The Anglish Moot
Old English sp English
Awake vb To be aroused from sleep. 2. to awake, waken. 3. to remove fronm a state resembling sleep, as from death, stupidity, or inaction. 4. to put into action. 5. to give new life to. 6. to astir up, as 'to awake the dormant faculties.'
Awake phr "Awake From" - wake up (from); return to reality (from)
Awake phr "Awake To" - realize, understand became aware of.
Awake phr "Fully Awake To" - to be be on guard; to be fully informed.
Awakened adj Aroused from sleep.
Awakedness n An awaking from sleep. 2. the state of being awake.
Awakenedness n The condition of being awakened.
Awakener n He who or that which awakens.
Awaker n A raiser or awakener.
Awakening n A rising from sleep. 2. an arousing from sloth, inaction or indifference. 3. an arousing from sleep or its semblance.
Awakening adj Rising as if from sleep or inertia. 2. fitted to arouse, arousing, awaking.
Awakeningly adv In an awakening manner, so as to waken
Awaking n The act of awakening or ceasing sleep.
A'wald vb To have control of. 2. to wield.
A'walk vb To walk.
A-wane adv In want, on the wane, wantingly.
Aware adj Vigilant or on guard against danger or difficulty; wary, watchful, sensitive, alert, attentive, observant. 2. conscious or having knowledge of something, apprised, informed, cognizant, conscious, mindful.
Aware vb To be on one's guard. 2. to be alert.
Awaredom n The state of being on guard.
Awareness n The quality or state of being aware.
Awaried adj Accursed.
Awaring n Perception. 2. sensation.
Awarn vb To warn; put on guard. 2. to notify, inform
Awarp vb To throw or caste away. 2. to throw or cast down. 3. to warp or twist out of shape.
Awash adj Washed by the waves of the tide, said of a rock or strip of shore etc., when flush with the surface of the water, so that the waves break over it.
Awash phr "Be Awash With" - to have plenty of something.
A'watch adv On the watch.
Awave adv On the wave. 2. moving in waves. 3. waving.
Away adv From a place, hence.  2. aside; off; in another direction. 3.from a state or condition of being; out of existence. 4. without restraint. 5. being so engaged for the entire time. 6. at a distance in time or space.
Away intrj Away, leave,
Away adj Not here, gone, absent, unavailable, traveling; on vacation. 2. at a specified distance in space, time, or figuratively. 3. not on one's home territory.
Away phr "Away in the Head" - suffering from mental disturbance; unhinged, away in the mind, out of one's wits.
Away phr "Away in the Mind" - suffering from mental disturbance; unhinged, out of one's wits, away in the head.
Away phr "Away from" - not near or in proximity of a person or thing, at a distance from, away from; not present; not in the presence of.
Away phr "Away From It All" - not facing a situation consdered stressful, unpleasant, or undesirable, figuratively: of shock, disbelief, rebuke.
Away phr "Away With' - hear, abide, as 'I cannot away with.' 2. let us be rid of; take away.
Away phr "Do Away With" - dispose of, abolish or kill.
Away phr "Fall Away" - decline
Away phr "Fire Away" - begin, just ask me anything you like.
Away phr "Say Away" - speak, tell me what you. 2. to repudiate or contradict.
Away phr "Out and Away" - completely.
Away phr "When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play" - in the absence of supervision discipline will be lax.
Away phr "Work Away At" - to labour diligently.
Awayward adv Turned away or in another direction. 2. turned away, averted, wayward. 3. of motion: away.
Awayward-going adj Going away, turning away.
Awaywardness n The state or quality of being turned in another direction, averted or moving away.
Awaywards adj Averted, wayward.
Awe n Etymology: OE. ege influence by Old Norse during Middle English period. 2. a feeling of fear and reverence in. 3. a feeling of amazement.
Awe adj Oppressing with fear or horror; appalling, terrible. 2. (rare) inspiring awe; filling with profound reverence or respect; profoundly impressive.  3. struck or filled with awe.(obsolete) 4. terror-stricken. 5. worshipful; reverential; law-abiding. 5. exceedingly great; usually applied intensively. 6. very bad.
Awe vb To inspire with dread, terrify, daunt. 2. to control by the influence of fear; to fear greatly. 3. to influence or control by profound respect or reverential fear; to fear greatly. 4. to inspire with reverential wonder combined with latent fear, enthrall, overwhelm. 5. to reverence profoundly.
Awe phr "Hold or Keep in Awe" - to restrain or keep in fear.
Awe phr "In awe of" - to be in awe of: to regard (someone or something) with awe, reverence, or wonder; to be deeply impressed or affected by; to stand in awe.
Awe phr "Stand in Awe of" - to dread, 2. to have a deep reverence for.
Awearied adj Wearied, weary.
Aweary adj Tired, weary.
A-weather adv Towards the weather or windward side. 2. in a direction from which the wind blows.
A-weather phr "Helm a-weather" - a position at the helm when the tiller is moved to the windward side f the ship.
A'wecche vb To wake from sleep (or a swoon). 2. to awaken into life or activity.
