Old EnglishspEnglish
A'lacche vbTo get hold of, take in one arms
A'land vbTo come ashore.
A'landwards advIn or towards rural or inland area, rather than the shoreline.
A'lange vbTo make or become dreary, tedious, tardy.
A'lange adjA variant of elenge, cognate of lang, long: tedious, protracted, dreary, lonely, worrisome. 2. strange, foreign.
A'langely advDrearily.
A'langeness nTedium, weariness, loneliness.
A'last advIn last place, at last.
A'late advOf late, lately.
Alb nOE 'albe' from Late latin alba: tunic. 2. a tunic of white cloth, reaching to the feet, and enveloping (the person) worn by priests in religious ceremonies.
Albe conjAlthough it be that, although.
Albeit conjAlthough, even though; notwithstanding that.
Albetimes adv"All be Times" (phr) - all betimes, albedone, forthwith, immediately.
Ald nVariant of eld: age, duration of life or existence. 2. an age, epoch or secular period of the world. 3. old age, an advance state or period of life.
Ald vbTo grow old, become old.
Ald adjOld, eld, yeald.
Alday adv"All of the Day" (phr)- everyday, always, continously. 2. the whole day, all the day.
Alden vbTo grow old.
Alder nChief, prince, lord. 2. senior. 3. parent, ancestor, elder. 4. the head of a family or clan, patriarch, chief, principal, ruler.
Alder nThe tree "Alnus glutinosa."
Alderdom nLordship; chief authority.
Alder elde adjExtreme old age.
Alder-father nAncestor, progenitor.
Alderman nA noble or man of hig rank; a governor of a district. 2. the chief officer or warden of a guild. 3. a municipal officer (US) next in rank to the mayor. 5. a municipal officer (UK & Wales) representing a ward. 6. a co-opted member of a borough or council.
Aldermanlike adjActing like or resembling an aldrman.
Aldermaness nThe state or quality of being an alderman.
Aldermanship nThe office of an alderman. 2. chiefship, lordship.
Ale nBeverage made from the infusion of malt by fermentation.
Aleconner nAn inspector or examiner of ale.
Aleft advOn or to the left.
Alehoof nThe herb ground ivy Nepeta glechoma.
Ale-house nTavern, hotel, establishment where ale is retailed.
Aleing nThe drinking of ale, aling.
Ale-knight nFrequenters of drinking establishments.
Alene vbTo lend, give, garant
Alength advLengthwise, lengthways.
Alese vbTo release, deliver.
Alesedness nDeliverance, redemption.
Alesing nRelease, delivery.
A'less vbTo diminish, make less, lessen.
Alet vbTo let go, to give.
Alewort nThe fermenting infusion of malt.
Alfet nThe cauldron used in the ordeal of scalding water.
Alfred nA masculine personal name meaning 'elf counsel' (good counsel).
Alife advOne's own life, dearly. as 'I love cricket alife.'
Alift vbTo lift, to lift up, raise.
Alight vbTo descend out of, dismount from, get down, chance upon, spring from. 2. to mount. 3. to land. 4. to go or come down from. 5. to descend and settle, rather falling. 6. to land on a spot by floating, flying. 7. to fall (on or upon) as a blow. 8. to chance or hap upon.
Alight vbTo lighten, relieve. 2. to make light, or less heavy, to lighten, alleviate, alleviate (a burden; to relieve a carrier.
Alight vbLight up, to light a fire, set light to. 2. to illuminate, illumine.
Alight adjAlighted, arrived.
Alight adjLighted, kindled, in a flame; on fire.
Alight adjDismounted, arrived.
Alight adjLighted up, illumined.
Alight phr"Alight From" - get off, out or down from, a motor car, bus, train, horse etc.
Alight phr"Alight On" - come down or descend from the air and come to rest upon, as a fly, bird, bee. 2. find, encounter or hap upon by chance a solution, answer to a problem, truth.
Alighten vbTo alight, dismount. 2. to lighten, relieve the load or burden. 3. to illumine, enlighten, light up.
Alighting nThe act of dismounting, getting-down, spring. 2.descending, descent, landing, dismounting.
Alike adjSimilar, like one another, resembling wholly or in part.
Alike advin the same or like manner, equally, similarly.
Alike-minded adjLike-minded.
Alikeness nThe state or quality of being alike. 2. the result or product of being alike.
Alikewise advIn a similar or identical way or manner.
