The Anglish Moot
Old English sb English
Be vb Be, exist, come to be, happen, am, will etc
Be prf Causative rendering nouns, adjectives etc,. into verbs. A native English prefix formerly used in the formation of verbs: become, besiege, bedaub, befriend. 2. (from nouns) to surround completely; cover on all sides: befog 3. (from nouns) to affect completely or excessively: bedazzle. 4. from nouns) to consider as or cause to be: befool, befriend. 5. (from nouns) to provide or cover with: bejewel. 6. (from verbs) at, for, against, on, or over: bewail, berate
Be prf (Rare or no longer productive) by, near, next to, around, close to, as in bestand, beset, besit. 2.(rare or no longer productive) around; about, begather, asin belay, belook, bestir, belive, besmell, bewrap. 3. (rare or no longer productive) about, regarding, concerning, over, as bewrite, betalk, betell, bemoan, bemourn, bewail, beknow, besing, bespeak. 4.(rare or no longer productive) on, upon, at, to, in contact with something, as beclothe, becall, besee, behold, befall, bedo, beshine, besmile, betone. 5.(rare or no longer productive) off, away, over, across, as in becut, bedeal, betake, bego, behead, belimb, beland, benim, bereave, besleeve, be-trunk. 6. (rare or no longer productive) as an intensifier; i.e.thoroughly, utterly excessively; completely, as in bebreak, begladden, belabour, behate. 7.(rare or no longer productive) all around; about; abundantly; all over, as in belave, be-lick, bescatter, be-kiss. 8.(rare or no longer productive) forming verbs from nouns or adjectives, usually with the sense of "to make, become, or cause to be" as in becalm, be-dark, be-free, befriend, bedim, be-ken, be-night, benothing, be-wet, besmooth, bestrange. 8. (archaic or informal) used to intensify adjectives meaning "adorned with something" often those with the suffix -ed, as be-feathered, beclawed, be-webbed, beloved.
Be phr "Be Above" - be too important, or morally superior, to undertake, to undertake something small or mean.
Be phr "Be Above One's Head" be too difficult or obscure to understand.
Be phr "Be a Good Chap" - would you be kind and helpful by agreeing to do something that I would like you to do.
Be phr "Be After" - pursue, try to catch. 2. seek, try to obtain. 3. covet, wish to steal or take away.
Be phr "Be Against" - be contrary to; be in defiance of.
Be phr "Be Ahead of" - having progress beyond something else. 2. having reached a stage where others cannot easily followed.
Be phr "Be All and End All" - the main purpose of something. 2. all that matters in something. 3. the sum total of something.
Be phr "Be All For" - be strongly in favor or supporting.
Be phr "Be All In" - be exhausted; be tired out.
Be phr "Be All Over" - be spread or passed from one person to another. 2. greet effusively (with the implication that the effusiveness is welcomed) 3. dominate completely at sport.
Be phr "Be All Over and Done With" - be cmpletely ended, or forgotten. 2. not likely to recur or be remembered.
Be phr "Be Along (to)" - come from one place to another, often a short distance
Be phr "Be a Man' - behave in a firm, courageous way. 2. have, or show, manly qualities.
Be phr "Be Sight For Sore Eyes" - be something//somebody one is very glad to see. 2. a feast for the eyes.
Be phr "Be At" - try to persuade, in a carping, unpleasant way. 2. attack; handle something not one's property; tamper with. 3.
Be phr "Be At a Dead End" - having reached a point where no further progress is possible.
Be phr "Be At an End" - have ended; have been used up or exhausted.
Be phr "Be At a Standstill" - (of something moving, or in progress) have stopped.
Be phr "Be At Grips With" - be tackling; be engaged in a struggle with.
Be phr "Be At It" - behave mischievously, be a nuisance.
Be phr "Be At One (with)" - have the same views or feelings as; agree (with).
Be phr "Be Away" - be in a drawer, as paper, pen, book etc.
Be phr "Be Back (in)" - return; have returned. 2. have been replaced.
Be phr "Be Before" - be in front of somebody else. 2. appear, be presented for a decision, the judgement of a court.
Be phr "Be Before Somebody's Time" - happen live, earlier than somebody was in a certain place.
Be phr "Be Behind" - be inferior to; be losing to. 2. be the explanation; be the cause for.
Be "phr "Be Below" - be lower than; be inferior to. 2. be junior to; or lower than somebody in rank. 3. be below deck.
Be phr "Be Beneath" - seem too important, vulgar etc to be considered.
Be phr "Be Beside Oneself" - overwhelmed by strong feelings.
Be phr "Be Between You and Me" - a secret shared by the speakers, and not with others.
Be phr "Be Beyond" - be more than one can calculate, expect, believe etc.
Be phr "Be Beyond Caring" - have reach a point where one no longer cares about something.
Be phr "Be By Way of Being Something" - be considered to be, or have pretensions of being, the thing stated. 2. be sort of, a kind of, something.
Be phr "Be Dead Against" - be firmly opposed to doing something.
Be phr 'Be Dead Right/Wrong" - be absolutely correct or incorrect
Be phr "Be Dog Tired" - be exhausted, very tired.
Be phr "Be Down" - lack, deficient by some amount. 2. have fallen, been reduced.
Be phr "Be Down to" - have nothing left except. 2. be ill with.
Be phr "Be Downhill All the Way" - be easy and/or quick progress towards an objective (especially aafter difficulties are passed). 2. be an inevitable process of decline or deterioration.
Be phr "Be For It" - be going to (be punished or reprimanded).
Be phr "Be for the Birds" - be worthless; be fit only for people who are easily deceived or misled.
Be phr "Be Glad to See the Back Of" - be glad to get rid of somebody.
Be phr "Be Good Enough to Do" - be obliging, so kind, and do what I suggest, what I would like you to do, as a favor or service for me.
Be phr "Be Good For Something" - be beneficial,to somebody, something. 2. be effective in relieving or curing an illness or other unpleasant condition.
Be phr "Be Good With One's Hands" - be skillful at practical work. 2. be able to make/mend articles neatly and/or artistically.
Be phr "Be Hard At It" be very busy, be hard working.
Be phr "Be Hard Up" - be needy, poor, down on one's luck.
Be phr "Be Here To Stay" - become permanent, successful, established, successful.
Be phr "Be In" - be fashionable; be the fashion. 2. be gathered; be harvested. 3. be in (the shops). 4. be elected; be in office. 5. remain alight. 6. having reached the highest on the shore.
Be phr "Be In and Out Of" - be a frequent visitor to a (shop) or inmate of (prison).
Be phr "Be In For" - be going to compete in or enter for. 2. be an applicant for a job.
Be phr "Be In Hand" - having being started or undertaken.
Be phr "Be In Leaf" - a bud, leaf on a tree or bush.
Be phr "Be In Line (with)" - follow, conform with, the rules or discipline of an organization.
Be phr "Be In On" - be party to, informed about. 2. have a share in; participate in.
Be phr "Be In On the Ground Floor" - having joint an undertaking at the outset.
Be phr "Be In Play" - be involved, be at work; have started to influence something.
Be phr "Be Inside" - slang: be in prison.
Be phr "Be in Sight" - be in view, be visible, have appeared.
Be phr "Be In the Open" - be obvious; evident; have been made public.
Be phr "Be In the Wrong" - having acted wrongly; be made to be feel one has acted wrongly.
Be phr "Be In With" - be on familiar terms with.
Be phr "Be Like That" - be in a particular mood, take up a certain attitude, often an awkward or uncooperative one. 2. be; get that way.
Be phr "Be Made That Way" - have it in one's nature or constitution to be or do something.
Be phr "Be My Guest" - feel free to do as you please.
Be phr "Be Neither Here or There" - be of no importance or relevance.
Be phr "Be New To The Game" - be inexperienced in a trade, activity, sport etc.
Be phr "Be No Better Than One Ought To Be" - be less than averagely honest, good, trustworthy.
Be phr "Be Nobody's Business" - (facetiously): be something especially excessive or outrageous, best not required about, does not matter to one.
Be phr "Be No Great Shakes" - be only averagely or less than averagely good, efficient, suitable, adequate, suitable etc.
Be phr "Be No Room at the Inn" - there is a lack or refusal of adequate shelter, accommodation, or acceptance.
Be phr "Be No Skin Of One's Nose" - be a matter, actiomn etc that does not affect one adversely. 2. does not cause one any upset or loss. 3. something does not matter to one.
Be phr "Be Not as Other Men Are" - be better than many or most people are.
Be phr "Be Nothing To It" - be easy, simple to do.
Be phr "Be Off " - go away; be off with you. 2. have become detached or separated. 3. be cancelled, postponed, not going to take place. 4. be disconnected. 5. be mad, extremely angry. 6. start; commence.
Be phr "Be Off On" - begin to speak tiresomely and at length off.
Be phr "Be Off One's Food" - be without an appetite.
Be phr "Be Off One's Hands" - have taken away from one the expense and responsibility of looking after someone or something.
Be phr "Be On" - be going to take place. 2. be staked or have a bet on. 3. be shown or performed as a film or play. 4. be alight or burning as a jet on a gas stove.
Be phr "Be On At" - nag persistently.
Be phr "Be On About (something)" - to discover somebody's secret
Be phr "Be Oneself" - behave in a way that is natural, or normal, for oneself (not in any way effecting a manner to impress others)
Be phr "Be Oneself Again" - return to one's normal state (after an illness, shock , emotional upset etc.
Be phr "Be On Ice" - be shelved, be deferred.
Be phr "Be On It's Way Out" - becoming obsolescent or unfashionable.
Be phr "Be Only As Old As One Feels" - even if one is not old one can 'feel old' (tired and weak) and even if one is old one can feel 'young'
Be phr "Be On One's Feet" - have stood up; be standing as an audience or a speaker.
Be phr "Be On Sale" - be available for purchase.
Be phr "Be On to' - be alert, aware, to figure out or realize the truth. 2. been in touch with, in order to inform, persuade, negotiate with.
Be phr "Be On to a Good Thing" - find a pleasant or remunerative occupation or style or life.
Be phr "Be Out" - having ceased work; on strike. 2. be released from prison. 3. be flowering; in bloom. 4. be visible, as the moon or sun. 5. be on sale; published. 6. be disclosed or revealed. 7. be unconscious; fast asleep. 8. be no longer alight; extinguished as a light , candle etc. 9. be finished, ended. 10. be inaccurate, wrong. 11. not permissible. 12. be no longer the fashion. 13. be announced, be declared. 14. of the water level be at a low or ebbing.
Be phr "Be Out For" - wanting to obtain something; be out for what they can get.
Be phr "Be Out In" - be present in large numbers.
Be phr "Be Out Of" - be away from, as out of town etc. 2. not in one's usual place, as a bird its cage. 3. be too far away from hearing or seeing something; out of reach. 4. be out of work, unemployed. 5. exhausted, completely used up. 6. be out of keeping; not in keeping with; inappropriate, unsuited. 7. disappeared or rubbed out as a stain or a mark.
Be phr "Be Out Of Hand" - be uncontrolled, become uncontrollable.
Be phr "Be Out of Line" not behave in a normal or acceptable way.
Be phr "Be Out Of One's Mind" - be mad, extremely foolish.
Be phr "Be Out to Do Something" - aim, to propose changes, improvements etc.
Be phr "Be Out Of One's Depth" - be in company where the discussion, knowledge of others etc is strange and difficult to understand.
Be phr "Be Out of the Blue" - have appeared, being uttered, sudden, unexpectedly.
Be phr "Be Outside of" - not be something which one is able to and, deal with or understand.
Be phr "Be Out with It" - say what you want to say.
Be phr "Be Over" - be ended; finished. 2. remain; be left 3. spend a long time doing something. 4. come to visit someone (usually from a distance).
Be phr "Be Right Back" - to return within a short time.
Be phr "Be Quick Off the Mark" - be quick to grasp something, seize an opportunity.
Be phr "Be Sitting Pretty" - be a comfortable, enviable situation.
Be phr "Be So Good/Kbe obliging and do what I suggest.ind"
Be phr "Be Ten a Penny" - be cheap; be numerous and easy to obtain. 2. be not very valuable, important or interesting.
Be phr "Be That As It May" - yet, even so. 2. that may or may not be true, but is, in any case, irrelevant.
Be phr "Be That Way" - take that attitude, esp. become angry, sulky, touchy, standoffish, uncooperative etc; be like that.
Be phr "Be The Bee's Knees" - something outstandingly good.
Be phr "Be The Death of Somebody" - (facetiously) cause somebody a great deal of harm, anxiety or worry. 2. be exceptionally funy or ridiculous.
Be phr "Be the Done Thing" - be conventional or approved behavior, etiquette, procedure.
Be phr "Be the Drink Talking" - be confidence, boast, threat, promise etc made by somebody who is drunk, and therefore not necessary to be believed or relied upon.
Be phr "Be The End of" - be very bad, annoying, exasperating . 2. be no longer tolerable. 3. be the worst one can think of. 4. be the absolute limit.
Be phr "Be There For" - ready and willing to support another. 2. to be available to provide help, comfort or assistance, esp. in time of difficulty. 3. to stand by others in a crisis. 4. to be loyal; stick by another.
Be phr "Be Thick with Something" - be densely made up of; be full of something.
Be phr "Be the Thin Edge of the Wedge" -
Be phr "Be Thin/Thick On the Ground" - be few/ numerous; be dense, sparse.
Be phr "Be Three Sheets to the Wind" - be very drunk.
Be phr "Be Through" - reach the end of a relationship.
Be phr "Be Through To" - put in contact by various form of electronic medium.
Be phr "Be Through the Mill" - have received, as training as hard practical experience.
Be phr "Be Through With" - be tired of.
Be phr "Be Too Good to be True" - be so good that one suspects that there are faults, deficiencies, drawbacks etc.
Be phr "Be Too Good to Last" - be very good but not permanent.
Be phr "Be Too Good to Miss" - to too attractive or profitable to reject.
Be phr "Be Too Little Too Late" - be not enough and too long delayed.
Be phr "Be Too Much Like Hard Work" - be too energetic or troublesome an activity, sport, pastime etc for somebody to want to do.
Be phr "Be too True" - be unfortunately true; be regrettably as described.
Be phr "Be To Much of a Good Thing" - experience an unsuitable or unwelcome excess ofa commodity, activity, or form of behavior.
Be phr "Be to the Fore" - be prominent, noticeable.
Be phr "Be to the Good" - be advantageous.
Be phr "Be Up" - having risen or increased in price. 2. having traveled to, be in, an important town or city. 3. having finished, expired or come to an end. 4. remaining out of bed, often till all hours of the night. 5. arise, raised, considered. 6. be considered by a court.
Be phr "Be Up Against" - be opposed by, confronted by.
Be phr "Be Up Against It" - be faced with special difficulties and hardship.
Be phr "Be Up and About" - be feeling better and be out of a bed.
Be phr "Be Up for" - be a candidate, applicant for a job.
Be phr "Be Up For Sale" - be availble or offer for purchase. 2. be on the market.
Be phr "Be Up in Arms" - declare opposition or approval; protest.
Be phr "Be Up in the Clouds" - be out of touch with reality.
Be phr "Be Upon One" - having arrived (with a suggestion that the arrival may be sudden and unwelcome).
Be phr "Be Up (to)" - have reached.
Be phr "Be Up To" - be doing, be engaged in (with the suggestion that the activity is mischievous or nefarious) 2. be somebody's responsibility; rest with. 3. be deep in; be overwhelmed by. 4. be of an acceptable standard.
Be phr "Be Well Away" - enjoy oneself noisily, often because of overuse of alcohol.
Be phr "Be Well In Hand" - have been controlled; be under controlled.
Be phr "Be Well Into" - be well advanced (in time); be old; be of advanced years.
Be phr "Be Well Off" - be rich; well off; well supplied with.
Be phr "Be Well Out of It" - lucky to avoid being involved in something.
Be phr "Be Well Up In" - be very knowledge about. 2. be well versed in.
Be phr "Be With" - follow, understand what someone is saying. 2. be employed by.
Be phr "Be Within" - support, back up. 2. be near enough to see, hear, reach. 3. be something which one is able to discuss or handle knowledgeably.
Be phr "Be Within One's Rights" - have legal or moral support for something one wishes to do.
Be phr "Get High On" - become exhilarated, intoxicated, stimulated etc under the influence of alcohol and/or illicit drugs.
Be phr "Let It Be" - leave it (something) alone.
Be phr "Not Be Born Yesterday" - be somebody who is not likely to be easily fooled.
Be phr "Not Be On" - not be possible or allowed. 2. not take place.
Be phr "Not Be Up To" - not be capable of doing. 2. not be equal to the task.
Be phr "One's Blood be Up" - be fully aroused; angry.
Be phr "One's Hand Be Up" - be up (one's hand) to attract attention.
Be phr "Something Be Up" - something be about to happen; be impending, in the air.
Be phr "The Game Be Up" - of a pursuit, search be successfully after a long and difficult time.
Be phr "The Sun Be Up" - have risen.
Be phr "Up As Far as" - reached, be stretched, extended to.
Beacon n A sign, portent. 2. ensign, standard. 3. a signal, signal-fire: a fire lighted on a high point of land serving as signal of danger (often found in a chain at a convenient distance apart so news can be spread quickly over distance. 4. a conspicuous hill commanding a good view of the surrounding countryside, on which the beacons were lighted. 5. a division of a wapentake, probably a district throughout which a beacon could be seen. 6. a lighthouse or similar conspicuious object placed along a coast to warn ships of danger. 7. a radio-transmitter to allow pilots to fix their position, or allow airport staff to locate, identify, or guide aircrafts.
Beacon phr "To Beacon Up' - to raise or kindle as a beacon. 2. to light up as a beacon (as a fire does). 3. to give light, guidance, direction. 4. to furnish with beacons. 5. to mark or link a position with a beacon. 6. to shine like a beacon.
Beaconed adj Furnished with a beacon.
Beaconless adj Without a beacon.
Bead n Small perforated body of glass, amber, wood, metal, etc., 2. prayer.
Bead vb To furnish or adorn with beads. 2. to string (like a row of beds)
Bead phr "Bid a Bead" - to offer prayers.
Bead phr "Draw a Bead On" - aim a gun at.
Bead phr "Say (or Tell) One's Beads" - to say one's prayers. 2. recite the rosary.
Beaded adj To work or ornate with beades; edged with bead-like protuberances. 2. furnished with beads. 3. formed or like beads. 4.
