The Anglish Moot
Old English sp English
Calends n First day of any month in the Roman calendar. In OE. a month; also, a season. 3. fig, a prelude 4. calendar, a record. (Latin loan word )
Calf n Young of any bovine family. (b) a dolt; occasionally. meek, harmless person. 2. a dolt, mutton-head; callow youth. 3. a small island lying near a larger one; as in the Calf of Man
Calf phr "Eat the Calf in a Cow's Belly" - to be over ready to anticipate. 2. count one's chickens before they hatch.
Calf phr "The Golden Calf" - riches, as unduly prized; mammon.
Calf-ground n Place of birth or early part of life
Calfish adj Raw, untrained.
Calf-like adj Resembling a calf or some aspect of one.
Calf-love n Youthful fancy, immature love as opposed to lasting attachment; puppy love.
Call n To call out or cry out in a loud voice; shout, shout out. 2. to command or request to come; summon, to order. 3. to ask or invite to come or attend. 4. to communicate or try to communicate with someone by telephone or email. 5. to wake from sleep, as by a call; waken, waken up. 6. to read over (a roll, list or schedule) in a loud voice. 7. to convoke, convene or call a meeting.
Call vb To speak loudly, as to attract attention; shout; cry. 2. to make a short visit; stop at a place on some errand or business. 3. to telephone or try to telephone a person.
Call phr "Call About" - visit somebody in his home, office etc in order to investigate something.
Call phr "Call a Halt" - put an end to.
Call phr "Call a Man Out" - to challenge; to appeal to a man's honor to come forth and fight a duel.
Call phr "Call a Spade a Spade" - to speak the truth, to say things they really are.
Call phr "Call Away" - summons from one place of work, as a doctor etc to attend on somebody.
Call phr "Call Back" - to request for a second interview or audition, following a successful initial review. 2. to request someone telephone; to return a telephone call to someone at a more convenient time. 3. to recall. 4. to return to a shop or residence one has previously visited.
Call phr "Call By" - make a stop at (in the course of another, long journey) often to collect something or somebody. 2. call in at.
Call phr 'Call Down" - order artillery, aircraft to attacked the enemy targets. 2. invoke; rebuke severely.
Call phr "Call Down on Somebody's Head" - summon, invoke.
Call phr "Call For" - to shout out in order to summon a person. 2. to shout out in a loud voice. 3. to request, demand; require, need. 4. to necessitate, demand. 5. to stop at a place and ask for someone. 6. stop at somebody's house to take them somewhere. 7. to collect, require as necessary, or demand.
Call phr "Call Forth" - to induce, cause to appear, bring out.
Call phr "Call Forward" - invite or order someone to approach the speaker, to take some steps out of a group, row.
Call phr "Call God to Witness" - to declare solemnly that what one states is true.
Call phr "Call In" - to communicate to a base etc. by telephone. 2. to summon someone, esp. for help or advice. 3. to withdraw from sale or circulation. 4. request, order, the turn something unsuitable or no longer needed.
Call phr 'Call In At" - stop at one place on the way to another.
Call phr "Call It a Day/Go" - to retire, cease the activity of the day.
Call phr "Call It a Night" - to go to bed to sleep, to cease what one has been doing for the night.
Call phr "Call It as One Sees It" - to speak frankly and openly about a given topic.
Call phr "Call It Even" - to declare debts resolved.
Call phr "Call It What You Will" - accept a name or description already given, or choose another of your own.
Call phr "Call Names" - insult.
Call phr "Call Off " - to recall, cancel or call to a halt; abandon, drop. 2. stop or give the order to stop; cancel, postpone. 3. order dogs, pursuers, to stop searching, attacking or worrying somebody.
Call phr "Call Off the Dogs" - to ease up on after inflicting great punishment. 2. during a one-sided sports contest, take from the game a number of top-performing players after dominating opponents.
Call phr "Call of the God" - an invitation, exhortation, or warning by the dispensations of Providence.
Call phr "Call of the House" - an imperative summons sent to every Member of Parliament to attend.
Call phr "Call of the Wild" - to compulsion to go and live, work in, explore, regions that are undeveloped, sparsely inhabited unspoiled country.
Call phr "Call On" - to visit a person, to pay a call on someone. 3. to require or ask something of persons, to select for a task. 4. to correct, to point out an error or untruth.
Call phr "Call One's Own" - have exclusive possession of something.
Call phr "Call of the Shareholders" - a demand to pay the balance of money due for shares in a company, or a part.
Call phr "Call Out" - to specify, esp. in detail. 2. to order into service; to summon into service. 3. to yell out, to vocalize, audibly announced; call out in a loud voice. 4. to challenge, to denounce. 5. try to attract someone attention; cry out. 6. call or shout in a loud voice at an inappropriate time. 6. authorize workers to go on strike.
