Old EnglishspEnglish
An artThe indefinite article: an each, or any; one, one kind of, one single.
A'name vbTo mention, name.
A'narrow vbTo cramp, crush, dishearten.
Anblow vbTo blow onto or into. 2. to breathe upon, inspire (lit.& fig.)
Anchor n A tool used to moor a vessel to the bottom of a sea or river to resist movement. 2. an iron device so shaped as to grip the bottom and hold a vessel at her berth by the chain or rope attached. 3. the combined anchoring gear (anchor, rode, and fittings such as bitts, cat, and windlass.) 4. any instrument serving a purpose like that of a ship's anchor, such as an arrangement of timber to hold a dam fast; a device to hold the end of a bridge cable etc.; or a device used in metalworking to hold the core of a mould in place. 5. marked point in a document that can be the target of a hyperlink. 6. on television: an anchorman or anchorwoman. 7. athletics: the final runner in a relay race. 8. in economics : superstore or other facility that serves as a focus to bring customers into an area.  9. a person or thing that provides strength and stability. 10. (fig.) hat which gives stability or security.  11. in architecture: metal tie holding adjoining parts of a building together. 12. architecture: a carved work, somewhat resembling an anchor or arrowhead; part of the ornaments of certain mouldings.
Anchor vbTo stop a boat or a ship from moving by releasing the anchor into the water. 2. to present a TV show or radio program., especially the nightly news. 3. to fix something somewhat firmly.
Anchor phr"At Anchor" - anchored as a ship.
Anchor phr"Be Anchored in Something" - to be firmly based on a certain or particular set of opinions or belief.
Anchor phr"Come to Anchor" - to anchor, tae up a position of anchor.
Anchor phr"Drop Anchor" - to put down the anchor in order to hold fast the ship.
Anchor phr"Ride at Anchor" - to be anchored; as a ship.
Anchor phr"Swallowing the Anchor" - a sailor is said to do so when he retires from the sea.
Anchor phr"The Anchor Comes Home" - when an anchor does not hold and is dragged from its hold. Figuratively the enterprise has failed, notwithstanding the precautions taken.
Anchor phr"Weigh Anchor" - to take up a ship's anchor, in readiness or so as to be getting or sailing away.
Anchor child nA child sent by his or her family to live in a foreign country in order to qualifty for citzenship.
Anchor-hold nThe strength or grip with which an anchor holds. 2. the chief ground of trust; security; fixedness.
Anchoring nThe tying down od structural timbers to prevent lateral movement or uplift.
Anchor-less adjNot having or without an anchor. 2. (fig 7 lit.) without a firm hold; having nothing to repose upon, drifting.
Anchor-light nA white light visible all around the horizon, shown from the forepart of an anchored vessel. Vessel over 150 feet in length must carry two, one being aft.
Anchor(wo)man nAn athlete in a relay race, who competes last for his team. 2. a television or radio broadcaster who co-ordinates the coverage of an event or program. 3. one who provides stability, support and confidence in an otherwise uncertain situation.
Anchor root nA root of a plant that series primarily to stabilize a plant and hold it in place.
Anchor-rope nA rope attached to an anchor, by which the anchor is lowered or raised in a ship.
Anchor-smith nA smith who makes anchor.
Anchor-watch nA watch kept when a vessel is anchored as a precaution against dragging, etc.
Ancome nA boil formed unexpectedly, a whitlow; an oncome.
And pfxAgainst, in return, opposite, towards, fronting; in combination "and-git" - apprehension.
And conjAlong with, in addition to; plus.
And phr"And/or" - either or both of two stated possibilities.
And phr"And a Half" - more than usual size, importance, worth.
And phr"And All" - also; too; included; in addition.
And phr"And All That" - and other similar things (to avoid the tedium and diffidence of going through a long list).
And phr"And How" - yes, indeed, I agree strongly.
And phr"And I Don't Know What" - any number of different things of a type already mentioned, can't be remembered, or one cannot be bothered to recall, etc.
And phr"And No Mistake" - there can be no doubt about it.
And phr"And So Forth" - and of other things of the same kind alreday mentioned.
And phr"And Then Some" - to a greater degree.
And-and-all dtmIn law every each all (used for emphasis and exactness.)
Ande sfxOE- ende, end, as in friend, friend; later ant, as fiend; wealdend, slinkend.
AndenEmotion or tendency of mind against emnity, rancor, hatred, animus.
Anders-meat nDinner (aunders, undern-meal)
Andesith advFormerly; (endesith).
And-git nApprehension.