Beader n One who sews beads onto a fabric.
Bead-faring n A pilgrimage, going on a pilgrimage.
Beadfolk n People, often pensioners, who pray for benefactors.
Beadful adj Full of beads, such as on clothing. 2. prayerful, prone to prayer and long periods of prayer.
Beadhouse n An almshouse for the needy, who pray daily for their benefactor.
Beadily adv Of a look in an avaricious or penetrating manner
Beading n The formation of beads and jewelry made of beads; beadwork, trimming. 2. a thin strips of material used as trims on and along walls. 3. a preparation used to make beds from liquids.
Beadiness n The quality of being beady.
Beadle n A ceremonial officer of a church, college etc. 2. a church officer attending a minister. 3. a minor parish officer dealing with petty offenders. 4. a town-crier.
Beadle vb Announce, proclaim.
Beadledom n Embodiment of the characteristics of beadles and church bureaucracy, as a class marked by stupid officiousness, and red-tape. 2. the sense of self-importance and officiousness seen as a characteristic of a beadle or minor official.
Beadlehood n The state or dignity of a beadle.
Beadleship n The office of a beadle.
Bead-ligtning n An unoften form of cloud-to-ground lightning which appears to break up into a string of short, brights parts and lasts longer than the usual discharge.
Beadlike adj Resembling or like a bead or some aspect of one.
Beadsman n A man of prayer. 2. one who prays for the soul or spiritual welfare of another. 3. one paid to pray for the welfare of another.
Beadstone n Beads on a Buddhist prayer stone necklane.
Beadwork n Decorative work involving beads.
Beady adj Resembling a bead: small, round and gleaming. 2. of look - bright and penetrating. 3. covered or ornamented with, or as with, beads. 4. characterized by beads. 5. covered with beads of sweat.
Beady phr "Have One's Beady Eyes on Something" - await the chance to get something that is not rightfully yours.
Beag n A ring (historical) In OE. a bracelet, necklace, shackle (for the neck;) a crown, a garland, circle, coil.
Be-all n That which is or constitutes the whole. 2. the whole being.
Be-all phr "The Be-all and End-all" - something considered to be of the utmost importance. 2. something essential or vital. 3. the whole or total of something. 4. the whole being or essence.
Beam n A tree (In OE only.) 2. a beam of wood; one of the principal horizontal timbers of a building; one of the transverse members of a ship's frame on which the decks are laid - supported at the sides by knees in wooden ships and by stringers in steel ones.. 3. the straight part or shank of an anchor. 4. the central bar of a plow, to which the handles and colter are secured, and to the end of which are attached the oxen or horses that draw it. 5. any large piece of timber or iron long in proportion to its thickness, and prepared for use 6. the rood or cross. 5. a shaft of a chariot; pole of a carriage. 7. the maximum width of a vessel 8. the crossbar of a mechanical balance, from the ends of which the scales are suspended.  9. the principal stem of the antler of a deer. 10. ray or collection of approximately parallel rays emitted from the sun or other luminous body a beam of light; a beam of hope a ray; a gleam.  11. a smile; a cheerful face.
Beam vb To throw out or radiate beams of light, emit beams of light, rays; shine, radiate. 2 fig. To smile broadly or especially cheerfully. 3. to furnish or supply with beams; give the appearance of beams to. 4. to transmit matter or information via a high-tech wireless mechanism, as in 'beam me up, Scotty; there's no intelligent life down here.' 5. to stretch on a beam, as a hide. 6. to put on a beam, as a chain or web. 7. To connect (musical notes) with a beam, or thick line, in music notation.
Beam phr "A Beam in One's Eye" - a fault that is greater in oneself than in the person one finding fault with.
Beam phr "Be Off Beam" - be mistaken.
Beam phr "Broad in the Beam" - having broad or wide hips.
Beam phr "A Bote of Beams' - a remedy, improvement, amelioration.
Beam phr "Beam Up" - to teleport (something or someone)using a fictional device, especially from the surface of a planet to an orbiting starship. 2. he teleported, or to teleport oneself in that manner. 3. to appear suddenly as if by teleport. 4. to be high on drugs, especially crack cocaine.
Beam phr "Broad in the Beam" - having wide hips.
Beam phr "Off the Beam" - lacking precision, off course; be mistaken.
Beam phr "On Beam Ends" - in a desperate situation. 2. of a ship, almost capsizing.
Beam phr "On the Beam" - to be on course as indicated by a radio beam. 2. fig. to be on the right track.
Beam phr "On the Weather Beam" - the side of the ship on which the wind is blowing.
Beam-blind adj To be uncritical of oneself and one's own opinions.
Beamed adj Furnished with beams or timbers. 2. furnished with beams, as the head of a stag.
Beam ends n A position when a ship lies on her side with her crossbeams upright. 2. a person's last resources.
Beamer n One who smiles or 'beams' broadly.
Beamful adj Luminous, full of light.
Beamily adv Beamily or in a manner radiantly. 2. radiantly, in a manner of beams or (bright) light.
Beaminess n The quality of being beamy; brightness, radiance. 2. generous proportions.
Beaming n The act of someone or something that beams.
Beamish adj Somewhat light, luminous or radiant. 2. shining brightly, radiant.
Beamless adj Not having a beam. 2. not emitting a light.
Beam-light n Lights, candles placed in a tree.
Beam sea n Waves are rolling against the ship's side.
Beamsome adj Shedding bright, radiant.
Beam-tree n Pyrus acaria
Beamwidth n The width (or the angle)of a beam of radiation.
Beam-wireless n A shortwave wireless transmission in a controlled direction.
Beamy adj Emitting beams of light, radiant (also fig.) 2. radiated, umbellated. 2. possessing full grown horns, antlered.
Bean n Any plant of several genera of the taxonomic family Fabaceae that produces large edible seeds or edible seed pods. 2. the large edible seed of such a plant. 3. the edible seed pod of such a plant. 4. the bean-like seed of certain other plants, especially coffee; coffee in the general. 5. an object resembling a pea or bean in shape, often made from plastic or styrofoam and used in large numbers as packing material or as stuffing for beanbags and similar items. 5. (slang) the head. 6. money. 7. (software) short for JavaBean.
Bean vb To throw a projectile (ball, stone, etc) with the aim to hit deliberately a person or animal in the head.
Bean phr "Every Bean Has Its Black" -
Bean phr "Full of Beans" - energetic, lively. high-spirited
Bean phr "Give One Beans" - to upbraid, punish severely.,
Bean phr "Haven't a Bean" - penniless.
Bean phr "I'll Give Him Beans" - I'll give him a thrashing.
Bean phr "Know How Many Beans Make Five" - be worldly wise, shrewd.
Bean phr "Not Worth/Have a Bean" - worthless; having no money; penniless.
Bean phr "Old Bean" - old friend.
Bean phr "Spill the Beans" - be indiscreet, confess.
Bean phr "Without a Bean" - penniless.
Beanbrain n A stupid person, an idiot.
Beanshooter n A toy gun
Beanstalk n The bean of a bean plant, proverbially fast-growing person.
Beany adj In a good condition. 2. of horses: spirited. 3. a woolen cap or hat.
Bear n A large omnivorous mammal, related to the dog and raccoon, having shaggy hair, a very small tail, and flat feet; a member of family ursidae, particularly of subfamily ursinae. 2.(fig) a rough, unmannerly, uncouth person. 3. in finance an investor who sells commodities, securities or futures in anticipation of a fall in prices. 4. US slang, a state policeman (short for smokey bear). 5. (slang) a large, hairy man, especially one who is homosexual. 6. in engineering: a portable punching machine. 7. a block covered with coarse matting, used to scour the deck of a ship.
Bear phr "If It Were a Bear, It Would Bite You" - an old expression applied to a person lokking for something right in front of him/her, just under his/her nose.
Bear phr "Like a Bear with a Sore Head" - to be bad tempered.
Bear phr "Take the Bear By the Tooth" - needlessly to run into danger.
Bear phr "The Great Bear" - certain constellations.
Bear phr "The Northern Bear" - Russia.
Bear phr "The Little Bear" - certain constellations.
Bear vb (2)To support or sustain; to hold up. 2. to carry something.  3. to be equipped with (something. 4. to wear or display. 5. to declare as testimony. 6. to put up with something, endure, tolerate. 7. to give birth to someone or something. 8. to produce or yield something, such as fruit or crops.  9. to suffer, as in carrying a burden. 10. to endure with patience; to be patient.  11. to press; with on, upon, or against.  12. to relate or refer; with on or upon. (how does this bear on the question?) 13. to have a certain meaning, intent, or effect.  14. to conduct; to bring (a person). 15. to possess and use (power, etc.); to exercise. 16. to possess mentally; to carry or hold in the mind; to entertain; to harbour. 17. (obsolete) to gain or win.  18. to sustain, or be answerable for blame, expense, responsibility, etc. 19. to carry on, or maintain; to have. 20. to admit or be capable of; to suffer or sustain without violence, injury, or change.  21. to manage, wield, or direct; to behave or conduct (oneself). 22. to afford; to be (something) to; to supply with.
Bear phr (2)"Bear a Hand" - imperative: make haste, give assistance, help quickly!
Bear phr "Bear Away" - to win a prize. 2. to sail away.
Bear phr "Bear Down" - to press or weigh down. 2. overcome; conquer. 3 to strive harder; intensify one efforts. 4. (of a ship ) to approach from windward.
Bear phr "Bear Down On" - to sail with wind (towards.) 2. to proceed with force against.
Bear phr "Bear Down Upon" - approach swiftly and purposely or in a threatening way.
Bear phr "Bear False Witness" - to give untrue testimony; to lie.
Bear phr "Bear Hard On" - to oppress. 2. cause hardship or suffering to.
Bear phr "Bear Heavily or Hard" - to bear a grudge.
Bear phr "Bear in Hand" - keep in expectation.
Bear phr "Bear in Mind" - to carry or keep in remembrance; keep in mind. 2. remember (with caution.) 3. remain aware, conscious of.
Bear phr "Bear in With" - to approach or become nearer to a ship
Bear phr "Bear It" - to carry the day.
Bear phr "Bear Off From" - to stand off further from a ship.
Bear phr "Bear On" - to be relevant or relate to.
Bear phr "Bear Oneself)" - to behave in a proper manner or with dignity.
Bear phr "Bear Out" - to confirm, support, to back up.

bearing out in bearing, n.1: “a part which protrudes or extends beyond the adjacent surface; a projection; (also) the action or fact of projecting or protruding.”

Bear phr "Bear the Burden and the Heat of the Day" - have the longest and most difficult part of the task to perform (in contrast to those who have a easier task).
Bear phr "Bear Up" - to tolerate difficulty, pain with fortitude. 2. manage, cope, remain strong in the face of hardship.
Bear phr "Bear Upon" - to influence, have effect on. 2. to be relevant to.
Bear phr "Bear With" - be patient, sympathetic with someone. 2. tolerate, put up with.
Bear phr "Bear Witness" - to deliver a testimony, especially as a witness. 2. to prove, demonstrate; testify. 2. bear a witness to something; prove.
Bear phr "Bring to Bear" - to cause to act against on upon. 2. put pressure on.
Bear phr "Grin and Bear It" - (cheerfully) endure difficulty, hardship.
Bear phr "Have a Bearing On" - be relevant to; concerning, anent, about.
Bear phr "Lose One's Bearings" - lose one's sense of direction.
Bear phr "Not to Bear Thinking of" ( of, or upon): to be(something )too terrible to contemplate.
Bear bell n A bell (usu. plural) attached to a rucksack, walking stick, etc., to signal the presence of a person walking in an area frequented by bears.
Bearberry n A procumbent shrub, Arctostaphylus Uvaursi" bearing astringent berries.
Bearbine n English species of Convolus, nb: woodbine, ivy, honeysuckle.
Bearcat n A binturong, 'archtictis binturong' an animal related to civets.
Beard n Facial hair on the chin, cheeks and jaw. 2. the cluster of small feathers at the base of the beak in some birds. 3. the appendages to the jaw in some cetaceans, and to the mouth or jaws of some fishes. 4. the gills of some bivalves, such as the oyster. 5. in insects, the hairs of the labial palpi of moths and butterflies. 6. (botany) Long or stiff hairs on a plant; the awn. 7. the beard of grain. 8. a barb or sharp point of an arrow or other instrument, projecting backward to prevent the head from being easily drawn out. 9. that part of the underside of a horse's lower jaw which is above the chin, and bears the curb of a bridle
Beard vb To grow hair on the chin and jaw (obsolete.) 2. to boldly and bravely oppose or confront, often to the chagrin of the one being bearded. (Robin Hood is always shown as bearding the Sheriff of Nottingham.) 3. to take by the beard; to seize, pluck, or pull the beard of (a man), in anger or contempt. 4. to deprive (an oyster or similar shellfish) of the gills.
Beard phr "Brains Do Not Live in the Beard" - implies that wisdom is not always conferred on the elderly simply by the efluxion of time. 2. wisdom does not come necessarily come with the effluxion of years.
Beard phr "I Told Him to His Beard" - I told him to his face, regardless of the consequences, fearlessly amnd openly.
Beard phr "Laugh in One's Beard" - to laugh surreptitiously; laugh up one's sleeve.
Beard phr "Lie In One's Beard" - accuse someone of doing so is to stress the severity of the accusation.
Beard phr "Make One's Beard" - to have wholly at your mercy, as a barber when shaving the chin of a customer.
Beard phr "Run in One's Beard" - to offer opposition to a person. 2. to do something obnoxious to a person before his face.
Beard phr "With the Beard On the Shoulder" - in the attitude of listening to overhear something. 2. with circumspection, looking in all directions for surprizes and ambuscades.
Beard burn n An abrasion on a person’s skin (esp. the face) caused by friction from another person’s beard or stubble, esp. one caused by kissing.
Bearded lady n A woman who has a noticeable growth of hair on the chin, esp. one who is exhibited as part of a freak show (now chiefly historical).
Beardedness n A bearded condition.
Bearded pig n Either of two species of pigs native to southeast Asia, Sus barbatus and S. ahoenobarbus, which have small rounded ears, an elongated snout.
Bearded seal n A large Arctic seal, Erignathus barbatus, which has greyish-brown fur, square fore-flippers, and thick tufts of long white whiskers.
Bearded wheat n Any of several varieties of awned wheat; esp. rivet, Triticum turgidum turgidum.
Bearded-worm n Any of the long, slender marine tube worms constituting the polychaete family Siboglinidae, having a beard-like plume of vascular tentacles.
Bearding n The action of cutting or shaving off a beard. 2. a beard-like growth.
Beardless adj Having no beard. 2. fig. immature, young; without beard or awn.
Beardlessness n A beardless condition; an absence of beard.
Beardom n Bearish of quality or personality.
Beard-stroking n The action of stroking one’s beard, esp. while deliberating or reflecting on a question. Hence: over-intellectualism, pretentiousness.
Beard-stroking adj Given to or characterized by the stroking of one’s beard, esp. while deliberating or reflecting on a question. Hence: over-intellectual, pretentious.
Beardy adj Bearded, hirsute, hairy. beardy, adj. 2. resembling (that of) the tail of a comet.
Bearer n One who, or that which bears, sustains, or that which carries. 2. someone one helps carry the coffin or a dead body during a funeral procession; a pallbearer. 3. a. person who carries a weapon upon his or her person, esp. visibly. Also: a person whose job or ceremonial role is to carry a symbol of authority. 4. a tree or plant bearing fruit.
Bear-fell n A bearskin; bearskin.
Bear-fighting n Rough, rowdy, or boisterous behaviour.
Bearhide n A bearskin; the skin of a bear; bear-hide
Bear hound n A dog used for hunting or baiting bears and other animals
Bear hunter n A person who hunts bears.
Bear hunting n The activity, sport, or practice of hunting bears; a bear hunt. Also: to go (a) bear-hunting.
Bearing n Of a beam, column etc. carrying a weight or load. 2. the direction or position of an object, or the direction of an object's movement, relative to a fixed point. It is typically measured in degrees and can be determined with a compass. Magnetic north is by convention defined as having a bearing of zero degrees.
Bearing n Acting as a "bearer" in "Stock Exchange" dealings or transactions.
Bearing sfx That bears or carries as 'childbearing' or 'load-bearing'
Bearing phr "Bearing Out" - the action or fact of projecting or protruding.
Bearing n Relevance, relationship or connection, as 'having no bearing (s) on the matter.' 2. one's posture, demenour, manner, direction or relative position. 3. the portion of support on which anything rests.
Bearing phr "Bring One to His/Her Bearings" - bring somebody back to his/her wits, putting him/her on the right track/ course.
Bearing phr "Find One's Bearings" - locate, orientate oneself
Bearing phr "Lose One's Bearings" - get lost, become disorientated.
Bearing phr "Take the Bearings" - to acertain the relative position of an object.
Bearing out n A part which protrudes or extends beyond the adjacent surface. 2. a projection; (also) the action or fact of projecting or protruding.
Bearing sheet n A piece of cloth, typically of high quality, used to wrap a baby in at baptism; (also more generally) a piece of cloth used to wrap a young child or infant.
Bearing sword n A large, two-handed ceremonial sword, typically carried (point upright) in procession.
Bearing tree n A tree that has been marked and recorded by a surveyor as a reference point for locating a corner.
Bearish n Aggressive, surly, tough, unmannerly. 2. of a voice or sound: deep and rumbling; gruff.
Bearishness n Tough, rough, unmannerliness, surliness. 2. the quality or condition of being bearish.
Bearpit n A sunken enclosure in which bears are kept in a Zoo. 2. a scene or place of rowdy behavior.
Bear's Ear n The auricula.
Bear's garlic n Allium ursinum or ramsoms
Bear root n (The root of) any of various herbaceous plants typically used medicinally, originally including hellebore or false hellebore.
Bear’s breeches n Any plant of the genus Acanthus (family Acanthaceae), esp. A. mollis and A. spinosus, widely cultivated as garden plants for their foliage and spikes.
Bearskin n The skin of a bear used as a garment. 2. a bearhide.
Bear spread n 2. one of a variety of strategies involving two or more options (or options combined with a position with underlying stock) that can potentially profit from a fall in the price of the underlying stock.
Beard tongue n Any of various flowering plants of the genus Penstemon (family Plantaginaceae), cultivated for their tubular two-lipped flowers which have a beardy appearance.
Bear-wolf n One strong and hard, a term of opprobrium.
Bearwort n The herb "Meum Athamanticum."
