Old EnglishspEnglish
Buck nMale of the goat, the deer, reindeer, antelope, the chamois, the rabbit. 2. an act or instance of bucking: a horse that unseated its rider on the first buck. 3. buckskin.
Buck nOE: belly, body, trunk. 2. the body or carcass of an animal. the body of a cart or wagon.
Buck vbTo leap upward arching the back: The horse bucked in fright. 2. to charge with the head lowered; butt. 3. to make sudden jerky movements; jolt. 4. to resist stubbornly and obstinately; balk. 5. (informal) to strive with determination: bucking for a promotion. 6. to throw or toss by bucking: buck off a rider. 7. to oppose directly and stubbornly; go against, as bucking the trend. 8. to buck against with the head.
Buck adjOf the lowest rank in a specified military category: a buck private; a buck sergeant.
Buck vbTo summon one's courage or spirits; heart.
Buck phr"Blow the Buck's Horn" - to have his labour for his pains.
Buck phr"The Buck Stops Here" - statement that no excuses will be made, that the speaker is going to take direct responsibility for matters, rather than pass the responsibility to higher authorities.
Buckhound nA smaller variety of staghound.
Bucking nCopulation.
Buckish adjResembling or characteristic of a he-goat or buck. 2. lascivious. 3. resembling a buck, foppish, dandy.
Buckishly adjIn a dandy or foppish manner. 2. dandyish, foppish.
Buckiness nThe state or quality of being buckish.
Buck rat nMale rat.
Buck-shot nA distance at which a buck may be shot. 2. a shot larger than a swan-shot, used in shooting deer and large game.
Buck stall nA net for catching deer.
Buck-tooth nA large projecting tooth.
Build nA building, structure, edifice. 2. a style of construction. 3. physique.
Build vbTo erect a building(s) or a dwelling. 2. to erect, construct, whence to construct by fitting together of separate parts. 3. of birds, to construct nests. 4. to construct, raise, frame, by gradual means. 5. to found (hope, etc) on the basis. 6. to found one's confidence, establish an argument, etc.on. 7. to rely confidently on. 7. to enclose by building; build in.
Build phr"Be Built In" - to immure, enclose by building.
Build phr"Build a Better Mouse-trap" - to develop or invent something superior to a device that is already used.
Build phr"Build Down" - to run down, wind down.
Build phr"Build In/Into" - to immure, to enclose by building. 2. make a permanent fixture in a house. 3. make a firm and necessary part of something.
Build phr"Build On" - to add on as an extension. 2. use as a basis or foundation for further progress.
Build phr"Build One's Hopes On" - choose somebody or something as the best means of achieving an objective.
Build phr"Build Out" - build as an extension to an existing structure.
Build phr"Build Over" - cover with buildings.
Build phr"Build Up" - to increase. 2. to establish or embrace the reputation or prominence of a person, nation etc. 3. to accumulate, gather together, collect. 4. to obstruct a doorway by building up. 5. develop and cover with buildings. 6. praise speak in glowing terms of. 7. develop the strength or physique. 8. come, put together, form a whole.
Build phr"Build Up From" - develop, extend gradualy and steadily (from a lower level).
Builder nA qualified workman instructed by an architect and ean mployer of the manual labourers.
Buildering nThe act of climbing on the outside of a buildings or structures.
Builder-upper nOne who builds up someone or something. 2. fig. one who encourages or supports another (often in times of difficulty)
Building nThe act of constructing something, as the building of boats. 2. the commercial activity involved in repairing old structures or constructing new ones, as home construction. 3. a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place, as a three-story building. 4. the occupants of a building complaining about the noise of a nearby strip-club.
Building ground nThe floor of the se, or any body of water. 2. an area of land designated for any particular purpose. 3. a piece of level ground.
Buildingless adjBeing without a building or construction.
Building-lot nA plot of land set aside for the construction of a building.
Building stone nA stone used in the construction of buildings.
Building-wide adjExtending throughout a building.
Buildout nThe construction and implementation of a system. 2. the growth, development, or expansion of something.
Build-to nA boundary or alignment, usually parallel to the property line, along which a building or structure must be placed, it usu. establishes the maximum distance away from the property line that a building or structure may be placed.
Build-up nAn accumulation of favourable publicity, designed to popularize a person, product. 2. preparatory work, preparation. 3. a gradual accumulation, increase, as 'a build-up of weapons.' 4. a gradual development and exposition of a theme, argument, work of art, artistic construction.
