Old EnglishsbEnglish
Clad nCladding, clothing, insulation, covering,furnishing,
Clad vb.Cover with or as with clothing; array, bearing a cladding, arrayed, bedeck. 2. adorned or furnished with clad.
Clad vbTo clothe, to dress, to cover as with cloth. 2. to apply a cladding to. 3. to cover with clad.
Cladded adjCovered, clothed, insulated, furnished, coated.
Cladding nClothe, coating, covering, applied to the surface of
Clake vb.Hurt, injury, scathe
Clakeless adjWithout scathe, unhurt, unscathed,
Clam nAnything that holds tight, bond, chain. 2. in plural: bondage. 3. an instrument for clasping rigidly or holding fast, a clamp, vice, pair of pinchers, etc; also lining for the jaws of a vice. 3. clutches, jaws. 4. forceps used for bringing up specimens from the ocean bottom.
Clam nA name applied to various bivalve shell-forms.
Clam nThe mouth (sl.) 2. mud (sl) - mud, sticky clay. 3. a soft mass. 4. a term of contempt: one who is 'as close as a clam'
Clam vbTo smear, to spread unctous matter on; to daub with. 2. to bedaub (a thing) so that it sticks. 3. to clog or choke up. 4. to be moist and sticky, to stick, adhere.
Clam phr"Clam Up" - to become or remain silent, quiet, non-committed.
Clammer nSomething that or someone who clams or causes cohesion.
Clammily advIn a clammy or clamming manner
Claminess nState or quality of being clammy.
Clammish adjSomewhat clammy.
Clammishness nThe state or quality of being clammish
Clammy adjSoft, moist, viscous, adhesive. 2. sluggish,
Clap nThe act of striking the palms of the hands, or any two surfaces; applause, together. 2. the explosive sound of thunder; a thunderclap. 3. any loud, sudden, explosive sound made by striking hard surfaces together, or rsembling such a sound.  4. a slap with the hand, usually in a jovial manner. 5. a single, sudden act or motion; a stroke; a blow. 6. (falconry) the nether part of the beak of a hawk. 7. (Yorkshire) a dropping of cow dung (presumably from the sound made as it hits the ground)
Clap vbTo strike the palms of the hands together, creating a sharp sound.

2. to applaud. 3. to slap with the hand in a jovial manner 4. to bring two surfaces together forcefully, creating a sharp sound. 5. to come together suddenly with noise. 6. to create or assemble (something) hastily (usually followed by up or together). 7. to set or put, usually in haste, as the cops clapped him in prison. 8. to see or look at, as' she was the prettiest thing I'd ever clapped eyes on. 9. (slang, to shoot (somebody) with a gun.

Clap phr"Clap Eyes On" - catch sight of.
Clap phr"Clap Hands" - to pledge faith by joining hands. 2. to express contempt or derision.
Clap phr"Clap Hold of" - to sieze roughly or quickly.
Clapphr"Clap On the Back" - slap on the back.
Clap phr"Clap Up" - to imprison harshly or without due formality. 2. to make or combine hastily.
Clapper nThat which claps or makes a noise, as a clack of a mill, the tongue of a bell. 2. the human tongue. 3. one who claps; a claquer.
Clappperclaw vbTo claw with the open hand and nails. 2. to dub. 3. to revile.
Clary n.(In OE. slarie, slareye) Resolved by apothecaries into clear-eye) The plant Salvia sclarea, considered good for the eye.
Clatter n.A non-ringing noise made by the collision of; tattle, noisy talk, gossip.
Clatter vb.To utter in a chattering way, prattle , tattle,
Clauster n.Cloister, cell, monastery
Claut, Cleach, Cletch vb.grasping hard, clutch. 2. scratch, claw, rake, scrape out
Claver, Clifer n.Talon, claw
Claw n.Talon, c.f. crombe, Clee 2.
Claw vb.Scratch, tear with the claw, sieze, grip, grasp, clutch. 2. scratch gently to relieve itching, 3. flatter, cajole, fawn upon.