Beat n An idle, worthless or shiftless fellow; a deadbeat.
Beat vb To strike or beat on or upon repeatedly. 2. to thrash, beat all or anthing. 3. to pulsate, throb. 4. to insist with iteration. 3. of hares and rabbits at rutting time.
Beat phr "Beat a Dead Horse" - to persist or continue far beyond any purpose, interest or reason.
Beat phr "Beat a Thing into One's Mind" - to inculcate, hammer in a notion or opinion.
Beat phr "Beat a Path To Someone's Door" - repeatedly visit someone.
Beat phr "Beat Back" - to repel, resist, repulse, drive back or out by force.
Beat phr "Beat By a Long Shot" - to defeat very convincingly.
Beat phr "Beat Down" - to force or drive down by beating or hammering. 2. to suppress, lord over, overpower, bully, exhaust. 3. to persuade someone to change their mind. 4. - make someone reduce the price he first asked.
Beat phr "Beat Down (On)" - shine with intense heat (on).
Beat phr "Beat Hollow" - completely defeat.
Beat phr "Beat In" - to knock or force in by beating. 2. to inculcate.
Beat phr "Beat It" - run away.
Beat phr "Beat Down (or out) - to drive downward by beating. 2. bring the pricec down by haggling.
Beat phr "Beat Each Other Over the Head" - be always fighting.
Beat phr "Beat Hollow" - completely or decisively, defeat.
Beat phr "Beat It" - to go away; clear out, esp. swiftly.
Beat phr "Beat It Up" - to whoop it up.
Beat phr "Beat Off" - drive off by blows. 2. attack, repulse, repel
Beat phr "Beat One's Brains" - to struggle to think or remember something; to rack one's brains. 2. puzzle, think very hard, esp. in order to solve a problem.
Beat phr "Beat One's Brain's Out" - to think very hard (to try) and solve a problem.
Beat phr "Beat One's Breast" - to express sorrow. 2. hit one's breast as a sign of grief, sorrow, remorse, despair etc.
Beat phr "Beat One's Head against a Stone Wall" - to waste time and effort on a futile project.
Beat phr "Beat One's Way" - one travel or make one way, spec. by illicit means.
Beat phr "Beat One with His Own Staff" - to confute one with his own words
Beat phr "Beat Out" - to trace out a path by treading it first. 2. to work to get to the bottom off a matter. 3. to hammer out (lit & fig). 4. remove by striking with a hammer. 5. beat out on a drum.
Beat phr "Be Out/in of Beat" - making a regular or irregular succession of stroke.
Beat phr "Be Out of Beat" - to be out of rythmn or synchronization.
Beat phr "Be Out Of One's Beat" - not in one's sphere or department. 2. not in a course habitually traversed.
Beat phr "Beat Over Old Ground" - to discuss topics or matter already dealt with.
Beat phr "Beat Somebody Brains Out" - beat somebody severely about the head.
Beat phr "Beat Somebody to It" - to do something first (before anyone else can)
Beat phr "Beat Somebody at His Own Game" - to out wit a person at their own speciality.
Beat phr "Beat the Living Daylights Out of Somebody" - beat severely; knock senseless.
Beat phr "Beat the Dust" - to walk, go by hoof, go on shank's pony.
Beat phr "Beat the Hoof" - to go by walking; to go by shank's pony; to beat the dust.
Beat phr "Beat the Street" - to walk up and down, sometimes said of the homeless and sex-worker.
Beat phr "Beat the Wind" - to fight with no purpose or against no opponent or opposition.
Beat phr "Beat Time" - to mark musical time by beating a drum, clapping with the hands; fig. to keep time with.
Beat phr "Beat to It" - get somewhere, reach an objective, before somebody else.
Beat phr "Beat to One's Knees" - force somebody to submit; humble.
Beat phr "Beat Up" - to batter, thrash physically, punch up or rain blows upon with one's fists.
Beat phr "Beat Up Against the Wind" - of a ship in heavy seas.
Beat phr "Can You Beat It" - an expression of surprise or amusement.
Beat phr "Get the Beat On" - get an advantage over.
Beat phr "It Beats Me" - an indirect question meaning ' I don't know or I have no idea.
Beat phr "Not in My Beat" - not in my line; not in the range of my talents or inclination.
Beat phr "Not Miss a Beat" - carry on without the slightest disruption.
Beat phr "Off His Beat" - Not on duty; not in his appointed area. 2. not in his specialty.
Beat phr "Out His Beat" - in his wrong walk. 2. walk of his proper sphere.
Beat phr "Take Some Beating" - difficult to do better.
Beatdown n The act of breaking down or reducing by beating or heavy blows. 2. fig. to overthrow an institution or opinion by persistence. 3. to force down by haggling. 4. to come down with violence, like rain, the sun's rays etc.
Beaten adj Well-worn, weathered, as in weather beaten, wave-beaten. 2. trite. 3. defeated in sport, war or activity or matter of life.
Beaten-down adj Dejected, subdued, depressed, overwhelmed.
Beatenest adj Most excellent, splendid. 2. most unusual.
Beater n A person who beats. 2. a man employed in rousting and driving game. 3. an instrument for beating in various senses.
Beath vb To bathe (with warm liquids); to foment.
Beating n Physical punishment or attack. 2. a defeat.
Beating n "Take Some Beating" - difficult to do better.
Beatless adj Destitute of beats. 2. not beating.
Beat-out adj Exhausted, tired out, worn out.
Beat-up n A artificially or disingenuously manufactured outcry, usually in the media.
Beat-up adj Worn out, dilapidated, shabby, showing signs of overuse or disrepair.
Beaty adj Of music - full of 'beat;' swinging, catchy.
Beaver n An aquatic rodent of the genus Castor, having a wide flat tail and webbed feet. 2. the fur of the beaver. 3. a slan term for the pubic hair of the vulva of a woman
Beaver vb To work hard and industrious like a beaver.
Beaver phr "Beaver Away" - to work hard, long or industriously.
Beaver-hued adj Shade of brown resembling that of the fur of a beaver.
Beavering n Hunting or trapping beavers.
Beaverish adj Like a beaver in natural habit; merely instinctive. 2. hardworking, industrious.
Beaverlike adj Having physical or tempermental characteristics like those of a beaver: hardworking industrious.
Be'bark vb To bark around or at.
Be'bathe vb To bathe completely; suffuse.
Bebelted adj Wearing a belt.
Be'black-smithed adj To be made a blacksmith. 2. to be made, wrought or forged by a blacksmith.
Be'bleed vb To stain or cover with blood. 2. make bloody.
Be'bless vb To bless amply or profusely.
Beblind vb To blind, cause to be blind; make completely blind.
Be'blood vb To smear or stain with blood.
Be'bloody vb To make bloody.
Be'breech vb To breech soundly or excessively.
Be'bury vb To emtomb, bury, intern.
Becall n To accuse, miscall, summons. 2. to call upon, challenge. 3. to call names.
Becareful phr "Be Careful What You You Wish For" - the desired outcome may be not as desirable once it has been attained.
Becarve vb To cut off, cut up, open, open up. 2. to carve up, carve, to cut up, cut in pieces.
Be'chirm vb To make a noise as a bird, to cheep, sing.
Beck n A word from ON. for a brook or stream used in certain parts of Britian which were occupied by the Danes and Norwegian; hence often spec. in literature to connote a brook or stream with a stoney bed, or rugged course, as those of the northern counties. 2. the valley bottom through which a stream flows. Nb: see OE. (bece) and 'bache.'
Beck n A mute signal or significant gesture, especially one indicating assent or notifying a command; e.g. a nodding, movement or motion of the hand or fore-finger. 2. the slightest indication of salutation or respect; an inclination of the head; obeisance, courtesy.
Beck phr "At Someone's Beck and Call" - constantly dominated by somebody.
Beck n An agricultural implement with two hooks for dressing turnips, hops etc.
Becking n The action of 'beck' - a significant gesture; nodding, bowing, curtsying, obeidence, respectful salutation.
Beckon n A sign made without a word; see 'beck.'
Beckon vb To wave and/or nod to somebody with the intention to make the person come closer.
Beckoner n One who , or that, which beckons.
Beckoning n The act or action of making a mute signal with the head, hand, finger to summon a person's approach. 2. to make a significant gesture of head, or hand, indicating summon or bid approach.
Be'clad vb To be clothed about or around, clad.
Be'clam vb To beclog with something sticky or clammy.
Be'clap vb To grasp, ensnare, insnare, to trap suddenly, to grab suddenly.
Be'clepe vb To complain, indict, accuse; summons, appeal (to a highr court). 2. to call upon, address, accost, call name. 3. to appeal against, object, disapprove.
Be'clip vb To embrace, fold the arms,
Be'clipping n An embrace (obsolete)
Be'close vb To enclose, shut up
Be'clothe vb To cover with clothes.
Be'cloud vb To cover or beset with cloud. 2. to become overcast. 3. to make overcat or gloomy
Be'clouding n Overclouding. 2. fig. obscuring, covering up of an issue or matter.
Be'clout vb To cover with a clout or clothing. 2. fig. to dress up.
Become vb To arrive, come (to a place). 2. to come about; happen; come into being; arise. 3. begin to be; turn into. 3. to be proper for; to befit. 4. of an adornment, piece of clothing etc.: to look attractive on (someone).
Become phr "Become Of" - to happen to, befall as 'what became of the car you had.' 2. to be the fate of; befall.
Becomely adj Fitting, acceptable, properly
Becomeness n The state or quality of becoming, becomingness.
Becoming n That or actions which befit or graces. 2. a coming to be; a passing into a state. 3. a graceful fitness.
Becoming n 'The becoming" that which is fitting or proper, decorum.
Becoming adj Befitting, suitable, graceful. 2. decorous, proper, fitting
Becomingly adv In a becoming manner, befittingly, in a graceful fitness.
Becomingness n The state or quality of being becoming; fitness, suitably, graceful, proper, beauty, attractiveness.
Be'crave vb To crave for.
Be'cripple vb To make lame.
Be'cuffed adj Wearing a shirt with cuffs. 2. wearing handcuffs.
Bed n A piece of furniture, usually flat and soft, for resting or sleeping on.  2. prepared spot to spend the night in. 3. one's place of sleep or rest. 4. sleep; rest; getting to sleep. 5. the time for going to sleep or resting in bed; bedtime. 6. time spent in a bed.  7. fig.Marriage. 8. fig., sexual activity. 9. a place, or flat surface or layer, on which something else rests or is laid. 10. the bottom of a lake or other body of water, as sea bed; stream bed.  11. area where a large number of oysters, mussels, or other sessile shellfish is found. 12. a garden plot. 13. foundation or supporting surface formed of a fluid. 14. the superficial earthwork, or ballast, of a railroad. 13. the platform of a truck, trailer, railcar, or other vehicle that supports the load to be hauled. 14. a shaped piece of timber to hold a cask clear of a ship’s floor; a pallet. 15. iin printing: the flat part of the press, on which the form is laid. 16. a piece of music, normally instrumental, over which a radio DJ talks. 17. a layer or surface. as a deposit of ore, coal, etc. 18. of geology, the smallest division of a geologic formation or stratigraphic rock series marked by well-defined divisional planes (bedding planes) separating it from layers above and below. 19. of masonry, the horizontal surface of a building stone. 20. the upper and lower beds as in masonry, the lower surface of a brick, slate, or tile. in masonry, as a course of stone or brick in a wall.
Bed vb To put to bed; to place in a bed. go to bed for resting or sleeping. 3. To put oneself to sleep. 4. To furnish with a bed or bedding. 5. slang) To have sexual intercourse with, to fornicate. 6. in the sense(s) relating to a bed as a place or layer on which something else rests or is laid, as in to lay or put in any hollow place, or place of rest and security, surrounded or enclosed; to embed. 7. to set in a soft matrix, as paving stones in sand, or tiles in cement. 8. to set out (plants) in a garden bed. To dress or prepare the surface of (stone) so it can serve as a bed. lay flat; to lay in order; to place in a horizontal or recumbent position.  10. to settle, as machinery 11. to be delivered of child.
Bed phr "Be Brought To Bed" - to be confined to child-birth.
Bed phr "Bed and Board" - board(food/ meals) and lodging (shelter and a bed to sleep in).
Bed phr "Bed and Breakfast" - a guesthouse or private home, etc. where guests are provided with overnight accommodation and served breakfast, but usually no other meals.
Bed phr "Bed Down" - to lie down to sleep for the night, usually of livestock or machinery.   2. to put an animal to rest for the night. 3. provide straw as bedding.
Bed phr "Bed In" - to settle , make someone feel comfortable or at home. 2. in military action, lodge firmly in the ground in preparation for firing.
Bed phr "Bed of Roses" - situation of ease and pleasure. 2. easy, luxurious situation or life. 2. a delightful resting place, a comfortable or easy position. 3. antonym 'be no bed of roses'.
Bed phr "Bed of Thorns/Nails" - a situation of tribulation and anxiety. 2. annoying, embarrassing, painful situation.
Bed phr "Bed of Wedlock" -the marriage bed; marriage.
Bed phr "Bed Out" - (horticulture) transfer partly-grown plants from a greenhouse etc to bed in a garden.
Bed phr "Bed Something Down" - find a taker for something.
Bed phr "Bed Up" - to lie up in beds or strata against.
Bed phr "Bed With" - have casual sexual intercourse with.
Bed phr "Brought to Bed" - delivered of a child.
Bed phr "Get into Bed with" - enter a business contract with.
Bed phr "Get Out of Bed on the Wrong Side" - be disagreeable or grumpy.
Bed phr "Go or Get Into Bed With" - enter into a business agreement or contract with.
Bed phr "Go to Bed" - retire for the night. 2.have sexual intercourse. 3. of a newspaper; go to press.
Bed phr "Go to Bed With" - having sexual intercourse with.
Bed phr "Have One's Bed" - to give birth.
Bed phr "Keep One's Bed" - stay in bed because of illness
Bed phr "Leave One's Bed" - to recover from sickness.
Bed phr "Lie on One's Bed" - to accept the consequences of one's actions.
Bed phr "Make One's Bed" - tidy and arrange a bed for use.
Bed phr "Make One's Bed and (must)Lie on It" - to face the consequences of one's action
Bed phr "Put to Bed" - cause to go to bed. 2. make a newspaper ready for press.
Bed phr "Take to One's Bed" - stay in bed because of illness.
Be'dare vb To defy, stand against.
Be'dark vb To make or involve in darkness; dedarken.
Bedarken vb To involve in darkness. 2. figuratively, to become involve nefarious matter. 3. to denigrate.
Bedarkened adj Denigrated. 2. make dark. 3. nefarious.
Bedclothes n Sheets and blankets which a bed is covered with. 2. clothes worn in bed during sleep time.
Be'daughtered adj A rare or humorous word meaning 'that has or have a daughter or daughters, especially when unwanted.'
Be'dawn vb To overtake with dawn or daylight. 2. to dawn or dawe upon; fig. to realise or become aware of.
Be'dawning n The coming of dawn or daylight.
Bedbere n Pillar case.
Bedbroker n A pimp, hoon, pamperer.
Bedclothes n Coverings for a bed, such as sheets, blankets.
Bedde n A bedfellow
Bedded adj Put to bed. 2. provided with a bed. 3. taken to bed as a woman, bride, wife. 3. planted in a bed, as flowers or plants.
Bedded-in adj Of a plant, firmly established where it can grow and develop. 2. by extension, of a system that has been used for some time , and minor glitches have been removed and same improvements been added.
Bedder n One who beds. 2. a bedmaker, a maid, housemaid.
Bedding n The articles which compose a bed, esp. the mattress, etc and the bedclothes. 2. anything used to sleep on or in. 3. a litter for animals, as a horse or cow. 4. foundation. 5. arangemant of rocks esp. in beds or layers. 6. a putting to bed, esp. of a bride. 7. planting flowers in a bed.
Bedding n
Bedding phr "Feather bedding" - increasing unnecessary jobs solely to increase employment and make unemployment statistics politically favorable. 2. assisting an inefficient industry by government grants or excessive tariff protection.
Bede n A command, a bidding. 2. a prayer.
Be'dead n To deaden
Be'deaf vb To make death, to deafen completely.
Bedeafen vb To deafen.
Be'deal vb To deprive, bereave, to free of.
Bed-eel n A variety of small eel, that is found in clusters on the bottom of a river
Bedehouse n Beadhouse, an almshouse for poor people who pray daily for their benefactor
Be'delve vb To dig around or about; bury, cover up.
Bedesman n A petitioner, (beadsman) someone who seeks some type of favour from another, usually from a superior. 2. a man employed in prayer; especially who rays for another. 3. a poor man, supported in a bedehouse, and required to pray for the soul of its founder; an almsman. 4. a public almsman, are who received alms from the king and was expected in return to pay for the royal welfare and that of the state; a licenced beggar.
Be'devil vb To treat diabolically. 2. to possess with, or as with, a devil. 3. to torment, worry. 4. to play the devil with; to transform mischievously or bewilderingly.
Be'devil phr "Be Be-devilled" - to be possessed by the devil.
Be'dew vb To cover with dew (thoroughly). 2. to wet, make moist.
Be'dewed adj Covered, moisten or wet with dew.
Bedewing n A wetting with dew.
Be'dewy adj Dewy
Bedfast adj Confined to bed; bedridden.
Bedfellow n One who shares a bed with another.
Bedfellow n One who shares a bed, or sleeps with another, also fig.
Bedfellowship n The condition of being bedfellows.
Bedfere n Obsolete word for a bedfellow.
Bedframe n The frame or structure of a bed.
Bedful adj As many or as much as would fill a bed.
Bed geld n A fine paid to the lord on the marriage of his vassal
Bedground n The area of ground where a flock of livestock sleep.
Bedhead n The upper end of a bed.
Bedhop vb To be promiscous. 2. to have multiple sexual partners.
Bedhopper n One who is promiscuous or has multiple sexual partners.
Bedhopping n The act or practice of bed-hopping or having multiple sexual partner.
Be'dight vb To equip, furnish, apparel, array, bedeck.
Bedighting n Outfitting, furnishing, hence: property, attribute.
Be'dim vb To make dim. 2. to cover with dimness, becloud; especially eye, mind, memory.
Be'dimmed adj Obscured in brightness.
De'dimming adj That dims or obscures.
Be'dip vb To immerse, heat by dipping.
Be'dirt vb To make filthy. 2. to vilify.
Bedirten vb Fouled with dirt or excrement; befouled.