Ands adjOpposed to , hostile.
Andseck(h) nDenial, abjurgation (O.E. "seac": strife, contention)
Andset(e) nEnemy, foe.
Andset(e) adjHostile, set against, hateful, odious, foeish, enemy-like.
Andswere nAnswer. Also andwurde, andwyrd, answaru.
Andward adjPresent.
Andwurde nAnswer.
Ane nAn older form of 'one.'
Anear vbTo come or be near (to), be near or close. 2. to draw close, approach,
Aneath prpBeneath.
Anele vbTo anoint religiously. 2. to give the last rites to. 3.
Aneled adjHaving the last rites, anointed or unctoined.
Aneler nOne who aneals, such as priest.
Aneling nThe action of anointing, usu. as a religious rite and specifically the last anointing and extreme unction of the dying.
An'end advAt last, in the end, in time. 2. to the end, right through, straight on, constantly, continously, consecutively. 3. almost uninterruptedly, most an end. 4. on end, in an upright position. 5. directly ahead.
Anent prpIn line with, side by side, in time or company with, besides. 2. on a level in position, rank or value, equal to, on the par with. 3. in the company of, with, among, beside, by. 4. with (fig.) according to the way or manner of. 5. in front of. 6. before the face of, in the sight of, or presence of. 7. in the mental eyes or sight of, reckoning of, opinion, before facing, against, towards. 8. of position: fronting, opposite over against, close to. 9. of motion: against, towards. 10. towards (expressing the bearing action.) 11. in respect of, regards, regarding, concurring, about, as to (limiting or confining to the benefit of the statement; in this sense strengthened with 'as.')
An'erthe advIn or into the earth. 2. of position: on or in the earth.
Anether vbTo bring down, reduced, lower, humilate.
Anew advTo renew.
Anewst advOf place: near, hard by. 2. of manner, degree: very new, well-high, closely.
Angel nCommon teutonic; OE 'engle' & Latin : 'angelus.' - messenger. 2. an ministering spirit or divine messenger. 3. one of an order of and spiritual beings superior to man in power and intelligence, who are attendants and messengers of the Deity. 4. one of the fallen spirits, who rebelled against God. 5. a guardian or attendant spirit (lit. & rhetorical.) 6. fig. a person who resembles an angel in attributes or actions. 7. any messenger of God; a prophet or preacher. 8. a pastor or minister of a church; a messenger (poet.) 9.a dead person envisaged as having become an angel; the spirit of a person who has died considered as having passed into heaven. .
Angel phr"Angel in the House" - a type of woman likened to an angel maintaining or keeping; an idealized housewife or homemaker who is selfless.
Angel phr"Angel of Death" - the forewarning or heralding of approaching death.
Angel phr"Angel of Light" - one who is kind, good-natured, cheerful to others.
Angel phr"A Flying Angel' - a ride given to a youngster seated astride someone's shoulders, holding hands with arms held high at full stretch.
Angel phr"Be a Fallen Angel' - a previously trusted person who has transgressed.
Angel phr"Be An Angel" - be helpful.
Angel phr"Be No Angel" - to have faults and imperfections.
Angel phr"Fallen Angel" - an angel who rebelled against God and was expelled from heaven. 2. someone who has fallen from popularity, fame against of their bad behaviour.
Angel phr"Like An Angel" - with qualities attributed to an angel: w purity, beauty and/or innocence.
Angel phr"On the Side of the Angels" - in favour or what is correct morally, and righteousness
Angel phr"With the Angels" - dead, deceased.
Angel-beam nA hammer beam continued past the hammer post and carved in human form.
Angel dust nA hallucinogenic drug, phencyclidine hydrochoride.
Angel-hair nA sweet preserve made from the fibrous flesh of a squash or pumpkin, popular in Spain and some countries of South America.
Angel-hood nA condition of an angel. 2. a brotherhood of angels.
Angelled adjOf heaven, the sky, etc.: full of angels; characterized by the presence of angels.
Angel's bread nBread or food suitable for or eaten by angels; sustenance from heaven; spec. the food described in the Bible as miraculously provided for the Isralites during their exodus from Egypt. 2. angel's food.
Angels' share nThe quantity of wine or spirits distilled lost to evaporation.
Angel wing nAngel wing, also known as airplane wing, slipped wing, crooked wing, and drooped wing, is a syndrome that affects primarily aquatic birds of the family Pholadidae, such as geese and ducks, in which the last joint of the wing is twisted with the wing feathers pointing out laterally, instead of lying against the body. 2. chiefly in the plural, and alluding to the death of a person who is envisaged as having become an angel. Now frequently in to get one’s angel wings.