Call phr "Call Over" - to read aloud a list of names.
Call phr "Call Over the Coals" - bring to task for one's shortcomings; scold, chide, berate.
Call phr "Call Somebody Names" - to insult somebody childishly. 2. to engage in name calling. 3. calling to insult someone childishly.
Call phr "Call the Shots" - to make decisions; to be in charge; to give orders.
Call phr "Call to Arms" - to summonn for battle.
Call phr "Call to Mind" - remember.
Call phr 'Call Up" - communicate by telephone. 2. summons for military service. 3. summons to one's aid. 4. recall to one's memory; bring back
Call phr "Call Upon" - invite, request someone to speak. 2. appeal or require to somebody to act in some way.
Call phr "Call Upon to Do Something" - invite somebody to do something. 2. urge, appeal to somebody to do something in a particular way.
Call phr "Call Up the Devil" - in witchcraft, call upon the Devil to appear and ask for his assistance in some nefarious way.
Call phr "Have the Call" - have the advantage; also, to be the leader in popular favor.
Call phr "No Call To" - no need to, reason to.
Call phr "Not called for" - not necessary (although acceptable)
Call phr "Uncalled for" - unwanted and unnecessary.
Call phr "Within Call" - within hearing; close at hand; ready accesible.
Call back n The returning of something to a previous state. 2. a return telephone call or radio call, esp. one made automatically to authenticate a log-on to a computer network. 3. a product recall because of a defect or safety concern.
Call bird n A decoy bird.
Call box n A telephone box (both words Latin borrowings into O.E.).
Caller n A person who makes a visit; a visitor. 2. one who makes a telephone call. 3. a person who calls at bingo.
Call-in n To a radio-station program in which members of the public phone in and talk live with the presenter and others phone-ins. 2. such a program described in (1). 3. such a call or caller as described in(1).
Calling n A strong urge to be religious. 2. a job, career, profession or occupation. 3. an inwardly felt call or summons.
Calling-name n A name associated with a telephone number or similar identifier. 2. a name an animal has been to respond to. 3. a nickname. 4. a name by which a person is normally identified in conversation.
Call-in show n A TV or radio program,esp. a type of talk-show in which the host and sometimes one or more guests converse with members of the listening or viewing audience who telephone the show or program while it is being broadcast or screened. 2. a chat-show.
Call-out n Outward bound telephone call. 2. (slang) an invitation to fight. 3. an act of one child calling out of another. 4. an excerpt from an article (such as in a newspaper, magazine) that is duplicated in a large font alongside the article so as to grab the attention of the reader and indicate the topic. 5. a summons to someone designated as being on call.
Call-over n A roll-call. 2. read aloud a list of betting prices.
Callow n One who is bald. 2. the stratum of vegetable soil lying above the subsoil.
Callow adj Bald, without hair, down of youth. 2. of birds: without feathers, unfledged. inexperienced, unfledged 3. of land: bare, low-lying.
Callow phr " In One's Callow Youth" - in one naive, youth or immaturity.
Callowly adv In a callow manner.
Callow-mouse n The bat.
Callowness n Immaturity; condition of being callow or immature.
Calve n The action of a glacier losing ice; the ice lost.
Calve vb To give birth to a calf, said of a kine, deer. 2. to breed from a cow. 3. to assist in giving birth to a calf. 4. to shed a large piece. 5. to cut into slices and pickle. 6. to crimp. 7. to bear or be susceptible of, being calved.
Calver n A cow that produces youing. 2. to cut into slices and pickle. 3. to crimp. 4. to bear or be susceptible of, being calved.
Calving n The bringing forth of a calf or young. 2. of a glacier, iceberg moving forth or breaking of of the ice-sheet.
Calvish adj Resembling a calf; calf-like. 2. doltish, stupid.
Camel n Late OE borrowed from the Semitic languages: see olfend.
Cammock n Probably borrowed from Celtic languages: the plant Ononsis spinosa, also called Rest-harrow or yarrow.
Camp n Combat, martial contest, fight, fighting in single combat, 2. battle, war. 3. camp-ball: an ancient form of football played by large numbers. cf: kemp
Camping vb. To fight, contend in battle, strive, 2. to excell, surpass. 3. to take part in athletics. 4. to strive with others in doing something. 5. to wrangle, scold.
Cample n Wordy conflict, wrangle, scold, answer in anger
Can n Vessel for holding liquids, with a handle over the top. 2. vessel of tin iron in which fruit, fish, etc are sealed up air tight. 3. a chimney pot. 4. toilet (sl). 5. the buttocks.(sl). 6. prison (sl). 7. a measure of capacity.