Built nStyle of construction, build.
Built adjConstructed, erected, fabricated.
Built phr"Built Over" - to build something so that it extends or covers over something else, such as drainage pipes.
Builth nThe act of building or its cost.
Built-in adjConstructed to form an integral part of a large unit, esp. of the fitting or appurtenance of a house; not detachable.. 2. inherent, integral, innate; forming an essential or permanent part or quality.
Built-on adjShabby, accretive.
Built-up adjConstructed of parts, esp. of parts that are separately prepared and afterwards joined or welded together. 2. used in combinations, as 'well-built, strongly-built, wooden-built.
Bull nThe male of a bovine mammal, esp. of the genus Bos, with sexual organs intact and capable of reproduction. 2. the male of certain other animals, as the elephant and moose. 3. a large, solidly built person. 4. a person who believes that stock prices will increase (opposed to bear). 5. astrology: Taurus. 6. a bulldog. 7. slang. a police officer.
Bull adjA male. 2. pertaining to or resembling a bull, as in size or strength. 3. marked by rising prices, esp. of stocks: a bull market(opposed to a bear market).
Bull vbTo accomplish by forcing or shoving: to bull one's way through a crowd.
Bull phr"Like a Bull at a Gate" - very forcefully, but with thought.
Bullphr"Take the Bull by the Horns" - to meet a difficulty front on and with courage. 2. take the bull by the horns, to attack a difficult or risky problem fearlessly.
Bull ant nMyrmecia, a large Australian ant, that can deliver a very painful bite.
Bull-bitch nA female bulldog.
Bulldog nA medium-sized, short-haired, powerful dog, originally bred in England for use in bull-baiting.
Bulldog adjResembling a bulldog; courageous; tenacious.
Bulldust nVery fine, soft, red powdery dust that settles into potholes on outback roads often causing danger to unsuspecting motorists. 2. nonsense, blab.
Bull fight nA sport popular esp. in Spain in which a bull is attacked by horsemen brandishing lances and men on foot having short spears and darts and finally killed by men with swords.
Bull-fighter nA man who fights bulls in a bull-ring.
Bull-fighting nThe sport of bull-fighting.
Bull finch nOne of a genus of birds, (pyrrhula)and allied to the Grosbeaks, having handsome plumage and a strong beak.
Bull frog nA largish frog founded in America, whose voice resembling that of a roar of a bull.
Bull-head nA tadpole. 2. a small fish with a large head. 3. a mass of curled or frizzled hair worn over the forehead. 4.a blockhead, or simpleton.
Bull-headed adjBroad or wide-headed. 2. blindly impetuous, block-headed, simple.
Bull-headedness nThe state or quality of being bull-headed.
Bull-horn nAn electrical, hand-held voice amplifier resembling a megaphone.
Bullish adjOf or pertaining to, resembling or having the nature of a bull. 2. on the stock exchange: aiming at a rise in the price of stocks or merchandise.
Bullishly advIn a bullish manner or way.
Bullishness nThe quality of being bullish.
Bull-like adjLike or resembling a bull.
Bull-necked adjHaving a short, thickish, powerful neck.
Bullock nOE. bulluc, originally a young bull,or bull calf, now always a castrated bull, an ox. 2. a bovine beast generally.
Bullock vbTo work hard and long. 2. to contest strongly in sporting games, esp. various types of football.
Bullocking nTo drive away by a bullying or strong action. 2. to intimidate, overawe. 3. to bluster with violence or threats.
Bullock's lungwort nThe Great Mullien, Verbascum thapsus.
Bullocky nA person (usu a man) who drives a cart pulled by a team of bullocks.
Bull ring nThe ring or arena which the bull enters for the bull-fight.
Bull's-eye nThe centre of a target; the two central rings. 2. a peppermint flavored confectionery with stripes on it. 4. a shot which hits the centre of a target.
Bull-strong adjStrong enough to hold a bull; said of fences.
Bullwort nA plant also known as bishop's weed; lady's lace.
Bun nOE. bune,the stalky part of flax or hemp
Burd nPoetic word for a young girl or woman. 2. a maiden or young lady.
Burden n That  what is borne by the soil, produce, crop. 3. onus; responsibility. 4. the undersong or accompaniment. 5. refrain or chorus of a song, a set of words recurring at the end of each verse. 6. a heavy load, a responsibility, onus, 7. a heavy cause of worry, that which is grievous, wearisome.  8. the capacity of a vessel. 9. a fixed quantity of certain commodities. 10. the total amount of toxins, parasites, cancer cells, plaque or the such present in an organism.