Aline vbTo form in line, fall in line. 2. adjust or form to a line. 3. adhere oneself with a group or a way of thinking. 4. to align.
Aliry nOE. - loss of the use of limbs. 2. paralysis, lameness.
Alise vbReport, name by report, allege by report, rumour
Alish adjAle-ish: resembling or characteristic of ale; as an ale and ale-like beverage.
Alithe vbGo away, pass by & on
Alithe vbDismember, tear limb from limb
Alive vbTo live.
Alive adjHaving life; existent; active; vigorous, sensitive to; thronged with.
Alive advIn life, living. 2. fig. not extinguished, unabated, unforgotten. 3. in a sentient condition; sensitive, awake, fully conscious. 4. vivacious, brisk, quick action. 5. in a state of commotion, stirring or swarming.
Alive phr"Alive With" - crowded; infested with.
Alive phr"Eat Someone Alive" - soundly defeat a person.
Alive phr"Look Alive" - to make haste.
Alive phr"Alive and Well" - still alive and active (despite contrary assumptions).
Alive phr"Alive to Something" - completely aware of the bad effect of something; the implication of something.
Alive-like adjLiving-like, lively, vivacious.
Aliveness nThe state or condition of being alive or living. 2. exuberance, intensity.
All nEverything that we have, that concerns or pertains to us. 2. whole being, entirety, totality. 3. whole system of things, the universe.
All adjThe whole amount, extent or compass of; the whole. 2. of all that is possible. 3. the entire number of, the whole, without exception. 4. every. 5. any whatever. 6. every individual. 7. all men.
All advWholly, completely, altogether, quite. 2. even, just. 3. all through, wholly, without admixture.
All phr"Above All" - primarily; of the first importance.
All phr"After All" - nevertheless. 2. on the other hand; in the long run. 3. in spite of everything.
All phr"All Along" - entirely, all the time; consistent or continuing over a long time.
All phr"All Along the Line?Road" - in every way, at every point, in every aspect of a matter.
All phr"All and Some" - distributed to each part of the whole; in the singular: the sum total.
All phr"All and Sundry" - everyone; everything.
All phr"All Anyhow" - carelessly, untidily any old how.
All phr"All at Once" - suddenly and unexpectedly; allof a sudden. 2. everybody or everything together. 2. at the same time, quickly.
All phr"All Bark and No Bite" - full of boastful or big talk talk but lacking action, power or substance. 2. pretentious. 3. someone who says cutting things, but in reality has a soft personality underneath.
All phr"All Being Well" - with everything happening as expected. 2. if nothing goes wrong.
All phr"All But" - everything short of; hence almost; on the verge; just falling short of universality.
All phr"All Cats are Grey at Night" - 'all cats are grey in the dark' - in the dark physical appearance is unimportant. (supposedly said by Benjamin Franklin in response to his romances with a string of older women.)
All phr"All Day and Every Day" - continuously; without ceasing; during the whole of one day, and for a number of days after.
All phr"All Else the Same" - all else or things being equal. 2.fig. a level playing field.
All phr"All Ends Up" - completely.
All phr"All('s) Fair in Love and War." - unpleasant and unacceptable behaviour is acceptable in love and conflict. ('War' derives from the late Old English (c.1050) words wyrre and werre; the Old French werre; the Frankish werra; and the Proto-Germanic werso. The denotation of war derives from the Old Saxon werran,
All phr"All Fingers and Thumbs" - clumsy awkward, lacking dexterity. 2. all thumbs: clumsy.
All phr"All for Something" - be enthusiastic about or in favour of something.
All phr"All for the Best" - ultimately for the good.
All phr"All Good (or bad)come to an End" - nothing lasts forever, change is forever taking place.
All phr"All Grist to the Mill" - this is unexciting additional material.
All phr"All Hell Broke Loose" - great confusion erupted.
All phr"All His Christmases Came at Once" - he was overjoyed.
All phr"All in" - exhausted, wearied; or inclusive of extras.
All phr"All In a Day's Work" - within one's duties or obligations.
All phr"All In a Good Time" - eventually
All phr"All in All" - all things taken into consideration or in all respects. 2. all things taken as a whole; in all respects. 3. the main object of one's love and devotion, to the exclusion of everything and everybody.
All phr"All in One" - together, unified, united. 2. in one piece, not segmented or divided.