Can vb To put into cans or tins.
Can phr "Can of Worms" - a troublesome matter.
Can phr "In the Can" - in prison.
Can n Knowledge, skill, power, ability.
Can vb The original meaning of the present was 'I have learned'; whence, 'I have known'. 2. to know; to know how to do anything. 3. to have knowledge; to have have practical knowledge; to be canny 4. to be skill, have ability, skill, knowledge. 5. to be acquainted with.
Can phr "Can a Duck Swim" - yes; said in an answer to a question which the speaker thinks is foolish or unnecessary because, from their point of view , it allows only the answer 'yes'.
Can phr "Can Always (do)" - can be able do something when one wishes. 2. have the chance or possibility of doing something, usually as an alternative to something else or as a last resort.
Can phr "Can Be Had fot the Asking" - can have something; can have something be made available for free or on request; or if wished for, or very easily.
Can phr "Can Breathe Freely" - feel one's usual self again. 2. relax when a period of crisis tension, or special effort has ended.
Can phr "Can Call One's Soul One's Own" - be free from, have to suffer, continual interference with one's privacy or independence.
Can phr "Can Do By Heart" - to know by heart.
Can phr "Can Do It" - to quit doing something, to put an end to something. 3. to silence.
Can phr "Can Do No Wrong" - be in such privileged position. 2. be in so much favored by somebody that anything one does is thought to do be right.
Can phr "Can Do Oneself Good" - to know what is good for oneself.
Can phr "Can Do With" - to need, want, to benefit from.
Can phr "Can Do Without" - to not want something, because, perhaps, it would make the matter or situation worse or would be simply annoying.
Can phr "Can Do Worse Than" - be quite correct or sensible in acting in a particular way. 2. can't/ couldn't do better than.
Can phr "Can I Buy You a Drink" - indicates the speaker wishes to buy (usually a girl) a drink at a bar. (considered the best way to attract a member of the opposite sex)
Can phr "Can I Come In" - indicates that the speaker is asking for permission to enter a house or room.
Can phr "Can Keep it" - remark used by somebody who is unimpressed or disgusted.
Can phr "Can of Worms" - a complex, troublesome situation.
Can phr "Can't Do Better Than" - be entirely correct, sensible, well-advised in acting in a particular way.
Can phr "Can't Do for the Life of Me" - be wholly, totally unable or unwilling to do something.
Can phr "Can't Do for the Love Of" - be completely without the abilty or means to do something.
Can phr "Can't Do Often Enough" - do something eagerly, lavishly or insatiably.
Can phr "Can't Go Wrong" - be sure to make a success of something. 2. not make any mistakes, become confused etc., in doing something.
Can phr "Can't Hear Oneself Think" - one is subjected to, irritated or distracted by, to much surrounding noise, esp. talk loud music or general din.
Can phr "Can't Help Oneself" - unable to control, or avoid, behaving in an undesirable way or unsuitable manner.
Can phr "Can't Help Doing Something" - find it natural to do something. 2. find it unavoidable to do something.
Can phr "Can't Help It" - be unable, avoid something. 2. be unable to control or change events. 2. one is not to blame or held responsible for something.
Can phr "Can't Hold a Candle to" - can not be favorably compared with.
Can phr "Can't Stand the Sight of" - not like; or be seriously upset (physically or emotionally) by, the actual sight of somebody. 2. can't bear the sight of. 3. find unbearable or intolerable, dislike vey much; hate, loathe, the sight of.
Can phr "Can't We Say" - be unsure about, or not know, either the answer to a question or about something specified or understood.
Can phr "Can We Say" - used sarcastically to draw attention to a motive or an agenda.
Can phr "Can Well Believe It" - think something is likely to be true. 2. be prepared to believe something even without actual proof.
Can phr "Can You Beat It" - exclamation of consternation, or shocked of amusement, about something that has occurred, or that somebody has done.
Can phr "Can You Help Me" - a request for help.
Can phr "No Can Do" - one can do it. 2. it will be possible for one to arrange.
Can phr "One Can Keep it" - remark used by somebody who is unimpressed or disgusted.
Cancer n Old English, from Latin, ‘crab or creeping ulcer’, translating Greek karkinos, said to have been applied to such tumours because the swollen veins around them resembled the limbs of a crab. See canker, the usual form until the 17th century.
Candle n Stick of hard wax with a wick. You light the wick to give a steady flame that provides light. 2. a source of light. 3. that which illumnates the mind.
Candle phr "Burn the Candle at Both Ends" - to work excessively long hours.
Candle phr "Candles of the Night" - stars.