Bedirter n One who vilifies. 2. a vilifier.
Bedirty adj To dirty, soil, make dirty.
Bedless adj Without a bed; unprovided with a bed.
Bedlessness n The state of being without a bed. 2. homelessness.
Be'light vb To light up, illuminate, become lit up, shine, dawn
Bedlike adj Resembling a bed.
Bed-linen n Sheets and pillow cases; bedware; bedwear.
Bedmaker n A maker of beds. 2. one who arranges and "makes" beds.
Be'do vb. To put to, shut. 2. befoul, foul, defile with ordure. 3. to adorn, ornament, garnish.
Bed of Dust n "The Dustbed" - the grave, tomb.
Bed of Roses n Easy, luxurious situation or life. 2. a delightful resting place, a comfortable or easy position.
Bed of Thorns n Annoying, embarrassing, painful situation.
Bed of Wedlock n The marriage bed; marriage.
Be'dog vb To follow about like a dog.
Be'dogged adj Become like a dog.
Bedone adj Outwitted.
Bed out vb To transfer a young plant from an inside location, such as garden house, to an outside flower bed.
Bedoven adj Drenched, drowned, immersed.
Bedraw vb To draw or cast aside or away. 2. to draw away, seduce, decieve.
Be'dread vb To be in full dread. 2. to cause to fear greatly.
Be'drench vb To soak thoroughly; to saturate.
Bedrest n Confinement of an invalid to bed.
Bedrid adj Confined to bed through illness or infirmity. 2. worn out, decrepit, impotent.
Bedridden adj Confined to bed because of infirmity or illness. 2. bedfast, bedbound.
Bed-riddenness n State or quality of being bedridden. 2. confined to bed because of infirmity or illness.
Be'drift vb To drift all around, all about the surface.
Be'drive vb To drive about. 2. to commit, perpetrate. 3. to have to do with.
Bedrock n The solid rock beneath loose material as sand, etc.; fundamentals.
Bedrock phr "Bedrock of my Soul" - the fundamentals of one's soul.
Bedrock phr "Come Down to One's Bedrock" - Us slang: to the end of one resources; money.
Bedroom n A room in a house where a bed is kept for sl;eeping; sleeping quarters. 2.
Bedroomed adj having the indicated number of bedrooms
Bedroom eyes n Eyes that have a sexually suggestive expression.
Bedroomlike adj Resembling or characteristic of a bedroom
Bedroomy adj Resembling or characteristic of a bedroom, thus intimate or sleepy.
Be'drop vb To drop upon, cover, wet or sprinkle with drops. 2. to strew, intersperse.
Bed sharing n The act of engaging in sexual intercourse.
Bedsheet n A sheet, a piece of cloth cut and furnished as a bedliner.
Bedside n To the side of one's bed.
Bedsit n Also known as a bedsitter, a form of rented accomodation of a single room for use as both sitting room and bedroom; sometimes there may be a shared small kitchen area, washing and toilet facilities.
Bed-sitting room n One-roomed unit of accommodation usu. consisting of combined bedroom and sitting room with cooking facilities.
Bedsore n more often in the plural, a lesion caused by unrelieved pressure to any part of the body, esp. portions over boney or cartilaginous areas, such as frequently develops on a person confined to a bed by infirmity.
Bedspread n The topmost covering of a bed, often functioning as a balnket or coverlet.
Bedspring n one of the springs supporting a mattress.
Bedstead n The framework that supports the bed.
Bedstone n A large, heavy, flat stone used to support a column or similar member, or as the lower stone of an oil mill.
Bedstraw n Any of a herb genus Galium of the madder family, comprising some three hundred species.
Bedswerve vb To be unfaithful in marriage; to cheat, to commit infidelity.
Bedswerver n One who is unfaithful in marriage; an adulterer; a cheater.
Bed-thrall n A bedridden person; one confined to bed by illness.
Bedtime n The time or hour at which one typically goes to bed in order to sleep.
Bedtop n The top section of a four poster bed.
Be'dull vb To make or become throughly or excessively dull.
Be'dulling n The state or quality of being thoroughly or excessively dull.
Bedung vb To cover with dung or manure. 2. to daub or defile with dung.
Bedunged adj Covered or soiled with dung; old-fashioned, out-of-date.
Be'dusk vb To overtake with dusk, twilight or night.
Be'dust vb To cover with dust.
Be'dusted adj Covered or coated with dust, as 'be'dusted sidewalks.'
Bedwards adv In or towards a bed. 2. towards bedtime, just before going to bed.
Bedwarf vb To make a dwarf, to stunt or hinder the growth of a someone or something, to dwarf.
Bedwarm vb To warm a bed by means of a hotwater bottle or similar device.
Bedwarmer n One who warms a bed prior to or during the time another is occpying it. 2. sl. a casual sexual partner (slang)
Bedwear n Clothing to be worn in bed, nightwear, sleepwear.
Be'dwellan vb Mislead, lead into error
Bedwet vb To wet the bed, to experience bedwetting or enuresis, to wet the bed while asleep.
Bedwetter n One who wets the bed or suffers enuresis or wets the bed whilst asleep.
Bedwetting n The state or quality of wetting the bed or suffering enuresis or wetting the bed whilst asleep.
Bedwork n An irrigation system based on a series of beds and ridges.
Bedworthy adj Sexually attractive.
Bedworthiness n The quality of being sexually attractive.
Bee n Any of numerous hairy-bodied insects including social and solitary species. 2: a social gathering to carry out some communal task or to hold competitions, as a spelling bee. 2. an insect of the order Hymenoptera, and family Apid[ae] (the honeybees), or family Andrenid[ae] (the solitary bee.) 3. a neighborly gathering of people who engage in united labor for the benefit of an individual or family; as, a quilting bee.
Bee phr "Be a Busy Bee" - work with great diligent.
Bee phr "Bees and Honey"- Cockney slang for money.
Bee phr "Have Bees in the Head" - to be angry, choleric, cranky a little; have a head full bees; be crazy.
Bee phr "The Bee's Knees" - something outstandingly good.
Beeater n A brightly colored bird of the king-fisher family with a long bill and pointed wings.
Beebread n Honey or pollen used for food by bees.
Beech n A tree of the genus 'fagus' having a smooth, light grey trunk, oval-pointed leaves and many branches. 2. the wood of the beech tree.
Beechen adv Pertaining to or derived from the beech. 2. made of the wood of the beech tree.
Beechmast n The nuts of the beech.
Beechnut n The edible nut of the beech.
Beech-owl n The Tawny-owl.
Beechwood n The wood of the beech tree. 2. a wood or forest largely populated with beech trees.
Beechy adj Of or relating to beech trees.
Bee-drove n A great crowd, multitude, throng or teeming of people or other creatures.
Be'dwell vb To dwell near or about.
Beedom n The realm of the Bee.
Bee-friendly adj Of a habitat that is healthy and attracting to both honey-bee and native bees.
Beehive n An enclosed structure in which some species of honey bees (genus Apis) live and raise their young. 2. a man-made structure in which bees are kept for their honey. 3.(figuratively) any place full of activity, or in which people are very busy. 4. a type of anti-personnel ammunition round containing flechettes, and characterised by the buzzing sound made as they fly through the air.
Beehive n Fig. a place swarmimg with busy people, a hive of industry.
Beehive houses n Small stone structures of ancient date found in Ireland, with a circular room, resembling a beehive.
Beeishness n the quality of being like bees. 2. busyness (extreme)
Beek vb To suffuse with genial warmth. 2. to expose oneself to the pleasurable warmth of the sun. 3. to season or beek wood by exposure to heat. 4. to bask or beek oneself (in the sun)
Bee-keeper n A person who maintains hives and keeps bees, especially for the production of honey.
Beekeeping n The practice or profession of keeping and caring for caring for bees.
Beeking n The exposure to genial warmth or heat.
Be'elbow vb To elbow vigourously.
Bee-less adj Without or not having bees.
Bee-like adj Apian, resembling a bee or bees.
Beeline n A direct or quick way, path or trip.
Bee louse n An insect, Braula coeca, frequently found in honey-bee hives.
Bee moth n A general term for either of two species of wax moths.
Been n Plural of bee (obs)
Been ppl Past particle of the verb "to be."
Been phr "Been and Gone and Done It" - really, or finally, have finally done something that is unexpected, shocking, likely to cause trouble etc.
Been phr "Been There Done That" - an assertion that the speaker has personal experience or knowledge of a particular place or situation.
Been-to n A term usd in Africa and Asia for a person who has been to England, usually to undertake further education.
Beer n Be-er: one who exists, sometime specifically 'self-existent' as the great "I Am." 2. "The Be-er" - The Cause, The Divine-in-All; All Godhead Essence.
Beer n An alcoholic drink fermented from starch material commonly barley malt, often with hops or some other substance to impart a bitter flavor. 2. a fermented extract of the roots and other parts of various plants, as spruce, ginger, sassafras, etc. 3. a solution produced by steeping plant materials in water or another fluid. 4. a glass, bottle, or can of any of the above beverages. 5. a variety of the above beverages.
Beer vb To give a beer to someone (nonce)
Beer phr "Think No Small Beer of" - have an exaggerated opinion of own importance
Beerbellied adj Having a beer-beely; a stomach or fatty belly due to the over consumption of beer and fatty foods.
Beerbelly n An excess of fat stored in the abdomen, attibuted to consumption of beer.
Beerbottle n A bottle designed to carry beer.
Beercraft n The art or skill of brewing beer; beermaking; beerlore.
Beer-drinker n One who drinks beer on a frequent or regular basis.
Beer-gut n A beer belly; an excess of fat stored in the abdomen, attibuted to consumption of beer.
Beerhall n A large german public-house that speciales in various types of beers
Beerhead n A drunk, one frequently intoxicate due to over consumption of beer.
Beerhood n The beer-drinking class or set.
Beerhouse n A tavern that sells beer.
Beerily adj In a beery manner, while smelling of, or under the influence of beer.
Beeriness n A beery quality or condition.
Beerish adj Having the nature or property of beer.
Beerishly adv In a beery or beerish fashion.
Beerless adj Without or unprovided with beer.
Beer-lore n Beerlore, knowledge, study, history, or science of beer-making; beercraft, brewology.
Beermaker n One who makes beers; a brewer.
Beermonger n Brewers and sellers of beer and lagers.
Beershop n A shop selling beer
Beer-up n A drinking bout or party.
Beerware n A computing term, (often humorous.) software that can be used under a relaxed licence with the user encouraged to pay for the software by a donating to its author enough money to buy a beer.
Beery adj Characterised by beer or influenced by, or under the influence of, beer. 2. pertaining to the taste or smell of beer. 4. discolored with beer slops.
Bees and Honey n Cockney slang for money.
Bee's knees n Something or someone excellent or otstanding.
Beest n The first milk of a cow (or any animal) 2. a disease caused by drinking beesting milk.
Bee-sting n A hyperdermic puncture from an anthophila resulting in envenomation and often involving the penetration and lodging of a sting. 2. a bee-bite.
Beestings n Beest: the first milk of a mammal. 2. a disease caused by the imbibing beestings.
Bee-swarm n A swarm of bees.
Beeswax n A wax secreted by bees from which they make honeycomb or the processed form of this ware used in the manufacture of various goods. 2. colloquial in phrases "mind your beeswax" and "none of your beeswax."
Beet n Plant of the N.O. Chenopodiacae
Beet vb To make good, amend, make amends for, better, correct faults, . 2. mend, heal wound. 2. to bring into a better state, reform, put right. 3. to make good misdeeds or evil ways. 4. relieve hunger thirst or any form of want; to supply the wants of. 5. to relieve, help, assist (a person in need or trouble)
Beet phr "Beet a Fire" - to kindle, add fuel, keep up, feed a fire. 2. to
Beet phr "Beet One's Own Bale" - to put right one's own shortcomings or misdeeds.
Beeting vb To repent, relieve hunger, thirst, any sign of want, assist, help
Beeting n The action of making good, pairing, mending. 2. the action of kindling a fire.
Beetle n A class name for insects of the coleopterus order.
Beetle n Instrument, made usually of wood, heavy in weight or 'head' and with a handle or stock , used driving wedges or pegs.
Beetle vb To beat with a beetle, in order to thresh, crush, flatten.
Beetle vb To fly off, as a beetle. 2. to go one's own way. 3. to emboss fabrics.
Beetle phr "Beetle off" - hurry, scurry, scurry away.
Beetle-brow vb To lift up the eyebrow. 2. to scowl. 3. to project, overhang. 4. to hang threateningly.>>>>>>>
Beetle-browed adj Having prominent brows. 2. having shaggy or bushy eyebrows. 3. scowly, surly, reproachful. 4. of a ridge of a mountain, as projecting or tree-covered.?????????
Beetledness adj The state or quality of being beetled.
Beetlehead n The stupid fellow; a blockhead. 2. a black-bellied plover (squartarola belvedere)
Beetheaded adj Stupid, dull, lacking mental alertness.
Beetleskin n (Slang.) a condom.
Beetling n The embossing of fabrics. 2. the action of beating with a beetle.
Beet-need n The need to relieve or be relieved of any wants.
Beetroot n A normally deep red coloured cultivar of the beetroot vegetable usually cooked or pickled before eating.
Beetrooty adj Of the nature or appearance of beetroot.
Bee-wine n Nectar.
Beewort n Acorus calamus. 2. sweet flag.
Beey adj Reembling or containing bees.
Befall n A circumstance, case, incident, accident. 2. fair befall or foul befall.
Befalling n Happening, occurence, chance, event.
Befalling adj Appertainig, appropriate, fitting.
Be'fang vb To lay hold of, sieze, grasp, catch, clutch. 2. to take hold on; begin or commence upon. 3. to encompass, enclose, contain, comprehend.
Befangled adj Smartly dressed or decorated, bedizened.
Be'feather vb To bedeck or cover in feathers
Be'feathered adj Covered or augmented with feathers.
Be'fight vb To deprive of by fighting. 2. to fight against; to do battle with.
Be'fighting n Battling, fighting against.
Be'file vb In modern usage: befoul. 2. to make foul or dirty; to defile.
Be'find vb To find, discover. 2. invent, contrive. 3. to be found behind.
Be'finger vb To finger all over.
Befit vb To be suited to, or fit for. 2. agree with, be in harmony with. 3. to become of moral fitness. 4. to be incumbent upon, as a duty or task. 5. to be right for. 6. to fit out.
Befitting adj Fitting, suitable, becoming, due.
Befittingly adv In a befitting manner, suitably, becomingly.
Befittingness n The quality of being fitting, appropriateness.
Be'flay vb To flay, strip, peel.
Be'flea vb To infest with fleas.
Be'fleet vb To flow about or flow swifty over.
Be'flood vb To flood around, over or all about. 2. inundate.
Be'flow vb To flow by about or around. 2. to flow all over, to overflow.
Be'fly vb To fly about. 2. to fly (flee)from; shun, escape.
Be'foam vb To cover with foam.
Be'fold vb To fold up, wrap up, envelope.
Be'fong vb To lay hold on. 2. sieze, grap, catch. 2. to take hold on, beging or commence upon. 3. to encompass, enclose, comprehend.
Before adv Earlier in time; previously; earlier, before. 2. at or in the front; ahead, in front,
Before prp (OE. beforen, biforen, before, in front of; preceding in space; ahead of; as, as to stand before the fire. 2. preceding in time; earlier than; previously to; anterior to the time when; in order that. 3. an advance of; farther onward, in place or time. 4. prior or preceding in dignity, order, rank, right, or worth; rather than. 5. in presence or sight of; face to face with; facing. 6. under the cognizance or jurisdiction of. 7. open for; free of access to; in the power of. 8. on the fore part; in front, or in the direction of the front; - opposed to in the rear. 9. on the fore part; in front, or in the direction of the front; -- opposed to in the rear. 10. in advance. "I come before to tell you." --Shak. 11. in time past; previously; already. 12. earlier; sooner than; until then.
Before phr "Be Beforehand With" - to anticipate.
Before phr "Before and After" - that describing a changing or changed situation and showing the difference made by the changes. 2. the and now.
Before phr "Before God" - a solemn oath meaning 'As God see me'. 2. I swear, vow, solemnly; as God is my witness.
Before phr "Before Long" - soon.
Before phr "Before One Knows Where One Is" - very quickly, or suddenly; very soon.
Before phr "Before One Says Jack Robinson" - very quickly; or suddenly; soon.
Before phr "Before the Lights" - theatrical parlance: on the stage.
Before phr "Before the Mast" - be an ordinary seaman.
Before phr "Before the Wind" - of a ship sailing directly into the wind.
Before phr "Before Time" - before the due or expected time.
Before phr "Of Before" - aforetime, former.
Before-dark adj Before night begins to fall. 2. from morning until evening, in the daytime before sunset.
Before-come adv To present early than required or requested.
Before-gird vb To surround, beset, besiege.
Before-goer n One who has gone before, a predecessor. 2. an ancestor.
Before-going adj Aforegoing, antecedents, prior, earlier, former, previous.
Before-graithe vb To prepare, make ready beforehand.
Before-had adv Held, had or obtain prior or previously.
Beforehand n In a state of preoccupation(often followed by with.)
Beforehand adv At an earlier or preceding time. 2. in advance, in anticipation.
Beforehand adj In comfortable circumstances as regards to property; forehanded.
Beforehand phr "Be Beforehand With" - anticipate; forestall.
Before-know adv Already known
Before-long adj Soon, almost immediately.
Before-math adj What precedes or produces a particular outcome. 2. events that have yet to occur; or are in the process of occurring. (antonym)
Before-named adj Named or mentioned previously.
Beforeness n Anteriority, pre-existence, priority.
Before-ripe adj Premature.
Before-runner n A prelude, precursor,
Before-said adj Treated or mentioned beforehand or alreaday. 2. aforesaid.
Before-say vb To predict, foretell.
Before-sayer n Prophet, seer
Before-see vb To predict, foretell,
Before-show vb Show or reveal beforehand.
Before-speaker n Prophet
Before-take vb To anticipate,
Before-tell vb Predict, reveal prior to
Be'foretime adv Formerly, previously, in former time, in a time preceding. 2. aforetime.
Before-told adj Informed or made known prior to the present
Before-warn vb Cuation or warn beforehand.
Before-weave vb To fringe, hem in or around.
Before-witting n Foreknowledge.
Before-written adj Written prior to the present time.
Befoul vb To make foul or dirty. 2. cover with filth, defile, (often moral filth or turpitude). 3. to entangle or run against so aqs to impede motion.