Claw phr"Claw Me and I'll Claw You" - or, I'll sratch your back, if you scratch mine, to flatter, fawn, cajole, look after one another.
Claw phr"In One's Claw" - implying the motion of siezing; and/or having someone or something in one's power or under one's control. 2. in one's position or power.
Claw phr"Claw Away" - to rate soundly, scold; to get rid of.
Claw phr"Claw Back" - to retrieve, get back, such as an allowance. 2. to regain one's position by tenacity.
Claw phr"Claw the Back of" - to stroke down, flatter, faun upon.
Claw phr"Claw Off" - to get rid of an itch. 2. to be free. 3. to get rid of or dispose of
Claw phr"Get One's Claws Into" - display jealously (through sarcasm/ insult or entrap (into marriage).
Claw-back nA sycophant, flatter, a toady. 2. the act of clawing back, especially in recovering money in this way.
Clawed adjHaving or furnished with claws.
Clawer nOne who claws (lit. and fig.)
Claw-footed adjHaving clawed feet.
Claw-hammer nA hammer, with one end of the head divided claw-like, used for extracting nails. 2. a dress coat; a coat with swallow-tails.
Claw hand nWasting of the muscles of the hand and fingers.
Clawless adjWithout a claw(s)
Claw-sickness nFoot-rot.
Clawy adjScratchy, scraping, flattery.
Clay nA mineral substance made up of small crystals of silica and alumina, that is ductile when moist; the material of prefired ceramics.  2. (tennis) a tennis court surface. 3. (biblical) the material of the human body. 4. (geology) a particle less than 3.9 microns in diameter, following the Wentworth scale.
Clay vbTo add clay to, to spread clay onto. 2. to purify using clay. 3. to treat with clay, to cover, smear of plaster with clay. 2. to dress(sandy soil) with clay, mix with clay.
Clay phr"Have Feet of Clay" - a fundamental weakness in something, a supposition of great merit.
Clay-brained adjStupid, foolish, silly.
Clay-cold adj.Cold, extremely cold as of dead body.
Clayed adjTreated with clayed, spec. of land, dressed in clay.
Clayen adjOf clay as a material.
Clayey adjCharacterized by the presence of clay. 2. full of abounding in clay. 3. composed of, or of the nature of clay; argilleous. 4. of mortal clay - applied to the body (usually as the habitation of the soul). 5. coated, clay, claylike.
Clayeyness nThe nature or quality of being clayey.
Claying nThe act of the verb: to treat with clay, to cover, smear of plaster with clay. 2. to dress (sandy soil) with clay, mix with clay.
Clayish adjMore or less clayey.
Claylike adjResembling clay in some way or other.
Clayly adj.Earthly as opposed to spiritually
Clay-pipe nA cheap tobacco-pipe of baked clay.
Claystone nA felspathic rock which emits an odor of damp clay when breathed upon.
Clead n.Clothing, apparel, attire, cleading. 2. covering or casing.
Cleadful adjHandsomely attired.
Cleam vb.To smear, rub or bedaub, plaster sticky matter to, adhere; cloam. 2. to agglutinate, cause to stick, to stick together. 3. clay with glutinous material.
Clean adjFree of dirt or impurities or protuberances. 2. not dirty. 3. in an unmarked condition. 3. (aerodynamics) allowing an uninterrupted flow over surfaces, without protrusions such as racks or landing gear. 4. empty. 5. (of metal) having relatively few impurities, as clean steel. 6. of behaviour: free of immorality or criminality. 7. pure, especially morally or religiously.  8. not having used drugs or alcohol. 9. (of criminal, legal records) without restrictions or penalties, or someone having such a record. 10. not in possession of weapons or contraband such as drugs. 11. (informal) devoid of profanity. 12. smooth, exact, and performed well. 13. (informal) cool or neat. 14. being free of sexually transmitted diseases. 15. which doesn’t damage the environment, as clean energy.

16. free from that which is useless or injurious; without defects, clean land;  clean timber. 16. free from restraint or neglect; complete; entire.

