Old EnglishspEnglish.
Ar pfxReduced in OE: to 'a'
Arace vbPull up, snatch, tear up, uproot
Archangel n'Arch' translated into OE by 'high' 2. an angel of the highest rank.
Archbishop nThe chief bishop. 2. the highest dignitary in an episcopal church, superintending the bishops of his province.
Archbishop vbTo act as an archbishop. 2. to make or create an archbishop.
Archbishopric nThe see, jurisdiction, rank or office of archbishop.
Archdeacon nThe chief deacon.
Archfoe nThe great or arch enemy, the Devil, Satan.
Are nHonor, reverence. 2. clemency, grace.
Are vbTo show grace or clemency. 2. to respect, spare.
Are vbPresent plural indicative of be, from Old English earun (Mercian), aron (Northumbrian). Also from Old Norse cognates. In 17c., began to replace be, ben as first person plural present indicative in standard English. The only non-dialectal survival of be in this sense is the powers that be. But in southwest England, we be (in Devonshire us be) remains non-standard idiom as a contradictory positive ("You people aren't speaking correct English." "Oh, yes we be!"). (Online Etymology Dictionary)
Are phr"Are We Downhearted? - No!" - a dated catchphrase from WW2 concerning the refusal to allow oneself be depressed by the dire situation.
Are phr"Are You Deaf" - a rhetorical question asked to confront a non-deaf person who has been rudely neglecting to hear something.
Are phr"Are Your Ears Burning" - said of somebody who is not present but is the topic of conversation
Areach vbTo reach, (get at) with a weapon0 2. fig. to obtain. 3. to hand, deliver. 4. to reach, extend.
Aread n(Arede, areed) - counsel, advice.
Areadily advReadily, easily, suitably.
Areadiness nReadiness, preparedness.
Aready adjReady, prepared, in readiness
Aready vbto make ready.
Arear vbTo raise, erect, build, rear up (an edifice.) 2. to set up, establish (an institution) 3. to lift up, to raise (in local position). 4. to raise (an animal) on ts hind legs. 5. fig. in various senses: to raise in rank, honourable position or estimation, etc.; to exalt, raise a shout. 6. to startle or flush an animal from its lair. 7. to rouse into activity,arouse, excite, stir up. 8. to raise (a person) agaist it. 9. a raise levy (troops. 10. to rise up, get up. 11. to arise, happen, occur. 12. to raise up as a horse. does.
Arearer nOne who rears, lifts up or elevates.
Areche vbTo explain, expand, declare in the open. 2. utter, speak.
Arede vbDetermine by counsel, decree. 2. declare by supernatural counsel, divine augur, soothsay, vaticanize, prophesy. 3. in a general sense; utter, declare, make known, tell, ajudge, decide, interpret, counsel
Aredde vbSet free, liberate, rid of, deliver
Arepe vbTo take hold of, seize
Arese vbTo shake violently
Arethede nPeople of former times, of the erewhile, of antiquity, The Eretheod, The Erethede
Areward advFormerly, before, ereward
Arfname nInheritor, heir
Argh nWretch, betrayer, enemy.
Argh adjCowardly, pusillaminous, timid, fearful. 2. inert, sluggish, slow, lazy, loath, reluctant. 3. vile, bad, base, good-for-nothing.
Argh(e) vbTo make disheartened, timid, fearful, hestitant because of fear.
Arghhood nCowardice, timidness.
Arghly advCowardly, timidly, basely, bad (in OE.)
Arghness nThe state or quality of being cowardly or timid; cowardice, pusillanimous, badness.
Arghship nArghness, badness.
Aridge advIn a ridge, in a ridge-like position
Aright vbMake right, to put right, to arrange or treat properly.
Aright advIn a right way or manner; rightly, properly, correctly. 2. straight, straight ahead, in a straight-line, straight- awayly. 3. on the right hand or side.
Aright adjStraight, direct, right.
Aright-half nOn the right side, rightly.
Arightly advAright, arightly.
Arime vb.Count, enumerate, reckon, tell.
Arine vbTouch
A'ring advIn a circumference
Arise vbTo come up from a lower to a higher position. 2. to arise from a kneeling posture. 3. to come up from one's bed or place of repose; to get up. 4. to spring up; to come into action, being, or notice; to become operative, sensible, or visible; to begin to act a part; to present itself.
Arise phr"Arise From" - have its origins in; be due to; be caused by.
Ariseness nA rising; resurrection.