All phr"All in the Wind" - puzzled, confused, non-plused. 2.n line with the wind, so as not to draw,
All phr"All is Fair In Love and War" - everything wrong , unethical etc can be excused, because the normal rules of society do not apply in situations of personal conflict or of emotional involvement.
All phr"All is not Lost" - there is still some chance of recovery, success.
All phr"All is not Well with" - the general position or situation is unsatisfactory.
All phr"All Kinds Of" - many different varieties of people, things; all sorts of. 2. all manner of.
All phr"All My Eye" - rubbish, humbug, as 'all my eye and Edith Edrich'
All phr"All of" - at least, fully. as the sails of a ship.
All phr"All of a Sudden" - suddenly and unexpectedly.
All phr"All One" - quite the same thing; a matter of indifference. 2. immaterial, makes no difference.
All phr"All One Needs" - what one does not want or need is the thing or person specified.
All phr"All or Nothing" - everything or nothing, with no halfhearted effort; total commitment.
All phr"All Out" - with maximum effort; at top speed. 2. thoroughly tired out. 3. with every nerve strained with eagerness. 4. without regard to risk. 5. go all out; completely, quite so. 6. the manner in which one's uses every available means. 7. with no sparing of effort; vigorously, zealously.
All phrAll Over" - all the time, from the beginning. 2. finished; completed; gone; spread over. 3. easily superior to.
All phr"All Over Again" - one more time, once more, one further time.
All phr"All Over With" - completely finished.
All phr"All Right" - acceptable, acknowledged, tolerable, adequate, . 2. without a doubt. 3. physically or mentally well; content, happy. 4. without fault; or drawbacks; in working order.
All phr"All Right on the Night" - satisfactory, well done when required.
All phr"All Roads Lead to Rome" - all alternatives have the same outcome.
All phr"All Shipshape" - properly organized and tidy.
All phr"All So To" - quite, utterly, wholly.
All phr"All Standing" - without time to lower the sails.
All phr"All Talk and No Do" - lots of ideas. discussion, proposals for doing something, but ends up mere conversation.
All phr"All the Best" - farewell: may you fare well and to wish you good luck.
All phr"All the Better" - so much the better.
All phr"All the Days of One's Life" - for as long as one will live, or has lived.
All phr"All the Dogs are Barking" - the news etc is being spread widely about.
All phr"All the Less" - nonetheless, less so; even less.
All phr"All the More" - all the more, nonetheless, nevertheless. 2. even more, notably due to additional information.
All phr"All there" - is he/she sane, smart, mentally alert, usually in "Not All There" - not clever or sane.
All phr"All the Same" - yet; nevertheless; in spite of this. 2. with or make no difference.
All phr"All the Same To" - a matter of indifference, of little importance or interest.
All phr"All the Time" - continuously and regularly; without ceasing. 2. continuously during one period of time. 3. throughout a period of time. 4.
All phr"All the Way" - the whole distance; completely.
All phr"All the While" - at the same time as, usually over an extended period.
All phr"All Things to All Men" - able to satisfied everybody's needs.
All phr"All This and Heaven too" - a blessed happy life and afterlife.
All phr"All Time High" - a time in one life where everything is going perfectly.
All phr"All told" - in total; all together
All phr"All too" - altogether.
All phr"All Too Often" - that something makes you sad or upset because it happens more often than you think it should.
All phr"All to the Good" - a kind that will bring only good, improvement, and advantage.
All phr"All Up With" - ended (of life or future prospects). 2. over for, finished for; finished; done with; having no hope.
All phr"All Well and Good" - satisfactory, (implying that some other matter is not satisfactory)
All phr"All's Well that Ends Well" - even though something may have problems or unexpected steps, it is OK as long as the end product is fine.
All phr"All Wholly" - utterly.
All phr"All Wool and a Yard Wide" - describes something and someone of high quality.
All phr"All Work and No Play Makes Jill/ Jack a Dull Fellow" - one must have work/life balance.
All phr"And All" - and all the rest; etc, hence as well.
All phr"And All That" - and all the rest of.
All phr"At All" - in every or any way; in the smallest way, extent, usually 'not at all'
All phr"Be All and End All" - whole of something.
All phr"Be All Ears" - to be very attentive.
All phr"Be All Eyes" - to carefully observe.
All phr"Be All Washed Out" - to feel feeble.
All phr"Be On All Fours" - be on hands and knees.
All phr"Drink All Out" - to drink till drunkenness; to binge drink.