Clean nOE: claene: clean, pure, chaste, innocent, uncumbered, hallowed, open, acute, sagacious. 1. removal of dirt, as this place needs a clean. 2. weight- lifting: the first part of the event clean and jerk in which the weight is brought from the ground to the shoulders.
Clean vbTo remove dirt from a place or object. 2. to tidy up, make a place neat. 3. to make things clean in general.
Clean phr"Clean as a Pin" - very claen indeed, with no trace of dirt or dust.
Clean phr"Clean As a Whistle" - very clean.
Clean phr"Clean Down" - to sweep down; swill down. 2. rub, scrub until totally. 3. clean thoroughly from top to bottom. 4. clean by carrying or brushing away dirt. 5.
Clean phr"Clean From" - to clean from a surface.
Clean phr"Clean Out" - to clean, esp. tidy by removing the contents. 2. to take all of somebody's money or stock.
Clean phr"Clean Through" - right through without obstruction.
Clean phr"Clean Up" - to tidy up or make neat or empty something completely. 2. to tidy oneself. 3. to win grandly or a great mount; to make a large profit. 4. to win by a large margin, esp. in gambling. 5. to make an area or a thing smart in appearance. 6. suppress, get rid of crime, vice, drugs etc. 6. defeat the last remnants of military resistance.
Clean phr"Clean Forget" - forget completely, esp. something one should have done or kept in mind that has present relevance.
Clean phr"Come Clean" - to confess, admit the truth.
Clean phr"Do Spring Cleaning" - carry out a thorough review occurring a long time after the previous one.
Clean phr"Have a Clean Tongue" - not abusive, not profane,not addicted to swearing.
Clean phr"Keep One's Nose Clean" - to stay out of trouble.
Clean phr"Make a Clean Break" - make a quick and final separation.
Clean phr"Live a Clean Life" - be blameless, be of high moral fiber.
Clean phr"Make a Clean Breast of" - to make a full disclosure, confess.
Clean phr"Make a Clean Sweep" - dispose of everything. 2. a complete and overwhelming victory, esp. in which all and all possible electoral contests are won. 3. the winning, by a person or team of all the possible prizes, games, rounds or contests, etc. in a competition, season, series. 4. a thorough change of policies, personnel or things, removing or replacing all of that was there previously.
Clean phr"My Hands Are Clean" one is blameless, innocent. 2. be quite clear of some stated evil.
Cleaned adjMade free from dirt, filth, foreign matter.
Cleaner nOne who, or that which cleans.
Cleaner phr"Taken to the Cleaners" - defraud or rob (a person) of all his or her money.
Clean-fingered adjNimble, scrupulous, honest.
Clean-handed adjFree of wrong-doing, having clean hands.
Cleaning nThe act of making free of dirt, filth, or foriegn matter.
Clean-limbed adjShapely of limb.
Cleanliness nQuality or state ogf being clean.
Cleanliness phr"Cleanliness is Next to Godliness" - to be clean in good religious practice.
Clean-living adjOf upright character.
Cleanly adjIn a clean manner; completely clean
Cleanness nThe state or condition of being clean.
Cleanse vbTo make clean, purify, to free from dirt, infection, guilt, pollution, charge. 2. to clear or get rid. 3. to purge.
Cleansed adjMade clean; pumped out.
Cleanser nOne who make clean, free from dirt, a purifier.
Cleanship nChastity, cleanness.
Clean-shaven adjwithout beard, whiskers or mustache.
Clean sheet nAn unblemished record of behaviour without dishonor or discredit. 2. an opportunity to do something for the first or start afresh as if for the first time.
Cleansing nThat cleanses.
Clean skin nAn unbranded animal. 2. a person without a criminal record. 3. wine with a generic label.
Clean-timbered adjWell-built, clean-limbed.
Clean-up nAn act of cleaning up.
Cleat nWedge; a piece of wood or iron with two projecting ends, round with ropes are belayed or fastened.
Cleat vbTo fasten or furnish with cleat.
Cleave nCleft; a split, fissure.
Cleave vb.That which can be clefted, or divided; 2. easy to split, apt to split or asunder, fissure, divide.