Befoul phr "To (Be)foul One's Own Nest" - harm, discredit oneself (through actions, behaviour near to home)
Befouler n One who befouls, makes dirty, spoils, soils, entangles.
Befriend vb To be a friend of, to make friends with; to befriend a stranger. 2. to act as a friend, to help, assist, to favour.
Befriender n One who befriends, makes friends, is friendky with, assists. faqvours.
Befriending n The action or act of being a friend to.
Beft vb To strike, give a blow to, slap, bash; buffet
Be'gallow vb To terrify, horrify.
Be'gem vb To adorn or stud with gems and jewel
Beget n The action of acquiring, acquisition, gaining, advantage, gain, profit, spoils of war (booty, loot.) 2. the thing acquired, acquisition, acquiremqnt, gain, proceeds. 3. procreation, generation, begetting. 5. progeny, offspring.
Beget vb To cause to be, produce, produce a child, sire. 2. to father (rarely of a mother.) 3. to happen, befall.
Begetel n Profitable advantage, profitability.
Begetter n One who begets, a procreator. 2. fig & transfig. - the agent that originates, produces or occasions. 3. God, the Creator, the begetter of the souls of other gods.
Begetting n The action or process of generating, also the result of the action of, progeny.
Begetting adj Producing creative as in 'life-begetting,' 'a self-begetting wonder'.
Beghast vb To fill with shock, awe, wonder, or amazement, enthuse, inspire.
Be'ghost vb To make a ghost of. 2. to endow with a spirit or soul.
Be'gift vb To entrust, endow; to give. Gift etymology of.
Be'gild vb To cover with gold or to gild.
Begin vb To take the first step or steps in carrying out an action. 2. to get down, begin, get, start out, start, set about, set out, commence. 3. to have a beginning, in a temporal, spatial, or evaluative sense. 4. to set in motion, cause to start; lead off, start, commence. 5. to begin to speak or say. 6. tobe the first item or point, constitute the beginning or start, come first in a series. have a beginning, of a temporal event. 8. to have a beginning characterized in some specified way. 9. to begin an event that is implied and limited by the nature or inherent function of the direct object; begin, start. 10. to achieve or accomplish in the least degree, usually used in the negative. 11. begin to speak, understand, read, and write a language. 12. to have or commence an independent or first existence; to take rise; to commence. 13. to do the first act or the first part of an action; to enter upon or commence something new, as a new form or state of being, or course of action; to take the first step; to start. 14. To enter on; to commence. 15. to trace or lay the foundation of; to make or place or beginning of. 16. to commence; originate; set about; start.
Begin n O.E. ('gin' - trap, circa 1250) to entrap, snare.
Begin phr "Begin With" - firstly; initially, at the beginning, to start with. 2. in the first place, first and foremost; to start with.
Beginner n Someone who has set something in motion. 2. someone who has just recently staarted at something.
Beginning n The act of doing that which begins anything; commencement of an action, state, or space of time; entrance into being or upon a course; the first act, effort, or state of a succession of acts or states. 2. that which is begun; a rudiment or element. 3. that which begins or originates something; the first cause; origin; source. 4. the initial portion of some extended thing. 5. act of doing that which begins anything): commencing, start, starting. 6. that which is begun; rudiment or element): element, embryo, rudiment 7. that which begins or originates something): origin, source, start, commencement. 8. that initial portion of some extended thing): head, start
Beginning phr "Beginning of the End" - the first clear sign of a final result.
Beginning phr "Beginning With" - in the first place; as the first thing.
Beginning phr "Everything Must Have a Beginning" - most great undertakings were very small at first. Beginnings, by nature necessarily small, and everything must have a beginning. For those who have not got very far in their careers or in any other aspect of life, keep trying you will make it.
Beginning phr "Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending." - a good start is more likely to result in a successful outcome.
Beginning phr "In the beginning." - from the start of commencement. 2. from the get-go.
Beginningless adj Without a beginning or creation; uncreated.
Beginning-lessness n The state or condition of being without a beginning.
Begird vb To put a belt round the body. 2. to fasten a sword around one's waist by means of a belt. 2. to encircle, encompass, enclose with. 3. to beset in hostile battle, besiege.
Be'girding n The act of girding about, all around or encircling.
Be'girdle vb To encompass or bind, as with a belt
Be'girt vb To surround, encompass, enclose.
Be'glum vb To make sullen, dejected, gloomy
Be'gnaw vb To gnaw at, to erode, nibble, corrode.
Be'go vb To go about, ecompass, surround with hostile intent, to beset, besiege, overrun. 2. to clothe, dress. 3. to effect, with good or bad influence, or as acircumstance or situation. 4. bewend.
Be'god vb Deify, to make a god of.
Be'godding n The action of making a god of, or deifying (lit. & fig.)
Be'gold vb To cover with gold, make golden; begild, gild.
Be'gone vb To be all over or finished. 2. be past, cease to be, cease to exist, die, die out, dwindle, go away, disperse, pass from sight.
Be'gore vb To smear with blood, filth, ordure, dung.
Begotten adj Procreated, as in 'the first and only-begotten son or daughter.'
Be'grave vb OE: to dig. bury a corpse, to hearse or place in a coffin.
Be'grede vb To cry about, weep for, lament. 2. to cry out against. 3. upbraid, reproach, accuse.
Be'grip(e) vb Apprehend, seize, catch hold of, hold fast. 2. to take in, contain, hold in, comprehend. 3. to take to task, reprimand.
Beguilt vb To make guilty, cause to sin. 2. to impute with guilt or fault. 3. blame or accuse.
Beguilty adj Render guilty, burden with a sense of guilt.
Be'gun adj That have or has begun.
Be'had vb Beholden, indebted.
Behalf n Advantage; favor; stead; benefit; interest; profit; support; defense; vindication
Behalf phr "For the Behalf of" - to the interest of.
Behalf phr "On The Behalf" - to do in the interest of. 2. to do in place of or in the stead of.
Be'hallow vb To make thoroughly holy.
Be'hang vb To hang a thing, such as drapery or curtains.
Be'hap vb To befall, happen, behappen.
Behat vb To place a hat upon someone's head.
Be'hate vb Hate with great intent, to detest, loathe.
Behave vb To conduct oneself in a specified or particular way, esp. in relation to others; to exhibit behaviour. 2. to act, react, function or perform in a particular way. 3. to conduct oneself properly.
Behave phr "Behave Oneself" - to act in a proper manner.
Behave phr "Behave Towards" - treat in specific way.
Behaved adj Conducted, mannered as 'well-behaved, ill-behaved.'
Behaving n Conduct, behaviour
Be'head vb To remove the head. 2. cut someone's head off. 3. decapitate.
Beheaded adj To have one's head cut off or decapitate.
Beheading n The action of cutting off the head. 2. execution by decapitation.
Beheading adj That severs the head by decapitation.
Be'heart vb To enamour, ravish.
Be'heaven vb To endow with celestial bliss. 2. to beatify
Behele vb To conceal, cover, envelope (lit. & fig.)
Be'hell vb To torture as with the pain of hell. 2. give'hell' to.
Be'helm vb To cover, cover over (hill). 2. to cover with a helmet.
Be'help vb To help with, give assistance to. 2. to help, aid. assist
Be'hem vb To enclose on all sides. 2. to hem around
Behest n A vow, promise, as 'the land of behest' - the land of promise. 2. a command, promise, injunction. 3. a command, bidding, sometimes an authoritative requset.
Behest vb To promise vow.
Behesting n Bidding, command
Behete n A command, vow, promise.
Beheter n A promiser or one who promises.
Beheting n a promise, vow.
Be'hew vb Cut, cut down, carve.
Be'hide vb To hide away, to conceal.
Be'hie vb Make hast, to hie oneself.
Behight n Promise (behote)
Behight vb To vow, promise. 2. to encourage expectation, hold out hope of life, recovery. 3. to grant, deliver. 4. to command, bid, order. 5. to call name. 6. to speak, invoke.
Behighted adj Promised
Behighter n Promiser.
Behind n The rear, back-end. 2. butt, bottom, buttocks.
Behind adv At the back part; in the rear.  2. toward the back part or rear; backward. look behind. 4. Overdue, in arrears. 5.slow; of a watch or clock. 6. existing afterwards. 6. backward in time or order of succession; past. 7. behind the scenes in a theatre; backstage. 8. (archaic) not yet brought forward, produced, or exhibited to view; out of sight; remaining. 9. at the back part; in the rear
Behind prp Behind, at the back of. 2. to the back of. 3. after, time- or motion-wise. 4. responsible for. 5. in support of. 6. left a distance by, in progress or improvement; inferior to.  7. in back of; to the rear of.
Behind phr "Be Behind (it's) Time" - anachronistic, overly conservative, erroneous in date.
Behind phr "Be (Act or Do) Behind Someone's Back" - to do without someone knowledge. 2. to be secretly, with stealth, surreptiously.
Behind phr "Be Behind the Bit" -of a horse not taking the bit between it's teeth. 2. generally not taking or warming to a task.
Behind phr "Be Behind the Wheel" - in control of a motor vehicle; at the wheel.
Behind phr "Behind Someone's/One's Back" - do in a way which deliberately conceals an activity from a person.
Behind phr "Behind the Times" - antiquated;; old-fashioned; out-of-date.
Behind phr "Behind Time" - late.
Behind phr "Come From Behind" - win after lagging.
Behind phr "Fall Behind" - to be in arrears with.
Behind phr "Put (Something)Behind One" - refuse to consider.
Behindhand adv In arrears, in a state of insolvency, in debt. 2. entitled to money which is in arrear, (as a creditor) 3. behind time, late, too late, after the event, out of date, behind the times. 4. in a state of behindwardness; less advance than others. 5. ill-provided or prepared. 6. in an incomplete state, unfinished, inchoate. 7. backwards, tardy, hanging back. 8. the state of being backwards.
Behindwards adv In a direction that is behind.
Behither adv On this side of. 2. on the nearer side. 3. short of barring; save.
Behold vb To see or look at.
Beholden vb To be obligated to provide, display or do something for another. 2. bound by moral obligation, or obliged to do, to be indebt to.
Beholder n One who beholds, a watcher, looker-on, spectator, observer. 2. someone who observes or beholds.
Beholding adj Morally, obligated or indebted to. 2.
Beholdingness n The condition of being beholding. 2. beholding to anyone or others. 3. obligation, indebtness, dependence.
Be'honey vb To smear or sweeten with honey. 2. fig. 'with behoied words.'
Behoof vb Advantage or benefit (archaic)
Behoot n Benefit, advantage, use. 2. obligation, duty. 3. a gift for benefit of the recipient. 4. benefactor. 5. gratuity, tip.
Behoove vb To suit or befit. 2. to be necessary. 3. to be in one's best interest; benefit.
Behoting n Promising, promise.
Behove vb Be incumbent on.
Behoveful adj Advantageous, expedient, needful, necessary, due.
Behovefully adv Usefully, profitably, dutifully, necessarily
Behovefulness n The quality of being behoveful; usefulness, use.
Behoven adj Under obligation; beholding.
Behovesome adj Useful, of service
Behoving adj Needful, useful, incumbent, appropriate
Behovingly adv As it behoves one, usefully, appropriately
Be'hung adj Draped.
Be'husband vb To economise to the full.
Beild n Beeld, bield, a place, shelter, refuge.
Being n A living creature. 2. the state or fact of existence, consciousness, or life, or something in such a state. 3. in philosophy, that which has actuality (materially or in concept). 4. in philosophy: one's basic nature, or the qualities thereof; essence or personality. 5. (obsolete) an abode; a cottage; a bein.
Being phr "Being for (it)self : literal rendering of german 'fursichseyn' meaning conscious being; being as actuality.
Being phr "Being-for-Others" - a new dimension of being in which my self exists outside as an object for others.
Being phr "Being-in-(it)self: being that lacks conscious awareness. 2. being as mere potentiality'
Being phr "Being-itself' - being as 'infiniitive' and uncharacterizable.
Being phr "Being-with" - human existence, regarded as membership of the community of persons. "a certain... complacency...'seems to pervade the world of mutual being with...'
Being phr "For the Time Being" - temporarily.
Being conj Given that, since.
Beingdom n The realm or domain of living creatures or beings.
Beinghood n The state of being or existing; existence.
Beingful adj Full of being or existing, lively.
Beingless adj Non-existent, that has or is of no being
Beingly adj Of or pertaining to one's being or existence. 2. existing, extant. 3. true, real, actual.
Beingness n Entity, actuality, the quality of existence
Be'ken(d) vb To make known, to declare, to show. 2. to deliver. 3. to command or commit. 4. to take care.
Bekend adj Known.
Bekenning n Knowledge; acquaintance.
Be'kiss vb To kiss repeatedly, smooch, cover with kisses.
Be'knight vb To make a knight, confer a knighthood upon.
Be'knit vb To knit, to girdle or encircle.
Be'knotted adj Tied or covered with knots.
Be'knottedness n The state or quality of being beknotted, knotted again and again or covered or entangled in knots..
Be'knowledge vb To acknowledge
Be'known adj Known, acquainted, familiar.
Be'knowning n Confession, acknowledgement.
Be'ladle vb To pour out with a ladle.
Be'land vb To bereave or deprive one of his land or territory, 2, to confiscate.
Be'last vb To load.
Belasted adj Burdened, charged, bound.
Belate vb To retard, hold back, dealy. 2. to cause something to be late.
Belated adj Tardy, later, overdue.
Belatedly adv In a belated manner.
Belatedness n The quality or state of being belated. 2. slowness, bckwardness
Be'lawgive vb To give, make or proclaim into a law
Belay vb To lay (a thing) about with other objects(ie. by putting them around it. 2. to surround, environ, enclose, invest etc. 3. to set about with ((ornamentation); to lay with a margin. 4. to beset with armed men, to besiege beleaguer. 5. to beset a line (a way or passage) with armed men so as to intercept the enemy, or with anything for use of those who pass. 6. to waylay, lie in wait (for a person.) 7. to invest (words) with a sense of meaning. 8. to expound or explain in some way. 9. to illustrate by evidence or action. 10. to encircle, clasp or coil around. 11. to make fast, tie, sieze.
Belay n A turn or fastening of a rope by belaying.
Belay phr "Belay my Last" - to ignore what I just said; previous order or request is retracted.
Be'layer n One who secures a rope to a person, rock or other projection. 2.
Belaying n A lying in wait. 2. to coil ropes around things.
Belch n The sound one makes when belching.
Belch vb To expel gas loudly from the stomach through the mouth. 2. to issue with spasmodic force or noise. 3. expel gas from the stomach through the mouth
Belcher n One who belches.
Belching n The act of belching.
Belchingly adv In a belching manner.
Belchy adj Somewhat and inclined to belching.
Belead vb To lead away; lead astray. 2. to conduct, lead, use.
Beleave vb To leave behind, abandon. 2. to be left, to remain.
Beleaving adj Remaining steadfast, enduring, persevering. 2. that which is left, remaining.
Belewe vb Betray,
Be'lick vb To lick or lick about.
Belie vb To lie around, ecncompass. 2. to lie with an army army round, to beleaguer. 2. to lie with carnally. 3. to lie near, to pertain to, to belong to. 4. to be pertinent or proper.
Belied adj Caluminated, falsified, false.
Belief n Mental acceptance of a claim as likely true.  2. faith or trust in the reality of something; often based upon one's own reasoning, trust in a claim, desire of actuality, and/or evidence considered. 3. the quality or state of believing. 4. religious faith; one's religious or moral convictions.
Belief phr "Beyond Belief" - incredible.
Belief phr "The Belief" - the Apostle's creed.
Belief phr "To the Best of One's Belief" - in my genuine opinion.
Belief-bane n Atheism.
Belief-ful adj Full of faith, believing
Belief-fulness n The quality of being full of belief or faith.
Beliefless adj Without faith or believing, atheistic, godless.
Belief-fullessness n State or quality of being without faith or belief; atheism.
Belier n One who belies.
Believe vb To accept as true, particularly without absolute certainty (i.e., as opposed to knowing)  2. to accept that someone is telling the truth. 3. to have religious faith; to believe in a greater truth.
Believe phr "Believe In" - to ascribe existence to. 2. to believe that something is right or desirable. 3. to have confidence in; trust in. 4. feel sure of the existence.
Believe phr "Believe It or Not" - you may not believe the following, but it is true.
Believe phr "Believe No Talk from a Foe's Tongue" - be cautious of those who are likely to deceive or betray you.
Believe phr "Believe of" - believe that somebody is capable of a certain kind of action.
Believe phr "Believe One's Ears/Eyes" - accept as truth what one sees or hears.
Believe phr "Believe You Me" - an emphatic form of believe me - meaning you had better believe me (the speaker.)
Believe phr "Make Believe" - to pretend, fancy.
Believe phr "Not Believe a Word of It" - not believe; evenly partly what one has said.
Believe phr "Would You Believe" - believe it or not?
Believer n A person who believes, especially in regard to religion.
Believing adj Belief; to believe something is right.
Believingly adv In a believing manner
Belight vb To make light, illuminate.
Belike vb To make like, simulate, to be like to, to resemble. 2. to be pleasing to, to please, like, to be pleased with. 2. to be beloved, liked or loved.
Belike adv To appearance; like, likely, in all likelihood,likely to do something, probably, not unlikely, perhaps, possibly,
Beliked adj Beloved, liked.
Belikely adv Likely.
Be'lim(b) vb To cut off a limb or the limbs; to dismember. 2. to mutilate, disfigure.
Be'lime vb To besmear with lime or bird-lime.
Belimp vb (OE: limpan: to happen) to happen, to occur, befall. 2. to pertaining, belong to, to befit.
Belirt vb Deceive, cheat, fool, befool.
Belittle vb To knowingly say that something is smaller or less than it actually is. 2. to disparage, denigrate, vilipend, derogate.
Belittler n One who knowingly says that something is smaller or less than it actually is. 2. a person who disparages, denigrates, vilipends, derogates others.
Belittlingly adv In a belittling way.
Belive vb Remain, live on, survive, abide, continue.
Belive adv Sometimes 'blive.' - with speed, with haste, quickly, eagerly, gladly. 2. as quickly or as soon as possible, forthwith, before long. 3. immediately, directly; by-and-bye.
Belived phr "In Evil Belived" - evil living, of ill-like.
Belively adv Quickly, at once.