Burden vbTo encumber with a burden. 2. to impose, a burden or load.
Burden phr"Burden of One's Song" - repeated of main part or message.
Burden n"The White man's Burden" - the alleged duty of white colonizers to care for non-white indigenous inhabitants in their colony.
Burden phr"At One's Burden" - at one's birth.
Burden phr"To Burden Out" - to outweigh.
Burden-bearing adjThe act of sharing the burden of others in a religious sense. 2. the readiness to lay down one's life for another.
Burdened adjLoaded heavily, cause something worry, hardship or distress.
Burdener nOne who burdens, an oppressor.
Burdenless adjBeing without a burden.
Burdensome adjOf the nature of a burden, cumbersome, oppressive, troublesome, wearisome.
Burdensomely advIn a burdensome manner. 2. the quality of being burdensome.
Burdensome-ness nCapable of carrying a large load or burden.
Burg nOcasionally used by historians to mean 'fortress' or walled town. 2. a city or town.
Burgh nBorough.
Burgh sfxA place name suffix meaning a fortified place or fort.
Burghbote nA tax for the repair of the burgh or borough.
Burgh-breche nHouse-breaking, burglary
Burghen vbTo protect, make secure, keep from harm, save.
Burgher nOne who lives in a city or town.
Burgherdom nState of living in a burgh; burghers collectively. 2. burgherhood or a body of burghers or citizens collectively.
Burg-folk nThe people of the town, the folk-were(n).
Burgh-land nLand where a town or city is situated or located. 2. land held by burgh tenure.
Burgh-moor nBurgh situated on a moor.
Burgh-moot nThe judicial assembly of a burgh.
Burghly advBelonging to or characteristic of a burgher.
Burgher-master nThe man have the presiding authority of the town.
Burghership nThe rights and privelrges of a burgher.
Burial nThe depositing of a thing under earth, water or enclosing in some other substance.
Burial clothes nThe clothes attiring the corpse. 2. weeds
Burial field nGraveyard, cemetery, necropolis.
Burial ground nA cemetery, necropolis, graveyard, lichfield.
Burial-hill nA mound erected over a grave, tumulus, barrow.
Burial-stone nA stone on a grave, tombstone.
Burial-yard nBurial ground, graveyard, cemetery, lichfield, necropolis.
Burian nOE. byrian, a tomb, selpuchre; burying place. 2. a mound, tumulus, a kind of fortification, camp, hill-fort.
Buried adjEntombed, interned.
Buried-alive adjEntombed whilst still breathing.
Buriels nA burying place, lichfield, a sepulchre, tomb, internment; funeral.
Burier nOne who buries corpses. 2. a grave-digger; dead-burier.
Buriness nThe state or conditioned of being buried.
Burn nA spring a fountain, stream, or river. 2. in later use : a small stream or brook, a bourne. 2. water from a fountain or well used in brewing.
Burn nThe act or effect of burning,esp.a burnt place on the body. 2. amark made by burning,a brand.
Burn vbTo undergo or cause to undergo combustion. 2. to destroy or be destroyed by fire. 3. to damage, injure, or mark by heat. 4. to die or put to death by fire; burn at the stake. 4. to die or put to death by fire; burn at the stake. 5. to be or feel hot. 6. to smart or cause to smart. 7. to feel strong emotion, esp anger or passion. 8. to use for the purposes of light, heat, or power. 10. to form by or as if by fire. 11. to char or become charred. 12. to brand or cauterize. 13. to cut (metal) with an oxygen-rich flame to produce by or subject to heat as part of a process. 14. to copy information onto a Cd-rom. 15. (astronomy) to convert (a lighter element) to a heavier one by nuclear fusion in a star. 15. (slang) to cheat, esp financially. 16. (slang) to electrocute or be electrocuted. 17. in Australia, slang: to drive (a vehicle) fast
Burn phr"Burn Alive" - to set a person or animal alive whilst still alive.
Burn phr"Burn Away" - to be gradually dissipated or censored by file. 2. to burn to ashes.
Burn phr"Burn Daylight" - to burn candles in the daytime, so as to waste or consume the daylight.
Burn phr"Burn Down" - to cause something to burn to nothing; to burn completely, so nothing remains.
Burn phr"Burn Forth" - to burst out in flames.
