Old EnglishspEnglish.
Amain advIn, or with full force, vehemently, violently . 2. in full force of numbers. 3. of motion: at full speed, without delay. 4. without delay, in all haste, at once. 5. exceedingly, greatly.
Amanse vb(OE: 'a' - out, away & mansum: familiar, intimate : to excommunicate, anathematize.
Amansed adjExcommunicated, anathematize.
Amansing nExcommunication, anathema.
A'mar vbTo hinder, spoil, impair. 2. hurt, injure, mar. 3. spoil, destroy. 4. squander.
Ambaht nHand-maiden, bondservant, servant
Amaze vbTo perplex, surprize, agonish. 2. to terrify, to fill with panic. 3. to overwhelm with wonder, to astound or greatly astonish. amaze oneself. 5. to stupefy, knock unconscious. 6. to bewilder, to stupefy, bring into a maze.
Amazed adjAstonished, confounded with fear, surprise or wonder. 2. greatly surprided.
Amazedness nState or quality of being amazed.
Amazeful adjFull of amazement, astonished.
Amazing adjCausing wonder and amazement. 2. possessing uniquely wonderful quality.
Amazingly advIn an amazing manner, in a way that causes amazement. 2. difficult to believe; strange but true. 3. to a wonder-inspiring extent.
Amazingness nThe state or quality of being amazing.
Amber nPail, bucket, pitcher, urn, cask. 2. any vessel with one handle. 3. a dry measure of four bushels (perhaps from latin: 'amphora.')
Ameed vbReform
Ameek vbMake meek, appease, soothe.
Amen nThe concluding word: 'amen.' 2. an expression of assent or belief. 3. transfig. a conclusion. 4. title of Christ: The Faithful One.
Amen intjLate OE. - soothly. an interjection after a prayer or religious uttering. 2. after a wish or prayer: may it be so. 3. after a confession, statement of faith, and so forth: it is so in truth. 4. in biblical terms: truly, verily.
Amen vbTo say or chant "amen' to. 2. to formally or consent solemnly. 2. say the final word to.
AmidadvIn the middle, or midst of.
Amid prpNear the middle of, surrounded by. 2. related to the circumstances of an action.
Amid-heaps advIn the midst of a heap, or crowd (folk-heap.)
Amidmong advIn the midst of.
Amidmost advIn the very middle. 2. in the centre of.
Amidship(s) nIn the middle or towards the centre of a ship.
Amidst advIn the midst or 'centre of', among, in the throng of.
Amidst prpIn, into or towards the middle of. 2. amongst, in the course of.
Amidward advTowards or near the middle. 2. in the middle of.
Aminded ppMinded.
Amiss nA wrong, fault, an evil act, a bad deed. 2. miss, failure, shortcoming.
Amiss adjWrong; faulty; out of order; improper; as, it may not be amiss to ask advice.
Amiss advWrongly, faultily, mistakenly, erroneously, defectively, astray.
Amiss n(Obs.)- fault; wrong; an evil act, a bad deed.
Amiss phr"It Would Be Not Amiss" - be not wrong or inappropriate.
Amiss phr"To Come Amiss" - to happen or take place out of order. 3. untoward or contrary to one's wish or expectation.
Amissing adjMissing.
Among prpIn the crowd; hence associated with. 2. surrounded by. 3. in company or associated with, besides. 3. during the course of.
Among advDuring this period, in this time, meanwhile. 2. between whiles, all the while, at intervals, from time to time, now and then, . 3. at the same time. 4. of place: together, among something else. 5. ever among, every here and there
Among phr"To Be Among-hands" - work done conjointly with other things we can do it among hands or all under one.
Amongst prpGenerally implying dispersion, intermixing, or shifting position.
A'mornings advIn the morning, every morning.
Amper nA tumor, blemish.
Amygdal nLatin borrowing: an almond. 2. the tonsils.
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