Candle n Day's Candle, world-candle, god's candle, road-candle = (firmament's candle) : all poetical terms for the sun.
Candle n "Faraday's Candle" - electricity
Candle n "A Candle in the Wind" - a fragile or vulnerable thing or person, likely to be put in jeopardy.
Candle phr "Can't Hold a Candle to" - cannot favorably compared with.
Candle phr "Hold a Candle to the Devil" - to serve or assist an evil person. 2. to be active in evil causes.
Candle phr "Not Worth the Candle" - not worth the mere cost of supplying necessary light.
Candle phr "Sell by Candle" - a form of sale by auction. A pin is thrust through a candle an inch from the top, and bidding goes on until the candle is burnt down to the pin; when the pin drops into the candlestick the last bidder is declared the winner.
Candle phr "Smell of The Candle" - to work by night. 2. of a close and prolonged stage.
Candleberry n Myrica ceritera, something extended to include galewort.
Candle-end n A thing of short duration or little value; a trifle, fragrant.
Candlefly n A moth.
Candle-holder n A device for holding one or more candles. 2. an abettor: the reference is to the practice of holding a candle to assist a reader or worker where light is needed.
Candle-hour n Night-time.
Candle-less adj Without a candle or candles.
Candle-light n The light given or emitted by a candle or candles. 2. the light of life, emotional and spiritual enlightment. 3. the time at which candles are lighted, dusk, nightfall.
Candle-lighter n One who lights a candle or candles. 2. an acolyte.
Candle-like adj Resembling a candle.
Candlemaker n Someone who makes candles, a chandler.
Candlemaking n The making or manufacturing of candles.
Candlemas n Te festival in the Christian year the commemorates the purification of the Virgin Mary and the presentation of infant Jesus in the temple.
Candlemas Day n Candlemas day is February 2nd, and in the USA this is known as Groundhog Day, owing to the belief that the groundhog emerges from hibernation on this date. If the weather is bright enough for the animal to see it shadow (so the belief goes) then it wil return to its hole for another six weeks; if, however, the weather is gloomy then the winter is over and the groundhog will remain outside to forage and play.
Candlemas day pvb "If Candlemas Day be fair and bright; winter will have another flight, if on Candlemass Day it be showery and rain, winter is gone and will never come again" - winter is gone and spring and summer are on the way.
Candlemonger n A maker and seller of candles.
Candlenut n The fruit of a euphorbiaceous tree or shrub (Aleurites moluccana), native of some of the Pacific islands. It is used by the natives as a candle. The oil from the nut has many uses.
Candler n A candle-maker, chandler.
Candle-shine n The light thrown from a lit candle.
Candlestick n A holder or spike with a socket for a candle.
Candle-wax n Any material such as tallow, used to make the body of aa candle.
Candlewick n The wick of a candle.
Candlewright n A candle maker.
Can-do adj Confident and willing to get a job done, as a 'can-do man'
Canhouse n A brothel, whorehouse, bordello.
Canker n A word used in OE. from Latin : cancer, gangrene, ulcer. 2. anything that frets, corrodes, corrupts or consumes slowly and secretly
Canker vb To infect or consume with canker (or cancer). 2. to corrode, rust, tarnish, grow rusty. 3. to infect, corrupt, consume slowly and secretly like cancer.
Canker-bitten adj Eating or corroded away.
Canker-eaten adj Eaten away by cancer
Cankered adj Eaten or consumed by cancer. 2. ulcerated, gangrous. 3. rusted, corroded, tarnished. 3. infected, polluted, venomed. 4. infected with evil, depraved corrupted; fig. malignant, envious. 5. ill-hatred, spiteful, ccrabbed, ill-tempered.
Cankeredly adj. Spiteful, peevish, malignant, cankerly.
Cankerfret n. Eat with cancer; rust
Canker-looked adj Looking or resembling cancer: eaten away.
Cankersore n An ulcer in the mouth, called an apthous ulcer, cause a break in the mucuous mambrane.
Cankerwort n The dandelion.
Can-like adj Resembling a can or container.
Canned adj Preserved in cans. 2. drunk. 3. previously prepared, not fresh or new, standardized, mass produced, or lacking originality or customization.
Canned heat n Fuel made from denatured and jellied alcohol and contained in a cannister with a removable top designed to be burned from that canister.
Canned laughter n Previously recorded laughter that is edited into the soundtrack of a TV program.
Canner n Someone who or that which cans. 2. someone who lives off container deposits refunds from recycling.
Cannily adv Sagacious, skilfully, deftily. 2. cautiously, slyly.
Canniness n Sagacity, skilfulness, prudence, cautionness, gentleness, quietness.
Canning n Ability, being able.