Cleave vbTo stick, fast, adhere, cling. 2. to remain steadfast, stand fast, abide, continue.
Cleave phr"Cleave Down" - to cut down, piece, perforate.
Cleave phr"Cleave In" - to cut up forceably
Cleave phr"Cleave On" - to adhere or stick to.
Cleave phr"Cleave One's Way Through" - to intersect, penetrate, fissure in position.
Cleave phr"Cleave Upon" - to stick or adhere to.
Cleaver nOne who cleaves or splits. 2. instrument for cleaving; a butcher chopper for cutting a carcass.
Cleavers nGalium aparine. .
Cleavesome adjFissile, inclination to split or cleave
Cleave-someness nApt to clef, fissure, or divide.
Cleaving nSplitting, a cleft, fissure, parting of a limb. 2. something that splits.
Cleaving nThe action of sticking or adhering (also fig.)
Cleaving adjAdhesive, clinging, clamming. 2. adhering, cleavy, clinging. 3. fig. abiding, lasting, sticking.
Cleavingly advIn a sticking, clinging, adhering way. 2. in a splitting, with a fissure, cleftly.
Clee n.Cloat, talon, claw; cf, crombe. 2. foot or limb armed with a claw. 3. one of the parts of a cloven hoof.
Cleft nGen. a space made by cleaving. 2. cleaving, splitting or separation of parts, a split, fissure, crack or crevice. 3. a parting of the hair. 4. the parting of the thighs, cleaving or forking. 5. a slit, split to receive a graft. 6. a crack of the skin, a chap. 7. the aperture in a cleft palate. 8. one of the pieces formed by cleaving, esp. split wood for fuel. 9. one of the division formed by cleaving of the foot of animals. 10. one of the division of an orange ; a pig.
Cleft adjSplit asunder, in pieces. 2. bifurcated, divided, two-fold.
Cleft vbTo divide, split, cleave.
Cleft phr"Be in a Cleft Stick" - facing a dilemma; an awkward situation.
Clefted adjHaving clefts, division, splits, fissure, clefts.
Cleft lip nA congenital split in the upper lip.
Cleftly advHaving clefts, splits, crevices etc.
Clem vb.OE: beclemman. to pinch with hunger or fasting, waste with hunger, starve, pine of hunger, to suffer the pangs of hunger. 2. to fetter, cramp.
Clem n.Pangs of hunger.
Clemmed adjPang struck, starved, wasted of hunger.
Clemming nStarving, hungry for food.
Clench nTight grip; a firm closing. 2. decisive proof.
Clench vbTo squeeze; to grip or hold tightly. 2. to move two parts of something against each other. 3. to rivet a nail that has been driven through anything, by hammering a point down. 4. to close together tightly, as the teeth. 5. to confirm a bargain.
Clench phr"Clench One's Hands" - hold one's hand closely together.
Clench phr"Clench One's Teeth" - hold the teeth and jaws rigid closed.
Clenched adjGripped or held tightly; squeezed. 2. moved against each other.
Clencher nAn unanswerable argument.
Clenching nThe action of sqeezing, gripping or holding tightly.
Clepe nA call, cry, shout.
Clepe vbOE: clippan - to cry, call, call on, appeal to (a person) for or after a thing. 2. to proclaim. 3. to call a person, summon, to invoke, call to witness. 4. to call upon or to speak. 5. to call by name. 6. to mention by name, shout.
Cleper nOne who calls, a caller.
Cleping nThe action to call, cry out. 2. that what is called, have designed.
Cleve nRoom, chamber, closet, sleeping place. 2. a cliff, coast or shore of the sea. 3. a steep, sloping ground. 4. the steep side of the hill.
Clew nOE cleowen, cliven: sphere, ball, skein, yarn, mass; (obs) a roughly spherical mass or body. 2. (archaic) a ball of thread or yarn. 3. yarn or thread as used to guide one's way through a maze or labyrinth; a guide, a clue.  4. (nautical) the lower corner(s) of a sail to which a sheet is attached for trimming the sail (adjusting its position relative to the wind); the metal loop or cringle in the corner of the sail, to which the sheet is attached. On a triangular sail, the clew is the trailing corner relative to the wind direction.