Arising adjComing above the horizon (of the sun). 2. coming back from the dead; resurrecting. 3. getting up from a chair, seat etc. 4. getting up from sleep or rest. 5. getting up from inaction. 6. arising in agitation, rebellion, insurrection. 7. springing up, ascending, 8. originating, being born, coming into existence.
Arisings nWaste products or by-products of an industrial process.
Arist nSunrise. 2. the act of arising, from a seat, bed, a chair. 3. resurrection -rise from the dead.
ArknA chest, coffer; floating vessel built by Noah. 2. a large box with a flat lid. 3. the ship built by Noah to save his family and a collection of animals from the deluge. 4. something affording protection; safety, shelter, refuge. 5. a spacious type of boat with a flat bottom. 6. in Judaism, a consecrated container.
Ark vbTo shut up in an ark.
Ark phr"Out of the Ark"- very old; very old-fashioned.
Ark phr"To Lay Hands on the Ark" - to treat irreverently what is sacred.
Ark-floater nAn aged actor, (a term somewhat dated)
Arkful(l) adjAn assemblage as numerous and diverse as that which Noah's Ark could hold or contain. 2. an enough to fill an ark; a very large number.
Arkwright nA cabinet or chest maker.
Arling nA bird, the wheatear,
Arm nThe portion of the upper human appendage, from the shoulder to the wrist and sometimes including the hand. 2. in anatomy, - the extended portion of the upper limb, from the shoulder to the elbow. 3. limb, or locomotive or prehensile organ, of an invertebrate animal, as the arms of an octopus. 4. A long, narrow, more or less rigid part of an object extending from the main part or centre of the object, such as the arm of a crane. 5. a bay or inlet off a main body of water. 6. branch of an organization. 7. (fig.) power; might; strength; support, as the arm of the law
Arm vbOE: to furnish or supply with arms, bracts or branches, etc. 2. to take by the arm. 2. to take in one's arms.
Arm vbTo be pitied, pitiful, wretched; armthe.
Arm adjPoor, needy, indigent.
Arm nArm of the Sea. - a narrow inlet.
Arm phr"Arm in Arm" - said of two persons when one interlinks his arm with that of another; hence fig. in close communion.
Arm phr"A Shot in the Arm" - something to revive a person's enthusiasm.
Arm phr"As Long As One's Arm(s)" - very long.
Arm phr"At Arms (End) Length" - as far away from one as the arms can reach.
Arm phr"Give One's Right Arm"- pay any price, make a sacrifice for.
Arm phr"Have a Long Arm" - to have far-reaching power.
Arm phr"In Arms" - of a bay: too young to walk.
Arm phr"Keep at Arm's Length" - keep remotely formal, distant.
Arm phr"Lose One's Right Arm" - lose some highly valued assistance.
Arm phr"My Right Arm" - good friend, mainstay and supporter.
Arm phr"On One's Arm" - supported by one arm.
Arm phr"The Long Arm of the Law" - inescapable police detention or justice.
Arm phr"Under the Arm" - inferior (slang).
Arm phr"With One Arm Tied behind One's Back" do something very easily.
Arm phr"Within an Arm's Length/Reach" - to be reached at arm's length.
Arm phr"With Open Arms" - enthusiastically and without hesitation.
Arm phr"Work at Arm's Length" - awkwardly or disadvantageous.
Arm-bone nThe humerus: the bone of the upper arm, extending from the shoulder joint to the elbow joint; the homogenetic bone in other vertebrates.
Armedness nThe state or quality of having a particular type of, or number of arms.
Armful adjAs much as both arms, or one arm, can hold.
Arm-great adjAs large round as an arm.
Arm-hole nAn armpit. 2. hole in a garment through which an arm is put.
Arming nA poor and miserable creature.
Armless adjWithout arms or branches.
Armlessly advIn an armless way.
Armlessness nThe state or condition of being without arms; lacking arms.
Armlike adjMiserable, pitiable.
Armlike advArmlich, poorly, miserably, wretchedly
Armlock nAny of several moves against opponents in wrestling and martial arts.
Arm-long adjAs long as a person's arms.
Arm-pit nThe hollow under the arm where it is joined to the trunk; the armhole. 2. the analogous cavity of other animals
Arm-pit n"Up to One Armpits" - to be very deeply involved in something.
Arm-strong adjStrong of arm.
Armthe nMisery pity, wretchedness.?????
Armth nPoverty, want, wretchedness, misery, calamity.