Cannot n Something that cannot be done
Cannot vb To be unable to, can't, forbidden or not permitted to do, is forbidden to, is not permitted to. 2. it is logically impossible
Cannot phr "Cannot but" - have to, can't help but, cannot help, to be unable to do otherwise than; does not have the ability to..
Cannot phr "I Cannot Stand" - (idiomatic) - hate, dislike; loathe; can stand the sight of.
Canny adj Northern version of cunning. 2. sagacious, prudent, cautious, skillfully cunning. 3. cautiously, slyly. softy, comfortably
Can-opener n An implement for opening cans and tins.
Cap n A head covering, hood, headdress; a top layer. (Latin loan word)
Cap phr "Cap and Bells" - the insignia of a professional fool or jester.
Cap phr "Cap and Feather Days" - childhood.
Cap phr "Capful of Wind" - a light breeze; a sudden puff of win.
Cap phr "Cap It All" - to surpass what has gone before. 2. to make it even worse.
Cap phr "Feather In One's Cap" - a meritorious personal achievement.
Cap phr "Go Cap In Hand" - holding one's cap instead of wearing it, as a sign of respect from somebody in a lower classes when speaking to a, or addressing a social superior or employer. 2. to beg, ask humbly.
Cap phr "Put On One's Thinking Cap" - think, hard and seriously about something.
Cap phr "That Cap It All" - exclamation of disbelief, incredulity.
Cap phr "Your Cap Is All On the Side" - be perplexed: the practice of scratching one's had when perplexed or bothered.
Capful adj The amount that will fit into a cap. 2. a light puff of wind.
Capless adj Without a cap, hat or head-covering.
Caplike adj Resembling or like a cap.
Capping n The act of taking off or doffing one's hat as a mark of respect.
Capsheath n The top sheath of a shock or stook, also fig.
Care n Grief, sorrow (obs) 2.close attention; concern; responsibility. 3. worry. 4. maintenance, upkeep. 5. the treatment of those in need (especially as a career or profession.) 6. the state of being cared for by others. 7. the object of watchful attention or anxiety.
Care vb To have the care of. 2. to be in need of care. 3. to sorrow with or because of grief. 4. to mourn or lament. 5. to be troubled, uneasy or anxious. 6. to feel great compassion, concern oneself with.
Care phr "For All I Care" - I don't care at all
Care phr "Be Cared for" - attended to or looked after.
Care phr "Care For" - to attend to the needs of, especially in the manner of a nurse or aids. 2. to like or appreciate. 3. to consider to be appealing, tasteful or suitable; also negatively as, "I don't' care for bread.'
Care phr "Care Of" - used in postal direction to a person not permanently living at, or working at, the address given. 2. referring to distribution of mail by a named intermediary, marked 'John Smith, care of...'
Care phr "For All One's Care" - as if I care (expressing indifference or ignorance).
Care phr 'Have a Care! - be careful.
Care phr "I Couldn't Care Less" - an expression of complete indifference.
Care phr "Not Care Tuppence" - not care at all.
Care phr "See If I Care" - I don't care at all.
Care phr "Take Care" - look after; keep safe.
Care phr "Take Care Of" - look after, or be careful with.
Care phr "You Can Go To the Devil for All I Care" - i don't give a damn about what happens to you.
Care-away n Recklessness. 2. roisterer, a reckless fellow. 3. something that drives away.
Care-away excl An exclamation of merriment. 2. 'away with care' and 'care begone'
Care-bed n A bed of suffering or grief.
Carefree adj Free from care or anxiety. 2. without cares; free of concern or worry. 3. easy, casual, carefree. 4. without difficulty, trouble, worry, lighthearted
Carefreeness n State or quality of being free, joyous, lighthearted. 2. the property of being lighthearted, joyous, carefree, cheerful. 3. without care, carefree,
Care-freedom n The state or quality of being free, carefree, joyous.
Carefreely adv In a carefree, lighthearted manner
Careful adj Full of care or grief, sorrowful, sad. 2. full of care and anxieties, worry, troubled. 3. having care for, attentive to potential danger, error or harm, cautious. 4. conscientous and painstaking meticulous.
Carefulness n The state or quality of being careful.
Caregiver n A person who regularly cares for a child or an elderly or disabled person.
Careless adj Free from care, unworried or without anxiety. 2. not concerned or worried about. 3. not giving sufficient atttention or thought to, esp. concerning the avoidance of harm and mistake.
Carelessly adv Given rhe appearance of being careless. 2. relaxed; done without care or attention, inattentively.
Carelessness n Lack of care, or in a manner of inattention, and/or negligently.
Carelesswise adv In a carelees manner or way.
Carer n Someone who looks after another, either as a job or through personal or familial responsibility.
