Old English sb English
Brack n OE gebraec, cracking noise, parallel form of break. 2. noise, outcry, clamour. 3. a breaking, breach, rupture. 4. a rupture, a quarrel. 5. a broken piece, fragment, atom. 6. break, breaking, violation. 7. a strip of uncultivated ground. 7. a sudden breaking out of water. 8. a sudden heavy fall of rain. 9. a flood where the ice breaks. 10. a quantity of snow, earth or debris shooting from a hill.
Brackle n OE: brecan -to break. 2. to carry away rubble, or brackle from an old decayed house.
Brad n Spike, blade of grass
Brae n An eyelid.
Brae n A slope, a steep slope. a hill-side.
Brae-head n Head of the slope. 2. a fire blazing from the brae-head.
Brae-man n A man who lives among the hills; spec. one who lives on the slopes.
Braeside n The slopey or inclining side of a hill.
Braid n Partly OE. and ON. a sudden movement. 2. a brisk movement, jerk, twist, wrench, strain. 3. a sudden assault, or onset of attack. 4. with aim to strie or launch an attack or blow. 5. fig. an outburst of passion, envy, anger, whim. 6. deception, trick, subterfuge. 7. an adroit turn, trick of subtilty. 8. anything, plaited or interwoven or intertwined or twisted, as a plaiting of the hair. 9. the string or band with which the hair is confined or entwined.
Braid vb To move with a sudden jerky movement (with the hand or foot). 2. to jerk, snatch, wrench, fling. 3. to deliver with a brisk action. 4. to startle out of a sleep or swoon, to awake; to startle out of one's wits. 5. to start or burst into motion. 6. to rush, spring, jump. 7. to break forth abruptly into speech; to break into a cry. 8. to change in colour or appearance; to assume an appearance. 9. brandish a spear; to draw a knife. 10. to deal a blow. 11. to plait or interweave the hair.
Braid phr "To Braid After" - to take after, resemble, be like. 2. to bind or confine the hair.
Braided adj Trimmed with braid.
Braider n One who, or that which, braids (in the sense of the verb)
Braiding n Action of embroiding. 2. a braided trimming used as a decoration on clothes or curtains.
Braidlike adj Resembling a braid.
Braids n A hairstyle in which the hair is interweaved into thin locks.
Brain n Mass of nervous substance contained in the skull. 2. fig. rippled as water by the wind. 2. applied to a stream that divides, esp. at low water into several channels.
Brain pfx -brain, as in feather-brain, hare-brain.
Brain phr "Bear a Brain" - to be cautious, thought, having brains or intelligence.
Brain phr "Beat One's Brains Out" - to think very hard to solve a problem.
Brain phr "Be Hare-brained" - to be stupid or very impractical.
Brain phr "Be of the Same Brain" - to be of the same train of thought. 2. something similarly thought or conceived.
Brain phr "Of the Same Brain" - similarly conceived. 2. the same strain of thought.
Brain phr "Brains Do Not Live in the Beard" - implies that wisdom is not always conferred on the elderly simply by the effluxion of time. 2. wisdom does not always go by years.
Brain phr "Have a Brainstorm" - have an uncontrolled emotional outburst.
Brain phr "Have a Brainwave" - have an sudden inspiration.
Brain phr "Have a Dry Brain" - a dull or barren void of thinking power.
Brain phr "Have a Hot Brain" - an inventive fancier (he is a 'hot-brain.'
Brain phr "Have on the Brain" - to talk continuously of one thing to the exclusion of all other topics.
Brain phr "Have Something on the Brain" - to be obsessed, preoccupied with something.
Brain phr "Make Someone Brain Reel" - to be very difficult to grasp mentally, or be incredible.
Brain phr "One's Brain Needs Washing" - this person is very silly.
Brain phr "Turn One's Brain" - make one go mad or crazy.
Brain-ache n A condition under which the suffers brain physically aches, shuts down normal function and refuses to pursue or attempt to achieve anything. 2. a mental state caused by extreme and complex mental exercise.
Brain-being n "A mere witwork, or brain-being." - without any real existence, a inventive fancy.
Brain-bending n Mentally challenging; difficult to understand; cf. 'mind-bending'
Brainborn adj As in the phrase 'Brain-born dreams of evil' - born of the imagination.
Brainbox n The skull. 2. a clever person.
Brain-break n A conception that overtaxes or over tasks the brain, as a puzzle, paradox or enigma.
Brainbreaker n Puzzle, enigma, or paradox.
Brainchild n A creation, original idea or innovation.
Brain cloud n To temporary inability to think properly, or to remember something.
Brain-dead adj Having an irreversible loss of brain function and cessation of brain activity. 2. having no useful thought, stupid, ditzy.
Brain-death n An irreversible loss of brain function and cessation of brain activity.
Brain-drain n The immigration of educated or talented persons from less economically advanced nations, esp. from large, poorer cities to richer countries.
Brained adj Having a particular kind of brain, as described by the word with which this term is combined, (also used fig.)
Brainedness n State or quality of having a particular type of brain, as 'left-brainedness.
Brainer n Something that requires consider thought.
Brain food n Any food consumed for the purpose of energizing the brain or thought to increase the power of intellectual thought.
Brain freeze n (informal) a pain in the head from eating or drinking something cold. 2. (psychology) Failure to remember something, especially a word, with the sense that recall is imminent. 3. word freeze; brain cloud.
Brainily adv In a brainy or intelligent fashion; with clear use of the brain or wits.
Braininess n Smartness, intelligence, cleverness, know-how.
Braining n The action of striking another on the head.
Brainish adj Somewhat headstrong and passionate.
Brainless adj Devoid, destitute of wit or intelligence. 2. without a brain (lit). 3. that has had the brain removed, pithed. 4. insane, wanting in intelligence, thought or self-control.
Brainlessly adv In a brainless manner; stupidly, foolishly, stultfully.
Brainlessness n The state or condition of being with a brain, wit or intelligence.
Brain-like adj Resembling a brain or some aspect of one.
Brain-lit adj Enlightened by thought, illuminated mentally.
Brain-pan n That which contains the brain; the skull.
Brains n Intelligent, smarts, cleverness, know-how. 2. 'The brains" - the cleverest persons.
Brains phr "Brains Do Not Live in the Beard" - implies that wisdom is not always conferred on the elderly simply by the effluxion of time. 2. wisdom does not always go by years.
Brain sand n The plant corpora arenaceae
Brain-sick adj Diseased in the brain or mind, addle-headed, mad, woody, foolishly frantic. 2. of things preceeding from a diseased brain.
Brain-sickly adj Disordered in understanding, giddy, thoughtless
Brain-sickness n The condition of being brain-sick with mental confusion and acting in a disorderly manner.
Brain-spin n A temporary inability to think properly, or to remember something; giddiness; disorientation.
Brain-spun adj As in the phrase 'brain-spun system of metaphysics.
Brain-stem n The central trunk of the brain, upon which the cerebrum and cerebellum are set, and which continues downwards to form the spinal cord.
Brain-stone n Coral, resembling the form and convolutions of the brain; coral-brain; brainstone.
Brainstorm n A sudden thought particularly onr that solves a long-standing problem. 2. an unexpected error.
Brainstorm n To investigate something or solve a problem by brainstorming. 2. to particiapte in a brainstorm.
Brainstorm vb To mastermind, to have a thought shower (a politically correct version of a brain storm)
Brainstorm phr "To Have a Brainstorm" - to mastermind, to have a thought shower (a politically correct version of a brain storm). 2. to have an uncontrolled emotional outburst.
Brainstormer n One who brainstorms
Brainstorming n A method of problem solving in which members of a group contribute ideas spontaneously.
Brain-strong adj As in the phrase 'bairns are headstrong.'
Brainwash n An effect upon one's memory, thoughts, ideas, opinions, or beliefs.
Brainwash vb To effect one's mind by using extreme mental pressure or any other mind-affecting process.
Brainwashed adj Having one's memory, ideas, opinions, beliefs modified and changed by mind-affecting processes.
Brainwasher n One who brainwashes by mind-affecting processes.
Brain-washing adj A kind of indoctriantion that forces people to abandon their beliefs in favour of another set of beliefs by conditioning them through various forms of mental or physical pressure ot torture.
Brainwave n Any of many rhythmic fluctuation of electrical potential between parts of the brain. 2. a sudden idea, understanding or inspiration.
Brain-wood adj Insane, frenzied in the mind; mad.
Brain-work n Work done by and with the brain, mental work, intellectual labour, such as mathematics.
Brainworker n Leader, educator.
Brainworm n Disputant.
Brainwright n The brain-wright's skill and wisdom infinite.
Brainy adj Very intellectually, capable, clever, smart.
Brair n The first shots of grain.
Brair vb The first shots to appear above the ground.
Braird adj Of or pertaining to the first shoots of a plant. 2. fig. initial, first.
Brairding n The action of shoots appearing for the first time.
Brake n A thicket.
Bramble n A blackberry bush. 2. berry or fruit of the bramble, blackberry.
Brambleberry n The blackberry plant or fruit.
Brambled adj Overgrown with brambles
Brambling n Fringilla montifrigilla of northern Eurasian; the finch.
Brambly adj Full of brambles. 2. of the nature of brambles.
Brand n A piece of wood that is or has been burning on the hearth; also poetic: a torch, match or linstock. . 2. a fire on the hearth; the torches of cupid or furness. 3. mark made by burning with a hot iron. 4. applied to a person: a firebrand. 5. a sign or mark in a general sense (in reference to branding criminals. 6. conveying the idea of disgrace, a mark of infamy or stigma. 7. a trade mark. 8. a mark of ownership or possession, such as a steer or other animal bearing a particular mark or brand. 9. a sword, weapon, blade (poetical.)
Brand vb To burn with a hot iron. 2. to mark indelibly. 3. to set a mental task odf ownership upon; also, to impress an event, circumstance, task) indelibly in one's memory. 4. to stigmatize, stamp with infamy.
Brand phr "God's Brand' - the lightning.
Branded adj Marked with a hot iron. 2. bearing a trade mark. 3. marked with infamy; stigmatized.
Brander n One who brands.
Branding n That scorches or marks by branding.
Brandiron n A branding iron.
Brand-leader n The leading or best-selling product of its type.
Brandless adj That has or is without a brand. 2. having no wood for fuel.
Brandling n A red earthworm, Eisensia foetida, with rings of a brighter color, which is often found in manure and used as bait.
Brandmark n A logo of a brand.
Brand name n A trade name.
Brand new adj Utterly new, as new as possible, newly made.
Brand-newness n State or quality of being brand new.
Brandrede n A brander, branding iron.
Brand-theft n The pirating of top-brand goods. 2. cheap copy-cat produced goods. 3. knock-offs.
Brandwidth n The level of brand recognition or market share enjoyed by a product, service, or company.
Brant adj High, steep, sheer, precipitous.
Brant adv Straight, straight up, erectly, steeply.
Brantness n Steepness, erectness, straightness.
Brass n An alloy of copper with tin or zinc; a sepuchral table of this metal. 2. money. 3. effrontery.
Brass phr "Brassed off" - in low spirits; depressed.
Brass phr "Not Care a Brass Farthing" - to be totally indifferent.
Brass phr "Have a Brass Neck (to do something)" - to be bold and/or shameless to do something.
Brass phr "Top Brass" - senior management or top officers; a 'brass hat'.
Brass farthing n An item of small value or worth, as 'not worth a brass farthing.'
Brass hat n An army staff-officer (from the gold braid on his hat).
Brassiness n The quality of being brassy; insolence, impudence, adamancy.
Brass knuckles n A weapon consisting of a metal reinforcement for the clenched fist with finger holes molded in it.
Brass neck n A person with gall, shamelessness, cheek. (idiomatic in UK and Ireland.)
Brass neck vb To behave boldly or shamelessly.
Brass-necked adj A type of behaviour where someone is extremely confident about their own action but does not understand that their behavior is unacceptable to others. 2. cheeky, shameless, of effrontery.
