
Ahungered adjHungry.
A-hunt advOn the hunt.
Ahwene vbTo vex. (awene)
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