Angel wing phr"To Get One's Angel Wings" - alluding to the death of a person who is envisaged as having become an angel.
Anither vbHumiliate, bring down, reduce, humble, lower. Also anither
Anewst advNear, nigh At hand, in the neighourhood
Anewstfolk nNeighour(s)
Ange nAnguish, Affliction, pain, strait
Anget vbTo remember, comprehend, catch sense of, understand, recognize, acknowledge, confess.
Angetness nUnderstanding, reception, intelligence, acknowledgement.
Angild nLawful lower payment in atonement, and as compensation, for injury
Angin nBeginning.
Angit nPerception, understanding, intelligence
Angit vbRemember, comprehend, catch sense of, understand, percieve. 2. recognize, acknowledge, confess.
Angle nFishing-hook.
Angle nA fishing hook.
Angle nOne of the lower german tribes that settle in Britain.
Angler nOne who fishes; a fisherman. 2. fig. one who 'fishes' for information, gossip, and so on.
Angle-Saxon n(Angul-Saxon)A member of the germanic peoples who settled in England during the early fifth century. 2. a person of English ethnic descent. 3. a light skinned person presumably of British, North European descent. 3. the ancestor language of modern English, also called OE. spoken in Britain from about 450AD to 1150 AD.
Angle-Saxon adj(Angul-Saxon). Related to the anglo-saxon (angle-saxon) people or language. 2. related to nations which primarily speaks english and influenced by english customs, esp. UK, US, Canada. 3. favourable to a liberal free market economy.
Angle-Saxondom n(Angul-Saxondom). The Anglo-saxon domain or community. 2. the collective body of Anglo-saxons. 3. the anglo-saxon race viewed as a whole; a rhetorical phrase for Great Britain, the US and Australia.
Anglish nA register of English that gives preference to words of Germanic origin over words of Latin or Greek origin
Anglish adjOf or pertaining to the Anglish language register.
An'hang vbTo hang.
An'heat vbHeat up or inflame
An'heave vbTo lift up, heave up.
Anhigh vbMake high, exalt, raise, promote. 2. to lift onto the gallows. 3. to raise itself, mount up, increase.
An'hungered adjOvercome with hunger, hungry. 2. eagerly, desirous, longing.
An'hungry adjhungry, in a hungry state.
Alikened pplMade like.XXXXXXXX
Alikeness nThe quality of being like to. 2. resemblance, similitude, similarity. 3. anything made in the likeness of some object or thing; a likeness, image, spec. an image og god, an idol, afgod.XXXXXXXXX
Anigh advNear, near by, close to.
A-night advBy night, at night.
A-nightertimes advAt night times.
A-night-times advIn the night time, by night.
Anim vbTake, take away
An-inne prpWithin.
Ankle nOld Norse; Old Enlgish - ancleow. a joint between the foot and the leg.
Ankle vbTo use the ankles to good effect in cycling. to walk. 3. to walk on foot.
Ankle-biter nSlang for a young child.
Ankle bone nA bone forming the ankle.
Ankled adjFurnished with ankles, in combinations as 'fair-ankled.'
Anleth nCountenance, face, visage.
An' mod adjAn'mood. 2. of a like mind, unanimous
Anneal vbTo set on fire, kindle (lit. & fig.) 2. to subject to the action of fire. 3. to fire, bake, fuse, glaze. 4. to burn in colors upon glass, earthenware, or metal. 5. to enamel by encaustic process. 6. to toughen after exposure to continuous and slowly diminished heat, as glass, steel etc.
Annealed adjTo be subjected to great heat and then cool or cooled slowly. 2. long-hardened (fig) by experience.
Annealer nHe who, or that which anneals.
Annealing nThe action or process of annealing.
Annes nAninesse. 2. oneness, unity. 2. loneliness, solitude. 3. oneness of kind, sameness. 4. oneness of mind, concord, agreement.
Anon adv(Into one, inone)- in one course, straight on, even. 2. strictly, straightaway, at once direction. 3. misuse: soon, in a little while. 4. now or here again. 5. presently, presently coming. 6. beg your pardon.
Anon phr"Anon After" - directly after (also 'after anon.')
Anon phr"Anon so( as)" - as soon as ever.
Anon phr"Anon to: even to.
Anon phr"Ever and Anon" - every now and then.
A'north advOn the north, northwards.