Caresome adj Troublesome, burdensome
Care Sunday n The Sunday immediately preceding Good Friday, but now used generally for the fifth in Lent.
Caretake vb To look after a property as a caretaker.
Caretaker n One whoo is responsible for the care or a place, thing. 2. someone who takesx care of a person as a guardian, parent, carer.
Caretaker n On a short-term basis, temporary.
Caretaking n The act of taking care or taking charge of something.
Careware n In computing: charity-ware, freeware.
Care-weed n Mourning dress, attire or clothes. 2. clothing of care.
Careworn adj Showing the signs of long-term stresses.
Carf n A cut; the cut part of the end of a piece of wood.
Caring n The act of taking care of.
Caring adj Kind, sensitive, empathetic.
Caringly adv In a caring manner.
Caringness n The quality of being caring.
Cark n OE. ceariig. ??????care or solicitude; distress.
Cark vb To burden or make anxious. 2. to be anxious.
Carking n Worrying, distressing.
Carl pfx Prefix denoting maleness, as in carl-cat, carl-crab. n 2. a man of the common folk or people, countryman, particularly a husband-man 3. villian, base fellow 4. niggard, churl.
Carl vb (obsolete) To snarl; to talk grumpily or gruffly.
Carlish adj Snarly, grumpy, coarse. 2. manly, male.
Carlishness n The state or quality of maleness. 2. churlishness, niggardish,
Carles-wain n (OE.Carles waegn the wain of Carl(Charlemagne) orig. the wain of Arturus, verbally associated with Arturus. Arthur and Charlemagne are associated in legend.) The asterism comprising the seven bright stars in Ursa Major, known also as The Plough.
Carr n A rock; now esp. used of insulated rocks of the Northumbrian & Scottish coasts.
Cart n A heavy two-wheeled vehicle for carrying loads, as a dust-cart. 2. a light two-wheeled pleasure vehicle with springs. 3. loosely, any two or four-wheeled vehicle, a chariot.
Cart vb To convey or carry in or as a cart. 2. to drive or use a cart.
Cart vb To convey or carry in or as a cart. 2. to drive or use a cart
Cart phr "Be in the Cart" - be in trouble.
Cart phr "Cart Off" - to transport someone, esp one who is incapable of movement.
Cart phr "In the Cart"- in trouble or difficulty.
Cart phr "Put the Cart Before the Horse" - do something in the wrong order.
Cart phr "Upset the Applecart" - spoil someone plans.
Cart-bote n An allowance of wood by the lord to a tenant for making or repairing carts.
Carter n One or a person who carries or transported a load of goods for payment. 2. a person who transport a load on a cart that is drawn by a beast of burden.
Cartful adj As a much as a cart will hold.
Carthorse n A large, strong horse used for pulling heavy loads.
Cart-house n A shed in which carts are kept.
Cartless adj Without a cart.
Cartload n An amount that a cart can carry. 2. any large amount.
Cartway n A way along which a cart can drive.
Cart-wheel n A wheel of a cart. 2. gymnastic manoeuvre whereby the gymnasts rotates to one side or the other while keeping arms and legs outstretched, spinning for one or more revolution.
Cartwright n A carpenter who makes carts.
Cartwrighting n Doing the duties of a cartwright. 2. a wainwright.
Carve vb Hew, cut, carve or sculpture (out of stone, ivory or wood). 2. to shape by cutting. 3. cut up or subdivide. 4. to cheat, swindle.
Carve phr "Carved in Stone" - to make something permanent and incapable of being changed, typically a plan or idea. 2. carved in stone; engraved in stone, written in stone. 3. permanently fixed or firmly established; incapable of being changed. 4. (fig). permanent or not subject to change.
Carve phr "Carve Out" - to cut a smaller or subordinate estate out of a larger one. 2. to hollow by carving. 3. to create (a report, chance, role, career, victory by hard work, or as if by cutting.
Carve phr "Carve Up" - to cut in pieces. 2. the act or instance of dishonesty prearranging the result of a competition. 3. (slang) the distribution of something, as money or a booty.
Carved adj Cut, sculptured, engraved in stone or various other material.
Carved phr "Carved in Stone" - idiomatic expression meaning unchangeable set in stone.
Carved phr "Carved Out" - to cut, hew, chisel out from stone , wood or other materials.
Carver n One who carves wood, ivory, stone or certain other materials. 2. a carving with a carving knife. 3. a butcher.
Carver phr "Be One's Own Carver" - to be or choose for oneself at one's own discretion.
Carve-up n A sharing out, especially of spoils.
Carving n A carved only. 2. the craft of producing a carved object.
Carving adj That carves or cuts, cutting, sharp.