Clew vbTo coil up in a ball; to roll up into a ball. 2. to put out as by clew or clue. 3. to raise the lower corner of a sail.
Clib adj.Eager, sharp, keen.
Clibby adjSticky.
Cliff nA vertical or very steep rock face.
Cliff-climber nOne who climbs cliffs as a rescuer of trapped or injured persons. 2. one who climbs cliffs as a hobby.
Cliff-climbing nThe action of climbing cliffs.
Cliff dweller nOne who lives on or in a cliff. 2. troglodyte
Cliffed adjHaving cliffs.
Cliff edge nThe very edge of a cliff; the rimrock.
Cliff-hanger nHappening or story with an unpredictable ending.
Cliffing nThe formation of cliffs, scarping.
Cliffless adjWithout cliffs
Cliff-like adjResembling, or of the nature of a cliff.
Cliff-rose nPurshia is a small genus of 5-8 species of flowering plants in the family Rosaceae, native to western North America, where they grow in dry climates from southeast British Columbia in Canada south throughout the western United States to northern Mexico.
Cliffsman nOne skilled in cliff climbing.
Cliff wall nA wall situated at the edge of a cliff
Cliffy adjHaving cliffs, preciptuous, craggy. 2. of a steep rock face, especially at the edge of the sea.
Climb n
Climb vb
Climb phr"Climb Down" - descend with the help of one's hands. 2. withdraw or retract from a position taken up in negotiation, argument.
Climb phr"Climb Into" - put on clothes.
Climb phr"Climbing the Ladder" - to abandon as untenable an attitude or opinion that one has hitherto vigorously supported.
Climb phr"Climb the Wall" - be distraught, harassed; go up the wall or almost beyond endurance or reasonable behavior.
Climb phr"He that Never Climbed Never Fell" - some risk-taking is important for the propper development of one's life.
Climber nA mountaineer. 2. a climbing plant. 3. a person with strong social etc aspirations
Climbing frame nA structure of joined bars etc. for children to play on.
Climbing irons nA set of spike attachable to the boots for climbing trees or ice slopes.
Climbing wall nA wall at a sports center or in a gymnasium filled with attachments to simulate a rock face for climbing practice.
Clinch vbTo clasp; to interlock. [1560s] To make certain; to finalize.

To fasten securely or permanently. To bend and hammer the point of (a nail) so it cannot be removed. [17th century] To embrace passionately. To hold firmly; to clench.  To set closely together; to close tightly. to clinch the teeth or the fist

Clinch nA variation of clench. Any of several fastenings. The act or process of holding fast; that which serves to hold fast; a grip or grasp. (obsolete) A pun.(nautical) A hitch or bend by which a rope is made fast to the ring of an anchor, or the breeching of a ship's gun to the ring bolts. A passionate embrace.
Clinch phr"Clinch a Deal" - make a business deal, other other, agreement final and binding.
Clincher nA nail used for clinching. 2. tool used for clinching. 3. something which clinches or makes something final or firm.
Clinching nA riveting together. 2. the clinching of an argument, opinion; or settles something(an argument, etc.)definitely and conclusively. 2. a sharp repartee that twists or turns about the meaning of the word.
Clinching adjThat settles something(an argument, etc.)definitely and conclusively
Clinchingly advIn a clinching manner, in a manner which serves to clinch something.
Cling n, Old English clingan: to adhere, fruit (especially peach) whose flesh adheres strongly to the pit. 2. adherence; attachment; devotion  
Cling vb​To hold very tightly, as to not fall off. 2. to adhere to an object, without being affixed, in such a way as to follow its contours; used especially of fabrics and films. 2. (transitive) to cause to adhere to, especially by twining round or embracing. 3. to cause to dry up or wither. 4. figuratively, with preposition to) to be fond of, to feel strongly about
Cling phr"Cling on Like Grim Death" - hold onto something with grim determination.
Cling phr"Cling On To" - to hold on very tightly, to grip hard. 2. fig. to hold tightly.