Another dtmOne more, in addition to a former number; a second or additional one. 2. similar in likeness or in effect. 3. not the same, different. 4. any or some, any different person. 5. indefinitely, anyone else.
Another phr"One Another.' - used of a reciprocal relationship among a group of two or more or thing. 2. each other.
Another phr"One With Another" - all together; taken on a average.
Another phr"Such Another" - another of the same sort.
Anotherness nDifference, non-identity.
Anotherwhile advAt another time.
AnredadjHaving a simple aim or object. 2. constant, steadfast.
Anredly advWith singleness of heart, steadfastly.
Anredelessness nState or quality of lacking or without ananimity, unsingled-mindedness.
Anredeness nSingleness of aim, unaniminity, constantness, staedfastness.
An sin(e) nSight, face, aspect. 2. a sight, thing seen. 3. a looking for, longing, desire, want, wont.
Anstand vbWithstand, resist, withstand.
Answer nA response or reply. 2. something said or done in relation to a statement or question. 4. a solution to a problem. 5. in law, in response to a complaint, responding to every point raised in the complaint and raising counter points.
Answer vbTo make a response or reply to. 2. to speak in defence against; to reply on defence to. 3. to reply to a call by someone at door or on a phone, or other pieces of equipment. 4. to suit a need or purpose satisfactorily. 5. to be accountable or response - to make amends. 6. to file a legal document in response to a complaint. 7. to correspond to, to be in harmony with, to be in agreement. 8. to be opposite, or to act in opposition.  9. to be or act in conformity, or by way of accommodation, correspondence, relation, or proportion; to conform; to correspond; to suit; usually with to. 10. to respond to satisfactorily; to meet successfully by way of explanation, argument, or justification; to refute. 11. to be or act in compliance with, in fulfillment or satisfaction of, as an order, obligation, or demand. 12.(obs) to render account to or for. 13. (obs) to atone; to be punished for. 14. to be or act as an equivalent to, or as adequate or sufficient for; to serve for; to repay.  
Answer phr"Answer Back" - reply cheekily. 2. speak or interrupt in a rude manner when being scolded. 3. defend oneself speak up for oneself.
Answer phr"Answer for Something" - be responsible or blamed for something. 2. speak, or be responsible for, on behalf of another; to guarantee.
Answer phr"Answer Like a Norman" - that is evasively.
Answer phr"Answer the Call" - responsible as a matter of conscience, patriotic feeling, religious belief when demanded to.
Answer phr"Answer the Helm" - to respond to a movement of the helm by changing direction, only possible if the ship has steerageway.
Answer phr"Answer to" - obey, be controlled by; respond to. 2. repond and probably be punished for.
Answer phr"Answer to the Name" - to answer or acknowledge when addressed by a name. 2. to have the name of.
Answer phr"Answer Up" - to come forth with an answer.
Answer phr"Know All the Answers" - to be well-informed, adept, with a whiff of conceit.
Answer phr"Not to Take No for an Answer" - emphasize that one wants a positive reply to a request.
Answerer nOne who replies to a charge, argument. 2. one who replies to a question or appeal. 3. one responsible.
Answering nThe act of giving an answer.
Answerless adjHaving or producing no answer.
Answerlessly advIn a manner of not having or producing an answer.
Ant nAny of the various insect family 'Formicidae' typically living in large colonies, almost entirely of flightless females. emmet, emse. 3. a web spider: a software that gathers specific information in an automated and orderly way from the internet.
Ant phr"White Ant" - surreptitiously seek to destroy a person.
Ant-bear nThe aadvark.
Antbed nAn anthill, (regional US and Australia.
Ant-bed nA mixture of earth and clay termite mounds, crusted and watered and used as simple flooring material.
Antdom nThe state or essence of being an ant. 2. anthood.
Ant-eater nA group of Edentates having long thread-like viscuous tongues, and of various species found in South America and Australia.
Anthem nFrom Latin; in OE: a composition, in prose or verse, sung antiphonally. 2. an antiphon.
Ant-hill nA mound raised over an ant's nest.
Ant-hilly adjFull or abounding in ant hills.
Ant-hood nAnt nature; ants collectively.
Ant-tree nA genus of Tripolaris, in the family Polygonaceae variously distributed throught the Americas.
Anvil nThe block, usually made of iron, on which the smith hammers and shapes his metal. 2. (transfig.) anything like the smith's anvil in shape or use. 3. on of the bones of the ear, the incus.
Anvil vbTo work or fashion on an anvil 2. to work at an anvil.