Brass ring n Idiomatic in US, fig. a prize or gall (often used in respect to employment goals, e.g. promotion, better job, 'he is going for a brss ring.'
Brass-smith n An artifice in brass, a brassworker.
Brassware n Articles made for brass, treated as a group.
Brasswind n In music, the brass section or instruments of an orchestra: the tuba, trombone and trumpet.
Brassy adj Hard as brace, pitiless, unfeeling. 2. unblushing, impudently, confident, unabashed. 2. of brass, as opposed to gold: debased yet pretentious. 3. harsh and feeling-less in tone; like a brass instrument, strident artificial tone.
Brastle vb To crackle, clatter; to rush with a clattering noise, or with excited haste.
Brat n OE bratt: an apron, bib, rag or clout. 2. the scum on boiled milk, porridge.
Brath n Impetuosity, violence, wrath, ire.
Brath adj Impetuous, violent, wrathy, ireful.
Brath adv Impetuously, violently, wrathfully.
Brathful adj Violent, wrathful,
Brathly adv In a angry, violent, impetuous manner.
Braxy n OE:: rheum, sickness - a carbuncular fever and disease affecting sheep.
Braze n The process of brazing.
Braze vb To make of brass. 2. to cover or ornament with brass. 3. to make hard like brass. 4. to hasten to impudence. 5. to colour like brass. 6. to render shameless or brazen.
Brazed adj Made of brass. 2. covered with brass. 3. hard as brass.
Brazeless adj Made of or covered with with brass; also fig. - brazened.
Brazen vb To face with impudently. 2. to act with effrontery.
Brazen adj Made of brass. 2. referring to the strength rather than actual material of brass; hence, strong as brass. 4. transfigurative and fig. - resembling brass in colour, sound.
Brazen n "Brazen It Out" - behave, although one has done wrong, as if one has nothing to be ashamed of.
Brazier n One who works in brass.
Brazenly adv In a brazen, impudent manner.
Brazenness n Brazen quality or appearance. 2. effrontery, impudence.
Brazing n The process of producing or making things from brass.
Breach n OE. bryce, breach, fracture, the breaking of the waves along the coast or over a vessel.
Breach n OE form: 'bryce' (related to break)???? - a gap or opening made by breaking or battering, as in a wall, fortification or levee. 2. the space between the parts of a solid body rent by violence. 3. a break; a rupture; a fissure. 4. breaking up of amicable relations, a falling-out.  5. breaking of waters, as over a vessel or a coastal defence; the waters themselves; surge; surf.  6. clear breach is when the waves roll over the vessel without breaking. 7. clean breach is when everything on deck is swept away. 8. breaking out upon; an assault. 9. (archaic) A bruise; a wound. 9.(archaic) A hernia; a rupture. 10. (law) a breaking or infraction of a law, or of any obligation or tie; violation; non-fulfillment; as, a breach of contract; a breach of promise. 11. (figuratively) a difference in opinions, social class etc. 12. the act of breaking, in a figurative sense
Breach vb To break through; to make a break in. 2. to violate or break. 3. of horses, cattle breaking fences to get out of enclosures. 4. of the sea, to break into a ship or into a coastal defence. 5. of a whale, to leap clear out of the water.
Breach phr "Breach of Day" - dawn.
Breach phr "Heal the Breach" - end a serious disagreement.
Breach phr "Stand in the Breach" - to occupy a dangerous position in a difficult situation.
Breach phr "Step Into the Breach" - deputize or stand in, substitute for someone.
Breached adj Cleaved or pierced with a breach, rent, torn.
Breacher n One who makes or commits a breach.
Breachful adj Full of breach(s).
Breaching n The action of making a breach in, or breaking through.
Breachy adj Apt to break through or break out of pastures, compounds etc. 2. unruly.
Bread n Only in OE. a piece, a morsel of food; the proper Germanic word for bread is loaf. It use for a food substance is, however, seen in bee-bread. 2. article of food made with flour.
Bread vb To dress with bread crumbs. 2. to provide with daily bread.
Bread phr "Be Somebody's Bread and Butter" - be a person livelihood or be a person's everyday experience.
Bread phr Bread always Falls Buttered Side Down" : (also toast) used to express the belief that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Bread phr "Bread and Butter" - slices of bread spread with butter (especially as part of an ordinary English meal eg breakfast or tea. 2. one's ordinary means of livelihood, esp. at a very basic level and without any extras. 3. simple and wholesome, without any extraordinary features or frills.
Bread phr "Bread and Roses": food and beauty, considered as fundamental human rights; used to express the belief that everyone should have access not only to basic sustenance.
Bread phr "Bread and Water" - the minimum diet, ration on which life can be sustained, esp. considered as a form of punishment for a child or a prisoner.
Bread phr "Bread and Wine" - The Eucharist.
Bread phr "Bread is the Staff of Life" - bread (food) is the staff (support) of life.
Bread phr "Break Bread" - to break it for one's own mouthful. 2. to partake bread or food. 3. the Eucharist.
Bread phr "Cast One's Bread Upon the Water" - not to expect gratitude or recognition for one's good works. 2. speculate with little hope of reward or success.
Bread phr "Eat the Bread of Idleness" - bread (food) not gain by work.
Bread phr "Give Us Our Daily Bread" - our living.
Bread phr "He Took Bread and Salt" - he took his oath. In Eastern lands bread and salt were once eaten when an oath was taken.
Bread phr "In Good Bread" - in a good living situation.
Bread phr "Know Which Side One's Bread is Buttered" - to be aware of the importance considerations.
Bread phr ”Man Cannot Live by Bread Alone" : people have spiritual as well as physical needs; one cannot be completely satisfied or fulfilled without spiritual aspect in their lives.
Bread phr "On the Bread Line" - extremely poor.
Bread phr "Take God's Bread" - to partake of the sacramental bread.
Bread phr "Take the Bread Out of Someone's Mouth" - to take away the livelihood of another; to prevent someone from earning a living. 2. to take from a person what he is on the point of enjoying.
Bread and butter n A basic, ordinary, or routine part of something.
Bread and butter adj Basic, ordinary, or routine.
Bread-and-butterish adj Girlish, schoolgirlish; (sometimes more generally) childish; used depreciatively, with implication of naive or unsophisticated character.
Bread-and-butterish adj Mundane, humdrum, routine, ordinary.
Bread-and-buttery adj Lacking interest or excitement; ordinary; unremarkable; mundane.
Bread and cheese, n Of an ordinary or plain nature; everyday, simple, fundamental.
Bread and cheese adj Of work, a livelihood, etc.: modest but dependable; that furnishes a basic rather than a lavish income.
Bread bin n A container for keeping bread.
Breadboard n A cutting board, esp. for bread. 2. a pull-out cutting board underneath a counter in a kitchen.
Breadbox n A container for bread.
Breadcraft n The art of making bread.
Bread-crumb n A crumb of bread, esp. crumbs for covering fish, meat, or vegetables. 2. the soft part of bread, as opp. to the crust.
Bread-crumb vb To cover with bread-crumbs.
Bread dough n Dough for making bread.
Bread-dust n Powdered bread or biscuit.
Breaded adj In Christian theology: of the body of Christ: present or embodied within the Eucharistic bread.
Breaden adj Made or consisting of bread.
Bread-god n Contemptuous term for the consecrated host.
Breadhead n One who is attracted to money, a greedy capitalist.
Breadiness n The quality or fact of being bread; breadiness. 2. the quality of resembling bread in taste, smell, texture, etc.; (with reference to alcoholic drinks such as champagne or beer) yeasty in character.
Breading n Breadcrumbs, and often other ingredients, used to cover food brfore grilling, frying or baking to produce an outer crust.
Breadish n Somewhat similar to or resembling bread.
Breadishness n Of the quality and nature of bread
Breadless n Without or lacking bread. 2. without bread or food.
Breadlessness n Lacking or having no bread.
Bread-line n Subsistence level, on the breadline. 2. a queque of people waiting to receive free food.
Bread man n A man who makes, sells, or (in later years) delivers bread; breadmonger.
Breadness n The quality of bread.
Bread oven n An oven for baking bread or other dough products, typically consisting of a baking chamber made of a fireproof material such as brick, stone, clay.
Bread ring n Any of various kinds of bread having the form of a ring, such as a bagel.
Bread root n The prairie turnip of North America.
Bread shop n An establishment in which bread and other baked goods are made or sold;a bakery.
Breadstick n A long slender roll of crisp bread.
Breadth n Measure or distance from side to side, width, extent across (also fig. . 2. a piece of clothe of full breadth; a width. 3. extent, length. 4. fig. largeness (of mind, sentiment, or view) 5. liberality, catholicity, also a wide display of a quality. 6. a broad effect.
Breadth phr "Be Within a Hair's Breadth" - to be extremely near or close.
Breadthen vb To increase in breadth or size. 2. to broaden, widen.
Breadthening n The action or process of increasing the breadth of something; broadening, widening. Also: an instance of this.
Breadthless adj Without breath.
Breadthway adv In direction of the breadth.
Breadwinner n The primary incomer earner or wage earner in a household.
Breadthwise adj Directed across the breadth of an object or place.
Bread trap n The mouth
Bread wheat n Wheat that is primarily used to produce flour for baking.
Breadwort n The knot-grass, polygonum.
Breadwright n A baker.
Bready adj Resembling, like or somewhat like bread.
Break vb Sever into parts.
Break phr "A Break in the Weather" - a change (for the better) in the weather.
Break phr "All Hell Broke Lose" - great confusion erupted.
Break phr "At Break-neck Speed" - very fast speed. 2. with the fastest speed one can manage; often dangerously fast.
Break phr "Be a Broken Reed" - be a weak and unreliable person.
Break phr "Be a Dog's Breakfast" - be a very messy situation.
Break phr "Break a Butterfly on the Wheel" - an over-response in solving a problem when a simple solution is at hand.
Break phr "Break a Drought" - to resume supplies after an interval.
Break phr "Break Down Someone Door" - be enthusiastic about someone's goods or services.
Break phr "Break Even" - have, show, neither profit nor a loss in some business transaction or sale.
Break phr "Break a Fall" - to prevent an injury (in a fall).
Break phr "Break a Law" - to violate or be in breach of a law.
Break phr "Break Asunder" - to break a thing that or fastens. 2. to loosen. 3. to dissolve.
Break phr "Break Away (from)" - to remove by breaking. 2. to break away with abruptness and force (also fig.). 3. leave or escape suddenly. 4. cut one's ties. 5. end one's political dependence (on).
Break phr "Break back" - suddenly reverse the direction in which one is moving,
Break phr "Break Day" - to fail to keep an appointment.
Break phr "Break Down" - to demolish, break up; destroy, conquer. 2. to decompose; change the chemical composition of. 3. to crush, in strength, health, courage etc. 4. to fall broken, to prove of no avail. 5. to fail, cease to function, operate through a mechanical or electrical failure. 6. to render or to become unstable due to anxiety or distress; to collapse physically, mentally or emotionally; give way to completely to one's feelings; lose control of one's of one's emotion. 7. to knock or smash to the ground. 8. analyze in detail; drill down.
Break phr "Break Even" - to either gain nor lose money; make neither a profit or loss. 2. idiomatic: to stay the same. 3. to neither advance nor regress.
Break phr "Break Forth" - to make a rush forward. 2. of flame, way, disease etc; to burst out suddenly. 3. to break loose. 4. to burst into or break out in utterance.
Break phr "Break Free" - to liberate or free oneself.
Break phr "Break In" - to enter forcibly or abruptly. 2. to infringe upon; to interrupt unexpectedly. 3. to burst upon; encroach upon. 3. make accustom to new discipline; render docile; make soft and pliable.
Break phr "Break In On" - interrupt; disturb.
Break phr "Break in the Weather" - change for the better in the weather.
Break phr "Break Into" - to enter illegally by forced entry, esp. in order to commit a crime. 2. to open or begin to use. 3. to successfully enter a career or profession. 4. to begin suddenly, as 'laugh'. 5. begin vocalizing. 6. change to a faster or slower pace. 7. change to higher value banknote to coins.