Bell n A percussive instrument made of metal or other hard material, typically but not always in the shape of an inverted cup with a flared rim, which resonates when struck. 2. the sounding of a bell as a signal; in the UK, (informal) a telephone call. 3. a signal at a school that tells the students when a class is starting or ending. 4. (music) The flared end of a brass or woodwind instrument. 5. (nautical) any of a series of strokes on a bell (or similar), struck every half hour to indicate the time (within a four hour watch) 6. the flared end of a pipe, designed to mate with a narrow spigot. 7. (computing) a device control code that produces a beep (or rings a small electromechanical bell on older teleprinters etc.). 8. anything shaped like a bell, such as the cup or corolla of a flower. 9.(architecture) the part of the capital of a column included between the abacus and neck molding; also used for the naked core of nearly cylindrical shape, assumed to exist within the leafage of a capital. 10. in combinations such as: 'bridebell' - a bell rung to announce a wedding. 'door-bell:' 'night-bell' 'lich-bell'(funeral) 'death-bell' - a bell to announce a death.
Bell n The cry of an animal. 2. the bellow of a stag at rutting time.
Bell vb To attach a bell to, as in 'Who will bell the cat?' 2. to furnish or provide with a bell. 3. to shape so that it flares out like a bell. 4. slang, to make telephone call.  5. to develop bells or corollas; to take the form of a bell; to blossom. 6. to bellow, bellow forth, utter, roar, make a loud voice as the bellow or bay of certain animals, such as a hound on the hunt or a stag at rutting.
Bell n Combinations such as: 'bridebell' - a bell rung to announce a wedding. 'door-bell:' 'night-bell' 'lich-bell'(funeral) 'death-bell' - a bell to announce a death
Bell phr "Be A Warning Bell to" - be a warning to.
Bell phr "Bells and Whistles" - imaginative variations.
Bell phr "Bear (Away) the Bell" - to take the first place or lead; to be or have foremost position.
Bell phr "Bell the Book" - a frequent asservation in the Middle Ages referring to the term of excommunication.
Bell phr "Bell the Cat" - to undertake a dangerous action to the service of a group. (possible etymology is from an old fable in which mice went to put an old bell around a cat's neck, but cannot agree who should do it.)
Bell phr "Curse by, Bell, Book and Candle" - an erstwhile ceremony of excommunication in the Roman Catholic Church, when after sentence was read from a book read from a book, a bell was tolled as for the dead, and the candle was extingished..
Bell phr "Ring a Bell" - to be reminded (of something,) 2. revive a different memory.
Bell phr "Ring the Hallowed Bell" - consecrated bells were believed to be able o disperse storms and pestilence, drive away devils, and extinguish fires.
Bell phr "Right on the Bell" - to the last possible moment.
Bell phr "That Rings the Bell" - that strikes a chord, that sounds familiar, the reminds one of something.
Bell phr "Tolling the Bell for Church" - the church-going bell was during days before the Reformation rung as a ave bell inviting parishioners to a preparatory prayer to the Virgin.
Bell phr "Warming the Bell" - a nautical phrase, doing something before the proper time.
Bell phr "Who is to Bell the Cat" - who will risk his own life to save his neighbours.
Bellbird n Any of various species of birds with abell-like call.
Bellbloom n The hedge convolvus; in some parts of England this name is given to the daisy.
Bell-bottom adj A style of trousers or pants (bell-bottoms) in which the end of each pantleg flares out from the knee down, like the mouth of a bell.
Bell-dream n The sound or music of a bell.
Bell-end n (slang) - the glans penis. 2. a stupid or contemptible person.
Bell-house n The belfry of a church.
Bell-like adj Similar or like a bell in shape and sound.
Belling n The roaring of an animal; the bell. 2. the cry of the deer in rutting. 3. crying, the roaring or bellowing of humans.
Bellmaker n Someone who makes bells; a bell-founder.
Bell-making n
Bellman n A town crier who attracts attention by ringing a hand bell.
Bellow n A loud hollow roar, as of a bull, cannon etc. 2. a loud outcry; any deep cry.
Bellow vb To roar like a bull. 2. to shout loudly 3. to make a loud outcry. 4 to roar as a cannon. 5. to bawl, clamor, vociferate.
Bellows n A device for delivering pressurized air in a controlled quantity to a controlled location. At its most simple terms a bellows is a container which is deformable in such a way as to alter its volume which has an outlet or outlets where one wishes to blow air.  2. any flexible container or enclosure, as one used to cover a moving joint. 3. bellows: the lungs. 4. flexible, light-tight enclosures connecting the lensboard and the camera back.
Bell-penny n Money put aside by someone to pay for their own funeral; or the ringing of the bell during their funeral.
Bellrope n The handle; wire or cord by which a bell is rung.
Bell-shaped adj Having a shape of cross-section, like a cross-section of a bell.
Bellwether n A chief or leader (mostly contemptuous.)
Bellwether phr "Bellwether Of the Flock" - a jocose and rather deprecatory applied to the leader of a party. the allusions is to the wether or sheep which leads the flock with a bell around or fastened to its neck.
Bellwethering n The fact of leading or being lead like a sheep.
Bell-wetherish-ness n A tendency to follow the one who takes the lead.
Bellwort n N.O. Campanulaceae
Belly n The abdomen. 2. the stomach, especially a fat one. 3. the womb. 4. the lower fuselage of an airplane. 5. the part of anything which resembles the human belly in protuberance or in cavity; the innermost part. 6. the belly of a flask, muscle, sail, or ship. 7. (architecture) the hollow part of a curved or bent timber, the convex part of which is the back 8. formerly, all the splanchnic or visceral cavities were called bellies: the lower belly being the abdomen; the middle belly, the thorax; and the upper belly, the head. 8. the part of anything resembling a belly, a protrubence.
Belly vb To position one's belly. 2. to swell and become protuberant; to bulge. 3. to cause to swell out; to fill.
Belly phr "Go Belly Up" - to fail, esp. financially.
Belly phr "Have/Had a Bellyful" - to have more than enough anoyance or disppointment.
Belly phr "Have Eyes Bigger than One's Belly" - to eat more than one needs to eat.
Belly phr "Have Fire in One's Belly" - have great enthusiasm.
Belly phr "The Belly Has No Ears" - a hungry person will not listen to advice or argument.
Belly-ache n A pain in the belly, stomach, abdomen.
Belly-friend n A parasite (slang)
Bellyful n As much as the belly will contain
Belly-god n A glutton, epicure.
Belly-landing n A landing of an aircraft without the landing gear being deployed.
Belly-laugh n A deep, hearty laugh. 2. a boisterous laugh, guffaw.
Belly-timber n Food, provender.
Be'lock vb To lock, or fasten with a lock.
Belong vb To have its proper place. 2. to be accepted in a group. 3. to be part of a group. 4. to be the property of. 5. to be the guardian, spouse or partner of. 6. to be an element of.
Belonger n One or that which belongs. 2. one who has membership status. 3. one who has close ties to a specific overseas territory, normally by ancestry, and therefore is granted certain rights.
Belongingness n The state of having the properties appropriate to belonging. 2.the state or condition of belonging.
Belongings n Possessions or personal items, usually tangible ones.
Belongership n The status of one who is, a belonger. 2. one who has membership status.
Be'look vb To look. 2. to look at, consider. 3. to look about one, cast one's eyes about.
Be'louke vb To close or shut a door. 2. to shut a person in or out. 3. to enclose, encompass. 4. to ondicate in an expression.
Be'lout vb To decieve. 2. to call someone a lout. 3. to address or speak to someone in contemptous language.
Be'love vb To please, to be pleasing to. 2. to be pleased with, approve of, like. 3. to love.
Beloved n One who is beloved, a loved one.
Beloved adj Loved,
Be'lovedly adv So as to be beloved.
Belovedness n The state or condition of being beloved.
Beloving n Liking, pleasure.
Belovingly adv In a beloving or loving manner.
Below prp An Old English??????? borrowing (Low) from Old Norse.: see beneath; benither.
Belt n A band worn around the waist to hold clothing to one's body (usually pants), hold weapons (such as a gun or sword), or serve as a decorative piece of clothing. 2. band used as a restraint for safety purposes, such as a seat belt. 3. a band that is used in a machine to help transfer motion or power. 4. anything that resembles a belt, or that encircles or crosses like a belt; a strip or stripe, as a belt of trees. 5. (astronomy) a collection of rocky-constituted bodies (such as asteroids) which orbit a star. 6. (astronomy) one of certain girdles or zones on the surface of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, supposed to be of the nature of clouds. 7. a powerful blow, often made with a fist or heavy object. 8. quick drink of liquor.

9. geographical region known for a particular product, feature or demographic, as (Corn Belt, Bible Belt, Black Belt, Green Belt). 10. (weaponry) device that holds and feeds cartridges into a belt-fed weapons. 11. synonyms: (band worn around waist): girdle, waistband, sash. 12. (band used as safety restraint): restraint, safety belt, seat belt. 13. (powerful blow): blow, punch, sock, wallop

Belt vb To encirle. 2. to fasten a belt. 3. to scream or sing in a loud manner. 4. to drink quickly, often in gulps. 5. to hit someone or something. 6. to move very fast.
Belt phr "Belt Along" - to travel quickly, on foot or by vehicle.
Belt phr "Belt Out" - to sing loudly, forciblely or belt out a tune
Belt phr "Belt Somebody Over the Head" - override somebody's views or arguments.
Belt phr "Belt Up" - to stop talking.
Belt phr "Get Something Under One's Belt" - to achieve something.
Belt phr "Hit Below?????? the Belt" - to act unfairly.
Belt phr "Hold the Belt" - a winning boxer who is awarded a belt after a title fight.
Belt phr "Pull One's Belt in" - to spend less, make economies.
Belt phr "The Great Belt" -
Belt phr "Under One's Belt" - to have as an experience or achievement.
Belted adj Wearing a belt; distinguished by a belt. 2. having a mark like a belt.
Belted phr "A Belted Earl" - a person who claims noble birth.
Belter n Anything that is particularly good of its class. 2. a very good-looking person. 2. one who sings forcibly. 3. a song suitable for forcible, loud singing.
Belting n A beating with a belt. 2. a thorough defeat, a thrashing. 2. a system of belt work, as in a conveyor-belt or other mechanical device. 3. the material from which belts for machinery are made.
Belting adj Very good, exceptional.
Beltless adj Not wearing or possessing a belt. 2. that which does not require q belt. 3. not wearing a seat belt in a bus or motor vehicle.
Belt-like adj Like a band worn around the waist to hold clothing to one's body. 2. a band like that used in a machine to help transfer motion or power.
Beltway n The expressway, belt-line or roadway which surrounding Washington, DC. 2. the expressway or belt-line that surrounds another city. 3. US federal government and lobby organisation, located in Washington. DC.
Beltway phr "Inside the Beltway' - (US) of or relating to things that take place in Washington DC., usually in relation to US national politics. 2. out of touch to sentiments of persons living outside Washington DC (parochial.) 3. Of or relating to politics in the national capital cities of the world.
Belying n Given to lying, denial. 2. telling lies of any one, calumniation.
Be'man vb To furnish or fill with men; to man; to staff.
Be'mar vb To injure or mar seriously
Beme n Loud noise, din; 2. trumpet
Beme vb To blow a trumpet . 2. to make a loud noise or din.
Bemean vb To mean, signify, impart. 2. to signify or connote to a person.
Bemeet vb To meet with.
Bemer n A trumpeter.
Bemete vb To measure
Be'mind vb To endow with mind.
Be'minded adj Possessing or endowed with a mind.
Beming n Trumpeting.
Be'mingle vb To mingle, mix.
Be'mist vb To cover or envelop with mist.
Be'moan vb To moan, complain.
Bemoaning n The act of one who bemoans something.
Bemoaningly adv In a bemoaning manner.
Be'mother vb To pour tea for others.
Bemourn vb To mourn over, lament. 2.
Bemouth vb Praise(verbally) or mouth the praises of a person. 2. to declaim, 3. to grandiloquize
Ben vb Look at
Ben adv Within towards the inner part; esp. in or into the inner part of the house relatively. 2. in or into the inner part absolutely; into the parlour; etc. from the kitchen, in the parlour or chamber.
Ben phr "But and Ben" - in the outer and inner apartment; in both (or all) parts of the house.
Be'name vb To declare or utter solemnly on an oath. 2. to promise on an oath. 3. to name, mention by name. 4. to name, call, describe.
Bench n A long seat, for example, in the park. 2. (law, figuratively) the place where the judges sit. 3. (sports) the place where players (substitutes) and coaches sit when not playing. 4. (sports, figuratively) the number of players on a team able to participate, expressed in terms of length. 5. a place where assembly or hand work is performed; a workbench. 6. (weightlifting) a horizontal padded surface, usually with a weight rack, used for support during exercise. 7. (surveying) a bracket used to mount land surveying equipment onto a stone or a wall ( a mark cut into a stone by land surveyors to secure a 'bench.') 8. after removing the bench, we can use the mark left on the wall as a reference point. 9. a flat ledge in the slope of an earthwork, work of masonry, or similar. 10. (geology)a thin strip of relatively flat land bounded by steeper slopes above and below. 11. (UK, Australia, New Zealand) a kitchen surface on which to prepare food, a counter. 12. a collection or group of dogs exhibited to the public, traditionally on benches or raised platforms. 13. (weightlifting) The weight one is able to bench press, especially the maximum weight capable of being pressed.
Bench vb To remove a player from play. 2. (fig.) to remove someone from a position of responsibility temporarily. 3. (slang) To push the victim back on the person behind them who is on their hands and knees, causing them to fall over. 4. to furnish with benches. 5. to place on a bench or seat of honour. 6. to lift by bench pressing 7. to bank up; to bank back. 8. to seat on a bench. 9. to seat oneself on a bench.
Bench phr "On the Bench" - appointed a judge or magistrate.
Bencher n One who frequents the bench at a drinking place. 2. judge, magistrate.
Bench book n A book providing an overview of legal procedure for a judge. These books are used by judges while hearing cases as guides to assist in the disposition of a case. A benchbook is not a source of substantive law but rather a guide to procedure. Benchbooks are used in conjunction with manuals on civil procedure, criminal procedure, and evidence to assist the judge in trial. Bench books are also published on more narrow technical areas of law that may come before the judge, e.g. domestic law, public health law, etc.

The term may also apply to materials prepared in anticipation of hearing a particular case or set of cases. Such a benchbook often contains documents related to the case and relevant legal authority. This meaning is most commonly used in reference to appellate court judges, who may prepare a benchbook for each day's argument session.

Bench hook n A clamp, usually of wood, for holding work upon a carpenter's bench.
Benching n A row of benches
Benchmark n A standard by which something is evaluated or mentioned. 2. a surveyor's mark made on some stationary object and shown on a map and used as a reference point.
Benchmark vb To measure the performance of an item to another similar item in an impartial scientific manner.
Bench-warmer n Colloquially in sport: a player who rarely never gets to play in the games or matches, and is most often a substitute.
Bench-whistler n One who sits idly whistling on a bench (term of reproach)
Bend vb To cause (something) to change its shape into a curve, by physical force, chemical action, or any other means. 2. to become curved. 3. to cause to change direction; to change direction. 4. to be inclined; to direct itself, usually with "down"); to stoop. 5. to bow in prayer, or in token of submission.  6. to force to submit; to submit. 7. to apply to a task or purpose; to apply oneself to a task or purpose. 8. to adapt or interpret to for a purpose or beneficiary. 9. to tie, as in securing a line to a cleat; to shackle a chain to an anchor; make fast. 10. to smoothly change the pitch of a note. 11. to swing the body when rowing.
Bend n Curve. 2. knot. 3. 'the bends' : a decompression sickness. 4. heraldic term. 5. a turn; purpose; an inclination; ends. 6. the best quality of sole leather. 7. hard, indurated clay. 8. thickest and strongest planks in a ship's sides. 8. frames or ribs that form the ship's body.
Bend phr "Bend Down" - to bow or genuflect. 2. to submit to another.
Bend phr "Bend One's Elbow" - to drink spiritous liquor frequently and excessively.
Bend phr "Bend Over Backwards" - to take great trouble to be accomodating and helpful
Bend phr "Bend Someone's Ear" - to talk boringly to someone.
Bend phr "Bend the Truth" - to lie, tell fibs.
Bend phr "Go Down On Bended Knee" - to act in a very submissive way.
Bended adj Bent; archaic and obsolete, except for 'on bend knees.'
Bender n A drinking bout, dipsomania, binge.
Bendiness n The state or condition of being bendy.
Bending n A motion or action that bends. 2. having the ability to be bent easily, flexible, pliable, supple. 3. of person, having the ability to bend, flexible, lissom, lithe. 4. containing many bends and twists. 5. an articulation of a vehicle, such as a bus or tram. 6. a divide or division into diagonal bands of colour.
Bendingly adv In a manner involving bending.
Bendless adj Without bends, straight.
Bendly adv Somewhat bendish or not sraight.
Bends n A condition of bubbles in the blood which sometimes occurs during diving, esp. during ascent. 2. the thickest and strongest planks in a wooden ship and side wales.
Bendsome adj Flexible; pliable, yielding.
Bendways adv Bendwise.
Bendwise adv Diagonally
Bendy adj Somewhat bendish or not straight. 2. of heraldry: a field divided diagonally into several bends varying and color
Bendy phr "Old Bendy" - the Devil, (one who is willing to bend to anyone's inclination); Old Sooty.
Bene n Prayer, petition, boon,
Beneap adj Lying beneath the reach of higher water.
Beneath adv Beneath, underneath or below.
Beneath prp Below. 2. in a position that is lower in rank, dignity. 3. covered up or concealed by something.
Beneath-forthly adv Out from beneath.
Beneath-ness n The quality of being beneath.
Be'night vb To be overtaken by the darkness of night (before reaching a place of shelter.) 2. to be involve in the darkness of night. 3. to hide oneself in the darkness of night. 4. to darken, to cloud, fig. of the effects of sorrow, disappointment; upon one's face, prospects or life. 5. to be involve in intellectual or moral darkness. as 'in the night' of error and superstition. 6. fig. to dazzle, blind, deprive of vision.
Be'nighted adj Overtaken by the darkness of night, effected by the night. 2. involved in intellectual or moral darkness. 3. obscured, involved in obscurity.
Be'nightedness n State or condition of being be'nighted.
Be'nighter n One who benights.
Be'nighting n The fact of being benighted or overtaken by night away from shelter. 2. that benights or is involved in darkness and obscurity, moral, and intellectual.