Carving-knife n A large knife made for cutting cooked meat,
Carver-ship n The office of a carver (to the monarch)
Cast phr "Cast About (For)" - try to find, usually in a hurry or an emergency, seek.
Cast phr "Cast Anchor" - to moor (ships).
Cast phr "Cast Apple" - end a voyage.
Cast phr "Cast an Eye Over" - examine quickly, but somewhat superficially,
Cast phr "Cast a Sheep Eye's at One" - to look at askance, in a sheepish way, at a person who you are lovingly inclined way
Cast phr "Cast a Shadow Over" - have a dampening, dispiriting effect on.
Cast phr "Cast Ashore" - of waves thrown on the shore.
Cast phr "Cast Aside" - remove, throw off; reject, discard as if of no relevance.
Cast phr "Cast a Spell Over" - exert an controlling influence (by no means obvious)
Cast phr "Cast Away" - be by accident or intentionally washed ashore, after a shipwreck (often) in some remote island.
Cast phr "Cast Beyond the Moon" - to form or cast wild conjectures.
Cast phr "Cast Bread Upon the Waters" - not expecting gratitude or rewards foe something done
Cast phr "Cast Down" - be depressed, unhappy; miserable.
Cast phr "Cast in One's Lot" - agree to share the fate of somebody else.
Cast phr "Cast In One's Teeth" - to throw reproof at one; reproach. The allusion is to knocking one's out by stones.
Cast phr "Cast Light Upon" - reveal information about something.
Cast phr "Cast Lots" - settle an issue by means of a lottery.
Cast phr "Cast Off" - release the ropes or cables used to hold a boat or ship in position alongside a quay. 2. remove, temporarily or permanently ; take off and throw aside carelessly. 3. abandon, reject. 4. cast Off (stitches): remove stitches from a knitting needle.
Cast phr "Cast On (stitches): put the first line of stitches on a knitting needle.
Cast phr "Cast One's Bread Upon a Water" -
Cast phr "Cast Oneself On" - to trust oneself on.
Cast phr "Cast Out" - drive away, repel; expel.
Cast phr "Cast the Net" - make a wide search.
Cast phr "Cast Up" - deposited on the shore by the sea.
Cat n A carnivorous quadruped; a domesticated carnivorous mammal.
Cat phr A Cat Has Nine Lives" - a cat is careful and hardy, and more tenacious of life than many other animals.
Cat phr "Before the Cat Can Lick its Ears" - never: no cat can lick its ears.
Cat phr "Bell the Cat" - risk a confrontation with an opponent for the common good. From a medieval fable in which the mice want to put a bell around the neck of a cat, but can't agree who should do it. 2. to undertake a dangerous action in the service of a group or community.
Cat phr "Cat May Look at a King" - there are certain things that an inferior may do in the presence of a superior. 2. a purported inferior has certain abilities, even in the presence of a purported superior.
Cat phr "Enough to Make a Cat Speak/Laugh" - said of something extraordinary (frequent of a good drink). 2. said of something (usually strong liquid) that loosens the tongue.
Cat phr "Feel Like Something the Cat Brought In" - to feel exhausted or bedraggled.
Cat phr "Has a Cat Got Your Tongue?" - idiomatic: why are you not saying anything?
Cat phr "Lead a Cat and Dog Life" - life of a frequent or constant quarreling.
Cat phr "Like a Cat On a Hot Tin" - to be nervous and unable to keep still. 2. of someone who is in a state of extreme nervous worry.
Cat phr "Like Something the Cat Brought In" - disheveled, untidy.
Cat phr "Live a Cat and Dog" - an unhappy married life.
Cat phr "Live Under a Cat's Foot" - be henpecked: a mouse under a cats paw lives but by sufferance and at the cat;s pleasure.
Cat phr "Make a Cat Laugh" -said of something extraordinarily funny.
Cat phr "Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat" - confined, cramped for room.
Cat phr "Play a Cat and Mouse Game" - a state of suspense and uncertainty. 2. treating one cruelly and kindly in turns.
Cat phr "Rain Cats and Dogs" - pour with heavy rain.
Cat phr "Sick As a Cat" - sick as a cat: a cat is prone to vomiting.
Cat phr "There's More Than One way to Skin a Cat" - this can be achieved in variety of acceptable ways.
Cat phr "What Can You Have of a Cat But Her Skin" - said of something that is but useless for one thing: catching mice is the only thing a cat is useful for.
Cat phr "When the Cat's Away the Mice will Play" - people will take any advantage of lack of supervision.
Cat adj Suspectful, involving alternating roles of attack and defence.
Cat-and-Dog life n An unhappy marriage, full of quarrels.