Break phr "Break Into Laughter" - to laugh or start to laugh.
Break phr "Break it Down" - to slowly and persistently cause something to crumble or fall apart.
Break phr "Break It Up" - disperse, stop.
Break phr "Break Loose" -escape, become free.
Break phr "Break New Ground" - to begin excavating and leveling earth for a new building, or, in earlier times for cultivation of crops. 2. by extension, to take on a new venture, esp. something never attempted before or has no precedent. 2. be a pioneer in one branch of knowledge; discover and/or work at something new and different either in itself, or in relation to what one has done before.
Break phr "Break No Bones" - not injure oneself or somebody else in spite of a possibly serious fall, accident etc (the implication is not necessarily that actual bones could have been broken
Break phr "Break of Day" - dawn.
Break phr "Break Off" - to put an abrupt end to; stop suddenly. 2. to leave off abruptly. 3. to sever connection with; become separated, separate from a large object (by breaking). 4. to detach oneself abruptly from; end abruptly; discontinue. 5. to sever connection with. 6. to draw off sharply. 7. to begin. 8. to stop talking, or interrupt one's remark. 9. pause one's work; take a break.
Break phr "Break One's Duck" - of a batsman at cricket: to score the first run of his innings.
Break phr "Break One's Fall" - to provide alleviation to stop someone crashing into the ground at full speed.
Break phr "Break One's Fast" - to eat breakfast. 2. to eat food again after a lengthy period of abstinence (because one has deliberately not eaten or been prevented from eating).
Break phr "Break One's Heart" - cause to feel considerable grief, mental anguish, disappointment, etc in the matter of love and personal relations and business affairs.
Break phr "Break One's Mind" - to deliver or reveal what is in one's mind.
Break phr "Break One's Neck" - to be in a great hurry and particularly keen to do something. 2. try one's utmost, act recklessly to do something; take a great deal of trouble to get or get something.
Break phr "Break One's Word" - fail to keep a promise.
Break phr Break On the Wheel"- to execute a criminal, political outcast or heretic by fastening to a wheel in order to break his limbs and at the same time severely beaten him. See; 'To break a Butterfly On the Wheel".
Break phr "Break Open" - to open and enter by breaking.
Break phr "Break Out" - to force out by breaking. 2. of persons and things: to burst from restraint or concealment. 3. to break out (with a skin eruption). 4. suddenly or violently flare up. 5. suddenly become covered in
Break phr "Break Out In" - suddenly begin to have strong feelings.
Break phr "Break Out in a Cold Sweat" - to be suddenly afraid, apprehensive.
Break phr "Break Out of" - free oneself (from) (usually by forcibly removing barriers).
Break phr "Break Out On" - appear suddenly upon.
Break phr "Break Over" - break upon and sweep over, a floating or submerged object. 2. sweep over somebody in waves (cheering, applause, abuse).
Break phr "Break Ship" - to desert or fail to rejoin a ship after shore-leave.
Break phr "Break Sleep" - to awake from sleep.
Break phr "Break Someone's Heart" (break the heart of)- crush or overwhelm in sorrow. 2. to cause someone's great distress.
Break phr "Break Something Down" - separate something into components.
Break phr "Break Step" - get out of step.
Break phr "Break Stride" - to cease walking or running in the same gait, esp. as a result of interrupting someone's forward movement.
Break phr "Break the Back of" - to reach or achieve a signifant part of a project or undertaking.
Break phr "Break the Deadlock" - to find a way through a problem or situation that has reach an impasse.
Break phr "Break the Head" - interrupt the line of reasoning and/ or thoughts.
Break phr "Break the Ice" - to begin to know people to avoid social awkwardness. 2. to introduce conversation to get around problems of social difficulty. 3. to take the initiative and strike up an acquaintance after initial shyness.
Break phr "Break the News" - to inform someone, or convey information of something first, usually when it is difficult to tell someone something unpleasant or hurtful.
Break phr "Break the Seal" -(sl) - a seal that provides a tight, secure and perfect closure.
Break phr "Break the Spell" - destroy an infatuation, spoil the effect, fascination, or illusory experience etc by a return to reality.
Break phr "Break the Thread" - interrupt a line of reason/thought.
Break phr "Break Through" - to penetrate by breaking; pierce, appear from behind. 2. to force an opening in an obstruction. 3. make discoveries of an important kind. 4. overcome, subdue,
Break phr "Break Up" - to disperse (at the end of a term), scatter (often by force); go in separate ways. 2. to disintegrate, shatter, crack up; destroy, (transfig and fig.); burst open forcibly. 2. to open up ground. 3. of frost; epidemic: to give way. 4. to fail physically and crumble emotionally. 5. to dissolve, come or bring to an end (not necessarily from outside interference.
Break phr "Break Up Into" - shatter and scatter into pieces. 2. divide by analysis; or administrative decision.
Break phr "Break Wind" - to suffer flatulence. 2. to release gas from the stomach or bowels.
Break phr "Break With" - to separate from, part company from; sever connections with. 2. end a friendship, marraige or association with; sever links with.
Break phr "Have for Breakfast" - defeat easily; crush, destroy.
Break phr "Make a Break With" - leave.
Break phr "Make or Break" - face a crucial test where success or failure is of great important. 2. be a crucial factor leading to a person's success or fail.
Breakaway n The action of breaking away; severance. 2. panic, as the stampede of animals or people. 3. the animal that leads the herd. 4. seceding, that break-ways or has broken away.
Breakback n A sudden backward movement. 2. that break the back, crushes. 3. (tennis, of a receiver) the winning of a game having lost a service game, or during a tie-break, the winning of a point against the serve having lost a point while serving.
Breackback vb To win a game having lost a service game, or during a tie-break, to win a point against the serve having lost a point while serving. 2. to return usually abruptly to a former position or state. 4. (architecture) to return inward from a projection
Breakbeat n A form of syncopated rhythm prominent in much African music.
Break bones n The ossifrage or osprey.
Breakdown n The act of falling and breaking down; a collapse (lit. & fig.)
Breaker n One who or that which breaks. 2. a heavy ocean wave breaking on the shore.
Breaker's Yard n A wreck yard or wreckers usually containing damaged, wrecked or broken-down motor vehicles. 2. fig. a scene or place of disorder and chaos.
Break-even n In business, the level of revenue sufficient in cost.
Breakfast n First meal of the day.
Breakfast vb} T break one's fast. 2. to take or partake of the first meal of the day. 3. to provide with breakfast. 4. to entertain.
Breakfast phr "To Have Breakfast in Bed" - to eat breakfast in bed. 2. breakfast served to one in bed upon waking. 3. to enjoy one's breakfast in bed.
Breakfaster n One who is breakfasting or eating breakfast.
Break food n Any of the various kinds of cereals eaten at breakfast.
Breakfastless adj Without breakfast; not serving breakfast.
Breakfast-like adj A meal similar too or resembling breakfast.
Breakfast time n The time when breakfast is (usually) eate,. 2. an allocated breakfast time.
Break-forward n "The Break-forward" - an alleged old name for the hare.
Break-in n The act of entering a breakfast with the intention to steal.
Break-hedge n Trespasser.
Breaking-in n To initiate.
Breaking-news n News that has either just happened or is currently happening. Breaking news articles may contain contain incomplete information, factual errors , or poor editing because of rush of publication
Breaking-strain n The weight or point at which something will break, also fig.
Breaking wheel n A form of execution, among europeans during former times, in which the victim, often a criminal or soldier, is fastened to a wheel and slowly crushed to death.
Breakle n Fragments, mote, things broken into small pieces.
Breakless adj Without a break or interuption.
Breakline n The last line of a paragraph (usually not of full length)
Breakly adj Capable of, or tending to break, fragile, brittle.
Breakly adv In a breaking or fragile manner.
Breakneck n A fall that breaks the neck.
Breakneck adj Dangerously fast, hell-for-leather. 2. a dangerous place or steep place from which one could fall.
Break of Dawn n Daybreak, dayrim, dayrawe.
Break-off n The act of breaking of; esp. the discontinuance of relations.
Breakout n A forcible escape.
Breakroom n A room set aside for tea or coffee breaks, snacks, lunches, etc also called a lunch-room.
Breakstone n Herbalist's name for Saxifrages and some other plants.
Breakthrough n An advance through and past enemy lines. 2. any major progress; such as great innovation or discovery that overcomes a significant obstacles. 3. in sport, the penetration of an opposition's defence.
Breakthrough adj Characterized by major progress or overcoming some difficult obstacle or situation.
Breaktime n A break for a worker or workers that breaks up a period of work. 2. a break for school-children between lessons.
Break-tooth n Words or expressions difficult to say; jawbreaker.
Breakup n The act of breaking up; disintegration or division. 2. the termination of a friendship, or a romantic relationship; a falling-out. 3. a loss of emotional control; a breakdown. 4. in Alaska - Spring, springtime.
Breakwater n A construction in or around a harbour designed to break the force of the sea and to provide shelter for vessels lying inside (nautical). 2. a low bulkhead across the forecastle deck of a ship which diverts water breaking over the bows into the scuppers. 3. on beaches: a wooden or concrete barrier, usually perpendicular to the shore, intended to prevent the movement of sand along a coast.
Breaky adj Indicative of breaking, easily broken, fragile, as an 'achy, breaky heart.
Breast n A breast, either of the two organs on the front of a woman's chest, which contain the mammary glands; also the analogous organs in men. 2. the chest, or front of the human thorax. 3. a section of clothing covering the breast area. 4. the figurative seat of the emotions, feelings etc.; one's heart or innermost thoughts. 5. the ventral portion of an animal's thorax. 6. a choice cut of poultry, especially chicken or turkey, taken from the bird’s breast; also a cut of meat from other animals, breast of mutton, veal, pork. 7. the front or forward part of anything. 8. a chimney breast; a plough breast. 9. the face of a coal working. 10. the front of a furnace. 11. the power of singing; a musical voice.
Breast vb To apply or oppose the mast to waves or wind. 2. a sleep ascent. 3. to stem, face, face it out, to breast it out, meet in full opposition; oppose, to meet full on. 4. to push against with the breast
Breast phr "Breast Aside" - to push aside. 2. to press forward with the breasts.
Breast phr "Beat One's Breast" - to greatly regret an error.
Breast phr "Breast Up the Hedge" - to cut away branches on the side, so that the main upright stems are laid bare.
Breast phr "Give the Breast to" - to press the breast to; fig. to nourish. 2. to apply the breast to.
Breast-beating n An exaggerated or ostentatious show or demonstration of woe.
Breastbone n The central narrow bone in the front of the chest, connecting the collarbone and the top ribs. 2. the sternum.
Breasted adj having a breast. 2. having a specific kind of breast or covering.
Breastfeed vb To feed a baby milk by the breast. 2. to suckle, to nurse, to suck milk from a parent.
Breastfeeder n One who breastfeeds or suckles a baby.
Breastfeeding n The activity of feeding a baby or young child milk from the breast of a lactating woman.
Breast-high adj As high as the breast; submerged to the breast.
Breasting n The applying or opposing the mast to waves or wind. 2. a sleep ascent. 3. the facing, facing it out, the breasting it out, a meeting in full opposition; opposing, a meeting full on. 4. a pushing against with the breast.
Breastless adj Without breast or mammary glands.
Breastlike adj Resembling a breast or breasts.
Breastmilk n Milk produced by human mammary glands, mother's milk.
Breaststroke n A swimming stroke in which the swimmer lies face down, with arms being swept forward, outwards and back under the water and legs kicking like a frog.
Breaststroker n One who swims the breast stroke.
Breastwise adj Side by side; abreast.
Breastwork n A fortification consisting of a breast-high bulwark; a parapet. 2. a railing on the quarter deck and forecastle of a ship. 3. a parapet. 4. a breast or mammary augmentation.
Breasty adj Having large breasts, buxom, busty.
Breath n Odor, smell, scent, exhalation, vapour, respiration. 2. air from the lungs.
Breath phr "A Breath of Wind" - (any indication and sign of) a light amount of wind, a little breeze.
