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At prpIn or very near a particular place.  2. at that precise position; 'at Jack’s house.' 3. (indicating time) simultaneous, during, as at six o’clock; 'at closing time;  at night. 4. in the direction of (often in an unfocused or uncaring manner), as 'he shouted at her.' 5. occupied in (activity), as in 'men at work.' 6. indicates a position on a scale or in a series, as in 'Elroy finished the round at tenth, seven strokes behind the leaders.'  7. because of, as 'to laugh at a joke.' 8. holding a given speed or rate, as 'it is growing at the rate of 3% a year.' or 'at 50 kpm' 9. In a state of as, 'she is at sixes and sevens with him, they are at loggerheads.'
AtnThe @ symbol.
At phr"At All" - in the slightest degree or to any extent, at least bit. 3. in the least. 3. in any way.
At phr"At all Times" - always; on all occasions.
At phr"At a Run" - moving at the speed of running, etc. 2. fast, brisk, slow, gentle.
At phr"At a Time" - in sequence, separately.
At phr"At a Time Like this" - at such a time, esp. an important time, or a time unsuitable for something to take place or be done.
At phr"At Best" - taking the most favorable view. 2. choosing the most hopeful possibility.
At phr"At Bottom" - fundamentally, essentially, whether this is apparent or not; at heart.
At phr"At First" - at, or in, the beginning with; at the time of something starting, or starting something.
At phr"At First Light" - at dawn.
At phr"At First Sight" - when first seen; when first considered; at first blush.
At phr"At Full Speed" - at the maximum rate of movement, or progress, appropriate to somebody, something.
At phr"At Hand" - close by. 2. about to hand.
At phr"At Heart" - in one's real nature.
At phr"At Heel" - following close behind.
At phr"At Home"- At the home teams field or ground. 2. at, to or towards the place you live. 3. a reception held in your own home.
At phr"At It" - engaged in an activity; doing something; working hard.
At phr"At Large" - (adv phr) in a general fashion, in a broad way. 2. (adj phr)- having escape or avoid incarceration.
At phr"At Last" - in the end result of a succession or process. 2. finally, ultimately, in the end, at long last. 3. at the end of a period of time; after a long time of waiting, wishing or striving for somebody, something. 4. at the last or during the final period. 5. at long last.
At phr"At Least" - at the least estimate, consideration, chance, etc. 3. having no less than; hence at any rate. 3. at all events, even.
At phr"At Length" - (adv phr)- in a verbose, lengthy or prolix manner. 2. lengthily.
At phr"At Long Last" - after a particularly long time of waiting, wishing or striving for somebody, something. 2. at last.
At phr"At Once" - (adv phr) - without delay or hesitation. 2. with no time intervening, now, right away. at a shot, immediately.
At phr"At One" - (adv phr) - after one fashion, alike. 2. in agreement, or concord.
At phr"At One and the Same Time" - simultaneously, at the same time.
At phr"At One Blow" - by means of one action or effort. 2. at one fell swoop.
At phr"At One's Behest" - in obedience to somebody's command, or in compliance to somebody's request (often with the implication of unwillingness)
At phr"At One's Bidding" - in obedience to somebody's command, or in compliance (often unwillingly) with somebody's request.
At phr"At One's Elbow" - very near one; with arm's reach.
At phr"At One Sitting" - during the course of one meeting. 2. in one period of activity.
At phr'At One Time or Another" - on an occasion or on different occasions in the past. 2. the precise time of date of which is not recalled, not given or not known.
At phr"At Sight" - as soon as something/somebody is seen; on sight. 2. at the sight of.
At phr"At Somebody's Hands" - through the action or agency of(usually with unjust or cruel implication).
At phr"At That" - moreover, too; also a surprising, noteworthy addition. 2. whereupon, immediately; subsequent to that. 3. thus far and no further, or as well. 4. possibly, now one comes to think about that. 5. according to that; in that way of thinking, reckoning, behaving ; in that case etc.
At phr"At the Best of Times" - even when conditions are most favorable. 2. at any time and especially now.
At phr"At the Foot of One's Bed" - in or near the bed at the end farthest away from the occupant's head.
At phr"At the Most" - in an amount not greater than. 2. to a degree or extent not more than, something specified, but likely to being less than.
At phr"At the Outside" - at the highest estimate, or reckoning, of a possible number ofr amount of time, money, material; at the most.
At phr"At the Same Time" - in spite of something already known, mentioned; nevertheless. 2. however, all or just the same. 2. not at a different time; simultaneously; at once.
At phr"At the Sight of" - when, or because, somebody/something is seen. 2. at sight.
At phr"At the Time" - then; when something specified was, will be happening.
At phr"At the Time of Speaking" - now; then.
At phr"At Top Speed" - very fast; as fast as possible.
At phr"At Will" - as one wishes; by willing something. exercising the power of mind over matter.
At phr"At Worst" - taking the least favorable view. 2. choosing the least hopeful possibility.
At phr"Where It's At" - (slang) the fashionable scene or activity.
A'tame vbTo tame, subdue
At'bear vbTo hear to, to bring.
At'blench vbTo deceive. 2. to escape.
At'blow vbTo blow at.
At'braid vbSnatch or draw away
At'break vbTo break away; escape from.
At'burst vbTo burst away, escape.
At'come vbTo come away; escape.
At'creep vbTo creep away.
At'dare vbTo escape from hiding.
A'tee vbDrag or draw away
Atel adjTerrible, hideous, foul.
Atelich adjAtel-like, frightful, horrible, terrible, hideous, horrible, ugly.
