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As advTo such an extent or degree.
As conjIn the same way that; according to what. 2. at the same instant that; when. 3. at the same time that; while. 3. varying through time in the same proportion that. 4. considering that, because, since. 5. introducing a basis of comparison, after as, so, or a comparison of equality. 6. (dated) Introducing a comparison with a hypothetical state (+ subjunctive); ‘as though’, ‘as if’. 7. introducing a comparison with a hypothetical state with the verb elided; as if, as though. 8. (dialectal)functioning as a relative conjunction; that. 9. expressing concession; though.  10. (obsolete, rare) than.  
As phr"As and When" - used to indicate both the manner and time of doing something (
As phr"As a Whole" - considered as a reference to all its parts; at large.
As phr"As Best One Can" - not perfectly but as well as possible in the circumstances
As phr"As Black as Coal" - very black, black or dirty.
As phr"As Broad as Long" - having a length equal to the breadth; hence, the same one way as the other. 2. coming to the same result by different ways or procedure.
As phr"As Far As" - in respect to, in the score of,as relates. 2. to the best of one's knowledge. 3.
As phr"As Far As One Can See" - in one's judgement; to the extent one can judge.
As phr"As Far Forth As" - to the greatest extent and distance away from
As adv"As Follows" - what is listed as next.
As phr"As For" - with regard to
As phr"As For One" - as far as one is concerned.
As phr"As For Something" - with reference to somebody, something. 2. on the subject of.
As phr'As From" - on and after a specified date.
As phr"As God is my Witness" - I swear, I vow solemnly; truthfully, honestly; before God.
As phr"As Good As One's Word" - true to avow or promise. 2. completely reliable, trustworthy.
As phr"As Good as the Next One" - just as good as another thing of the same kind.
As phr"As Good as the Next Man" - equally as good, virtuous, able to do something, as most people are (often with the implication that one is just that bit better than most).
As phr"As If" - of the same kind. 2. in the same way or manner. 3. what it would be if.
As phr"As If This is Not Enough" - in addition to something, or doing something, which in itself would appear to be sufficient in the circumstances.
As phr"As If Do Something" - in way that indicates an intention to do something, esp when the action mentioned is just not carried out.
As phr"As Is - actual, as thing are. 2. that be, that is, as though. 4 fresh, new.
As phr"As It Is" - in the actual and often different to expectation and/or hope. 2. in the present or existing circumstances.
As phr"As It Were" - in a way; to a certain extent.
As phr"As Long As" - during the whole time that. 2. provide that; only if.
As phr"As Long As One's Arm" - very long.
As phr"As Mad as a Hatter" - abnormal in behavior - from eccentricity to madness.
As phr"As Much" - the extent or quantity just specified.
As phr"As Needed" - according to need. 2. as required or done.
As phr"As of Now" - starting now (from this moment) and from now on.
As phr"As of Old" - in the old familiar way, and used to be, still is the case.
As phr"As of Right" - by legal entitlement.
As phr"As Often as Not" - about as many times as not.
As phr"As One Makes One Bed, One Must Lie On It' - one must suffer the consequences of one's actions or choices.
As phr"As One Man" - acting unanimously; in unison, precisely alike.
As phr"As One Man to Another" - in a way that acknowledges or assumes quality with; similarity between, oneself and another.
As phr"As One Might Say" - a comment attached, often somewhat apologetically, to a statement to conceal one identity.
As phr"As Soon As" - immediately at or after an other event.
As phr"As Soon as Look at" - very readily
As phr"As Such" - considered alone; not including anything. 2. in that particular manner, form or function.
As phr"As the Crow Flies" - by the shortest and most direct way.
As phr"As Things Run" - according to the usual order, condition, quality.
As phr"As Things Stand" - in view of, or taking into consideration, a certain set of circumstances, or some particular situation.
As phr"As Though" - as if. 2. in the same way or manner.
As phr"As We Have Seen" - as has already been shown, demonstrated or proved.
As phr"As Well" - in addition; to an equal extent.