Breath phr "All in a Breath" - without taking a breath.
Breath phr "Be Short of Breath" - to be without breath or breathless.
Breath phr "Breath of Life" - signs of breathing in a person's body as an indication that they are still alive, surviving etc.
Breath phr "Draw One's Last Breath" - to die, expire, pass away, give up the ghost.
Breath phr "Hold One's Breath"- to check suddenly or suspend the act of respiration. 2. to wait (in anticipation) or expectation for something to happen.
Breath phr "In One and the Same Breath" - an act of respiration or breathing; fig. to do simultaneously.
Breath phr "In the Same Breath" - simultaneously.
Breath phr "Not Hold One's Breath" - give up all expectation.
Breath phr "Out of Breath" - breathless; panting from exertion; breathing with difficulty, temporary short of breath.
Breath phr "Short of Breath" - almost breathless or out of breath.
Breath phr 'Take Breath" - pause for a breath.
Breath phr "Take One's Breath Away" - greatly surprise, astounding or astonishment.
Breath phr "Under One's Breath" - in a whisper.
Breath phr "Waste(*) One's Breath" - to act in unproductive speech or conversation. * OE: weste - a desert, wilderness; ONF. & Fr variation of OF: wast(e).
Breathe phr "Breathe Again" - to recover anxiety, excitement
Breathe phr "Breathe Down Someone's Neck" - cause annoyance to another person by remaining nearby or by supervising to them too closely. 2. in a sporting contestant be narrowly behind one's competitors.
Breathe phr "Breathe Easy" - to relax or feel secure about as something after a crisis.
Breathe phr "Breathe Fire and Brimstone" - to be manifestly wrathful.
Breathe phr "Breathe Freely" - to be at ease, relieved. 2. to breath in one's element.
Breathe phr "Breathe In" - to inhale.
Breathe phr "Breathe Life Into" - provide the inspirational force.
Breathe phr "Breathe One's last (Breath)" - to die, expire, give up the ghost.
Breathe phr "Breathe Out" - to exhale.
Breathe phr "Breathe Through (Into)" - to animate, inform
Breathe phr "Breathe Upon" - to infect, contaminate. 2. to tarnish (as if with breath). 3. to taint, corrupt.
Breathe phr "Not Breathe a Word" - not tell; remain silent.
Breathe phr "Take a Breather" - take a rest from vigorous activity.
Breathed adj As in 'long-breathed' - long winded
Breather phr Something that or someone who breathes. 2. a short break; a rest or respite. 3. in physics - a spatially localized, time periodic excitation in a one-dimensional lattice. 4. (coll) that which puts one out of breath, such as strenuous exercise.
Breathful adj Full of breath, or air. 2. having breath or life. 3. redolent, odourous, perfumed.
Breathily adv In a breathy manner.
Breathiness n The state or quality of being breathy. 2. the result or product of breathing.
Breathing n The act of breathing or respiration; a single instance breathing. 2. time to recover one's breath; hence, a delay, a spell of time; breathing. 3. any gentle influence or operation; inspiration. 4. the breathing of the Holy Spirit. 5. breathing, aspiration; secret prayer.
Breathing phr "Be Breathing Sweat" - to sweat profusely.
Breathing spell n An opportunity to rest or give thought to a situation. 2. a short respite.
Breathingly adv In a breathing manner.
Breath-length n A linguistic term relating to pause and tempo in speech.
Breathless n Without breath; without respiration, dead. 2. unaspirated. 3. breathing with difficulty. 4. panting as a result of swift running or strenuous exercise.
Breathlike adj Resembling or characteristic of breath
Breathliness n Breathless condition, want of health.
Breathly adv Of or pertaining or characteristic of breath or breathing.
Breathness n The state or quality of being with breath, exhalation, respiration.
Breath-of-Heaven n A small southern African shrub (adenandra fragrans.)
Breath-seller n One who sells perfumes or scents. 2. one who speaks or uses his/her voice for payment, as a "radio announcer", "professional orator", or "spruiker"; "town crier", actor (?).
Breath-taking adj Surprising, trilling, dumbfounded.
Breathwork n The use of breathing as therapy, particularly changing the breathing rhythms.
Breathy adj Of or pertaining to the nature of breath. 2. of a voice in singing, an admixture of the sound of breathing. 3. accompanied by audible breathing.
Breck n Form of break: a breach, blemish, failing.
Bred adj Developed in the womb. 2. hatched from the egg, brought forth. 3. reared, brought up, properly trained. 4. founded in combinations, as ill-bred, well bred, town-bred.
Bred adj Form of 'brede' - outspread, extended.
Bred phr "Bred and Born" - by birth and upbringing. 2. born and bred.
Bred phr "Bred in the Bone" - hereditary.
Brede n Breadth, width, a piece of stuff of the full breath.
Brede n Roast meat, sweetmeat.
Brede n A plait, interweaving, braiding. 2. a twist or plait of hair.
Brede vb To roast, toast, broil.
Brede vb Form of braird: to be plaited, entwined, wreathe or interwoven.
Brede vb To make broad, to broaden, dilate. 2. to spread, to spread out, spread about, extend. 3. to cover, spread over.
Breding n Broadening, spreading.
Bred-in-the Bone adj habitual, personal of habit, ingrained, firmly established, within nature.
Bree n Eye-lid, lid of the eye. 2. eyebrow, the superciliary ridge. 3. the eyelash.
Bree n A thick pottage made of meal. 2. broth, juice, liquer in which something has been steeped or boiled. 2. water; the sea(fig.)
Bree vb To terrify, fright, scare.
Breech n A garment whose purpose is to cover or clothe the buttocks. 2. the buttocks. 3. a breech birth.
Breech vb To dress in breeches. 2. to cover or clothe with breeches. 3. to fit or furnish or fasten with breeches. 4. to whip, spank or beat the buttocks.
Breech adv With the hips coming out before the head.
Breech birth n A birth where the hinder part of the child appears first.
Breech cloth n An apron-like garment held on by a belt around the waist to cover the loins; a loin-cloth.
Breeches n Garment covering the loins and thighs,
Breeches n "Wear the Breeches" - to assume the authority of the husband (by his wife); to be the master.
Breech-girdle n A girdle or belt worn around the loins. 2. a belt to keep up the breeches.
Breeching n The action of clothing the haunches. 2. a flogging.
Breechless n Without breeches. 2. bare or naked about the buttocks.
Breech-loader n A firearm in which the charge is introduced at the back.
Breech-loading adj Of a gun; such that ammunition is loaded at the rear of the bore.
Breech-maker n A maker of breeches, esp. riding trousers.
Breed n All animals or plants of the same species or subspecies. 2. race or lineage. 3. group of people with shared characteristics. 4. hatch, produce, young. 5. stock, strain, offspring.
Breed vb To produce brood or young. 2. to be pregnant, to be with child. 3. to produce offspring sexually; to bear young. 4. of animals, to mate. 5. to arrange the mating of specific animals. 6. to propagate or grow plants trying to give them certain qualities to take care of in infancy and through childhood; to bring up. 7. to yield or result. 8. to be formed in the parent or dam; to be generated, or to grow, like young before birth. 8. to educate; to instruct; to form by education; to train; sometimes followed by up. 9. to produce or obtain by any natural process. 10, to have birth; to be produced or multiplied. 11. take care of in infancy and through childhood): raise, bring up, rear.
Breed phr "Bred in the Bone" - inveterate or habitual, long-standing, deep-seated, dyed-in the-wool.
Breed phr "Breed In" - to breed always with near relatives. 2. breed in and in.
Breed phr "Breed Out and Out" - to exhaust the breed. 2. to eliminate a characteristic by controlled breeding.
Breed-bale n One who breeds bale or excites strife and discord. 2. a mischief maker, trouble-maker, malcontent; a breed-woe.
Breeder n A person who breeds plants or animals professionally. 2. (gay slang, derogatory) 3. a heterosexual; i.e. one whose sexual intercourse can lead to breeding. 4. (slang, derogatory) a person who has had or who is capable of having children; a person who is focussed on the rearing of their own children.
Breediness n The state or condition of being capable of having children.
Breeding n The process through which propagation, growth or development occurs. 2. the act of insemination by natural or artificial means. 3.the act of copulation in animals. 4. the good manners regarded as characteristic of the aristocracy and conferred by heredity. 5. nurture; education; formation of manners. 6. descent; pedigree; extraction.  
Breeding adj Of, relating to or used for breeding.
Breeding ground n A place over region where animals go to breed. 2. fig. a place or institution seen as creating large number of a stated thing, type or person, etc.
Breedling n A native, breedling, inborn, home-born. 2. one born and bred in a place, a native.
Breedy adj Breeding prolific and readily.
Breeze n The gadfly (Estrus tabanus). 2. a sea-breeze: a parasite affecting some fruit.
Breme adj Celebrated, brilliant. 2. clear, loud, distinct.
Bremely adj Fast, furious.
Bremely adv Fiercely, angrily, hence in the general senses, as hotly, vehemently, strenuously, strongly. 2. louding, distinctly, shrilly, clearly, evidently.
Bremeness n Fierceness, fury, anger, strongness.
Brength n Blend of 'breadth and length' ; size, length and breadth.
Brent adj A high smooth; lofty; steep. brant.
Brerd n OE. brim, magen. - the topmost surface or edge, brim, brink.
Brerdful adj Brimful
Brethe vb To go to ruin, degenerate, dissipate, self-ruined.
Brethel n A worthless fellow, a good-for-nothing wretch
Bretheling n The condition or status of going to (self) ruin and dissipation,
Bretheman n Trumpeter, a wind instruent blower.
Brethren n The body of members, esp. of a fraternal, religious or military order; brotherhood, fraternity, siblings.
Brethren adj Pertaining to or relating to brothers.
Brethrendom n Brotherhood, fraternity,
Brethrenhood n Brotherhood.
Bretwalda n The ruler of the Britons; a ruler.
Brew n Make ale, or beer
Brew phr "As You Brew, So Will You Bake" - as you make your bed, so will you lie on it. 2. as you will go; you must take the outcome of your deeds.
Brew phr "Be Brewing" - be imminent, gather asa storm; trouble.
Brew phr "Brew Up" - prepare a drink of tea (often in an open and makeshift way).
Brew-bale vb To stir up quarreling, dissension, trouble, mischief.
Brewer n Someone who brews or whose occupation is to prepare malt liquor.
Brewership n The office and / or employment of a brewer.
Brewer's Yeast n Any live yeast yeast used in brewing of yeast obtained as a by-product of brewing, dried and used as nutritional yeast.
Brewhouse n A brewey; brew house.
Brewing n The produce of alcoholic beverages, such as beer, by fermentation. 2. the process of being brewed. 3. the business or occupation of a brewer. 4. the quantity of brew made in a single batch. 5. the forming of a storm or the gathering of clouds.
Brewing phr "Be Brewing" - be imminent, gather as a storm; trouble. 2. something's brewing.
Brewing-up n Concoction.
Brewster n A brewer, esp. a female brewer.
Brew-up n The making and drinking of tea.
Briar n Prickly bush (brier), species of the wild rose.
Briar vb To catch and annoy like briars.
Briar phr "To Be in the Briars" - to be in vexation, difficulties, trouble (in modern use with conscious reference to the literal sense.
Briar phr "To Get Out of the Briars" -to be no longer in vexation, difficulties, trouble (in modern use with conscious reference to the literal sense.
Briar phr "To Leave the Briars"- to be no longer in vexation, difficulties, trouble (in modern use with conscious reference to the literal sense.
Briar patch n A dense thicket of thorny plants. 2. a grand made impassable by the impenetrable of prickly vegetation. 3. an intellectaul or philosophical issue abounding in seemingly unresolvable problems. 4. a theoretical quandary or impasse.
Briary adj Full of or consisting of briers, brambly, thorny. 2. of or pertaining to briers. 3. of the nature of briers: vexing.
Briche adj Useful, serviceable.
Bridal adj The bridal(e) feast or wedding. 2. of or pertaining to a bride, worn by a bride.