Arm twisting nPressuring by persuasion or threat. 2. the use of personal pressure to persuade. 3. use of political pressure to gain support.
Arn nThe alder tree.
A'rood advOn a cross, as in crucifixation.
A'room vbTo extend, prolong.
A'root advOn roots, rooted firmly.
Arow advIn a row, rank or line. 2. in succession.
Arrow nA projectile consisting of a shaft, a point, and a tail with stabilizing fins thaat is shot from a bow. 2. a sign or symbol used to show a direction (e.g. ->) 3. a directed edge. 4.a dart. 5. a streal.
Arrow vbTo shoot an arrow. 2. to send forth like an arrow (speedily). 3. to move swiftly and directly. 4. to let fly swiftly and directly.
Arrow phr"Arrow of Time" - (Time's Arrow) - a term to distinguish a direction of time in a four-dimensional realistic view of the world. 2. the subjective feeling from past to the future. 3. entropy.
Arrow phr"Another Arrow in One's Quiver" ???????
Arrowed adjHaving or fitted wth arms.
Arrow-finger nThe forefinger; the index finger, demonstrator. 2. either of the fingers used to draw a bow; specifically the index finger.
Arrow firing nThe action of shooting anarrow from a bow.
Arrow-grass nName of the endogenous 'Triglochin,' referring to the 3-barbed appearance of the burst capsule.
Arrow-head nAny plant of the genus 'sagitteria' A point or tip, usually sharpened, added to an arrow to make it more deadly or to fulfill some special purpose. The earliest arrowheads were made of stone and of organic materials; as human civilization progressed other materials were used.
Arrow-headed adjShaped like the head of an arrow. 2. cuneform, cuneatic.
Arrow speed nThe speed an arrow can travel.
Arrowing nA sometime term for archery.
Arrow-key nComputer key marked with an arrow and used to move the cursor.
Arrow-leaf nIn plant names: having arrow-like leaves, such as arrow-leaf groundsel, arrow-leaf tear-thumbs.
Arrow-length nThe length from the back of the point to the throat of the nock.
Arrow-less adjWithout or not having an arrow; lacking arrows.
Arrow-like adjResembling or shaped like an arrow.
Arrow-maker nA maker of arrows.
Arrow-making nThe making or pruction of arrows.
Arrow rest nA shoulder of horn or metal used on some bows to support the arrow.
Arrow-root nSo named because used to absorb poison from wounds made by poisoned arrow. 2. a plant; orig. 'Maranta arundinacea,' a herb with fleshly tuberous rhizomes, found in the Caribbean; also other species of maranta. 2. a pure nutritious starch prepared from the tubers of Maranta (and from other plants). 3. food prepared from the starch of this plant.
Arrow shaft nArrow shafts are used in the making of arrows through the Fletching skill. Arrow shafts can be cut from different types of logs by using a knife on them, each type requires a certain level in Fletching. 15 feathers can be attached to 15 arrow shafts at 1 Fletching, granting 15 experience, to make headless arrows.
Arrow shooter nAn individual who proposes a radical new idea and describes its potential future development.
Arrow-shot nThe average distance an arrow stays in flight.
Arrowsmith nA maker of iron arrowhead.
Arrowstone nBelemnite.
Arrowy adjConsisting of arrows. 2. formed or moving like, or in every respect, resembling an arrow. 3. swift, darty, piercing.
Arse nThe fundament, buttocks or rump of animal. 2. transfig. the bottom, tail end, fag.
Arse phr"Arse End of No Where" - a very remote, often unplesant, place.
Arse phr"Arse upwards" - in good luck.
Arse-foot nThe dabchick or penguin.
Arse-gut nThe rectum.
Arsehead nAn idiotic or undesirable person.
Arsehole nThe anus (vulgar). 2. an inconsiderate, mean-spirited person.
Arseholedom nA very undesirable town, city, country etc.
Arseload nA very large amount (vulgar.)
Arseward adjBackward, contrary, perverse.
Arseward advBackwards, in a contrary direction. 2. fig. contrariwise. perversely
Arsewardly advPerversely, contrawisely,
Arsewards advIn a backward direction,. 2. perversely
Arsey adjArsy, unpleasant, esp. in a sarcastic, grumpy, haughty manner.
Arval nA funeral feast; wake.?????
Arveth nDifficulty, trouble, hardship.
Arvethlike adjArvethlich, with difficulty, trouble, hardship.
Arvethness nState of difficulty, trouble, or perplexity.
Arworthly adjHonourably, reverently
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