As phr"As Well As" - also, too, beside; in conjunction with somebody/something specified.
As phr"As Well as the Next Man" - in a way that is equally as good as the way other people do it (implying that it may even be better).
As phr"As Well as Somebody Might" - as may, or might, be expected of somebody in the circumstances.
As phr"As Yet" - until now. 2. up to the present. 3. still now.
As phr"As You Were" - (usually after the cancelling/rescinding of a command/instruction): return to your positions.
Asad adjSated, weary, hence tired
Asake vbDeny, refuse, renounce, forsake
A'sea advTo or towards the sea; at sea.
Asear vbDry up, wither
Aseek vbTo search after, seek.
Aseethe advSeething.
AsenchvbTo cause to sink, submerge, cease
Asend vbTo send forth.
Aset vbTo set up, to set out, place, to array, to appoint.
AshnPowdery residue of combustion; the solid remains of a fire. 2. (chemistry) The remains of a material subjected to any complete oxidation process. 3. fine particles from a volcano, volcanic ash. 4. human (or animal) remains after cremation (ashes.) 5. 9figuratively) what remains after a catastrophe.
Ash vbChemistry, to reduce to a residue of ash; ashing.  2. to hit the end off of a burning cigar or cigarette. 2. (obsolete,) to cover newly-sown fields of crops with ashes.
Ash phr"Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust" - a phrase used at an English burial to denote finality of one's mortal existence.
Ash phr"Dust and Ashes" - in the Old Testament times, a person sprinkled earth,dust and ashes over their head as a sign of mourning. Dust and ashes were expressive of one's deep humiliation, insignificance and worthlessness.
Ash phr"Lay In Ashes" - to be devastate or destroyed by fire.
A'shake vbTo sake off, dispel, to be gone, depart.
Ashame vbTo feel ashamed, shame. 2. to put to shame, to make ashamed.
Ashamed adjFeeling shame or guilt.
Ashamedly advWith shame. 2. bashfully.
Ashamedness nState of being ashamed.
Ashaming pplPutting to shame, making ashamed.
Ash-bin nA bucket for ash and rubbish; a ashcan.
Ash-brown adjOf brown or brownish ash in colour.
Ashcan nA bucket for ash and rubbish; ashcan.
Ash cloud nA large cloud of smoke and debris that forms over a volcano after it erupts. Ash clouds consist of several elements, including ash, gases, dust, steam, rock fragments and other materials that come from inside the volcano and combine in the air above the crater.
Ashen adjOf, like or resembling ashes. 2. made of ash wood. 3. pertaining to ashes. 4. pale in color, grey.
Ashend vbConfound, disagree, curse, reproach
Ash-fire nA low fire of ash and cinders used in chemical operations.
Ash-grey nAsh grey in colour.
A'shine adjShining.
A'shine advLuminously.
Ash-like adjLike or resembling ash in appearance or colour
Ash-looking adjResembling or looking like ash.
Ashore adv Towards or on the shore or land.
Ash-pit nA pit for ashes.
Ash tree nAny of the widely distributed genus (Fraxinus) of trees of the olive family, as the American white ash amd the European ash.
A'shun vbTo shun, avoid, escape.
Ashunch vbTerrify, frighten
Ash-Wednesday nThe Christian day of penitence, which takes place forty days before Easter.
Ashweed nGoutweed, Aegopodium podagraria.
Ash-white adjOf a whitish-grey colour.
Ashy adjConsisting of ashes. 2. covered or sprinkling of ashes. 3. ash-coloured, deadly pale.
Aside n A line spoken by an actor to the audience but not intended for others on the stage. 2. a message that departs from the main subject; digression, aside, excursus, divagation, parenthesis.
Aside advAside or to one side. 2. out of the way (especially away from one's thoughts.) 3. not taken into account or excluded from consideration. 4. in a different direction. 5. placed or kept separate and distinct as for a purpose. 6. in reserve; not for immediate use.
Aside phr"Aside From" - apart from.
Aside phr"At the Side Of" - besides, (fig): standing staunch with your fellows.