Bridal bed n Nuptial couch, marriage bed.
Bridal day n The day of the wedding.
Bridal dinner n The wedding feast.
Bridal dress n The wedding dress or bridal gown.
Bridal house n The house where the wedding is held.
Bridal knot n A wedding favour.???????????
Bridal morn n The morning of the wedding.
Bridal ring n The wedding ring.
Bridal wealth n The plant saxifrage francoa.
Bridal wear n Clothing suitable for wearing by a bride, bridegroom, and brides' maids etc.
Bride n Woman about to be married or recently married.
Bride vb To act the bride.
Bride phr "Bride of Christ" or the bride, the Lamb's wife is a term used in reference to a group of related verses in the Bible, in the Gospels, Revelation, the Epistles and related verses in the Old Testament. Sometimes, the bride is implied by calling Jesus a bridegroom. For over 1500 years, the Church was identified as the bride betrothed to Christ. However, there are instances of the interpretation of the usage varying from church to church. Most believe that it always refers to the church.
Bride phr "Bride of the Sea" - Venice; so called from ancient ceremony of the wedding of the sea by the Doge, who threw the ring into the Adriatic saying, We wed thee, O sea, in token of perpetual domination." this took place annually on Ascension Day.
Bride ale n An ale-drinking at a wedding.
Bride-bed n See 'bridal bed.'
Bride-burning n A form of domestic violence practiced in some countries located in Asia. A category of dowry death, bride-burning occurs when a young woman is murdered by her husband or his family for her family's refusal to pay additional dowry
Bridegroom n The man about to be, or just been, married.
Bridegroom vb To act as a bridegroom at a wedding.
Bridegroom's men n In the Roman marriage by confarreatio,the bride was lead to the Pontifex Maximus by bachelors, but was conducted home by married men.
Bridegroomship n The position of bridegroom.
Bridehood n State or position of a bride.
Brideless adj Without brides; unmarried
Bridelike adj Like or resembling a bride.
Bridelock n Marriage; wedlock.
Bridelope n The oldest known teutonic name for wedding; lit 'the bridal run' in conducting the bride to her new home.
Bridely adv In a bride-like or wedding-like or nuptial manner.
Brideman n Also called a bride-leader, because he led the bride to the bridegroom.
Brideshead n Reminiscent of the style, character, plot etc of Evelyn Waugh's novel Brideshead revisited (1945) which depicted the lives of an aristocrat.
Bridesmaid n A young unmarried woman or girl attending the bride at a wedding.
Bridemaidship n The position and uties of a bridesmaid.
Brideship n The status of standing of a bride; the rank or personality of a bride.
Bridesman n The best man.
Brides-wain n The wain or vehicle of the bride providing (surmounted) by the spinning-wheel adorned with blue ribbons ) used to be sent to the new home. 2. a carriage with household goods, traveling from the brides father's to the bridegroom house.
Bride-weed n A bride's dress or veil.
Bridewort n Meadow sweet, Spirea ulmoria.
Bridey adj Like a bride, resembling that of a bride.
Bridge n Elevated structure (often arched over water) forming a passage way between two points.
Bridge vb To make a bridge over a river. 2. to span or cross with a bridge, ravine. 3. to overlay, spread over. 4. to form a way by means of a bridge. 4. fig. to promote or develop a way of reconcilaittion between two parties.
Bridge phr "A Bridge too Far" - idiomatic: a step or action that is too ambitious. 2. an act of overreaching. 3. a step beyond what is safe, sensible, or desirable; an act regarded as too drastic to take. 4. something that is likely to…
Bridge phr "Bridge of Gold" - according to a German tradition, Charlemagne spirit crosses the Rhine on a golden bridge at Bingen, in the season of plenty, to bless the vineyards and cornfields.
Bridge phr "Bridge of Sighs" - a covered passage in Venice, between the Doge Palace where prisoners passed to a place of execution. 2. a place where, those who passes is 'a dead man walking'.
Bridge phr "Build Bridges Between" - work at improving relationships.
Bridge phr "Burn One's Bridges Behind You" - make an irrevocable decision. 2. lit. to cut off the way back to where you come from making it impossible to retreat. 3. to leave all your friends and acquaintances behind. 4. to cause permanent damage to a relationship.
Bridge phr "Find a Gold or a Silver Bridge" - an easy and attractive way of escape.
Bridge phr "I Have a Bridge to Sell You" to indicate that the speaker believes the…
Bridge phr "Lot of Water Has Flown Under the Bridge Since Then" - a past event (of no important or matters longer).
Bridge phr "Make a Bridge of Gold for Him" - to enable a man to retreat from a false position without loss of dignity.
Bridge-board n A board or plank used asa bridge.
Bridgebote n An ancient tax or contribution to the repair of bridge.
Bridge-builder n One who builds bridges across waterway or ravines.
Bridge-building n One who builds bridges. 2. (fig.) the promotion and development of friendly relations between countries, warring parties, one-time friends etc.
Bridge-burning n The action or process of burning bridges (literally and figuratively).
Bridged adj Furnished with bridge(s). 2. spanned or traversed by bridge(s).
Bridgehead n A fortication covering the end of a bridge, nearest the enemy. 2. any miltary position established in the face of an enemy; eg. by a landing force (tete de pont)
Bridge hole n The space or opening under a canal bridge, where the canal narrows and the height is restricted by the arch of the bridge.
Bridge-house n A house connected with a bridge for the control and protection; spec. the house or building with its revenue officers.
Bridge-keeper n The keeper or custodian of a bridge.
Bridgeless adj Having no bridge; unspanned by a bridge.
Bridgelike adj Resembling or characteristic of a bridge.
Bridgeness n (mathematics) - a measure of connectivity in certain networks.
Bridge pin n Firearms (probably) = breech-pin. 2. in a piano, harpsichord, one of the pins or pegs.
Bridger n One who bridges or connects to previously separate things. 2. a nexus.
Bridge-spider n A stone or flag spanning a gutter or sunken area.
Bridge toll n A charge paid to cross a bridge; the revenue collected from this.
Bridgestone n A stone used in the construction of a bridge, such as a 'dry-stone'
Bridge-warden n The keeper or warden of a bridge. 2. the custodian or wardship of a bridge.
Bridgeway n The way formed by a bridge; also the waterway beneath.
Bridgework n A partial dental that is anchored by existing teeth.
Bridgey adj Full of, or abounding in bridges.
Bridging n The action of a bridge. 2. bridges viewed as a work. 3. a bridging piece. 4. the system of bracing used between floor or other timbers to distribute the weight.
Bridging adj Constructing or appointed to construct a bridge or bridges. 2. that which acts as a bridge.
Bridle n Headgear of a horse's harness.
Bridle vb To put a bridle on. 2. to check, restrain, or control with, or as if with, a bridle; as in bridle your tongue.  3. to show hostility or resentment.
Bridle phr "Bridle One's Tongue" - restrain oneself from speaking too frankly, to rudely etc; watch one's mind/tongue.
Bridle phr "Bridle Up" - to show anger and indignation, bristle at. (the metaphor is from a horse suddenly and sharply pulled up.
Bridle-bit n The bit or mouth-piece of a bridle; hence 'a bridle-bitter' - a maker of bridles.
Bridle bridge n A bridge fit for the pasage of a horse, but not for other vehicles; a bridleway.
Bridled adj Furnished or equipped with a bridle, in various senses. 2. curbed, restrained, controlled. 2. having bridled-shaped marks.
Bridle-hand n The left hand: the hand that holds the bridle.
Bridle-iron n A strong flat bar of iron, bent so as to support, as a stirrup. 2. one end of a floor timber, etc. where no sufficient can be had.
Bridleless adj Without or not having a bridle (said of a steed or rider). 2. unchecked, unrestrained.
Bridle-like adj Resembling or characteristic of a bridle.
Bridlepath n A path fit for the passage of a horse, but not for other vehicles;
Bridler n One who bridles, restrains, governs, or controls with a bridal. 2. a bridlemaker.
Bridleway n A bridle path; bridle road.
Bridle-wisdom n Skill and ability to use the bridle, as 'in the heat of the play one relies on the bridle.'
Bridle-wise adj Of a horse giuded by the touch of a bridle.
Bridling n The applying of the bridle in curbing, restraining controling the horse. 2. fig. curbing, restraiing, controlling.
Brier n Prickly bush (briar), species of the wild rose.
Brier vb To catch and annoy like briers.
Brier phr "Be in the Briars" - to be in vexation, difficulties, trouble (in modern use with conscious reference to the literal sense.
Brier phr "Get Out of the Briers" -to be no longer in vexation, difficulties, trouble (in modern use with conscious reference to the literal sense.
Brier phr "Leave the Briers"- to be no longer in vexation, difficulties, trouble (in modern use with conscious reference to the literal sense.
Briery adj Full of or consisting of briers, brambly, thorny. 2. of or pertaining to briers. 3. of the nature of briers: vexing.
Bright n An artist's brush used in oil and acrylic painting with a long ferrule and a flat, somewhat tapering bristle head. 2.(obs) splendour; brightness. 3. (neologism) a person with a naturalistic worldview with no supernatural or mystical elements. 4. (US pl.) the high-beam intensity of motor vehicle headlamps.
Bright vb To be bright; to shine, to make bright, illuminate. 2. of sound: to be clear, to ring.
Bright adj Visually dazzling; luminous, lucent, clear, radiant; not dark. 2. having a clear, quick intellect; intelligent. 3. livid, colourful, brilliant. 4. happy, in good spirits . 5. sparkling with wit; lively; vivacious; cheerful. 6. illustrious; glorious. 7. clear; transparent. 8. manifest to the mind, as light is to the eyes; clear; evident; plan‎.
Bright phr "A Bright Young Thing" - a member of the younger generation in fashionable society (esp. 1920s & 1930s) noted for exuberant and outrageous behaviour. 2. young, educated woman of the 1990s who rises to a leadership position.
Bright phr "Bright and Early" - very early in the morning.
Bright phr "Brighten Up" - be bright; become brighter or happier.
Bright phr "Bright Words for Dark Days" - encouraging and empowering words that make happy and positive, and helps to lift one's gloom and depression.
Bright phr "Look On the Bright Side (of Life)" - be optimistic or positive.
Bright-and-Morning-Star" n Jesus Christ
Bright-beaming adj The action of using a light, usually from a search light, that projects a bright-beam of light in any direction.
Bright-bloomed adj Colorful,
Bright-burning adj Of intense heat and bright flame, something used to attract attention in an emergency.
Bright coal n A shiny, black bituminous coal.
Brighten vb To make bright or shining, to become bright, to shine. 2. to cause (metal, stone, wood, leather, etc., or an object made of such material) to reflect more light, typically by rubbing. 3. to make (the eyes, eyesight, or another sense) sharper, keener, or more perceptive; also figurative with reference to intellectual vision. 5. to impart a healthy glow to (the complexion, skin, etc.); to acquire a healthy glow. 6. to become more vivid or brilliant in colour; to become more colourful; (of colour, or a specific colour) to become more vivid or bright. To make (a flavour or aroma) lighter, crisper, or more tangy; to impart such a flavour to (a dish, drink, etc.)

brightened, adj., sense 2: “That has been made or become bright or brighter (in various figurative senses); enlightened; enhanced, improved; (in later use) cheered, more…”

Brighten phr "Brighten Up" - to br brighter. 2. to make brighter.
Brightened adj hat has been made or become bright or brighter (in various figurative senses); enlightened; enhanced, improved.
Bright-eyed adj Eager and alert, smart, mentally alert. 2. that has clear or acute eyesight; sharp-eyed, keen-sighted.
Bright-eyed phr "To be Bright-eyed and Bushy-tailed" - to be eager, alert, mentally alert, dashing, high-spirited, enthusiastic, and lively, pert, spirited, peppy.
Brighten adj Made bright; grow bright.
Brightening n The action of making or becoming bright. 2. illumination.
Brightening adj Becoming bright or making bright.
Brighter n One who or that which brightens.