Cling phr"Cling To" - keep a firm, desperate hold on, hold on; not release one's grip on. 2. not relinquish; be unwilling to abandon
Cling phr"Cling Together" - remain in one body or in contact
Clinger nOne who clings. 2. an emotionally clinging person.
Clingfilm nCling film, a plastic film of polyethylene that is so thin that it clings to any object about which it is wrapped, used to cover and preserve foodstuff. 2. a thin plastic wrap used as a wrap for food.
Clingfilmed adjWrapped in clingfilm or clingwrap.
Clingfish nA marine fish of the order Gobiescodae which has a clinging disc on its underside that it uses to cling to rocks and seaweed.
Clinginess nThe quality of being clingy or adhesive.
Clinging nThe clinging or holding on tenaciously or possessively.
Clingingly advIn a clinging manner: tenacious and possessively
Clingingness nThe state or condition of being clingy.
Clingstone nA peach variety.
Clingwrap nClingfilm: a plastic film of polyethylene that is so thin that it clings to any object about which it is wrapped, used to cover and preserve foodstuff.
Clingy adjHaving a tendency to cling. 2. clinging, sticky, adhering, tenacious. 3. overly possessive of someone, used of a boy-friend or girl-friend.
Clip nAn embrace. 2. clip or clasp instrument that does so. 3. a piece of jewelry fastened by a clip.
Clip vbTo clasp. 2. to surround closely, encircle, encompass, hug. 3. to grip tightly, clutch, hold in a tight grasp. 4. to fasten with clips. 5. to embrace, hug.
Clip vbOE: cleppen - to ring a bell
Clip phr'Clip One's Ear" - slap somebody on the side of the face (literally or figuratively.
Clipboard nA flat piece of rigid material, such as card or plastic, with a clip at one end under which papers can be fasten or held. 2. computing, a buffer in memory where the user can store data temporarily while transferring it for one place within an application to another or between application.
Clip-on nThat or something which is fastened on.
Clipping nEmbracing, clasping; hugging
Clippingly advIn a clipping manner, excellent.
Clipsome adjFit to be clasped or embraced.
Clipshears nAn earwig.
Clitch vbOE: clyccan: to crook or bend. 2. to incurve the finger; close the hand, clench the fist. 2. to crook, bend a joint, crouch. 3. to sieze and pull in as with a claw. 4. to take up water with a shallow vessel. 5. to hold tightly in a clutch or grasp. 6. to make fast, faster, click things together. 7. to stick or adhere to. 8. to be glutinous or thick.
Clitching nCrooking, bending (of a joint)
Clithers nOE: Clithan; clithwyrt; Rubea Minor, clivers, clevers
Clithwort nClithwyrt or Rubea minor.
Clive vbOE: clifan, to stick, cling, cleave. 2. to climb.
Clivy adjCliffy.
Cloam n.OE: clam: mud. earthenware, pottery, clay.
Cloam vbTo daub or smear with clay.
Cloamen adjEarthen, made of earthenware.
Cloamer nPotter, maker of earthenware
Clod n.Mass of rock or earth, a hill; consolidated mass of earth & sky; a cloud. 2. a clot of blood. 3. a mass formed by the coagulation of a liquid, blood, etc. 4. a coherent mass or lump of any solid matter; eg. clod of earth, lump of clay, clay adhering together, loam. 5. as a substance, the soil or dust of the ground in its lumpy character (often depreciatory) 6. a ball of earth that adheres about the root of a tree or plant. 7. a sod, peat, a bit of turf, spot of ground. 8. fig. of the human body - mass of clay - also to a huamn being - child of clay. 9. earth, of the earth. 10. a blockhead, dolt, stult, clod skull. 11. a small loaf of unleavened bread. 12. the curved part of the back of an ox, nearest to the shoulder.
Clod vbTo free land from clods by harrowing, rolling etc. 2. to cover with clods. 3. to form or turn into clds. 4. to pelt with clods.
Clodded adjCoagulated, stuck together in clods or clotted lumps.
Clodder nA dlodded or curdled mass; a clot.