All phr"For All I Care" - as if I care (with indifference or ignorance)
All phr"For All that " - notwithstanding; to the degree that. 2. nevertheless, despite the circumstances.
All phr"Get Away from it All" - escape from everyday responsibilities.
All phr"Get the Worst of all Worlds" - to get a series of disadvantages without achieving any corresponding advantages.
All phr"In All" - all together; as for; in total number; esp. in whole.
All phr"It Will all Come Out in the Wash" - the facts will emerge as work proceeds.
All phr"Let It All Hang Out" - to unburden oneself.
All phr"Not all It's Cracked Up to be" - not as good as claims made for something.
All phr"Not At All" - not (emphatically.) 2. not as believed, or expected, or suggested.
All phr"Of all" - most of all ecliptic)
All phr"Once and for All" - once only; once no more; finally.
All phr"One All Fours" - on hands and knees.
All phr"One and All" - everyone.
All phr"Pull Out All Stops" - to make maximum efforts.
All phr"Walk All Over Someone" - to act in a way which completely disregards another person's sensibility.
All phr"Warts and All" - with the unfavorable features as well as the favorable ones.
All phr"When All Comes to All" - when everything is summed up
All phr"When All is Said and Done" - when everything is taken into consideration.
All phr"With All" - withal.
All-aloneness nTotal solitude, 'his all-aloneness drives him to hopelessness; lost in London's all-aloneness.'
Allay vbLay down, set aside; overthrow (a principle)put down or repress; subside or cease; become mild or abate.
All-beholding adjBeholding or seeing all things.
All-bone nStellaria holostea: the Great Stichwort.
All-comers nAnyone who comes to a given event.
All-day adjLasting all day; throughout the day.
All-elbows adjOf a computing program that takes resources it needs without consideration to other tasks.
Allerliefest adj"Dearest of all.
All-eyed adjArgus-eyed, ever vigilant, alert and attentively, observant. 2. having many markings that look like eyes. 3. gazing devotedly.
All-father nOriginally the title for Odin, transferred to Jupiter, then applied to the Christian God.
All-fatherly adjof, or like the (universal father or supreme being.)
All-fillingness nImmensity.
All-fired adjInfernal, holocaustic; hell-fired. 2. all-fired up: eager, ready and willing to undertake a task or role. 3. excessive; inordinately.
All-firedly advExcessively fired
All-flesh nAll animal and human creation.
All-forgetfuladjWholly forgetful.
All-fours nThe extremities.
All-fours phr"To Run on All Fours" - to run like a quadruped.
All-good nThe plant Chenopodium Bonus-henricus.
All-Hallows nAll saints collectively. 2. the feast of all-hallows (day). 3. all-hallowmas.
All-hail nSalutations.
All-hail vbTo be welcome or greet someone effusively (I wish you all health).
All-heal nA panacea; the great wild valerian, a popular remedy for all types of diseases.
All-heart nThe elm tree.
All-hold nThat which holds all.
All-holiday nIdiomatic, slang: the business or the acting of person spoken of or allude to is finished or over, and that it has no future, as ' their marriage is all-holiday."
All-hollow advIdiomatic: as a foregone conclusion.
All-hollows adjOf, or pertaining, to the time of All-Hallows.
All-holy adjVery holy.
All-hood nEntirety, entire estate or thing.
All-in adjIn wrestling and fighting with no holds bar. 2. inclusive of all.
All-in-one adjCombining two or more items in a singular unit.
All-knower nGod, as in 'to stand before the All-knower.' 2. a supreme being. 3. the All-soul; the All-Maker.
All-knowing adjKnowing everything, omniscient (often attributed to God or a deity). 2. can be used to describe as a very wise person.
All-knowingness nOmniscience, as in "God's all-knowingness."
All-loving adjOf unbounded love.
All-Maker nThe All-Maker: God, supreme being. 2. The All-knower; The All-Soul.
All-meaningness nProfound or full and complete clarification and significance.
All-might nOmnipotence; all-power.
All-mighty nGod.
Allness nUniversality. 2. totality, completeness, as 'the allness of God.'
All night advThrough the entire night.
All night adjLasting or available throughout the whole night.
All-nighter nSomething the lasts through out the whole night, such as an all-nighter: an 'all-night bus service.'
All-nightman nA body-snatcher, a grave-robber, a burke-and-hare.