Be'nim vb Take away generally, remove, deprive of. 2. bereave. 3. spoil, ravish.
Benimming n Removal, a taking-away
Benote vb To make use of, to use.
Be'nothing vb To reduce to nothing,
Benothinged adj Annihilated.
Be'now vb By this time; by now.
Bensy vb Bless, consecrate, make hallow, purify
Bent n An inclination, ability or talent. 2. predisposition to act or react in a particular way. 3. the state of being curved, crooked, or inclined from a straight line; flexure; curvity. 4. declivity or slope, as of a hill. 4. particular direction or tendency; flexion; course. 5. (carpentry) a transverse frame of a framed structure. 6. tension; force of acting; energy; impetus. 7. synonyms:(an inclination or talent): disposition, predilection, proclivity, propensity.
Bent phr "Be Bent On" - to be determined upon.
Bent phr "Bent Upon" - determined.
Bent phr "Hell Bent On" - very determined; be determined to; have one's mind set on.
Benumb vb OE. To make any part of the body insensible, torpid, or powerness. 2. to stupefy, stun, as by blow or shock. 4. in modern usage: the effects of cold, anathetic to make numb. 2. to render (the mental power, will or feelings) inert or deaden. 5. tp paralyse.
Benumbed adj Rendered torpid or numb. 2. deprived of strength or the power of motion by a chilling influence.
Benumbedness n The state of being benumbed, numbness, torpor, benumbment.
Benumbing n A rendering torpid or inactive. 2. benumbment.
Benumbing adj That render torpid, paralysing.
Benward adv Towards the interior, inwards, innerly
Beod n. Table, or board, as in "board and lodgings."
Beot n. Vow, threat, boast, promise, behote.
Beote vb To threaten, boast.
Beoten vb Threaten
Beowulf n In Old English. an epic poem of 3182 alliterative, long lines. It is possibly the oldest surviving poem in OE. and is commonly cited as one of the most important works in OE. literature.
Bequeath n Byword, proverb.
Bequeath n A will, bequest, testament
Bequeath vb To say, utter, declare. 2. of language: to express, signify. 3. to speak about in sorrow, to bewail. 4. to 'say' a thing away; to give away or part with in formal declaration. 5. to assign, ordain, appoint, allot, give as an attribute. 6,. to will to a recipient after one's death, the action of leaving by will, fig. to hand down by posterity, legacy, bequest. 7. to transmit, leave. 8. to deliver, bestow, give, yield, furnish. 9. to commit oneself, devote oneself.
Bequeathed adj Testated, left with a bequeath or will; fig. handed down. 2. transmitted by posterity.
Bequeather n A testator
Bequeathing n The action of leaving by a will. 2. a legacy, bequest.
Bequest n To deprive, take away by violence; rob, strip. 2. to take away by destroying, impairing or spoiling. 3. to deprive of power; prevent. 4. to take away someone or something important or close; deprive. 5. to deprive of life, cut off.
Bequest vb To give as a bequest, to bequeath.
Bequesting n The act of bequest or bequeathing.
Be'quoted adj Quoted to excess or ridiculously.
Berain vb To besprinkle with rain. 2. to rain upon. 3. to sprinkle or pour (a liquid) in drops.
Beray vb To befoul, stain; didfigure. 2. asperse, to cover with abuse.
Berayer n One who defiles, stain, befouls.
Bere n A course form of barley used in malting.
Bere n Clamour, shouting, roaring, voices of men or animals.
Bere vb To cry; roar.
Bereave vb To deprive, take away by violence; rob, strip. 2. to take away by destroying, impairing or spoiling. 3. to deprive of power; prevent. 4. to take away someone or something important or close; deprive. 5. to deprive of life, cut off.
Bereaved n "The Bereaved" - one or those bereaved by the death of a near relative.
Bereaved adj Deprived, taken way by violence or death.
Bereaven adj Deprived by death of a near relative.
Bereaver n Someone who bereaves, takes away, deprives by violence, robs, strips, destroys.
Bereaving n The action of bereave.
Bereaving adj That bereaves.
Berede vb To advise, counsel, inform, plan
Bereft vb To deprive, robbed, take possession from. 2. to rend or tear badly.
Bereft adj Forcibly deprived, robbed, having lost the possession or use of ; void of. 2. taken away, removed; quite gone. 3. deprived of a near relation.
Berend vb To render or tear severely; tear badly, rip all over.
Berewick n Village, demesne farm, dwelling, habitation
Berg n OE : beorg; mountain, barrow
Bergfall n Avalanche; the ruinous fall of a mountain peak.
Bergh n Protection, shelter.
Bergh vb To give shelter to, shut in for protection or preservation. 2. to give shelter, protect, preserve, to deliver, save.
Berghless adj Unprotected, without shelter.
Bergtop n A mountain top
Be'ride vb To ride beside.
Berman n Bearer, carrier, porter. 2. soldier, warrior, fighter.
Bermother n. Womb; uterus.
Berne n Warrior; later poetic 'man'
Bernet n Burning, combustion, hence the crime of arson.
Berre n Grove, shady place (survives in placenames as bere, beere, bear.)
Berrhless n Salvation
Berried adj Having or bearing berries. 2. formed as or consisting of a berry or berries; baccate.
Berried adj Beaten, threshed, trodden. 2. beaten or trodden as a path
Berrier n A thresher, a barnman.
Berry n Any of numerous small and pulpy edible fruits; used as desserts or in making jams and jellies and preserves. 2. a small fruit having any of various structures, e.g., simple (grape or blueberry) or aggregate (blackberry or raspberry). 3.any small fleshy fruit, as the strawberry, mulberry, huckleberry, etc. 4. small fruit that is pulpy or succulent throughout, having seeds loosely imbedded in the pulp, as the currant, grape, blueberry. 5. The coffee bean. 6. One of the ova or eggs of a fish, as 'in berry,' containing ova or spawn.
Berry n A mound, hill or barrow.
Berry vb To gather or pick berries. 2. to go berrying, to come into berry.
Berry n A mound, hillock, or barrow.
Berry vb Thresh (corn,) trod, to beat, to beat a path.
Berrying n Thrashing, the gathering of berries.
Berryless adj Without berries, without producing berries, not furnished with berries.
Be'run vb To run or flow around. 2. to run about or around; to encompass.
Berwe n A grove, a shady place.
Be'say vb To defend, apologise, speak for or about.
Be'schrew vb Make evil, wicked, pervert, deprave, corrupt
Be'see vb To look about; to look in any direction, to see. 2. also fig. to see or look to, to give heed to, hence to tend to. 3. to look about oneself, give heed to oneself, take heed to oneself, consider. 4. to look at, look to, behold. 5. to attend to, behold, to see. 6. to regard, attend to, give heed to. 7. to see to, provide for, to attend to, to deal with, treat; (use well or ill.)
Beseech vb To beg, implore. 2. a request.
Beseecher n One who beseeches a supplicant, petitioner. 2. a petitioner to the king or his court.
Beseeching n Beseeching, earnest entreating, petitioning, intercession, supplication. 2. an earnest request, entreaty, prayer. 3. plea, petition.
Beseeching adj That beseeches, enttreating, appealing, supplicating.
Beseechingly adv In a beseeching manner, imploringly.
Beseechingness n The quality of being beseeching.
Be'seeing n Circumspection, consideration
Be'seek n To seek or search about.
Beseen adj Seen, as in well-beseen or having a good look, good looking, attractive. 2. appearing in respect of dress, furnished, well appointed, apparelled. 3. best-beseen, well-attired, well-dressed.
Besench vb To sink around, dive about, plunge in forcefully.
Be'send vb To send a message to.
Beset vb To settle into a place, as the sun. 2. to besiege.
Besetter n One or who that beset
Besetting adj Besieged, assail by, bestowing, as in 'besetting sin.' 2. the action of surrounding in a hostile situation.
Besetting phr "One Besetting Sin" - a typical fault, failing, lack of control, especially a temptation one gives into too easily.
Be'sew vb To sew about or around; to sew up.
Be'shade vb To envelop in shade. 2. to overshadow.
Beshaded adj That which enelopes in shade or overshadow.
Be'shadow vb To cast a shadow upon. 2. to shade, overshadow. 3. make glooy; to sadden.
Be'shake vb To shake roughly or violently.
Be'shame vb To shame, put to shame, make shameful.
Be'sharp vb To make haste, hurry.
Beshear vb To shear, shave or cut clean off.
Be'shed vb To perfuse, drench, wet, moisten. 2. to shed blood.
Be'shew vb To bestraught
Be'shine vb To shine on or upon.
Be'shining n llumination, lighting up, effulgence
Be'shirted adj Furnished or wearing a shirt; shirted.
Be'shout vb To shout out.
Beshrew vb To make a mild imprecation. 2. to wish some slight evil to befall one; to curse. 3. execrate; to wish ill to.
Be'shroud vb To cover with or as with a shroud. 2. (fig.) - to hide in darkness, as with a cloak.
Be'sibbing n Affinity, resembling, or having a likeness to.
Beside adv Otherwise, else.
Beside prp Next to; at the side of.
Beside phr "Beside Oneself" - to be worried extremely, out of one's wits.
Beside phr "Beside One's Wits" - out of one's wit or senses.
Beside phr "Beside the Mark" - away from the subject.
Beside phr "Go Beside" - to pass by, miss.
Beside phr "Look By" - to overlook, miss.
Beside-forth adv Moreover.
Besides prp Not relevant to. 3. besides, in addition to.
Besides adv Also, in addition. 2. moreover, furthermore. 3. otherwise; else. 4. on one side.
Beside-sitter n One who sits beside (lit. & fig.) 2. an assessor.
Besidewards adv Out side, hard by, in the vicnity.
Besight n Consideration, determination, ordinance.
Be'silver vb To silver over. 2. to cover or line with silver. 3.
Be'silvered adj Covered or lined with silver.
Be'sin vb To stigmatize with sin. 2. to stamp with sin.
Be'sing vb To sing of or sing about. 2. celebrate in song or poetry. 3. sing the praise of, praise, laud.
Be'singe vb To singe very lightly or not at all.
Besit vb To encamp about, besiege. 2. to sit properly upon, to sit as a dress or fit as a glove. 3. to lie heavily upon, to weight upon.
Be'sleeve vb To take the sleeve from (a bishop); divest.
Be'slime vb To make dirty with something slimy; befoul. 2. to insult, to say negative things about; denigrate. 3. to cover or daub with slime; slime.
Besmear vb To anoint, smear over or about. 2. to cover and soil with any greasy or sticky substance. 2. to sully, defile, pollute.
Besmeared adj Covered with a thing, greasy or sticky. 2. befouled, besmirched, sullied.
Be'smearer n One who besmears.
Be'smell vb To smell out; sniff about, around or all over. 3. to investigate.
Be'smile vb To smile at. 2. give a smile or show a smile to
Be'smit vb Stain, contaminate, to effect with disease.
Be'smock vb To wear or cause to wear a smock.
Be'smoke vb To fill or act on, with smoke, to fumigate.
Be'smooth vb To make smooth.
Besmut vb To blacken with smoke, make sooty, smudge.
Besnow vb To cover with or whiten with snow.
Besom n A bundle of twigs or rods used for birching. 2. an implement for sweeping, usually a bunch of broom, etc. tied around a handle. (in lit.English 'broom' is generic name, 'besom' specific) 3. any agent that sweeps away or cleans.
Besom vb To sweep with violence.. 2. to sweep away, etc.
Besomer n One who uses a besom.
Besomlike adj Like or characteristic that sweeps or sweeps clean
Besoot v To blacken with soot.
Besot vb To effect with foolish, blinding affection. 2. to be or become infatuation with someone.
Besotted adj Intellectually or morally stupified or blinded. 2. intoxicated or bemuddled by a narcotic.
Besottedingly adv In a besotted manner; besottedly.
Besottedly adv In a besotted manner, besottedingly.
Besottedness n State or condition of being besotted.
Besotten vb To besot or make foolish or infatuated.
Besought ppl Past particle and adjective of 'beseech.'
Be'soul vb To endow with a soul; ensouled.
Be'sour vb To make very or exceedingly sour.
Besouth prp On or to the south of.
Be'sow vb To sow or seed widely.
Bespeak n A request for a specific performance; a benefit performance, by a patron.
Bespeak vb To speak about; tell of; relate; discuss. 2. to speak for beforehand; engage in advance; make arrangements for; order or reserve in advance. ask for stipulate, solicit, or request, as in a favour. 4. (archaic) to forbode; foretell. 5. (archaic, poetic) to speak to; address. 6. to betoken; show; indicate; foretell; suggest. 7. to speak up or out.
Bespeaker n One who bespeaks.
Bespeaking n The act of bespeak.
Be'speckle vb To speckle or spot.
Bespeed vb To help to get on or prosper.
Be'spell vb To cast a spell; bewitch (lit & fig.)
Bespelled adj Spellbound, bewitched, entranced.
Be'spend vb To spend excessively.
Be'spin vb To spin round, so as to cover.
Bespit vb To spit upon. 2. soil with spittle. 3. (fig.)- to disrespect.
Bespoke adj Individually or custom-made, as a feat of engineering titanium bones. 2. realting to someone who makes custom-made products, esp. clothing items.
Bespoken adj Bethrothed or engaged to be married.
Bespread vb To cover a surface all over. 2. of things: to spread over, to cover by spreading all over. 3. to cover anything over or upon a surface.
Besprent vb To sprinkle over, asperse with moisture. 2. to sprinkle a substance about
Bespring vb To besprinkle about.
Best adj Superlative form of good: most good.  2. most; largest, bestness
Best adv Superlative of the adjective goodbest. 2. superlative form of well: most well.
Best n The supreme effort one can make, or has made. 2. the person (or persons) who is (are) most excellent; something that is best.
Best vb To surpass in skill or achievement. 2. to beat in a contest.
Best phr "All For The Best" - a seeming misfortune that turns out to be for the best and frequently leads to a favourable outcome.
Best phr "All the Best" - an expression used to wish a person good fortune.
Best phr "As Best One Can Do" - effectively as possible under the circumstances.
Best phr "At Best" - the best that can be expected in the circumstances. 2. looking at the matter in the most favorable light.
Best phr "At One's Best" - be in great form. 2. in peak condition in all respects.
Best phr "At the Best of Times" - even when circumstances are better.
Best phr "Best Of Both Worlds" - a combination of two seemingly contradictory benefits.
Best phr "Best of the Breed" - anything thought to be the best of its kind or type.
Best phr "Best Somebody" - to get the better of somebody. 2. outwit, and gain advantage over someone.
Best phr "Come off Best" - have the advantage over.
Best phr "Do One's Best" - do all one can; try hard.
Best phr "For the Best" - with honest motives and best intentions. 2. leading to a favorable outcome, if unpromising now.
Best phr "Get the Best of" - defeat, outwit.
Best phr "Had Best" - would find it wisest to do.
Best phr "Have the Best of the Both Worlds" - have the advantages from two different situations.
Best phr "Have the Best of It" - win an argument or contest.
Best phr "Make the Best of" - obtain the best result possible in difficult circumstances, compromise.
Best phr "May the Best Woman/Man Wins" - I hope that the best person succeeds.
Best phr "One's Best Friend" - one whom one can rely on above all others for help and support. 2. a special object that gives onesecurity and independence.
Best phr "Put One's Best Foot Forward" - make an extra or social effort, walk quickly.
Best phr "Six of the Best" - six strokes of the cane.
Best phr "The Best Man Wins" - accept philosophically that somebody has defeated one in some competition, has succeeded better than oneself.
Best phr "The Best of It" - the most amusing, or surprising part of an incident or situation. 2. the most advantageous aspect of something.
Best phr "The Best Things in Life in Free" - acytivities wghich cost nothing , or very little, give more plaeasure, have nore true value, than anything which one might pay a great deal for.
Best phr "To the Best" - belonging to the best or top group, first class. 2. relating to the most luxurious. 2. to the most extent.
Best phr "To the Best of One's Belief" - as well as one is able, knows.
Best phr "Up with the Best" - as good as anyone else.
Best phr "Want the Best of the Both Worlds" - an unreasonable desire to get some advantage without incurring a corresponding disadvantage.
Best phr "With the Best of Them" - as well as anyone.
Bestain vb To mark with stains, discolour, spot.
Be'stand vb. To stand by or near, esp to stand by or over in solitude (by the grave), mourn. 2. to stand around in hostility.
Bestar vb To spangle or adorn with stars.
Be'stare vb To stare at.
Bestarred adj To decorate withh a star of an order.
Best buy n The purchase giving the best value inproportion to its price; a bargain.
Be'stead vb To help, assist, relieve, be of service, be in the service of, avail; go in stead of. 2. to settle, be placed or put or set in place.
Bestead ppl Placed; situated by; circumstanced (with ill etc.. 2. beset by. 3. hard pressed. 2. to help, assist. 3. to profit, benefit, avail.
Besteading n Help, assistance, aid, avail.
Besteal vb To steal away stealthily.
Be'stench vb To afflict with malodour or stink.
Bestep vb To step on or over, tread upon. 2. to step, take steps, walk, go.
Bester n One who gets the best of others by fraud; fraudster
Bestick vb To cover all over. 2. to transfix.
Bestill vb To amke quite still, hush.
Bestill phr "Be Still My Beating Heart" - calm down, the situation is too exciting or overly distressing. (Often used with sarcasm to imply the situation is not nearly eciting or distressingly as has been suggested.)
Bestir vb To busy oneself. 2. to rouse into activity.
Best-kept adj A significant fact or characteristic that is well known. 2. not told to anyone.
Best-known adj Most well-known.
Best-loved adj Most or best loved.
Bestman n The primary attendant to the groom in a wedding ceremony.
Best-minded adj Scrupulous, always acting in the best interest of something or someone. 2. most intelligent or able.
Bestness n The quality or state of being the best.
Be'stock vb To stock or provide with thorougness or excessively.
Bestorm vb To storm or assail on all sides.
Bestow vb To lay up in store; deposit for safe keeping; stow; bestow, place.   2. to lodge, or find quarters for; provide with accommodation.   3. to dispose of. 4. to give; confer; impart gratuitously; present something to someone as a bestow, gift or honour. 5. to give in marriage. 6. to apply; bestow, make use of; use; employ. To behave or deport.
Bestowed adj That which is bestowed; to give, confer upon gratitiously. 2. present as a gift
Bestower n One who bestows.
Bestowing n The act of bestowing something on someone
Best-read adj Best or most well informed and knowledge through reading extensively.