Clodder vbTo run together in to clods, clots or clouds. 2. to coagulate, become with clots or lumps.
Cloddered adjLumped, massed, clotty. 2. stupid, doltish, clumsy.
Cloddiness nA cloddy quality or condition. 2. foolishness, stupidity. 3. awkwardness of movement.
Cloddish adjFoolish, stupid, parochial. 2. pertaining to lumpy soil. 3. clumsy.
Cloddishness nThe state or condition of being stupid, foolish.
Cloddy adjCharacterized by the presence of clots, clotted, coagulated, lumpy. 2. abounding in clods. 3. of the nature of a clod, clod-like, earthy 9in a depreciative sense.)
Clod-hopper nA ploughman or agricultural labourer. 2. a country lout, a clumsy awkward boor, a clown. 2. a plowman's heavy shoes. 3. the wheaten or clod-bird.
Clod-hopping adjLiterally following the plough. 2. boorish, awkward, clumsy (sl) dancing, esp. poorly.
Clodhoppish adjAwkward, boorish, clumsy.
Clodlike adjThick, lumpy, short.
Clodly advIn a cloddish or clod-like manner, dully, heavily.
Clod-tongued adjUnimpassioned and dull. 2. stolid and solid in character and speech.
Clodwards adjTowards the clods, earthy.
Cloffing advOE: clufu, clove. 2. ranunculus sceleratus: clofwyrt, hellebore.
Cloom nDialect for 'cloam' - adhesive mud or clay.
Clot nA hill or a mound. 2. a solidified mass of blood or any liquid. 2. a very silly person.
Clot n[OE. clot, clodde, clod; a concretion or coagulation; esp. a soft, slimy, coagulated mass, as of blood; a coagulate. 2. a lump of material formed from the content of a liquid; clot, coagulate
Clot vbTo change from a liquid to a thickened or solid state; coagulate.

2. to cause to change from a liquid to a solid or thickened state. 3. turn into curds; as "curdled milk" syn: curdle, clabber. 4. coalesce or unite in a mass; clog, to concrete, coagulate, or thicken, as soft or fluid matter by evaporation; to become a cot or clod. 5. to form into a slimy mass.

Clot-bird nSpecies of bird frequently fallow land. 2. the wheat-ear, clodhopper or fallow-smitter (saxicola oenanthe)
Clot-cold adjDead, a dead person is said to be clot-cold.
Cloth nA piece of cloth used for a particular purpose. 2. form of attire that represents a particular profession. 3. (in idioms) priesthood, clergy.
Cloth phr"Cloth of Another Hue" - the case is totally different.
Cloth phr"Cloth of Gold" - a tissue of gold threads interwoven with silk or wool.
Cloth phr"Bring to Cloth" - accomplished, finalized, finished.
Cloth n"Man of the Cloth" - clergyman; a member of the clergy.
Cloth phr"Shake the Cloth in the Wind" - to be intoxicated.
Cloth phr"Wear Sackcloth and ashes" - if you wear sackcloth and ashes, you show by your behaviour that you are very sorry for something you did wrong.
Cloth-eared adjSomewhat deaf or insensitive to sound.
Clothe vbTo adorn or cover with clothing, to dress, to supply clothes or clothing.
Clothed adjAdorned or bedecked with clothes or apparel, attired.
Clotheless adjWithout clothes, destitute of clothing.
Clothen vbMade of cloth.
Clothes nItems of clothing, apparel. 2. the covering of a bed, bedclothes.
Clothes phr"Steal Someone's Clothes" - to plagairise some ideas.
Clothe-sack nA bag for clothes; a portmanteau.
Clothes-horse nA frame for airing washed clothes. 2. colloquially: an effectedly fashionable person.
Clothes-line nA rope or wire etc. on which washed clothes are hung to dry.
Clothes-monger nA trader or dealer in clothes, especially second-hand ones.