Burn phr"Burn for" - wish ardently that one could have.
Burn phr"Burn In" - to render indelible by exposure to fire.
Burn phr"Burn In Hell" - a statement of anger directed at someone in contempt; esp. after that individual had done nothing very wrong.
Burn phr"Burn It Blue" - to do something, or act, outrageous.
Burn phr"Burn Itself Out" - to burn until it becomes extinguished,
Burn phr"Burn Low" - to burn until it became feeble from lack of fuel
Burn phr"Burn Off" - to dissipate, or strip, as the result of heat; burning-off. 2. to cause to dissipate by applying heat. 3. to dispose of unusable explosive natural gas from an oil well by burning it as it emerges from the well. 3. fig. to fill low value, non-rating television or radio time with programs not suitable for its original purposes; burning-off.
Burn phr "Burn One's Bridges" - to work very hard and stay up late at night to finish the task.
Burn phr"Burn One's Candle At Both Ends" to make any going back impossible. 2. to cut off one's own retreat (burning a bridge one has crossed). 3. to commit oneself to a course of action. 4. to destroy one's path, connection, reputation, opportunities, etc. particularly intentionally.
Burn phr"Burn One's Fingers" - to harm oneself through the consequences of one's own actions.
Burn phr"Burn One's Own Boats/Bridges (behind one)" - to cut oneself off from all chances of reversal. 2. take an irrevocable step and therefore commit oneself to a course of action; leave oneself by no means of escape.
Burn phr"Burn Out" - to burn the interior and contents of a building. 2. to burn out or fuse by means of electric current. 3. use up its fuel, and stop operating. 4. Stop burning because there is no more fuel left. 5. reduce to a shell by burning.
Burn phr"Burn Out of House and Home" - to drive a person or animal out of a place or dwelling by heat or fire
Burn phr"Burn The Thames" - to perform something prodigious, as 'set the Thames on fire.'
Burn phr"Burn to" - reduce something bby burning to ash.
Burn phr"Burn to Death" - kill by burning.
Burn phr"Burn Up" - to take strong hold of the combustible material, get fairly alight. 2. come to life, flare up (as fuel is added). 3. consume, get rid of, by burning. 4. catch fire and burn up as it eneters the earth's atmosphere.
Burn phr"Burn with" - be filled with, or consumed by passion, desire, ambition.
Burn phr"Men Who Burn Books, in the End Burn Other Men" - intolerance grows slowly but surely signalling greater extremism.
Burnt phr"The Burnt Child Dreads the Fire" - once bitten, twice shy. 2. one never repeat an action that they find unpleasant or harmful.
Burnbrae nA stream or watercourse whose headwaters flows from a the side of a hillside. 2. riverside.
Burned adjDisappointed, humiliated, put down.
Burned phr"Burned Out" - worn out or exhausted, esp. as a result of long-term stress. 2. depleted of strength or energy. 3. spoiled, or ruined, demolished.
Burner nOne who burns or consumes with fire.
Burn-fire nA bonfire.
Burn-head nA headwater.
Burning nHeart-burning: the intensify of passion . 2. the state of being inflamed with rage, grief, desire. 2. heat attendant upon disease or a serpent's bite; the disease (itself), esp, 'erysipelas' or St Anthony's fire and venereal disease.
Burning adjSo hot as to seem to burn. 2. feeling very hot.
Burning phr"Burning off" - the act or process of burning off.
Burning-iron nA branding iron.
Burning-line nThe equator; the heat-belt.
Burningly advIn a burning manner, with burning effect. 2. with ardour, hotly, ardently, eagerly.
Burning-off nThe act or process of burning off.
Burning-shame nDisgrace.
Burn-like adjResembling or characteristic of a burn.
Burn-off nThe act or process of burning off.
Burn-out nThe driving of a car or motorcycle at high speed and then apply the brakes. 2. a severe parching of the soil in an are subjected to long and extreme solar heat. 3. the point at which one of the parts of a rocket or guided missile drops off the main assembly after having completed its work.
Burnsides nA mustache, with whiskers on the cheeks, but with no beard on the chin.
Burnt adjCarbonize, sun-burnt. 2. being darker than usual, much browner.
Burnt phr"The Burnt Child Dreads the Fire" - once bitten, twice shy.
Burntish adjSomewhat burnt. 2. having the symptoms of being burnt.
Burnt-line nThe equator, the burning-line.
Burntness nA burnt quality or condition.