Be'streak vb To overspread, or steak over.
Be'stream vb To stream over
Bestrew vb To strew or scatter about, throw or drop here or there. 2. to strew anything upon, strew over or about. 2. cover or partially cover things; strewn. 3. cover with straw or strewing.
Bestride vb To be astride something. 2. to stand over or sit on with legs on either side, rsp. to sit on a horse. 3. fig. to dominate
Bestrip vb To strip clean, to deprive of, to take away entirely.
Bestseller n A book or other product that sold in large numbers.
Best-sellerdom n The quality of having the status of a best seller.
Bestselling adj In marketing, highly popular with consumers purchasing goods within a specific class.
Be'stud vb Adorned or ornamented with studs.
Be'stung adj Having been stung, as 'our bodies was so bestung that we no longer felt the biting of bugs.'
Best-worthy adj Most worthy, or best in worthiness.
Be'sung vb To sing of, sing about, glorify in song or in ode.
Beswaddle vb To envelop in swaddling cloth. 2. to beat, thrash, swaddle.
Beswape vb To envelop, tangle.
Be'swart vb To blacken, denigrate
Besweat ppl Covered with perspiration.
Be'sweeten vb To sublimely sweeten.
Beswike vb To betray, deceive, cheat
Be'swiker n To cheat, betrayer, deceiever
Be'swikking n Cheating, deceiving, betraying
Beswim vb To swim around and about.
Be'swinge vb To beat soundly.
Be'swink vb To labour, toil, work for. 2. to chastize.
Beswinkful adj Toilsome.
Be'tail vb To furnish with a tail. 2. to dock or remove the tail.
Betake vb To hand over, deliver, give up, grant, place at a person's disposal. 2. entrust, commit, hand over to the care of. 3. to give in marraige. 4. to bid adieu, farewell, say goodbye. 5. to allot, assign
Betake phr "To Betake Oneself To One's Heels' - to reteat in flight, run away.
Beteach vb To show, point out. 2. hand over, deliver, give up, forfeit. 3. to hand over in trust, to entrust, commit, give in. 4 to commit one by the expression of trust (to) God, devil etc as a formula of leave taking.
Be'tear vb To suffuse with tears.
Be'tee vb To draw over as a covering, to cover, veil. 2. to employ, spend, bestow 9time, pain etc.) 3. to bring about, manage,
Be'teem vb To pour over or all about. 2 to give birth to, to reproduce.
Be'teem vb To think it or proper, vouchsafe, grant, consent. 2. to vouchsafe, accord, grant, concede. 3. to allow, permit. 4. to bring a person or thing fitting to a possessor. 5. to allow, permit, (to dosomething.) 6.
Beteeming adj Copious, profusive, outpouring.
Betell vb To pay, count out money.
Be'thank vb To bestow thanks upon, to thank.
Be'thatch vb OE: Bithecche: cover, cover over, protect. 2. conceal, cover, bedeck. 3. to cover with thatch, to thatch.
Be'think vb To think about, recollect, to think about something or somebody. 2. to remind oneself, remember. 3. to consider, to reflect upon, mediate, ponder, to determine, resolve.
Be'thinking n Recollection, remenbering, consideration, reflection, pondering.
Be'through prp Throughout.
Be'thought adv Of manner: intended, contrived, purposed (of a thing); as in ill-bethoughed evil,
Bethought adj (ppl)of a thing: intended, purposed, contrived. 2. of a person: minded or disposed ill or well bethought
Be'thrall vb To enslave
Be'threatened adj Threatened by mortal danger, as in 'my sin-bethreatened soul.'
Be'throng vb To throng about, surround, besiege.
Be'throw vb To throw or twist about; torture.
Be'thumb vb To take hold of or work with the thumbs.
Be'thwack vb To pelt, trash, cudgel soundly.
Betide n Befalling, event, fortune, chance.
Be'tide vb To befall, happen to, to become of, to betime. 2. to fall to as a possession. 3. to become or befit, bode (anyone.)
Betide adj Circumstanced, beset, begone, to bode, betoken.
Betider n That which befalls or betides, an accident.
Betides adv At an early time or period.
Be'tiding(s) n Event, fortune, accident, befalling, happening, occurence.
Be'tie vb To tie round, bind fast.
Be'timber vb To build.
Betimbered adj Furnished or built with timber.
Betime adv In good time, early, reasonably. 2. early in the day, of an early hour.
Betimely adv Early, reasonably, in good time.
Betimes adv At an early times, period or season, early in the as the year or life. 2. early in the morning, at an early hour. 3. in due time or in good time, while there is yet time or before it is too late. 4. in a short time; soon, speedily, forthwith.
Be'tine vb To set fire to, to kindle, ire up.
Be'token vb To signify, mean, denote, express in words, symbolize
Be'tokening n Signification, meaning, emblem, omen, portent
Be'tongue vb To assail with the tongue, scold, rail, flout, rally.
Be'torn adj To be torn in pieces, tattered.
Be'tow vb To tow about, draw, pull. 2. to lead about, conduct. 3. to educate, influence, sterr, direct. bestow, apply
Betrap vb To catch in a snare, circumvent, enclose.
Betread vb To tread upon, to walk over or upon.
Be'troth vb To engage a woman in a contract of marriage.
Bethrothed adj Engaged to be married; affianced. 2. given or contracted in a marriage.
Better adj Comparitive form of more good, more well. 2. larger, greater.
Better adv Comparative form of well: more well. 2. more, in reference to value, distance, time, etc.
Better vb To improve; to become better. 2. to surpass in excellence; to exceed; to excel. 3. to give advantage to; to support; to advance the interest of. 4.(slang) had better.
Better n An entity, usually animate, deemed superior to another; one who has a claim to precedence; a superior.
Better phr "Be Better Off" - to mend, get better, improve.
Better phr "Be Better Than One's Word" - to do more than one has promised
Better phr "Better Late Than Never" - more satisfactory that something happens, even if late, than that it never happens at all.
Better phr "Better off" - having more wealth, advantage.
Better phr "Better Off Dead" - being dead is preferable to being alive (because one's life is miserable, painful, useless, or destructive.
Better phr "Better (Worse) Still" - there is something better one can do than what has been done previously suggested. 2. it would be much worse if one decided to do something other than what has been suggested.
Better phr "Better that Way" - more suitable, desirable than any other.
Better phr Better the Day, Better the Deed" - it is sometimes right to do something, to work on Sunday even though it is/was a day of rest.
Better phr "Better the Devil You Know, than the Devil You Don't Know" - it is better, easier to tolerate, cope with somebody/ something evil, unpleasant or undesirable, than to risk having to cope with somebody/something unknown, who may prove worse.
Better phr "Better to Sit Still than Rise and Fall" - the danger of being over ambitious and suffer its vicissitudes.
Better phr "For Better or For Worse" - in terms accepting results; whatever the results.
Better phr "For the Better" - in the direction of improvement.
Better phr "Get Better" -recover, mend (in health).
Better phr "Get The Better Of" - to be in an improved situation or more advantageous position
Better hr "Go One Better" - outbid or outdo by one. 2. supersede.
Better phr "Had Better" - be well advised to.
Better phr "Have Seen Better Days" - worn, showing its age.
Better phr "It's Better to be Late than Never" - it's better to do something, than never do it at all. 2. better safe than sorry.
Better phr "It's Better than Nothing" - barely, useful, almost useless, but better than nothing at all.
Better phr "It's Better to Have Loved and Lost than Never Loved at all" - one having experience of love, even if it is ended, is better than having no experience of love. 2. love is worthwhile despite the pain involved in separation.
Better phr "It's Better to Light a Lone Candle than to Curse the Darkness" - in the face of bad things or hopelessnes, it is more worthwhile to do some good, however small, in response than to complain about the situation.
Better phr "Know Better" - be more sensible; be less foolish.
Better phr "No Better than" - the same as.
Best phr "No Better He or She Should Be" - a phrase of disparagement implying a immorality or amoral character.
Better phr "Think Better Of Somebody" - of a person: to form a better opinion of.
Better phr "Think Better than Something" - reconsider and think wisely..
Better-becoming adj Improved, becoming better, looking better.
Better feelings n One's conscience.
Better-half n Used of a husband or wife.
Betterhood n The state or condition of being better; superiority.
Betterish adj Somewhat better or superior.
Better-knowing adj Somewhat better or superior in knowledge or intelligence.
Betterness n The quality of excelling or being better, superiority. 2. having more god quality or excelling. 3. beyond the usual standard; somethng better than goodness. 4. improvement, betterish, amendment.
Better off adj In a better(often financially) position.
Betters n One's superiors.
Better-to-do n In social condition or wordly comfort, more prosperous.
Better-witted adj Smarter, more intelligent or mentally alert.
Betumbled adj Disordered, dishevelled.
Be'tweche vb To exorcise, deliver, rid
Between prp In the position or interval that separates (two things), or intermediate in quantity or degree. 2. done together or reciprocally, as ' between friends' 3. shared in confidence. transit from (one to the other, or connecting places. 5.combined (by effort or ownership). 6. one of (representing a choice).
Between phr "Between One's Teeth" - with one's teeth tightly closed, clenched (as a sign of anger, pain or strong emotion)
Between phr "Between Ourselves" - in confidence.
Between phr "Between the Hammer and the Anvil" - idiomatic: with the choice between two unpleasant or distasteful options. 2. to be be in a predicament or quandary. 3. to be between a rock and a hard place.
Between phr "Between the Devil and The Dead (deep) Sea" - having a choice between two alternatives, both undesirable.
Between phr "Between These Four Walls" - confidentially (and privately)
Between phr "Between Times/Whiles" - in an interval between other cations.
Between phr "Between Two Fires" - between two dangers as soldiers caught between fire from opposite sides.
Between phr "Between Two Stools" - failing to meet either of two (conflicting) requirements.
Between phr "Between Two Stools, You Fall to the Ground" - as when accidentally, or as a victim of a practical joke, you miss both stools and fall to the ground. To miss both chnces through hesitance or indecision.
Between phr "Between Whiles" - at irregular intervals.
Between phr "Between Wind And Water" - along the line where anthing is submerged in water, etc. on the loadline of a ship
Between phr "Between You and Me (and the Bedpost)" - in confidence with an obligation to keep something secret and confidental.
Between phr "Betwixt and Between" - in an immediate position.
Between phr "Few and Far Between" - rare, scarce.
Between phr "In Between" - at a point or in an area bounded by two or more other points in space, time, sequence etc.
Between phr "Read Between the Lines" - detect unstated but implied meaning.
Between phr "To Go Between" - to act as a medium or mediator
Betweenhood n The state or condition of being between or in-between. 2. an intermeddiate condition or a between-ness. 2. anything that is between or in between; in an intermediary position
Between-light n Twilight, dawn, sunset, dusk.
Betweenness n Intermediate stage or state
Between-time n Intervening time, interval.
Between-whiles n Intervals
Be'twine vb To twine together; entwine.
Betwixt adv (Also adv) between. 2. of more than two. 3. among
Betwixt phr "Betwixt and Between" - in an intermediate position; neither one thing nor the other.
Be'twynde vb "Be at Wind" - to escape.
Bever vb To tremble, shake, quivering.
Bevering adj Trembling, shaking, quivering.
Bevering n Shakiness, trembling, quivering.
Be'wain vb To profit, take advantage, (wain: gain)
Be'wake vb To keep watch over, keep guard. 2. to watch over or maintain vigil on the dead.
Bewallow vb To wallow about.
Beware vb This word is a compound from be and the Old English 'ware, now wary, which is an adjective. "Be ye war of false prophetis." --Wyclif, Matt. vii. 15. It is used commonly in the imperative and infinitive modes, and with such auxiliaries (shall, should, must, etc.) as go with the infinitive. 2. to be on one's guard; to be cautious; to take care; -- commonly followed by of or lest before the thing that is to be avoided. 3. to have a special regard; to heed. [Obs.] avoid; to take care of; to have a care for.
Be'wash vb To wash all over. 2. to drench with water.
Be'wave vb To shield, hide. 2. to lay wait for, overpower by means of some simple stratagem.
Be'weaponed adj Armed with weapons.
Be'weary vb To become weary or tired.
Be'wed vb To wed, marry, to unite closely or intimately.
Beweep vb To weep for (the dead,) weep over.
Beweeper n One who beweeps.
Be'weigh vb To determine the weight of. 2. to consider, weigh up, evaluate
Be'welcome vb To welcome warmly or profusely.
Be'well vb To well up.
Be'wend vb To turn round or away. 2. to turn oneself round.
Bewest adv On or to the west of.
Be'wet vb To wet profusely.
Bewethered adj Castrated, 2. archaic spelling of weather - beweathered: to be affected or formed by the action of the weather.
Be'whape vb To bewilder, amaze, confound utterly
Be'whisker vb To adorn with whiskers or facial hair.
Be'whiskered adj Adorned or having whiskers or facial hair, hirsute.
Be'whisper vb to whisper.
Be'whistle vb To whistle to.
Be'whiten vb To whiten thoroughly or over all the surface.
Be'whore vb To call whore. 2. to make a whore of.
Be'wield vb To hold in hand, handle, weild. 2. to use one's limb.
Bewilder vb OE. - from 'be' - thoroughly& 'wilder' meaning lead astray, lure into the wilds, probably back formation of 'wilderness.' 2. to confuse, puzzle or be fuddle someone, esp. with many different things.
Bewildered adj Baffled, confused, mystified, at a loss or uncertain.
Bewildering adj Confusing, perplexing or baffling, often due to a very large choice being available. 2. to disorientate someone.
Bewilderingly adv In a bewildering manner or to an extent bewildering.
Bewilderness n The state or condition of being bewildered.
Be'will vb To will to; bequeath by a will or testament. 2. a form of bewild: to stray be lost, go astray.
Bewimple vb To cover with a wimple; veil.
Be'win vb To gain , win, get possession of.
Be'wind vb To wind or twist a thing round. 2. to involve, envelop; to wind or twine oneself round.
Be'wing vb to furnished with, or to provide with wings.
Be'winged adj Having wings (poetic.)
Be'winter vb To make like winter, as 'tears taht bewinter all my years.'
Be'wish vb To wish for earnestly.
Bewist n Food, provisions, victuals; living
Bewist n State or condition of life, being, existing (Wist: being, sense of being.) 3. state or condition of abiding, dwelling, place, abode, habitation. 3. food, provision, victuals.
Bewist n Dwelling, place, abode, habitation; soujourn.
Be'wit vb OE. to look over, watch over, take charge, administer. 2. to bequeath, to endue or import wit
Bewitch vb To attract; cause to be enamored; capture, enamour, trance, catch, becharm, enamor, captivate, beguile, charm, fascinate, bewitch, entrance, enchant. 2. attract strongly, as if with a magnet; magnetize, mesmerize, bewitch, spellbind. 3. cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something; hex, glamour, witch,enchant, jinx. 4. to gain an ascendency over by charms or incantations; to affect (esp. to injure) by witchcraft or sorcery. 5. to charm; to fascinate; to please to such a degree as to take away the power of resistance; to enchant.
Bewitched adj Under a spell, entranced.
Bewitchedness n State or quality of being bewitched.
Bewitcher n One who bewtches; an enchanter.
Bewitchful adj Having power to bewitch.
Bewitching n Fascination, charm, enchantment.
Bewitchingly adv In a bewitching manner or way.
Bewitchness n State or quality of being bewitching.
Bewith n A stop-gap, substitute, fill-in.
Bewith vb To tolerate, to bear with.
Bewonder vb To fill with wonder or admiration. 2. to wonder at, to regard wonderfully, admire.
Be'word vb To happen, come to pass.
Bework vb To work round about; surround. 2. to work with thread, embroid.
Be'word vb To happen, come to pass
Bework vb To work round about; bewrought. 2. to embroider.
Beworry vb To worry about. 2. to fill with worry. 3. to cause to be worried. 4. beset with cares, trouble, vex, harrass.
Be'wound vb To cover with wounds all over. 2. to afflict severely with wounds.
Bewrap vb To wrap up or around. 2. conceal, clothe, enwrap.
Be'wray vb To accuse, malign, speak evil of, discredit,expose,reveal, disclose prejudishly.
Bewrayer n One who bewrays; divulger.
Be'wraying n The state or condition of bewray.
Bewrayingly adv In a bewraying manner.
Bewrayness n The state or situation of being betrayed; having one's secrets revealed or exposed. 2. Betrayal, perfidy, discreditness, malignedment,
Be'wreak vb To avenge, awreak
Be'write vb To write about, depict, describe, portaray.
Bewriting(s) n A description, portrayal.
Be'written adj Wriiten about, depicted, described.
Be'wrought vb Embroided, work, ornamented.
Bewry vb To cover up or over overlay, work.
Bey vb To bend, cause to bend, bow.
Be'yelp vb To talk loudly (of.) 2. to boast, glory in.
Beyond n The Unknown; The Hereafter.
Beyond prp Further away than. 2. on the far side of. 3. later than; after. 4. greater than; so as to exceed or surpass. 5. in addition to. 6. past, or out of reach of, as 'beyond help.'
Beyond adv Farther along or away. 2. in addition, more.
Beyond phr "Back of Beyond" - a remote inaccessible spot. 2. The Beyonds.
Beyond phr "Beyond Belief" - unbelievable
Beyond phr "Beyond Help" - in a hopeless position, situation or state.
Beyond phr "Beyond One's Ken" - beyond in in excess of one's knowldege, understanding, comprehension.
Beyond phr "Between One's Wildest Hopes" - in a way that is very much greater than one expected, than one could possibly have expected.
Beyond phr "Beyond the Reach of" - unattainable; beyond one's reach.
Beyond phr "Beyond the Sea" - out of the country or abroad.
Beyond phr "Go Beyond" - to circumvent.
Beyond phr "Look Beyond" - to misconstrue,
Beyond phr "Back of Beyond" - a remote inaccessible spot.
Beyond n "The Beyonds" -region or place outside or far away from a populated area. 2. the Back of Beyond.
Beyond phr "The Great Beyond" - the afterlife, heaven, paradise.
Beyond-brain adj Of something so unreal your brain doesn't have the capacity to comprehend it; fantastic and incongruous, surreal.
Beyond-man n Early synonym for a superman.
Beyondness n. Condition or quality of beyond.
Beyond-sea adj Ultamarine, outlandish, foreign. 2. abroad, overseas, beeyond the sea.
Beyonds n "The Beyonds" -region or place outside or far away from a populated area.