Anvil phr"On the Anvil" - be in the state of preparation; the project is at hand. 2. not yet mature; under deliberation, discussion.
Anviling nHammering. 2. chiefly fig. hammering, hitting, striking, pestering.
Anvil-top nA large, dense, anvil-shaped mass of cloud usually formed at the top of a cumulonimbus cloud preceding heavy showers or thunderstorms.
Anweald nPower, wield, anwald.
Any advTo even the slightest extent, at all.  
Any dtmAt least one; of at least one kind. One at all.  2. no matter what kind.
Any prnAny; any thing(s) or person(s).
Any phr"Any and Every" - all different kinds of (things and people) taken together and without discrimination.
Any phr"Any Day" - at any time; when possible; every time.
Any phr"Any Day of the Week" - whenever one wantsand without any difficulty.
Any phr"Any More" - to any further extent, any longer (don't like you anymore).
Any phr"Any More Than" - with more reason or likelihood than.
Any phr"Any Old How" - carelessly; untidily; all anyhow.
Any phr"Any Old Thing" - anything at all.
Any phr"Any Old Way' - carelessly, casually, cursorily, haphazardly, heedlessly, hit or miss, offhandedly, regardlessly, thoughtlessly, unheedingly, unmindfully, unthinkingly, unwarily.
Any phr"Any Old Where" - anywhere.
Any phr"Any Other Business" - the last item on the agenda for a meeting, when any matter not already dealt with may be raised.
Any phr"Any Time" - any day, etc.
Any phr"Any Time Now" - soon.
Any phr"Not Having Any" - unwilling to participate.
Any-and-all-bid nA takeover bid where the acquirer offers to buy any all shares outstandingly.
Anybody nAny one out of an indefinite number of persons; anyone; any person. 2. a person of consideration or standing.
Anybody phr"Anybody's Guess." - uncertain in outcome, cannot be guessed. 2. a mystery, something unpredictable.
Anyhow advIn any way or manner whatever.
Anyhow cnjIn any case.
Anyhows advAt any rate, in any case, nevertheless ,anyhow.
Any-kind nAlso : 'any-kyn.' 2. of any kind. 3. any kind of. 4. any kind of manner.
Any longer advIn a negative or interrogative constructions: free from a given time onward. 2. anymore.
Anymore advTo any further extent.
Anyone prnAnybody.
Anyroads advIn any case, at any rate, anyway. 2. used to end a conversation, change a topic, or return to a topic after interruption.
Anything nNote: Any thing, written as two words, is now commonly used in contradistinction to any person or anybody. Formerly it was also separated when used in the wider sense. "Necessity drove them to undertake any thing and venture any thing."Any object, act, state, event, or fact whatever; thing of any kind; something or other; aught; as, I would not do it for anything. 2. expressing an indefinite comparison; -- with as or like.
Anything advIn any way, any extent or any degree.
Anything prnAny object, act, state, event, or fact whatever; thing of any kind; something or other; aught.
Anything phr"Anything But" - not in the least, not at all or in any respect, far from. 2. to no degree, no, not at all.
Anything phr"Anything Goes" - there are no rules or restrictions. 2. unlimited unrestricted, without restriction. 3. free, wild, fast and loose; unregulated, no holds barred. 4. promiscuous, debauched.
Anything phr"Anything Like" - anything like, in any respect; at all;
Anything phr"Anything Up To" - In a scale of measurement of time, quantity, weight etc) from any (low) point to another (higher point set down) but without trying to be precise but nevertheless finding out the top limit.
Anytime advAt any time.
Anytime inj"You're Welcome" - in response to "thank you."
Anytown nA place name of a non-specific, non-notable town in the USA. 2. a real or fictitious place regarded as being typical of a small town.
Anyway advIn any way or manner; anyhow; in any measure. 2. (speech act) used to indicate that a statement explains or supports a previous statement. 2. anywise. any location or any unknown location.
Anyway cnjIn any case
Anyways advIn anyway. 2. anyway, anyhow, in any case.
Anywhat prnAny location or unknown location.
Anywhen advAt any time, at any point in time, ever.
Anywhence advAnyhere, from anywhere.
AnywhereadvTo (in the direction of) any location or any unknown location.
Anywhere prnAny location or unknown location.
Anywhere else advIn any other place.
Anywhereness nThe state or quality of being anywhere.
Anywhither advTo or toward any place. 2. in any direction; whereever, whithersoever.
Anywise advIn any manner.
Anywho advAnyhow.
Anywise advIn any manner, way or case, in any degree. 2. at all, anyhow, anyway.
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