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By prpUsed to indicate the agent after a passive verb. 2. used to indicate the person responsible for a creative work. 3. via; through; as, to enter by the back door. 4. followed by a gerund to indicate a means used. 5. beside; next to; near. 6. passing the position of; past. 7. not later than; before. 8. used to indicate extent, after a comparative. 9. (esp in oaths) invoking the name of. 10. (mathematics) multiplied by. 11. (in habitual sentences) during the passing of; esp, by day, by night. 12. (surveying) placed between measurements of the various dimensions of something.
By advNear: the house is close by. 2. away; aside; as some money. 3. passing a point near something; past: he drove by; over and done with.
By adjSubsidiary.
By phr"By All Means" - most assuredly, without fail, certainly.
By phr"By a Long Shot" - by a great deal.
By phr"By and By" - close together (of place). 2. at once, presently, soon, pretty soon, before long.
By phr"By Any Means" - in any way necessary; in any way; possibility; at all.
By phr"By a Whisker" - by the slightest amount or degree.
By phr"By Dint" - though, as a result of (doing) something; experience.
By phr"By Far" - by a considerable margin; by much; by a great difference.
By phr"By Far The Best" - by the greatest degree.
By phr"By Fits and Starts" - intermittently; impulsively; irregularly.
By phr"By God" - an ellipsis of the full oath: 'I swear by God'.
By phr"By God's Will" - with God's doing.
By phr"By Hands" - with the hands; as opposed by a tool or implement
By phr"By Inches" - by a shot distance.
By phr"By Itself" - alone, without company; on one's own.
By phr"By Light of Something" or in with the help; the light shed by.
By phr"By Mistake" - unintentionally; as the result of misjudgement, carelessness, mishap, etc.
By phr"By No Means" - definitely not; not at all; certainly not; not in any degree.
By phr"By One's Lights" - according to one's understanding.
By phr"By One's Own Hands" - as a result of one's own actions.
By phr"By Oneself" - with only one's self near; alone, solitary.
By phr"By Good Rights" - rightly, properly, correctly.
By phr"By Rights" - with reason or justice. 2. by according to waht should be happening, and by implication is not, as would be expected by somebody who knew all the facts.
By phr "By the Back Door" - not in a direct, honest or official way.
By phr"By the Book" - following the rules exactly.
By phr"By the By" - an indefinite time in the future.
By phr"By the Bye" - introducing a different topic.
By phr"By the Day" - per day or every day.
By phr"By the Ears" - in close contact.
By phr"By the End of Day" - by the time the workday is over; by the time the sun goes down.
By phr"By the Fireside" - beside, or near, the fire used for heating a room.
By phr"By the Lee" - the sit of a vessel, going free, when she has fallen off so much as to bring the wind round her stern and to take her sails aback on the other side.
By phr"By then" - by that time, by the time that.
By phr"By the Look of Things" - judging by the appearance of, or information had.
By phr"By the Rood" - (by the cross, a phrase formerly used in swearing.
By phr"By the Run" - let go by the run; to go altogether, instead of slacking of.
By phr"By the Same Token" - in a like manner, similarly.
By phr"By the Side Of" - close at hand; nearby.
By phr"By the Skin of One's Teeth" - by an amount equal to the thickness of the (imaginary) skin of one's teeth.
By phr"By the Sly" - in a sly or secret manner.
By phr"By the Time" - what has already happened as the time that something else has happened. 2. when something is completed or somebody has finished doing something.
By phr"By the Way" - by the bye; used to introduce an incidental, different or secondary fact, remark or subject. 2. incidentally.
By phr"By the Way Of" - for the purpose of, as being in the character of.
By phr"By Turns" - alernately; turn and turn about.
By phr"By Walking Out" - walking out suddenly, often unexpectedly and usually in anger.
By phr"By Way Of (something)" - the passing through something )a place). 2. an illustration; as example.
By phr"By Wholesale" - sale of goods by the pieces or large quantity, as distinct from retail. 2. in the mass; in large quantities, without distinction or discrimination.
By phr"By Word of Mouth" - orally. 2. by spoken rather than written meaning.
By phr"By Your Leave" -with your permission. 2. an apology for a rude or unwelcome behavior or comment.
By phr"Come By" - to get possession of; to obtain.
By phr"Days Gone By" - in the past; an earlier period of time.
By phr"Stand By" - to aid, support.
By-and-by nAn indefinite time in the future.
By-bid vbTo bid on behalf of someone else.
By-bidder nOne who bids at an auction on behalf of the auctioneer or owner, for the purpose of running up the price of an article.
By-blow nThe illegitimate child of unmarried parents. 2. a love-child; whoreson.
By-dint nBy means of, by virtue of, on account.
By-dweller nOne who dwells near; a neighbor.
By-end nA self-motive. 2. a fragment, a snatch.
By foot advOn foot; by means of foot; walking.
By-goer nA passerby.
By-going nThe activity of passing by; a passing-by.
Bygone adjDating from an earlier time.
Bygones nAn earlier time or period.
Bygones phr"Let Bygones be Bygones" (and fair play for him to come)
Byland nA peninsula.
Byleid nA dialect.
Byline nAn auxiliary activity. 2. a line giving the name of a writer or story of an article.
By-lined adjAccompanied by a byline.
Byname nA familiar name or nickname.
Byname vbTo give a nickname to.
Bynempt vbBename.
Bynempt adjBenamed.
By owner advOne who sells his own house rather than employ a realtor.
By-path nA side road little traveled. 2. a private path or way. 3. by indirect means.
Byre nA cowshed.
Byrlaw nA sort or popular jurisprudence formerly in Scotland, in villages and among husbandmen, concerning neighborhoods to be kept among themselves.
Byrlawman n(Still in parts of Scotland) an arbiter, oddsman, umpire.
Bysen n(Merge of OE and ON.) an example, pattern, paradigm, model, illustration. 2. parable, precept, command.
By-sitter nOne who sits near or nearby.
By-speech nAn incidental or casual speech not relating directly t the point being discussed.
Byspel nParable
Byss nFineness & value
Bystand vbTo stand near. 2. to spectate or view. 3. to take no part in some activity.
Bystander nA non-participant spectator. 2. one who stands near. 3. one who takes no part in an activity or dealing.
By stream adjA tributary, a rivulet, rhyll, leak.
Bystreet nA side street; private or obscure way; a byway.
By-swelt vbBurn, scorch,
By-swenke vbWork hard, exert, do with industry
Bysybbe n.Bysib, relative, kin, kinfolk
By-tale nIrrelevant tale or story
By-talk nAn incidental conversation; small talk, chit-chat.
Byte n(Form or variant of 'bit'.) a sequence of eight bits (enough to represent one character of alpha-numerical data) processed as a single unit of information).
Byte-wise adjOf one or more bytes at a time.
By-time nSpare time; a leisure interval.
By-town nA small town near to a large city.
By-water nWaterway to the side of the main stream
By-wash nAn outlet from a dam or reservoir. 2. a cutting to divert the flow of water.
Byway nA track other in a rural areas, which is too small, and usually without a surface road.
Byways nPlural of byway. 2. fig. often about usual occurrences and facts, (of history, etc.).
Bywoner nA dweller, resident, occupier.
Byword nProverb
Byword phr"Become a Byword" - bcome proverbial; become a standard to go by.
By-your-leave nA request for permission.
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