Burn-up nTo drive a car or motorcycle at high speed and then apply the brakes. 2. race at high speed on a public road.
Burn-weed nThe Thorn-apple.
Burrow nA hill, a barrow, a heap or mound, earlier a hillock, now,esp. a heap of mine refuse orof burnt sods.
Burrow nA hole or excavation made in the ground for a dwelling place by rabbits or foxes, etc. 2. a small hole-like dwelling place or place of retreat. 3. a hole.
Burrow vbTo make a burrow, esp. as a hiding-place or dwelling-place. 2. to lodge in a burrow, hide oneself or hide away in a burrow. 3. to bore under the surface 4. to excavate.
Burrower nOne who burrows or makes burrows.
Burst nOE. burstan, danger, injury, horror, loss. 2. an instance of breaking or splitting as a result of internal pressure or puncturing; an explosion.
Burst vbBreak open, or apart suddenly as a result of an impact or internal pressure. 2. a sudden, brief outbreak.
Burst phr"Burst at the Seams" - be uncomfortably overfilled.
Burst phr"Burst Away" - to rush away impetuously. 2. break away quickly or with speed.
Burst phr"Burst Forth" - of news, events, sights, truth: to become known or revealed suddenly and dramatically. 2. to issue forth suddenly and copiously by breaking an enclosure or like.
Burst phr"Burst From" - burst out of.
Burst phr"Burst In" - to forcefully break, enter or burst in.
Burst phr"Burst Into (laughter, tears, speech, flames, blossom, flower, song) - to issue forth. 2. begin to make a lot of something. 2. break into, or interrupt suddenly. 4. begin an activity, suddenly, violently, to cry, laugh, sing. 3. to enter some place suddenly and forcefully.
Burst phr"Burst Into Flames" - begin suddenly, strongly to burn.
Burst phr"Burst into Sights" - of a brilliant spectacle suddenly appear.
Burst phr"Burst Into Tears" - break into tears, suddenly start crying.
Burst phr"Burst Inwardly" - in an imploding way. 2. of a building falling inwardly or collapsing owing to denoting of an explosion inside the building.
Burst phr"Burst One Sides with Laughter" - to laugh excessively.
Burst phr"Burst One's Brain" - to take or occasion excessive thought.
Burst phr"Burst On the Wing" - to start off in flight. 2. fly, soar.
Burst phr"Burst Open" - come open suddenly or violently; esp. from internal or pressure from the inside.
Burst phr"Burst Out" - give sudden utterance to, laughter or speech.. 2. to break out forcefully. 3. leave suddenly or violently. 4. free oneself by violent action or efforts.
Burst phr"Burst Out Laughing" - sudden break out into laughter.
Burst phr"Burst Out Of" - grow too big or fat for.
Burst phr"Burst The Heart" - said of grief or violent emotion.
Burst phr"Burst Through" - to force a passage or opening through a physical barrier of enemy troops (or, less so, a crowd).
Burst phr"Burst Up" - to shatter, destroy.
Burst phr"Burst Upon" - to be revealed with overwhelming suddenness. 2. occur suddenly; to dawn on or upon wisdom, truth, realization etc.
Bursted phr"Burst With" - show an abundance of something, as youth, eagerness, style.
Bursted adjShattered, broken, rent by force, exploded, torned open. 2. ruptured.
Burstened adjFilled to bursting.
Burster nWho,or that which bursts. 2. an exhausting piece of exercising, something that takes the wind out of somebody.
Bursting nThe breaking , erupting, exploding, breaking open
Bursting adjBreaking, erupting, exploding, opening.
Burstness nState or quality of being burst, specific. rupture, hernia.
Burst-of-flame nA sudden and violent issuing forth of light and sound.
Burst-up nThe failure or collapse of an organisation or scheme.
Burstwort nHernia glabra, a herb formerly thought helpful for curing hernia.
Burthen nBurden (archaic).
Bury nAn enclosed or fortified place, which still survives in many place names.
Bury vbAction of entombing
Bury sfxA place name suffix meaning a fort or fortified place, Bradbury.
Bury phr"Bury One's Head in the Sand" - to deliberately ignore the reality of a situation; to pretend a problem does not exist.
Bury phr"Bury (Oneself) Away" - move to, or be situated in, a remote place.
Bury phr"Bury (Oneself) In" - become deeply involved in.
Bury phr"Bury the Lead" - to start a story with the secondary importance (to the reader) whilst postponing the more essential part.