Bright-field n The most common form of optical microscopy, in which light is transmitted through the sample which appears on a bright background. 2. involving, or produced by the illumination of the object under examination from below or opposite the objective lens.
Bright head n A person of good mind, understanding, smartness, know-how, intelligence, memory, wisdom.
Brighthood n The state or quality of being bright, brightness.
Brightish adj Somewhat bright, illuminated or shiny.
Bright-lights n The city as a place of entertainment; an entertainment district. 2. urban gaiety.
Bright line n A clear distinction in the context of a legal or moral judgement. 2. a line of relative brightness in the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation coming from a given source.
Brightly adv In a bright manner, brillianty, clearly. 2. in an intelligent and quick-witted way. 3. in a lively, vivacious, or animated manner.”
Brightness n The quality of being bright. 2. brilliancy, clearness, vivacity, quickness of intellect. 3. perception elicited by the luminance of an object. 4. intelligence, cleverness, smartness. 5. the intensity of light observed from a light source, esp. a star or other celestial object 6. illumination; the fact of being bathed in or full of light (as the sky, a room, etc.). 7. with reference to the sky, the weather, etc.: the quality of being clear, bright, and sunny. 8. brilliance, magnificence, splendour; glory, renown, illustriousness. 9. of sound: the quality of being clear, vibrant, and typically high-pitched.
Brights n The high-beam intensity of motor vehicle headlamps.
Brightshine n Lustre.
Bright side n A consoling aspect of a difficult situation. 2. a silver lining. 2. the positive aspect of an otherwise bad or unpleasant situation, event, person’s character. 4. to look on the bright side.
Brightsmith n A maker in 'white" or bright iron, tin.
Brightsome adj Exhibiting brightness, bright-looking. 2. bright in appearance, shining.
Bright-someness n "The bright-someness of the gospel was dimmed." : clarity, illumination, etc.
Bright-spark n A person who is intelligent, clear or quick-witted. 2. sarcastically, a person who lacks intelligence, or who has displayed ignorance , foolishness, or poor judgement.
Bright-speaker n A sound that has a greater emphasize on the treble, higher frequencies.
Brightwork n Polished mental fixtures.
Brim n In OE an poetical word for the Sea, and also "flood" waters. 2. surf and waves. 3. phosphor.
Brimming n The phosphorence of the waves, sea. 2. burning; firelike.
Brimstone n (Lit: "burnstone') sulphur. 2. the sulphur of hell; hell (itself); damnation. 4. used attributively as intensifiers of exclamations. 4. a species of butterfly.
Brimstone phr "Fire and Brimstone" - the traditional punishment of hell; hellfire.
Brimstoneness n The state or condition of being brimstone.
Brimstoner n A preacher who warns others about the damnation in Hell for the wicked and sinful; a hot-gospeller.
Brimstone-wort n Rosa canina, the dog rose.
Brimstonish adj Somewhat phosphorous or sulphur in colour. 2. fiery.
Brine n Salt water, the water of the sea, the sea.
Brine vb To steep, soak, pickle, suffuse with salt water.
Brineless adj Without or free of brine or salt or salt water.
Briner n A salt boiler, a salter.
Brine-spring n A spring of salt water.
Bring n A causing to come to place of reference or to a state.
Bring vb Come conveying esp. by carrying or leading. 2. come with. 3. cause to come or be present. 4. cause or result in. 5. be sold for; produce as income. 6. bring legal action. 7. cause to come or reach a particular state. adduce evidence or an argument etc.
Bring phr "Bring About" - to make something happen, esp. to cause changes in a situation. 2. change direction of movement.
Bring phr "Bring About Somebody's Ears" - all about someone.
Bring phr "Bring Along" - encourage, develop, bring on. 2. help to grow or flower more quickly. 3. conduct from one place to another, often a short distance.
Bring phr "Bring and Buy Sale" - a sale, usually to collect money for a charity, where a person brings things to be sold and buys things brought by other people. 2. a trash and treasure sale or market.
Bring phr "Bring Away" - to come away from some event with some important insight, particular impression, or information. 2. to move something away from from something, (a request to move something away from something and towards the requester.)
Bring phr "Bring Back" - to bring back or cause to come back to the point of departure; reintroduce. 2. take something or somebody with oneself somewhere. 3 cause to return, restore borrowed property. return to consciousness, awake, wake, rouse, arouse.
Bring phr "Bring Back to Life" - to revive, resussitate, restore to good health.
Bring phr "Bring Before" - present for discussion, decision or judgement.
Bring phr "Bring Down" - cause something to end. 2. cause the defeat of. 3. cause to fall from the sky by destroying, killing or wounding. 4. reduce or make lower. 5.
Bring phr "Bring Down the House" - to bring such demonstrative applause as threatens or suggests the bringing down of the building.
Bring phr "Bring Down to Earth" - make somebody return to reality.
Bring phr "Bring Forth" - introduce; yield.
Bring phr "Bring Forward" - to call up for consideration. 2. make something happen earlier than originally planned. 3. transfer or advance to an earlier date. 4. give somebody a part to play in some scheme; give somebody a position of advantage; call somebody up for consideration.
Bring phr "Bring Home to" - make something clear to somebody; or make he/she realize.
Bring phr "Bring Home to One" - make one realize.
Bring phr "Bring In" - introduce, pass; call up. 2. give somebody a part to play in some scheme; give somebody a position of advantage; call somebody up; include. 3. arrest; bring to the police station for questioning.
Bring phr "Bring In On"- give somebody a share in; let somebody participate in; inform somebody of something.
Bring phr "Bring into Being" - create, establish, set up.
Bring phr "Bring Into Line" - cause to conform with the rules of an organization or movement.
Bring phr "Bring Into Play" - cause to start functioning.
Bring phr "Bring Into Sight" - cause to appear.
Bring phr "Bring Into the Open" - reveal, make evident, make public.
Bring phr "Bring Into the World" - to give birth to; be a parent of.
Bring phr "Bring It" - to give one's all in a particular task and effort, to perform with admiration and force.
Bring phr "Bring It On" - an affirmative response, uttered aggressively to a challenge by issuing one back.
Bring phr "Bring It Weak" - to fail to complete a task successively; to make a halfhearted effort.
Bring phr "Bring Off" - succeed in doing something. 2. rescue, carry to safety.
Bring phr "Bring On" - to lead forward, to cause to advance, advance the growth of. 2. encourage, help to develop; produce, bring upon. 3. help to grow or flower. 4. speak, utter. 5. reveal, make clear or explicit. 6. elicit, call forth; adversity, need, danger.
Bring phr "Bring One's Arse to the Anchor" - put in a strenuous effort.
Bring phr "Bring Oneself To" - persuade oneself.
Bring phr "Bring Out" - demonstrate, reveal, or publish. 2. cause to strike or withdraw labor. 3. to lose shyness or reserve. 4. introduce to society. 5. introduce to the market; publish.
Bring phr "Bring Out In" - cause somebody to be (partially) covered with.
Bring phr "Bring Out of One's Shell" - help somebody overcome their shyness, or show a bolder side to their character.
Bring phr "Bring Over" - to carry or bring something to somewhere or someone, as bringing drinks to a party. 2. to cause someone to change allegiance or support, view or opinion. 3. cause somebody to come from overseas. 4. accompany somebody traveling or settling overseas.
Bring phr "Bring Over (to)" - cause somebody to change their allegiance.
Bring phr "Bring Shame Upon" - to disgrace, embarrass, someone, usually a close relative or friend.
Bring phr "Bring Somebody Down To Earth" - make somebody aware of the practicalities (rather than dreams/ fanciful ideas)
Bring phr "Bring Somebody Up Short" - make somebody short what they is doing.
Bring phr "Bring Someone to Book" - to impose a penalty upon someone for their wrongdoings.
Bring phr "Bring Someone or Something to Its/Their Knees" - to humble, devastate or humilate. 2. force someone into submission.
Something phr "Bring Something To a Head" - precipitate a crisis in order to get action.
Bring phr "Bring Something To Light" - ensure that something is noticed, or to reveal something.
Bring phr "Bring Tears to One's Eyes" - cause someone's eyes to water, as happens when someone is suffering from hay fever, etc. 2. cause one to be tearfully sad, or emotionally tearful..
Bring phr "Bring the House Down" - gain an audience approval wholeheartedly.
Bring phr "Bring Through" - be responsible for somebody's recovery or survival.
Bring phr "Bring Tidings" - bring news, information, often of a pleasing nature.
Bring phr "Bring to" - helpp to recover consciousness. 2. make a ship or stop. 3. make something equal, reach, a certain sum. 3. bring a certain attitude, approach to. 4.
Bring phr "Bring to a Dead End" - make further progress imposible.
Bring phr "Bring to a Head" - cause to reach a point where a decision, change, etc is necessary.
Bring phr "Bring to Bear" - to employ, put to use; apply oneself to.
Bring phr "Bring to Book" - find evidence to arrest, try, punish somebody.
Bring phr "Bring Together" - reconcile two parties which are in conflict.
Bring phr "Bring to Heel" - make someone compliantly obedient. 2. subdue, bring under control.
Bring phr "Bring To Himself" - mke somebody conscious, aware of what is happening.
Bring phr "Bring to Life" - mke something live; give it vitality.
Bring phr "Bring to Light" - reveal something which has been hidden.
Bring phr "Bring to Mind" - cause to recall, remember.
Bring phr "Bring to One's Feet" - make somebody stand up: to applause, show respect.
Bring phr "Bring to Rest" - control something so that it stops, reaches a final position.
Bring phr "Bring to the Fore" - make prominent; give an active part to.
Bring phr "Bring to the Ground" - make something fall to the ground or collapse.
Bring phr "bring to the Hammer" - to offer or sell by public auction.
Bring phr "Bring Under" - subdue, bring under control.
Bring phr "Bring Under the Hand Of" - bring under the protection of. 2. bring under submission.
Bring phr "Bring Up" - raise (a matter, topic); rear, educate a child; teach. 2. call to attention. 3. cause to appear for trial. 4. convey or summons troops to the front line. 5. vomit, reach, regurgitate.
Bring phr "Bring Up Against" - make somebody face or confront somebody or something.
Bring phr "Bring Upon (Oneself)" - to cause, either knowingly or unwittingly, to fall or happen to. or one suffers.
Bring phr "Bring Up the Hard Way" - give somebody a severe, strict upbringing. 2.
Bring phr "Bring Up to" - bring up to an acceptable level or standard.
Bring phr "Bring Up To As Far As" - lead, conduct, cause to rise.
Bring phr "Bring Within" - cause to come near enough to be heard, seen or reched.
Bring phr "Bring Word" - convey information, news.
Bring-and-buy sale adj Descriptive of a charity bazaar, stall etc; to which people bring objects for sale and buy those brouht by others.
Bringdown n To carry, convey, lead or cause to go along to somewhere else. 2. to convey as an attribute or contribution. 3. to injure, capture, kill. 4. to lessen, reduce. 5. cause someone to be in low spirits.
Bringer n One who brings something or someone (in various senses of the verb 'to bring').
Bringer up n One who rears or educates.
Bringing(s)-forth n Achievement(s), accomplishment(s), public deed(s).
Brininess n The state of condition of being briny or salty.
Brinish adj Somewhat or rather salty.
Brinishness n The state or quality of being salty.
Brinness n The quality of brine.
Brinnish adj Of the nature of brine. 2. somewhat brinnish or the salty part of the sea. 3. of tears: salty. 4. bitter, naseous (fig.)
Brinnishness n The quality or state of being briny.
Briny n OE. bryne - the phosphorescence (of the sea) 2. the sea.
Briny phr "I'm on the Briny" - I'm at sea or on the sea.
Briny adj Of or pertaining to the brine; or to the sea, 2. saturated with salt. 3. applied to tears
Briny adj Brinny, salty.
Bristle n A stiff or coarse hair. 2. the hairs or straws that make up a brush, broom or similar item.
Bristle vb Of hairs, quills: to be become or stand stiff or bristle.
Bristle phr "Bristle At" - show anger or indignation.