Aside phr"Set Aside" - put to one side. 2. keep for special purpose or future use.
Aside phr"Take Aside" - engage a person in private conversation.
Aside-half advAside-hand, on or toone side.
Aside-hand advOn the side.
Asidely advIndirectly.
Asiden advSidewise, obliquely, aslant, sidewards.
Asideness nState of being aside, apartness, isolation
A'sink vbTo sink down, become submerged.
A'sit vbTo sit, settle, remain sitting.
Ask nA newt, eft, or an asker.
Ask vbTo request (information, or an answer to a question). 2. to interrogate or inquire of (a person). 3. to request or petition; usually with for. 4. to require, demand, claim, or expect, whether by way of remuneration or return, or as a matter of necessity.  5. to invite. 6. to publish in church for marriage; said of both the banns and the persons. 7. to take (a person's situation) as an example.
Ask(s) nAn act or instance of asking.  2. something asked or asked for; an asking; the thing asked, inquiry, a request.
Ask phr"Above Asking" - too proud to ask.
Ask phr"Ask After" - seek news of one health; inquire after one's happiness.
Ask phr"Ask for Somebody' - enquiure about somebody's health, happiness
Ask phr"Ask For" - to request.
Ask phr"Ask For It" - to deserve one's fate, invite unpleasantness or misfortune
Ask phr"Ask Me Another" - used in a quiz, contest etc the contestants has answered all the questions correctly and is asking for one, or a series of harder questions.
Ask phr'Ask Of" - request somebody to behave, hope he/she will behave in a certain way; expect of.
Ask phr"Ask Out" - invite somebody to go out with you.
Ask phr"Ask Over" - to invite to one's house.
Ask phr"For the Asking" - freely available.
Ask phr"If You Ask Me" - in my view or opinion.
Ask phr"I Ask You" - an exclamation of disgust, surprize, etc.
Asked pplMentioned as a request
Asker nA questioner, inquisitor. 2. one who asks favors gifts, supplicants, asker for alms, a professional beggar. 3. a prosecutor, plaintiff. 4. exactor, oppressor.
Asker nA lizard, newt, ask.
Asking nThe action of asking. 2. interrogation, inquiry. 3. the action of requesting a favour, a gift, begging. 4. a petition, prayer, supplication. 5. a price asked, a demand. 6. an appeal, a calling for justice or to the law. 7. oppression, exaction. 8. the publication of the banns of marriage.
Asking adjThat asks, inquiring, begging, supplicant.
Asking phr"For the Asking" - freely available.
Askingly advIn a asking manner; inquiringly, with entreaty.
Aslake vb.To become slack, slacken, feeble, dimming, growing less, abating. 2. to become less hot, to grow cool. 3. to mitigate, alleviate, assuage, to lessen, abate, diminish. 4. to appease a person.
A'slay vbTo strike, to strike off. 2. to slay, kill.
Asleep adjIn a state of sleep. 2. lacking sensation. 3. dormant. 4. dead. 5. of the body's extremities: benumbed and usually tingling.
Asleep advIn a sleepy state. 2. in the sleep of death, dead.
Asleep phr"Not All Are Asleep Who Have their Eyes Shut" - many people lack awareness and mental alertness.
Aslide vbTo slide, slip away.
Aslope adjSloping, tilted, oblique.
Aslope advWith a slope or descent; in a sloping position.
A'smear advSmeared.
Asnese vbTo impale, gore, stab
A-soak advSoaking.
A-soft vbTo make soft, to soften, mitigate.
Asp nA water snake. 2. a venomous viper native to South-west Europe. 2. the Eygptian cobra. 3. a type of European fish.
A'spare vbTo spare, to afford.
A'spare advSparingly; at liberty.
Aspen nBelonging to the asp tree. 2. fig. tremulous, quavering, quaking, timidity (in reference to a woman's tongue).
A'spend vbTo spend, expend.
Aspen-like adjWeak, timorous, feeble.
A'spill vbTo spill, waste, render useless. 2. to destroy, slay, kill.