Bury phr"Bury Under" - keep cheerful or content; bouy up.
Burying nA burial, internment, the act of internment, funeral. 2. a burial place, grave, tomb.
Burying adjPutting or placing or hiding something underground.
Burying-ground nChurchyard, graveyard, cemetery, necropolis, lichfield.
Busied adjOccupied, engaging, employed. immersed in.
Busily advActively, eagerly, intently, briskly, lively, strenuously.
Business nA trade or profession. 2. an industrial, commercial, or professional operation; purchase and sale of goods and services. 3. a commercial or industrial establishment, such as a firm or factory. 4. commercial activity; dealings (esp in the phrase do business). 5. the volume or quantity of commercial activity. 6. commercial policy or procedure. 7. proper or rightful concern or responsibility. 8. special task; assignment; a matter or matters to be attended to. 9. serious work or activity, as get down to business. 10. a complicated affair; rigmarole. (informal) a vaguely defined collection or area. 11. a collective term for a group of ferrets. 12. (euphemistic) defecation (esp in the phrase do one's business). 13. (slang) prostitution
Business phr"Be Business Like" - be efficient, organized.
Business phr"Be in Business" - be able to proceed.
Business phr"Be Nobody's Business But One's Own" - of no concern to somebody.
Business phr"Business is Business" - justify oneself in refusing to be diverted from some business arrangement or opportunity on such grounds as friendship, family ties, sentiment, pity, etc.
Business phr"Do One's Own Business" - take care of one's own affairs.
Business phr"Get Down to Business" - get to the essentials in a discussion.
Business phr"Get Out of Business" - fail in business.
Business phr"Have No Business" - have no authority; right to.
Business phr"Like Nobody's Business" - beyond the normal range (of a person's capacity). 2. no ordinary way. 2. an extraordinary affair: nobody's business.
Business phr"Make it One's Business" - deliberately undertake to.
Business phr"Mind One's Own Business" - refrain from meddling in other peoples' affairs.
Business phr"The Business End Of" - the front part or end of a tool, weapon. 2. the essential or basic part of a process or operation. 3. of clothing, furniture, etc., designed or appeaaring to be practical rather than decorative.
Business phr"The Business Hand of" - the matter or topic , being dealt with or discussed at the time of speaking.
Business day nA working day.
Business edge nAn advantage in business.
Business end nThe front part or end of a tool, weapon. 2. the essential or basic part of a process or operation. 3. of clothing, furniture, etc., designed or appeaaring to be practical rather than decorative.
Business-friendly adjFavoring or conducive to business.
Business-less adjWithout business.
Business-like adjOf persons and things: suitable for business. 2. befitting business; applicable to business. 3. practical, methodical, systematic, efficient.
Business-likely adjIn an efficient, practical and systematic mannner.
Business man nA man who is good at dealing with business and financial matters.
Business-to-business nSituation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another.
Business-wear nClothing made to be worn in a business environment.
Business-wise advIn terms of business.
Business woman nA women who is good at dealing with business and financial matters.
Business-worthiness nThe property of being business-worthy.
Business-worthy adjFollowing ethical principles and responsible conduct in business.
Businessy adjBusiness-like; or related to business.
Bust nAn occasion for excessive eating or drinking. n bust a sculpture of the head and shoulders of a person n bust the chest of a woman n bust a complete failure.
Bust adjLacking funds "`skint'; busted.
Bust vbBreak open or apart suddenly and forcefully. 2. to go to pieces. 3. to ruin completely.. 3. to bust separate or cause to separate abruptly. 4. to search without warning, make a sudden surprise attack on.
Bust phr"Bust a Gut" - to work or labour very hard. 2. to try one's utmost effort. 3. to laugh strongly and loudly.
Bust phr"Bust Out" - to escape from person; break out. 2. free from captivity. 3. to reveal, to show, display. 4. to take out; bring out.
Bust phr"Bust Up" - destroy, break up business partnership, marriage.
Bust phr"Go Bust" - fail in business.
Busted adjLacking money, funds, skint.
Bust-up nThe breakdown or breakup of a marriage or a close relationship. 2. a disturbance, a quarrel, disturbance, fight.
Busty adjHaving large breasts; bosomy, buxom, full of bosom.
Busy adjCrowded with business or activities; having a great deal going on.  2. engaged in another activity or by someone else.

3. having a lot going on; complicated or intricate, complicated. 4. officious; meddling.  

Busy vbTo make somebody busy, to keep busy with, to occupy, to make occupied.  2. to rush somebody.