Bristle phr "Bristle With" - display a frightening or impressive array of; be fraught with. 2. show or display in an extreme form.
Bristle-like adj Resembling a bristle or some aspect of it.
Bristleness n Without bristles; not having bristles.
Bristle-tail n The silverfish; a firebrat.
Bristleworts n Lindley's name for the Desvauxiaceae - small tufted herbs with bristly leaves.
Bristliness n Bristling quality
Bristling n The action of rising on end of the hair.
Bristling adj That rises or stands on end. 2. of persons: bristly, rough, shaggy.
Bristlingly adv In a bristling manner.
Bristly adj Set in bristles or short stiff hairs, setose. 2. thickly set with sharp or defiant points.
Britchel adj Liable to break, brittle.
Britches n Breeches: a garment for the legs and trunk. 2. part of the body covered by britches. 3. trousers.
British n Nationals or natives of the United Kingdom.
British adj Pertaining, or relating to things British.
British phr "The British are Coming" - although he didn't yell 'The British are coming,' Paul revere did manage to warn the revolutionaries at Lexington that the British troops were heading their way.
British-born adj One born in, native of, or living in a territory established by the british during colonial times.
British English n English as used in Great Britain, as distinct from that used elsewhere.
Britisher n A native or inhabitant of Britian.
Britishly adv In the ancient british tongue. 2. after the manner of the british; in british fashion.
British man n A person born in Great Britian; a citizen of the United Kingdom; a brit.
Britishness n The conditions of ancient Britons. 2. the quality or character of the British.
Briton n Briton - the ordinary name of the OE Chronicle
Britten vb OE: brytnian. to distribute, disperse. 2. to divide, break, brittle. 3. to cut or hew into pieces. 4. to kill, slay, butcher; to cut up a deer.
Brittle adj Things easily broken or fragile, liable to break; frangible. 2. hard but liable to break easily. 3. having a tendency to break under little stress. 5. emotional fragility.
Brittle phr "In a Brittle Way" -- capable of, or tending to break (lit & fig). 2. of emotions: easily upset by personal difficulty and problems.
Brittlely adv In a brittle or fragile way.
Brittle-minded adj Weak, insecure, unstable of mind, as 'narrow and brittle-minded bachelor state.'
Brittleness n The state or condition of being brittle, fragile, easy broken. 2. a tendency of a material (or metals) to fracture and fail upon the application of a small amount of force, impact or shock. 3. fragility in dealing with emotional problems.
Brittle-strength adj Weak without strength, fragile, friable, easily broken.
Brittlewort n 'The diatoms or brittleworts form a wonderful microcosm.'
Broad adj Wide in extent or scope. 2. extended, in the sense of diffused; open; clear; full. 3. having a large measure of any thing or quality; not limited; not restrained.  4. comprehensive; liberal; enlarged. 5. plain; evident. 6. free; unrestrained; unconfined. 7. gross; coarse; indelicate. 8. (of an accent) strongly regional.
Broad n A prostitute, a woman of loose morals. 2. (US) a woman or girl. 3. shallow lake, one of a number of bodies of water in eastern Norfolk and Suffolk.
Broad vb To broaden, spread across, expand.
Broad phr "A Broad Hint" - an obvious hint.
Broad phr "As Broad as It's Long" - it comes with the same thing either way, it makes no difference.
Broad phr "Be Broad Awake" - to be wide awake.
Broad phr "Broad in the Beam" - have with hips.
Broad phr "Have Broad Shoulders" - be able to cope well with responsibility.
Broad phr "In Broad Daylight" - in the open or full light of day; clearly visible.
Broad phr "In the Broad and the Long" - in one way or the other.
Broadacre adj In Australia, of or pertaining to, or suitable for larger farming. 2. of large scale buildingb of highrise housing.
Broad arrow n A symbol with which government stores are marked as precaution against theft. 2. a pattern once on a convict's uniform; a convict.
Broadawake adj Wide awake, alert.
Broad axe n A long axe, with a broad blade, once used as a weapon, or for hewing timber.
Broadband n A wide range of radio frequency.
Broad bean n A edible bean that has broad seeds.
Broad blown adj In full bloom with blossom.
Broad brow n A person of broad tastes and interests; not a high brow or a low brow.
Broadcast n A casting or throwing seed in all directions, as from the hand in sowing. 2. scattering in all directions (as a method of sowing); - opposed to planting in hills, or rows. 3. an act of broadcasting; specifically, a program in which sounds or images are transmitted in all directions from a radio or television station.
Broadcast adv So as to scatter or be scattered in all directions; so as to spread widely, as seed from the hand in sowing, or news from the press.
Broadcast vb To cast or disperse in all directions, as seed from the hand in sowing; to diffuse widely. 2. to disseminate (information, a speech, an advert, etc.) from a radio or television station. 3. to spread information, news, gossip widely by any means. 4. to transmit (sounds, images, or other signals) in all directions from a radio or television station
Broaden vb To make broad or broader. 2. to be broad or broader.
Broadened ppl Made or becoming broad, dilated.
Broadening n An expansion in breadth, dilation. 2. becoming broad , expanding, dilating.
Broadening adj Becoming larger in distance from side to side; wider. 2. expand to encompass more people or things.
Broad-hint n Obvious clue.
Broad-in-the-beam n Fat or fatty in the hips or bottom.
Broadish adj Somewhat broad or expanding in breadth.
Broadleaf n A type of tree, having bright and flat, often deciduous leaves, as opposed to needle-like ones.
Broadleaf weed n An unwanted pugnacious and tough plant that grow mostly around free areas in a lawn, garden or yard. They multiply very easily and can be hard to control.
Broad-leaved adj (Of a tree) having relatively broad flat leaves rather than needles; non coniferous.
Broadloom n A wide loom. 2. a carpet woven on a wide loom.
Broadly adv In a wide manner, liberally, in a loose sense.
Broad-minded adj Being liberal or tolerant in thought and opinion.
Broad-mindedness n The condition of being liberal or tolerant in thought and opinion.
Broad mouth adj A person who is plainly spoken, often insolently.
Broadmouthed adj Plainly spoken, often insolently
Broad-mouthness phr The quality of being plainly spoken, often insolently.
Broadness n state or quality or being broad or having breadth. 2. plainness of speech, coarseness in speech and manner. 3. indelicacy
Broadseal n The public seal of a nation (of Great Britain).
Broadseal vb To stamp with a broad seal. 2. to make sure; to guarantee a warrant.
Broadsheet n A larger size newspaper than tabloid.
Broad-shouldered adj Having wide shoulders that don't slope. 2. able to bear huge burdens (lit. & fig.).
Broadside n A short verbal attack
Broadside vb Collide with the side of a vehicle, etc.
Broadside phr "Broadside On" - sideways on.
Broadsided adj Having a broadside.
Broadsiding n The firing of a broadside (lit. and fig.)
Broadspread n Wide-spread, spreading widely.
Broadspreading adj Spreading out or extending widely, like an
Broadsword n A cutting sword with a short, flat blade as used by the highlanders.
Broad-tool n A mason tool about 3cm wide for dressing stone.
Broadwalk n A wide street, pavement, trotuary.
Broadway n The theatre and entertainment of the US in New York. 2. used allusively with reference to the theatres for which Broadway in New York is famous. 3. a large open or main road.
Broadwise adj With the broad or flat side extended, flat, broadly
Broadwise adv In a broad manner, widely extended. 2. with a broad or general view, generally. 3. outspokenly, openly, manifestly, markedly, decidedly. 4. with artistic breadth.
Brock n Badger, a name in later times associated with the epithet -stinking. 2. a stinking or dirty fellow. 3. one given to dirty or underhanded tricks. 4. a horse, an inferior one a jade.
Brockish adj Like a badger or brock, beastly, dirty.
Brockle n Broken pieces, fragments, rubbish.
Brockle adj Easily broken, fragile, brittle.
Brod n A shoot or sprout. 2. a prickle or thorn. 3. a goad, prick, pointed instrument. 4. an incentive, stimulus, motive.
Brod vb To shoot, sprout. 2. to goad, prod, urge with a spike.
Broder n One who brods: goads, motivates, stimulates.
Broke n That which breaks, affliction, trouble, misery (only in OE) 2. fragment, piece of food. 3. a rupture or wound. 4. a breach of law. 5. pennilessness. 5. of animals: broken in harness.
Broke adj Lacking money; bankrupt. 2.(informal) broken. 3. (in nautical terms) demoted, deprived of a commission.
Brokeback n A hunchback; derelict, one down on his/her luck.
Brokelet n A fragment.
Brokeling n A fragment.
Broken adj Fragmented, in pieces, smashed. 2. out-of-order, not working, busted.
Broken phr "Be Broken In" - to be tamed as a horse. 2. fig. to be initiated; to be made to conform.
Broken phr "Be Broken Up" - to be broken into pieces
Broken-arrow n An accidental nuclear incident or event involving weapons, warheads or components but which does not create the risk of mass death and destruction.
Broken-backed adj Having an injury of the spine. 2. a book with its spine damaged or broken. 3. a worn out horse, a hack. 4. a ship so weakened that it sags at each end.
Broken-bird n A bird unable to fly because of a broken wing. 2. an aircraft grounded, downed or unflyable. 3. a troubled or emotionally fragile person, esp. one who is suffering the after effects of personal trauma.
Broken-Britian n A term used to describe the perceived widespread state of social decay in the United Kingdom.
Broken-down adj Decomposed, reduced to atoms. out-of-order, busted. 2. ramshackled, rundown, dilapidated. 3. not properly maintained, neglected. 4. derelict, hard-up, that which has been broken down and,as a result, no longer in working order.
Broken English n Imperfect English speech.
Broken-headed adj Emotionally or mentally unstable.
Broken-heart n A heart or the emotions of persons crushed by grief, loss, and betrayal.
Broken-hearted adj Having a broken heart; heart-broken; having the spirits crushed by grief or despair. 2. depressed, despondent, a feeling of hopelessness, esp. after a failed relationship.
Broken-heartedly adv In a despondent, depressed, despairing manner
Broken-heartedness n The state or quality of being despondent, in despair or depressed.
Broken home n Family in which the parents no longer live together.
Broken-horse n A jade, hack, worn out old nag.
Brokenly adv In a broken hearted manner.
Broken-minded adj Mentally ill, unstable emotionally, schizophrenic.
Brokenness n The characteristic of being broken.
Broken reed n A supporter who has failed, as 'he let me down at the last moment, he was a broken reed'.
Broken Saxon n The period between 1100AD and 1200AD when Anglo-Saxon English was evolving into Middle English,
Broken-shanked adj A broken leg or legs.
Broken-winded adj Breathless, exhausted (of a horse)
Broker n Originally a man who broached wine and then sold it. 2. businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission; an agent, factor, broker. 3. in law, an agent employed to effect bargains and contracts, as a middleman or negotiator, between other persons, for a compensation commonly called brokerage. 4. one who takes possession, as broker, of the subject matter or negotiation. 5. one who generally contracts in the names of those who employ him, and not in his own. 6. dealer in money, notes, bills of exchange dealer in secondhand goods. 8. a pimp or procurer.
Broker-dealer n A person combining the former functions of a broker and jobber on the Stock Exchange.
Brokerly adv In a mean and servile manner.
Broking n The craft or profession of a broker in mediation in a sale or transaction.
Brood n The young of certain animals. 2. the young of any egg-laying animal. 3. the children in one family.
Brood vb To keep an egg warm. 2. to protect. 3. to dwell upon moodily and at length.
Brood phr "Brood Over" - think sombrely and at length about a problem, difficulty, illness etc.
Brooded adj Incubated, hatched, 2. also fig. having a brood.
Brooder n One who broods over things. 2. a hen that broods or hatches eggs. 3.
Broodful adj Prolific.
Broodily adv In a brooding manner.
Broodiness n The condition or quality of being broody.
Brooding n The incubation of eggs by the hen sitting on them. 2. the period of incubation by the hen. 3. deep, profound or serious thought.