A'tell vbTo count, reckon, enumerate
Atend vbSet fire to, set on fire, kindle. 2. take fire.
A'tene vbVex, irritate, annoy.
At erst advAt first, at the beginning.
A'tew vbTo show, to show oneself, appear.
At'fall vbTo fall away, to fall down, drop.
At'fang vbTo sieze upon, at'fong.
AtfarevbGo away, set forth, escape, flee, atflee.
At'flee vbTo flee.
At'fongvb.To seize upon, atfang.
At'fore adv.In front of, before. 2. in the pressure of, in the sight of, before. 3. before in time or order.
At'go vbTo go to, approach. 2. to go away, pass away
A'that prpUntil, till.
A'that advUntil, till.
Athel nOne who is noble, a lord, chief.
Athel adjOf persons: good of family, noble of birth and character, eminent. 2. of things, of actions, character; noble, excellent, fine, pleasant, grand, splendid
Athele vbTo honour, dignify.
Atheling nMember of nobility or noble family, prince, lord, barren, royal heir-apparent. 2. in OE poetry: men. 3. in later writing restricted to royal blood.
Athelmood nNoble-minded
A'thester vbGrow dim, darken, become obscure.
At'hind advBehind.
A'think vbBecame 'ofthink' - to repent.
A'think phr"It A'thinks Me" - it repents me.
Athinking nRepentance.
Athirst adjSuffering from or overtaken by thirst, thirsting. 2. fig. eager, earnest, desiring (athirst for knowledge).
A-this-half advOn this side
At'hold vbWithstand, keep back. 2. to restrain, detain a person. 3. to keep a thing in one's possession. 4. to keep in existence, maintain, preserve. 5. to keep in consideration, concern, give heed to. lay fast to, lay hold of; arrest, put under arrest.
At-home advIn one's home, in one's own home. 2. prepared to recieve visitors; to be acessible to callers. 3. in one's immediate neighbour. 4. near at hand. 5. home in one's own country. 6. at ease, as if in one's own home, hence also fig. 7. thoroughly, familiar or conversant with, well-practiced in.
At-homeish adjSomewhat inclined to be at-home or within the home. 2. belonging to or suited for being or staying at home; domesticated.
At-homeishly advIn an 'at-home' manner.
At-homeishiness nIn the state or condition of being 'at-home.'
A'thrill advIn a thrill; thrillingly.
A'throat vbTo throttle, strangle.
A'throng advWith a throng, throngingly, crowded.
A'thrysm vbTo suffocate, stifle, choke, kill. Nb: 'throsm.'
A'tilt advIn a tilted, leaning or slanted fashion.
A'tire vbTo cease, be weary, fail.
At'lead vbTo lead or take away.
At'let vbTo let away, let go from consideration; hence to neglect, disregard, pardon.
At'lie vbTo lie idle or fallow.
At'low advTo be in a low position.
At'lutien vbTo hide away, escape notice, lurk.
At'old adjToo old, very old.
Atone vbMake amends, expiate (for a wrong). 2. make repayment for; make amends to/ or.
Atonemaker nOne who sets at one persons of variance; a mediator, an at-one-maker, a reconciler.
Atonemaking nAt-one-making; reconciliation.
At-oneness nThe state of being at one (with), harmony, a harmonious relationship.
Atoner nAt-one-(e)r, one who reconciles; reconciles an expiation.
Atoning nAt-one-ing; reconciling, making reparation for offences, expiating.
Atoningly advAt-one-ingly; in an reconciling manner by way of expiation of an offence.
Atop advOn or at the top.
Atop prpOn the top of.
A'tride vbTo ride away escape.
A'trine vbTo touch, concern.
A'troke vbTo fail; faint.
A'trout vbTo rush away, escape.
At'sake vbTo flee away.
At'shake vbTo shake off.
At'shoot vbTo shoot away.
At'sit vbTo remain sitting, stay, abide.
At'spring vbTo spring forth into existence, originate.
At'stand vbTo stand still, remain. 2. to come to a standstill; to stop. 3. to make a hostile stand. 4. to resist, withstand. 5. to stand to, stand close to, to press or throng.
Atter nVenom, poison, esp that of a reptile. 2. gall; also fig: foul matter, pus from a sore, ulcer, abscess.
Atter vbTo envenom, poison. 2. to embitter; fig. mix with gall
Attercop nSpider. 2. fig applied to a venomous, malignant person. 3. misapplied to a 'spider's web.'
Attering adjPoisoning, galling, venomous.
Atterlike adjVenomous, poisonous, galling, bitter.
Atterling nA malignant person, a shrew.
Atterlo(a)the nAn antidote to poison; an alexipharmic, (applied spec. to several plants.
Attern adjVenomous, poisonous, malignant.
Atterness nMalignancy, bitterness, gallness, venom.
Attery adj.Mixed with gall, bitter, fig. purulent. 2. venomous, poisonous, malicious, spiteful. 3. full of morbid or bloody matter.
A'tumble advIn a tumbling way or manner; tossing.
A'twain advIn, or into, two parts; in two. 2. away from each other, asunder.
Atween advIn between, between while.
A'twend vbTo go away, escape.
A'twin vbTo separate, part.
A'twind vbTo escape, depart, cease.
Atwite vbTo cast imputation on, reproach, upbraid, taunt, blame. 2. to reproach a thing with a person.
Atwitng nReproaching, reproach, taunt.
AtwoadvIn or into two parts; atwain. 2. away from each other, apart, asunder.
Atwrench vbTo escape by one's wiles.
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