Busy ‎n(plural busies)( Liverpudlian slang, derogatory) a police officer.
Busy phr"Busy as a Bee" - to work with diligence.
Busy phr"Busy Oneself" - keep occuopied, focus on a task, hobby etc.
Busy phr"Get Busy" - become active, begin to act.
Busy beaver nA person with great drive and enthusiasm.
Busy bee nA person who works with great diligence.
Busybodied adjNature of a busbody, meddlesome, officious.
Busybody nOne who busyies themselves with the affairs of others, 2. a meddlesome or officious person
Busbody vbTo engage oneself in the affairs of others. 2. to meddle in other people's business.
Busybodyful adjElaborate
Busbodyhood nA state or quality of being a busybody. 2. curiosity, inquisitiveness,
Busybodying nThe action of a busbody.
Busybodying adjMeddlesome, interfering, nosey.
Busybodyish adjSomewhat meddlesome and officious.
Busyness nThe state of being busbody.
Busy work nWork designed to simply to keep oneself occupied. 2.repetitive,and routine.
But prpWithout, apart from, except.
But advMerely, only. 2. (Australia, conjunctive) Though, however.  
But conjBut. 2. except (for), excluding(receded by a negation). 3. on the contrary, but rather (introducing a word or clause that contrasts with or contradicts the preceding clause or sentence without the not). 4. however, although, nevertheless (implies that the following clause is contrary to prior belief or contrasts with or contradicts the preceding clause or sentence). 5. ‎except that (introducing a subordinate clause which qualifies a negative statement); also, with omission of the subject of the subordinate clause, acting as a negative relative, "except one that", "except such that". 6. (archaic) without its also being the case that; unless that (introducing a necessary concomitant). 7. (obsolete) except with; unless with; without.  8. (obsolete) only; solely; merely.  [quotations ▼]
But nAn instance or example of using the word "but".
But phr"Anything But" - emphasizing the opposite.
But phr"But for" - if it not was.
But phr"But Good" very well, efficiently, thoroughly etc.
But phr"But Me, No Buts" - do not offer any objections or modifications to what I have said ordered.
But phr"No Ifs or Buts" - do it! with no excuses, reasons for not doing, reservations about.
Butter nSoft, spreadable foodstuff made from milk.
Butter vbTo spread butter on.
Butter phr"Butter (Someone) Up" - praise someone excessively with the hope of gaining some benefit.
Butter phr"Butter Would Not Melt In One's Mouth" - used to describe someone who looks prim and proper, with a cool demeanor. 2. used when someone looks as if they never do anything wrong, although you feel they might.
Butter phr"Make Butter and Cheese Of" - to confound.
Butter phr"Spread the Butter too Thick" - overflatter somebody.
Butter bean nAny of several beans, including the lima bean.
Buttercup nA herb of the genus 'ranunculus'. 2. a daffodil.
Butter dish nA dish in which butter is served.
Buttered adjSpread with butter.
Butterer nOne who spreads butter.
Butter fingered adjProne to dropping things; clumsy.
Butter fingers nA clumsy person who always is dropping things.
Butterfish nA fish of the family Stromateidae.
ButterflY nA diurnal insect typically having a slender body with a knobby antennae and broad colorful wings; the "Milk-whey thief or "Whey-thief". 2. talk or behaviour which is amorous, but without serious intentions. 3. a swimming stroke in which the arms are thrown forward together out of the water while the feet kick up and down
Butterfly vbTo cut and spread open, as in preparation for cooking as "butterflied shrimp". 2. to flutter like a butterfly.
Butterfly phr"Break a Butterfly Upon the Wheel" - to break a nut with a sledgehammer.
Butterfly knife nA folding pocket knife with two handles counter-rotating around the tang, such that, when closed, the blade is concealed within grooves in the handles.
Butterfly knot nA type of knot used to provide an anchor on a long line, (much used by mountaineers).
Butterfly weed nName of a variety of American plants, esp. Asclepias tuberosa.
Butteriness nA buttery quality or state.
Butterish adjOf the nature of butter.
Butter knife nA knife designed for spreading butter.
Butterless nWithout or lacking butter
Buttermilk nThe liquid left over after processing butte from full cream milk by the churning process. 2. a fermented dairy product from cow's milk, with a characteristically sour taste.
Buttermonger nA dealer in butter.
Butterness nThe state or qualty of being buttery.