Brooding adj That cherishes a (brood) hatches or incubates. 2. fig. that hoves closely around or overhangs (as a bird over her chicks; a mother over her children) 3. that dwells moodily upon a subject or thought
Broodling n A young bird.
Broodmare n A stud mare; a female horse used for breeding.
Broody adj Prolific, apt to breed, inclined to breed. 2. of fowls: incline to sit and incubate. 3. of persons: comtemplative (sullenly). 4. meditative, feeling depreddes or moody. 5. of a woman : feeling maternal.
Brook n A small stream, rivulet, originally a torrent or strongly flowing stream. 2. a stream or torrent of blood. 3. the stream or flood of the Sea.
Brook vb To enjoy the use of, make use of, profit by, possess, hold. 2. to digest, make use of food, retain, or bear in the stomach 3. to digest mentally. 4. to put up with, tolerate, as 'after brooking such an insult, he remained with his wife". 5. to find it agreeable to do something.
Brook phr "Brook a Name Well" - to bear it appropriately, do credit to it, actt consistently with.
Brooker n One who enjoys possession of; a proprietor.
Brooking n The capacity to take food, digestion. 2. endurance, bearing.
Brooking n The maintenance or preservation of a brook.
Brooklet n A rivulet, small stream.
Brooklime n Speedwell (Veronica Becca.)
Brookside n The side of a brook.
Brooky adj Characterized by or abounding in brooks.
Broom n Any of the several yellow-flowered shrubs of the plant family Fabaceae with long thin branches and small or few leaves.
Broom n Someone who is eager and newly-imported.
Broom vb To sweep with a broom.
Broom phr "A New Broom Sweeps Clean" - a changed regime usually bring change.
Broomcroft n A croft or small farm with broom growing.
Broomless adj Without a (sweeping) broom.
Broomlike adj Resembling or like a broom.
Broom-man n A street-sweeper.
Broomrape n A large genus of parisitic herbs (Orobanche), which attach themselves to the roots of broom and other plants.
Broomstaff n A staff or handle of a broom. 2. a broomstick.
Broomstick n The staff or handle of a broom.
Broomwort n Name applied by Gerard to species of Thaspli by others to some plant not identified. 2. broomrape.
Broomy adj Covered or abounding with broom. 2. pertaining to a broom or besom
Broon adj Conserved from OE: brun, the colour brown
Brotel adj Liable to break, fragile, brittle. 2. frail, perishable, easily destroyed, mortal. 3. unstable, inconstant, fickle.
Brotelhood n Fraility, fickleness, insecurity, uncetainty.
Broth n A decoction; esp, that in which meat is boiled. 2. a thin soup made from meat and vegetables (fig. and transfig.)
Brothel n A worthless, abandoned fellow. 2. a wretch, a scapegrace, good-for-nothing. 3. an abandoned woman, a prostitute, skank, skanky-ho. 3. a bordello, house of ill-fame, house of the rising sun, whorehouse.
Brothel-creepers n A type of soft shoe with crepe soles.
Brothel-goer n One who goes to a brothel.
Brothel-house n A bordello, whorehouse.
Brothel-keeper n One who operates a brother
Brothel-like adj Resembling or like a brothel.
Brotheller n A whoremonger, a frequenter of brothels and whorehouses.
Brothelling n The frequenting of whore and whorehouses; whoring.
Brothel-monger n A whoremonger, pimp, hoon, procurer, panderer.
Brothelly adj Whorish, meretricious.
Brothelsome adj Pertaining to brothels, whorehouses, whorish, meretricious
Brother n The state of being brothers or a brother. 2. an association for any purpose, as a society of monks; a fraternity. 3.the whole body of persons engaged in the same business,-especially those of the same profession; as, the legal or medical brotherhood. 4. persons, and, poetically, things, of a like kind. 5. brethren, siblinghood, fraternity, association, fellowship, sodality.
Brother vb To make a brother of; to admit to a brotherhood; to address a brother. 2. to be a brother.
Brother phr "A Man and a Brother" - motto of the Anti-slavery Society -'Am I not a Brother".
Brother phr "A Soul Brother" - a person with similar ideas.
Brother phr "Brotherhood of Man" - the whole of society.
Brother phr "Ones Brother's Keeper" - acknowledge responsibility for somebody conduct or welfare.
Brotherhood n Not in Old English -probably 'brotherred(e); the relation of a brother, or of brothers mutually (also in a spiritual sense.). 2. brotherliness, friendly alliance. 3. the rank of a brother in a 'corporation' 4. an association of brothers; a fraternity or guild; also the brethren collectively; also fig. of things. 5. community of feeling uniting man and man.
Brotherhood phr "Brotherhood of Man" - the whole of society.
Brother-in-law n The brother of one's husband or wife. 2. the husband of one's sister. 3. sometimes the husband of one's wife (or husband' sister)
Brother-less adj Not having or without brothers.
Brother-less phr "Bane is the Back of the Brotherless Man" - everyone is vulnerable unless he has a friend.
Brotherlessness n The state of not having or without brothers.
Brotherlike n Fraternal, brotherly, like a brother. 2. after the manner of a brother.
Brotherliness n The quality of being a brother.
Brotherly adj Brotherly affection or sympathy. 2. of or pertaining to a brother; also characteristic of a brother, kind, affectionate.
Brotherly-fellowship n A fraternity or gild of brothers; a brotherhood.
Brotherly-kindness n Of things acting in a harmonious conjunction
Brotherly-love n Agape. 2. a kindly and lenient attitude towards others.
Brotherman n In Afro-american talk: a man
Brothers n The plural of brother. 2. male siblings. 3. males of Afro-american descent. 3. a supporter of equal rights. 5. a person, particularly a male, connected by a common cause or situation.
Brothership n Brotherly fellowship. 2. a fraternity of guild-brotherhood.
Brotherwort n Wild Thyme, (thymus serphyllum)
Brothiness n The quality of being brothy.
Brothy adj Resembling or like broth.
Brow n Only in O.E. the eye-lash, eye-lid. 2. the arch of hair over the eyes. 3,. the prominence of the frehead over the eyes. 4. the forehead. 5. fig. esp. as the seat of the facial expression of joy, sorrow, resolution, etc. 6. the projection edge of a cliff or hill standing over a steep. 7. a gallery in a coal-mine running across the face of the coal.
Brow vb "Be On the Brow of" - to fsce off, browbeat
Brow phr "By the Sweat of One's Brother" - through one's own hard work.
Brow phr "Have No Brow" - not to like the look of. 2. not to be impress by.
Brow phr "Knit One's Brow" - to indicate one's displeasure.
Browbeat vb To bear down with stern, arrogance or insolent words or looks. 2. to bully.
Browbeaten adj Beaten down by arrogance, insolence and sren looks.
Browbeater n One who browbeats.
Browbeating n The action of the verb" to browbeat' - scowling, frowning. 2. bullying, insolence, arrogance.
Brow-bending n Frowning.
Browbone n The orbital ridge of the eye.
Browden adj Twisted, plaited, intertwined, interwoven, woven. 2. embroidered, emblazoned with colour. 3. dyed, stained.
Browding n Embroidery.
Browdster n Embroider (female)
Browed adj Having a brow, in such combinations, as 'dark-brow, low-brow, high-brow.
Browless adj Without shame, unabashed. 2. frontless. 3. without eyebrows.
Brow-lid n Eyelid.
Brown n Brown in colour, pigment of brown. 2. a colour like that of chocolate or coffee. 3. brown or in an unbleached state, 4. a person of a brown complexion. 5. duskiness, gloom.
Brown vb To become brown, to make brown, to give a brown lustre. 2. to cook something until it becomes brown. 3. to tan. 4. to make brown or dusty. 5. to give a bright brown colour to, as to gun barrels, by forming a thin coating of oxide on their surface.
Brown adj Having a brown color. 2. (obsolete) gloom.
Brown phr "Be Browned Off" - be fed up.
Brown phr "Be Done Brown" - be done, taken in, deceived, taken down; roasted (a cooking term).
Brown phr "Brown Off" - annoy, disenchant, fed up, bored.
Brown phr "Brown as a Berry" - very brown (skin), esp. from the sun or constant exposure to the weather.
Brown phr "Do Up Brown" - to do thoroughly, suggested by roasting; to cheat.
Brown-ale n A type of beer characterized by its brown color and rich malty hoppy flavor.
Brownbear n A species of bear native to northern America, Europe, Asia and having brown fur. (Ursus Arctos)
Brownbread n Bread with a color as distinct from white bread, wholemeal or other specific types of bread. 2. wholemeal bread.
Brown cloud n A form of pollution (atmospheric) that is a mixture of aerosols, that absorb and scatter light as a result of the burning of fossils fuels.
Brown coal n Lignite.
Brown earth(s) n A type of soil mostly located between 35° and 55° north of the Equator. The largest expanses cover western and central Europe, large areas of western and trans-Ural Russia, the east coast of America and eastern Asia.
Brown earth snake n Haldea striatula, commonly called the rough earth snake, is a species of nonvenomous natricine colubrid snake native to the southeastern United States.
Browned adj Make brown.
Browned off adj Faded or burnt off, (said of pasture and countryside). 2. fed up, disgusted.
Browned-offness n The condition of being browned -off.
Brown eye n The anus (slang).
Brown-eyed soul n A genre of soul music characteristically performed by Latino performers in Southern California in the 1960s.
Brown fat n A dark-colored adipose with a rich supply of blood vessels.
Brownfield n A site to be redeveloped for housing or commercial enterprises, that has been previously used as for industry and may be contaminated and requires an extensive clean-up.
Brown goods n Electrical merchandise, such as radios, televisions, computers etc. conventionally housed in brown casing, asa distinct from white good
Browning n The action or process of becoming brown.
Browning adj Becoming brown, making brown
Brownish adj Somewhat brown
Brownishly adv In a brownish way.
Brownishness n The state of being browny or somewhat brown.
Brownness n The quality or state of being brown.
Brown nose vb To flatter others in an obsequious manner.
Brown noser n A sycophant, flatterer, obsequious toady, fawner. 2. one who flatters others in an obsequious manner.
Brownout n A partial black-out of cities during wartime.
Brownrot n A fungal disease of stone fruit.
Brown Shirts n A member of the Nazi party. 2. any member of a fascist party.
Brown snake n A poisonous australia snake.
Brown stone n A kind of reddish-brown sandstone used for building. 2. a building with a facade of brownstone.
Brownswine n The name of the porpoise.
Brown thumb n One who lacks skills in the growing of plants. 2. an unsuccessful gardener; opposite of a 'green thumb'.
Brownware n A kind of pottery
Brownwort n The Water-betony (Scrophularia aquatica)
Browny adj Inclining to brown.
Brow stones n Eyes.
Bruckle adj Liable to break. 2. frail, uncertain, precarious, shaky.
Bruckleness n Frailty.
Bruise n An injury to the body by a blunt or heavy instrument, causing discolration but not laceration to the skin; a contusion; also of a plant, fruit etc..
Bruise vb O.E.: brysan: to crush, later coalescing with O.F. 'brisier,' 'bruser,' - to break, smash shatter. 2. to crush by any weight, but now: to injure by a blow which discolors the skin, but does not lacerate it and breaks no bones, to contuse. 3. transfig. to break in pieces, smash. 4. fig. of the senses: to bruise, hurt. 5. to beat small, crush, grind down.
Bruised adj Of blood: extravasated.
Bruiser n One who bruises or crushes. 2. a prize-fighter. 3. in hunting: one who rides recklessly. 4. a concave tool used in grinding lenses or specula.
Bruising adj Causing physical, mental or emotional injury; "a bruising experience' 2. brutally forceful and compelling.
Bruising n A broken piece or fragment. 2. a beating, a brutal physical attack.
Bruising-match n A fiercely contested boxing, wrestling, football match, etc.
Bruisewort n The name of one or more plants, the common daisy.
Brune n Burning, bruthren, a vessel to brew in.
Bruting n OE: bryting, cutting in pieces, destruction.
Brydthing n A wedding, marriage, nuptials.
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