All-one nA matter of indifference. 2. a matter having no importance or consequence.
All-out adjUsing every available means. 2. covering all aspects without exception. 3. complete and entire.
All outer nAn extremist or radical.
All over advOver the whole extent, absolutely. 2. over the entire extent. 3. everywhere. 4. every way, thoroughly.
All over prpEverywhere, covering completely.
Alloverish adjVaguely uncomfortable. 2. having a general feeling of illness or uneasiness.
Alloverishness nState or quality of being all over. 2. an uncomfortable physical or emotion feeling.
All-overs n"The All-overs." - feeling of nervousness or ill-at-ease.
All-right adjFine, acceptable; satisfactory. 2. honest, loyal, dependable. 3. correct, as an addition. 4. certainly, without a doubt, yes.
All-sayers nAn idle chatterer, incessant talkers, as in 'all-sayers, and no-doers.'
All-seater nOf stadiums providing only seats and no-standing places.
All-seeing nGod
All-seeing adjHaving knowledge of all things said or done.
All-seeing-ness nThe state or quality of being all-seeing- (having knowledge of all things said or done.) 2. omnividuity.
All-side adjOn every side.
All-sidedness nVersatility.
All Souls' Day nAn annual feast day of Christianity on the second day of November (day immediately following All saint's Day, celebrating the faithfully departed. 2. Chinese alternative for Tomb Sweeping Day.
All-star adjA team, group etc. of which all members or participants are celebrities. 2. in sport: a team of super-star player.
All-talk adjA person of words only.
All-that nThat and everything similar, all of that kind and so on.
All-that adjOf especially good quality, particularly excellent.
All that advVery.
All-thing advEverything.
All-time adjUnsurpassed esp. to the present time. 2. perennially; popular; likely to endure for sometime.
All-told adjWhen all are counted.
All too advVery extremely, excessively.
All-to-often adjThat something makes you sad or upset because it happens more often than you think it should.
All-utterly advWholly, absolutely, completely, fully, totally.
All-up-weight adjThe total weight of an aircraft with passengers, cargo etc when airborne.
All-weather adjRelating to, or suitable for all types of weather, as an all weather track.
All-what conjAll the while, while. 2. till, until.
All-wheel drive nFour wheel drive.
All-where advEverywhere.
All-whither advIn every direction.
All-whole adjEntirely, entire, all wholly.
All-wholly advUtterly, quite so, all so, too. 2. entirely.
All-wielding adjAll-ruling, controlling,. 2. all powerful or mighty.
All-wise adjSupremely wise.
All-wiseness nFull insight and wisdom in various situations.
All-witty adjOmniscient. 2. all-knowing; knowing all things. 2. the external wisdom of God.
All-woolly adjAbsolutely genuine.
Almightend nGod, the supreme being.
Almightful adjAlmighty; omnipotent; having complete power.
Almighty n"The Almighty" - God.
Almightiful nPowerful, all-powerful, potent.
Almightihood nOmnipotence
Almightihoodily nIn an all-mighty or supreme manner.
Almightily advIn a all-powerful manner or way; all-powerfully.
Almightiness nThe state or quality of being, all-powerful, omnipotent
Almightship nAlmightiness. 2. the role of The Almighty.
Almost advMostly all; for the most part. 2. very nearly, all but.
Alms nSomething given to the poor in charity, such as money, food, clothing.
Alms-deed nPersons society by charity or welfare payment. 2. the giving of alms as an act of good work. 3. charity.
Alms-folk nThose supported by financially by the charity of others; bedesman.
Alms-full adjAbounding or plentiful of or in alms. 2. beneficial to the poor or needy. 3. charitable, giving, kind.
Alms-givernAn organisation or individual given financial and personal help to the poor.
Alms-giving nThe act of giving financial help to the poor and needy.
Alms-house nOrganisation belonging to church where alms and hospitality are given.
Alms-less adjWithout, not having or lacking alms.
Almsman nThose supported financially by the charity of others; a bedesman.
Aloath(e) vbBecome loathsome, to cause disgust. 2. to be loathsome.
Aloathing nLoathing, disliking, destestation.
Aloe nA plant of the genus Lillacae aloine. 2. a naseous purgative, made from aloe. 3. fig. bitter experiences. 4.
Aloe phr"The Bitter Aloe of the Law" - a bitter legal experience.
Aloft advUp, as a star; above; in heaven; high above the earth, on high; on top; into the air; on or to a higher part of the ship. NB: a higher part of a building is from Old Norse.