Butterweed nPackera glabella.
Butterwort nA plant with yellow-green fleshy leaves Pinguicola vulgaris, common in boggy or marshy ground.
Buttery adjOf the nature of butter, containing butter. 2. resembling butter in consistency. 3. smeared with butter. 4.given to fulsome flattery.
But that conjUnless.
But then advThen again, on the other hand, of an opposite viewpoint.
Buttocks nLate C13th probably related to OE buttuc. end, short piece of land.
Buttocked adjHaving some type of type of buttock.
Buttockless adjWithout buttocks.
Buttocklike adjResembling a buttock.
Buxom nOE earlier sense: humble, obedient. 2. healthy, pump, vigorous. 3. in the modern sense: having large bosom, bosomy.
Buxom vbTo yield, submit, obey, comply.
Buxom adjObedient,pliant, compliant, tractable. 2. submissive, humble, meek. 3. gracious, indulgent, favorable, obliging, courteous, affable, kindly. 4. easily moved, 5. physically flexible, pliant, yielding to pressure, unresisting. 6. blithe, jolly, well-flavoured. 7. blithe, gladsome, bright, lively, gay. 8. full of health, vigor and good-temper. 9. plump, comfortable looking (in a person); busty of women.
Buxomly advObediently, humbly, meekly, courteously, willing.
Buxomness nObedience, submissiveness, lowliness, humility, graciousness, kindly, compliance, blitheness, gaiety. 2. comely, plumpness.
Buy nA purchase.
Buy vbTo acquire by paying or promising to pay a sum of money or the equivalent; purchase 2. to be capable of purchasing. 3. to acquire by any exchange or sacrifice. 4. (intransitive) to act as a buyer. 5. to bribe or corrupt. 6. (slang) to accept as true, practical, etc. 7. (intransitive) foll by into to purchase shares of (a company). 8. (transitive) (theology) (esp of Christ) to ransom or redeem a soul (of a believer).
Buy phr"A Good Buy" - a bargain.
Buy phr"Be Bought and Sold" - to be open to bribes and bribery.
Buy phr"Be On the Buy" - looking to buy, especially at a reduced or bargain price
Buy phr"Buy and Sell" - to traffic, barter (bad sense)
Buy phr"Buy Back (Something)" - a repurchase by a company or some, or all, of its shares from an investor, who acquired them by putting venture capital into the company when it was formed. 2. a redeeming of anything once owned or possessed
Buy phr"Buy In" - buy stock (esp. as a precaution at a time when it is short in supply).
Buy phr"Buy Off" - persuade somebody, by paying him/her money not to cat against one's interests. 2. pay someone to desist in some dealing or endeavour which one has an interest in.
Buy phr"Buy Off On" - to consent to.
Buy phr"Buy (Oneself) Into" - fig. to agree with, to accept an idea, as worthwhile. 2. support, agreement, approval, blessing (in a non-religious sense).
Buy phr"Buy Out" - to take ownership by paying for a share in a company or a business. 2. to be released from military service by paying of a monetary sum.
Buy phr"Buy Over" - to gain by bribery.
Buy phr"Buy Over a Person's Head" - to buy for a higher price; to outbid.
Buy phr"Buy (Someone) Out" - to buy part of a business or premises so that you can own all of it.
Buy phr"Buy Straw Hats in Winter" - to buy when both price and demand is low, and sell when price and demand is high.
Buy phr"Buy Time" - delay an event temporarily so as to have a longer time to improve one's own position.
Buy phr"Buy To Let" the buying of a property with the sole purpose of letting it for rent.
Buy phr"Buy Up" - to buy freely or extensively, as a much as possible in a rival firm shares, etc.
Buyback nThe repurchase by a company or some, or all, of its shares from an investor, who acquired them by putting venture capital into the company when it was formed. 2. a redeeming or buyback of anything once owned or possessed
Buydown nA mortgage financing technique where the buyers tries to get a lower rate of interest at least for the first few years of the mortgage.
Buyer nA person who buys something; a purchaser, customers. 2. a person employed to buy goods, merchandise, material for a business.
Buy-in nA purchase of shares by the broker after the sellers have failed to deliver similar shares, with the original seller being charged any difference in cost. 2. a purchase of shares in a company by managers who are not employed by it.
Buyoff nAn act or instance of buying off a payment or bribe.
Buyout nThe purchase of controlling shares in the company.
Buy-to-let adjBuying of a property with the sole purpose of letting it out for rent.
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