Awed adj Awe-struck. 2. dreaded.
Awede vb To become mad, furious, or frantic; cf 'weed.'. 2. to loose one senses.
Awedness n The state of being awed, in dread. 2. awe.
A'week adv In every week, weekly.
A'weigh vb To lift up, support, bear, bear away. 2. to weigh, weigh out.
A'weld vb To rule with power or control, subdue. 2. to wield, manage. 3. to have power, be able.
Aweless adj Without dread or fear. 2. fearless, undaunted, not appalled. 3. without awe, irreverent, wild. 4. that inspires no awe. 5. Unremarkable, uninspiring; not outstanding in any way.
Awelessness n The quality of being awless. 2. irreverence.
Awelgian vb To enrich.
Awem vb To corrupt, defile, spoil; disgrace. 2. to impair, injure, mar.
A'wend vb To turn away; turn. 2. to turn or go away, depart. 3. to turn or change into; translate. 4. (with negative connotations): to alter (something) so as to distort or pervert the intended meaning, proper purpose, etc. 5. to translate or paraphrase (a text, passage, etc.).
A'wene vb To think, suppose, deem.
Awesome adj Inspiring or causing awe, admiration, wonder. 2. appalling, awful, as an" awesome sight.' 3. expressive of awe or terror. 4. (slang) - great, outstanding, successful.
Awesome-looking adj That looks daunting or impressive; that looks extremely good.
Awesomely adv In an awesome manner. 2. with awe or profound reverence.
A'west vb To lay waste to, devastate, despoil.
A'west adv In the west; westwards.
Awe-strike vb To strike with awe. 2. to strike with dread, terror, panic etc.
Awe-struck adj Struck with, or overwhelmed by awe. 2. panic-stricken, terror stricken, awe-stricken.
Awful adj Oppressing with fear or horror, appalling, terrible. 2. inspiring awe; filling with profound reverence or respect; profoundly impressive. 3. struck or filled with awe. 4. terror-stricken. 5. worshipful, reverential, law-abiding. 6. exceedingly great; usually applied intensively. 7. very bad.
Awful adv (colloquial) - very, extremely, as 'an awfully big town.'
Awful phr "An Awful Lot" - very much; very often, to a great extent.
Awful phr "An Awful Lot of Something" - great number or amount of.
Awful phr "Something Awful" - to an extreme or striking extent or degree; very much, thoroughly, totally.
Awfully adv In a awe inspiring manner. 2. fearlessly. 3. reverently. 4. badly. 5. very.
Awfulness n Quality of extreme unpleasantness. 2. dreadfulness, horridness, terribleness. 3. quality of striking with awe, or with reverence, solemnity, dreadfulness. 4. the state of being struck with awe; a spirit of solemnity, profound reverence.
A'wheel adv On wheels or a wheeled apparatus, such as a bicycle.
A'when vb To vex, trouble.
A'wherf vb To turn around or away.
A'while adv A while, of a while, a space of time, for a short time.
A'wild vb To become wild or unruly.
A'will vb To will, order.
A'will adv At one's will. 2. to one's pleasure or satisfaction.
A'win vb To labour (only in OE.) 2. to overcome, conquer, (in war). 3. to gain, obtain.
Awing ppl Dreading, fearing, solemn.
Awing adj Causing dread, reverential fear, solemn.
A'wing n The action of inspiring in war.
A'wing adv Fluttering(ly); on a wing.
A'wink n Winking.
A'wit vb To percieve, know. 2. to watch over a troop.
Awl n A small pointed tool used for piercing holes, especially in leather.
Awlated adj Disgusted.
Awlench vb To make splendid, adorn.
Awlwort n A coniferous plant found half submerged in shallow water and having awl-shaped leaves, Subularia aquatica
Awly adv Awfully, dreadfully, terribly.
Awn n Husk, a stiff bristle, especially one growing from the sheath around the seed of cereals and other grasses.
Awn vb To put before a persons eyes. 2. to show, manifest.
Awned adj Stiffed-bristled, husky, sheathed.
A'wonder vb To astonish, amaze. 2. to be astonished or aware, 3. amazed, astonished, astounded.
A'work adv At work; in activity.
A'worry vb To strangle, worry.
A'worth vb To look upon with indifference; disregard.
A'worthy vb To give honur to. 2. to dignify, adore.
A'wrath vb To amke angry, enrage.
A'wreak vb To punish, take vengeance upon (an offence, misdeed.) 2. to sentence to punish. 3. condemn a person to. 4. condemn, blame, find fault with. 5. to avenge, revenge oneself. 6. to revenge one's aggrieved feelings. 7. to avenge another person. 8. to avenge or revenged.
A'wreak n Revenge.
A'wreight ppl Pulled or wrenched away.
A'write vb To write.
A'wrong adv Wrongly, in a wrong way.
Awry adj Turned or twisted toward one side. 2. crooked, distorted, out of place. 3. wrong or distorted, perverse, amiss.
Awry adv Obliquely, crookedly, askew. 2. perversely, improperly.