Alone adjAlso adv. 2. By one's self, all alone. 2. fig. one of a kind, unique; alone in action or feeling. 3. solely, exclusively, only, merely. 4. taken to be by oneself. 5. of number: with no one else; by themselves.
Alone phr"Go it Alone" - act on one's own. 2. act independently of others.
Alone phr"Leave (Or Let) Alone" - to leave one to their own efforts and endeavour. 2. to not interfere in matters concerning others; mind one's own business. 3. to stay aloof.
Alone phr"Leave well Alone" - do nothing else for fear of spoiling something.
Alone adjExclusive, sole, only.
Alonely advOnly, solely, solitary, solitarily, exclusively.
Aloneness nThe state or quality of being alone. 2. uniqueness, exclusiveness, all-aloneness.
Along adjPertaining, owing to; on account of.
Along advExtending lengthwise; all full length, endwise. 2. in a line, lengthwise. 3. onward; in the line of motion. 4. in company with someone. 5.
Along prpThroughout the whole length of. 2. from end to end. 3. parallel to the length.
Along phr"All Along" - all the time; during the whole time. 2. the whole way along from the beginning.
Along phr"Along of" - because.
Along phr"Along the lines of" - in the style or mode of. 2. in the way of.
Along phr"Along With" - on the way, or in company with. 2. together with, in conjunction with. 3. together with; in addition to.
Along phr"Get Along" - be off!
Along phr"Get Along with" - to get on, get along; be friendly with others.
Along phr"Go Along With" - agree, but perhaps deceitfully.
Along phr"Right Along" - continuously.
Alongshore advAlong or by the shore.
Alongside advAlong the side, by the side, side by side with.
Alongside prpTogether with or at the same time. 2. parallel.
Alongst prpThrough the length of, as opposed to across. 2. by the side of, athwart. 3. together. 4. as far as (a place or location indicated).
Aloud advIn a loud voice, with a great noise, loudly.
Alout vbTo stoop, fall over, esp. in worship.
Alow adjLow, Low down; below, antonym of aloft. 2. in or into the lower part of a ship or vesssel.
Alow vbTo lower.
Alp nVariation of OE. 'Ylp' - elephant
Alreadiness nState of complete readiness or preparation, fully prepared. 2. anticipative eagerness or alacrity.
Already advFully prepared. 2. beforehand; previously to some specific time. 3. by the time, thus early.
Alright adjSatisfactory, okay, in acceptable order, but not necessarily completely right.
Alrighty intUsed to affirm, indicate agreement, or consent.
Also advWholly or quite so; in this or that very manner. 2. in like manner; likewise; further, too. 3. as though; as so. 4. in like manner
Also conjIn addition, likewise, besides.
Also phr"Also Known As" - known by another name.
Alsoon advAs soon, as soon as possible, at once immediately.
Also-ran nA contestant who loses, a failure;(often used in horse racing and politics).
Altar nA Latin loan word. Table for sacrificial offering.
Altar phr"lead to the Altar" - marrying.
Altared adjFurnished with or having an altar.
Altarless adjA church without an altar.
Altar-stone nThe slab forming the top of an altar.
Altar-thane nMass-priest.
Altheodi nForeigner
Altheodish adjForeign
Although conjAdmitting that; notwithstanding that.
Altogether nA whole; a unity.
AltogetheradjA more emphatic form of all. 2. the whole together; the total.
Altogether advEverything included or being included; totally, completely. 2. wholly, quite, in all respects. 3. uninterruptedly.
Altogether phr"For altogether" - for all time (to come), for good, finally, as a permanent arrangement.
Altogetherness nUnity of being, wholeness
Alway advAll the way. 2. throughout all time; always.
Always advAt all times, ever, forever, perpetually as opposed to 'sometimes.' 2. through all time, as opposed to 'for a time.'. 3. continually. 4. constantly during a certain period, or regularly at stated intervals. 5. invariably, uniformly. 6. in any event still, nevertheless, however. 7. now, in any circumstances, anyway.
Alwaysness nEver-lastingness, eternal existence, sempiternity. 2. the state or quality or condition of lasting indefinitely or always, continuity, indefiniteness.
Alwise adjIn every way, in any way.
Alwork nDomestic or other work of all kinds.
All y'all prnChiefly southern US dialectic: a pluarl form of you.
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