A'spread vbTo spread out, spread abroad.
A'spring vbTo spring up, leap, spring forth, spread abroad. 2. to spring into existence, originate, arise.
Ass nAny of the several horse-like aniamls, esp Equus Africanus often domesticated and used as a beast of burden. 2. stupid person, fool, idiot.
Ass phr"Every Ass Thinks Himself Worthy to Stand with the King's Horses" - the equality of the "great" and the "humble"
Ass phr"Make an Ass of Oneself" - to make oneself look foolish.
Ass phr"Well, Well! Honey is not for the Ass's Mouth" - persuasion will not persuade fools.
Ass phr"Wherever an Ass Falls, There He Never Falls Again" - one often learns the hard way: by experience.
Ass-headiness nStupidity, asinine behavior, foolishness..
Assish adjAsinine, stupid.
Assishly advIn an asinine or stupid manner.
Assishness nAsininity, stupidity, foolishness, stultiness.
Ass-like adjAsinine; ass-headish, stupid.
Asself vbTo take to oneself; to appropriate.
Assy adjAsinine, stupid, stulted.
A'stand vbTo stand up. 2. to come to a stand, stop, arrive. 3. to remain standing, to continue, abide, resist. 4. to withstand.
A-stare advStaring. 2. prominent.
A'start vbTo start up, to start off. 2. to start into existence, happen, befall, fall out. 3. get way, avoid, shun, escape. 4. remove, withdraw, desist.
A'start advWith a start, suddenly.
A'steal vbTo steal or slip away.
A-steep advSteeping or soaking way.
Asteer advEarlier form of stir. 2. in stirring up, moving about, in motion; stirring out of bed. 3. in excitement.
A'stell vbTo set up, set afoot, establish.
Asterve vbTo die, esp. of hunger. 2. to starve out, destroy, kill.
Astint vbTo bring to a standstill.
Astir vbTo stir up, move, disturb. 2. to excite physically and emotionally
Astir advStirring up, esp. out of bed and moving about in motion; fig. in excitement. see "a'steer.'
Astirbroad advStirring abroad, moving from place to place.
As-told-to adjUsually in reference to a book or some written article: of a biographical account, etc. written by a professional author using material gathered from personal conversation with the subject.
A-straddle advIn a straddling position with legs stretch out widely across something or someone.
A-straddle phr"A-straddling Of" - a bestriding manner.
A-strand advOn or along the strand or shore.
A'stream advIn a stream; that streams, streaming, flowing.
A'strength vbTo strengthen, establish, confirm.
A'stride advWith one leg on each side, as a person on a horse. 2. with the legs stretched far apart.
A'sty vbTo go up, ascend. 2. to rise with its summit. 3. to go or come down, descend. 4. to rise in arms. nb:stygend,
A'stying nAscension.
Asunder advTo break into separate pieces or parts.
Asunder vbTo split in parts.
Asundering nThe act of putting asunder. 2. separation.
Asunderness nThe state of being asunder. 2. separation, separateness.
A'swarm advSwarmingly, in a thronging, crowdedly.
A'sweat advSweating, moist.
A'sweeten vbTo make sweet or sweeter, dulcify. 2. to make less bitter.
Aswelt vbTo perish, die, become extinct.
Asweve vbPut to sleep, put to death, kill, execute. 2. to stun.
A'sweven nSleep. 2. a dream, a vision seen in sleep.
A'sweye vbTo betray, desert. abandon. 2. to desist, cease, stop.
Aswike vbTo cease, desist, fail, give up
A'swind vbTo languish away, vanish, perish.
A'swind adjLanguishing, worn out, enervated.
A'swing advSwinging, swaying.
A'swink vbLabour or toil for
A'swithe vbTo do as quickly as possible
A'swithe advAs quickly as possible.
A'swolkeness n.Sloth, laziness.
A'swoon advIn a swoon or faint.
A'swoon phr"To Fall Aswoon." - to faint away.
A'swough vbTo overgrow, choke.
A'swough advFalling in a faint or swoon.
A'sye vb.Sink down, set
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