Cat-and-Mouse play n A relationship in which two partners closely monitor and challenge one another in a suspicious or self-protective manner, often because each party is tempting to gain an advantage over the other.
Cat-bird seat n The most advantageous and most powerful position.
Catcall n A shout or whistling expressing dislike, esp. from a crowd or audience: a jeer, a boo. 2. a shout or whistle, or comment of some nature, usually made towards women
Cat call vb To make a cat call: a shout or whistling expressing dislike, esp. from a crowd or audience: a jeer, a boo. 2. a shout or whistle, or comment of some nature, usually made towards women
Cat-caller n One who makes a cat call: a shout or whistling expressing dislike, esp. from a crowd or audience: a jeer, a boo. 2. a shout or whistle, or comment of some nature, usually made towards women
Catdom n The world or realm of cats. 2. cats collectively.
Cat-eyed adj Sharp or keen-eyed. 2. sly or stealthy eyed.
Cat fight n A fight between cats. 2. an acrimonius fighting or bickering, esp between females.
Catfish n Any fish of the order Silurisform, perhaps so named for it cat-like whiskers. 2. a person with a false profile on social networks in orer to others for fraudulent purposes.
Cat-footed adj Stealthily in movement; skilfully balanced of foot
Cat-footedness n The quality of stealth in movement; skillful of balance.
Cat-hole n Den of the wild cat. OE. only. 2. A hole large enough to let a cat through. Fig, any small or cramped lodging.
Cat-kind n All cats considered as a group.
Cat lady n A women, often elderly, who devotes her time to a domestic cat or cats.
Cat-less adj Without a cat or cats.
Catlick n A perfunctory wash.
Catlike adj Resembling a cat or cats. 2. slowly, quiet, deliberate and stealthy.
Catling n A little cat, kitten. 2. catgut, a catgut string. 3. in surgery, a double-edged sharp-pointed dismembering knife.
Catloaf n (sl) - the loaflike form of a domestic cat sitting with paws and tail tucked underneath the body.
Catlore n Folklore relating to cats.
Catmeat n Meat for a cat. 2. cat food consisting of meat. 3. someone who is badly beaten.
Cat meat n Cat eaten as meat. 2. meat prepared to be given as food to cats.
Catnap n A quick deliberate nap, a short amount of time spent sleeping. 2. a brief light sleep.
Catnapper n One who has a quick deliberate nap, a short amount of time spent sleeping or a brief light sleep.
Cat-of-nine-tails n A whip having often knotted whip cords, formerly used for flogging as a naval punishment. 2. a leather nine tail whip, used in british penal colonies, and in certain armies.
Cat's-eye n A precious stone.
Catsitter n One who acts as a minder for a cat in the owner's absence.
Cat's-silver n Mica
Cat stretch n A stretch position naturally and comfortably assumed by a limber feline or imitated by a human (notably as a gymnastic exercise) on all fours with the back normally arched and pointing upwards.
Cat's whisker n something considered to be outstanding; the bee's knees, flea's eyebrows.
Cattily adv In a catty manner.
Cattiness n the quality of being catty, cattishness, spitefulness
Catting n Caterwauling, seeking out or going after the oppodite sex (contemptously
Cattish adj Feline or catlike, resembling or being of the nature or manner of a cat. 2. spiteful or malicious in charcter. 3. sly, spiteful or marked by malice.
Cattishly adv In a cattish manner or spirit. 2. in a spiteful, malicious or sly manner.
Cattishness n The property of being cattish. 2. somewhat spiteful, malicious or sly.
Cat-tree n A structure of platforms and scratching posts designed for a cat to play on.
Catty adj Of or pertaining to cats. 2. concerned with breeding or exhibiting cats. 3. with subtle hostility in an effort to hurt, annoy or upset particularly among women. 4. resembling or characteristic of a cat. 5. spiteful, nasty, malicious, snide,
Catwalk n In a nautical sense: an elevated enclosed passage providing access fore and aft of the bridge. 2. a narrow elevated stage on which model s parade. 3. any business of making clothes for fashion shows.
Catwalker n A fashion model on the catwalker.
Cat-wise adv In the way or manner of a cat.
Catwitted adj One or or part to someone who is spiteful, obstinate and small-minded.
Catwort n Nepetia cataria, catmint, cat's play.
Caul n Cabbage, cole
Cawel n OE: cawel, cawl, cole.
Cawel-hert n Cawel (cabbage) & Hert (heart with the obsolete meaning of stomach)- applied to the hare.
Cawel-worm n Caterpillar, kaleworm.
Cawelwort n Colewort, cabbage.
Cawl n Cabbage, colewort, cole, cauliflower.
Cawl n Basket, creel