Clothing nA baby wearing many items of winter clothing: headband, cap, fur-lined coat, shawl and sweater. Any of a wide variety of articles, usually made of fabrics, animal hair, animal skin, or some combination thereof, used to cover the human body for warmth, to preserve modesty, or for fashion. 2. an act or instance of putting clothes on. 3. (obs) the art of process of making cloth. 4. covering of non-conducting material on the outside of a boiler, or steam chamber, to prevent radiation of heat.
Clothing phr"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" - somebody who appears to be harmless be is very dangerous.
Clothing-maker nThe maker of clothes.
Cloth-maker nA maker of woolen cloth.
Clothmonger nA draper, or a person who sells textile fabrics.
Cloth-stone nThrumstone, thread-stone (threadstone), devil's-dust; asbestos.
Cloth-work nWork done in cloth. 2. a maker or manufacturer of woolen-cloth.
Clothy adjResembling or like cloth.
Clotted adjGathered in clods or clumps. 2. coagulated. thickened. 3. dense, accumulated.
Cloud n(obsolete) a rock; boulder; a hill. 2. a visible mass of water droplets suspended in the air. 3. any mass of dust, steam or smoke resembling such a mass.  4. anything which makes things foggy or gloomy. 5. group or swarm, esp. suspended above the ground or flying. 6. an elliptical shape or symbol whose outline is a series of semicircles, supposed to resemble a cloud. 7. (computing, with the) the internet, regarded as an amorphous omnipresent space for processing and storage, the focus of cloud computing. 8. (figuratively) a negative aspect of something positive: see every cloud has a silver lining or every silver lining has a cloud. 9. a dark spot on the forehead of a horse between the eyes. 10. (slang) crystal methamphetamine. 10. a large, loosely-knitted headscarf worn by women.
Cloud vbTo become foggy or gloomy, to become obscured from sight. 2. the glass clouds when you breathe on it. 2. to overspread or hide with a cloud or clouds. 3. to make obscure. 4. to make gloomy or sullen. 5. to blacken; to sully; to stain; to tarnish (reputation or character). 6. to mark with, or darken in, veins or sports; to variegate with colours.  
Cloud nAn innumerable body of insects, birds, etc. flying together; hence fig. and transfig. a multitude 9of persons or things), a crowd, esp. as a 'cloud of witnesses.
Cloud phr"Cloud in the Sky" - a threat or indication of trouble to come. 2. a cloud on the horizon.
Cloud phr"Cloud One's Brain" - interfere with, obscure , one's understanding and judgement.
Cloud n"In the Clouds" - unreal, imaginary, mystical, absent minded; dreamy.
Cloud phr"On Cloud Nine" - extremely happy.
Cloud phr"Under a Cloud" - to be under suspicion; to be in temporary disgrace. 2. to be uncertain whether one may be able to carry out one's work performance on the sporting field.
Cloud phr"With One's Head in the Cloud" - daydreaming, unrealistic.
Cloudberry nA small plant related to the bramble found on mountains or moor heights; the mountain bramble (Rubus chaemorus).
Cloud-burst nA sudden burst of rain.
Clouden adjof cloud.
Cloud-field nAn expanse of cloud.
Cloudful adjFull of clouds, cloudy, clouded.
Cloud-headed adjHaving clouded or confused ideas.
Cloud-heat nHeat produced by clouds; see 'cloud-heating'.
Cloud-heating nWhen the sun warms the earth, warm air rises into the atmosphere, and as it rises, it expands and cools. Water condenses out of the cool air to form a cloud.
Cloud-hopping nMovement of an aircraft from cloud to cloud, especially for concealment. 2. an attack by computer hackers to gain illegal access to company systems in order to steal their intellectual property.
Cloudily advIn a cloudy manner, dimly, obscurely with darkened prospects. 2. in a cloud or swarm.
Cloudiness nState or quality of being cloudy (in various senses.)
Clouding nA cloudy marking; a cloudy streak or part in a clear substance.
Clouding adjThat clouds, that is becoming clouding or dim.
Cloud-kissing adjSo high as to reach the clouds; sky-scraping.
Cloud-land nThe region of clouds; landscape of clouds. 2. a region of fancy myth or unreality.
Cloudless adjWithout a cloud, unclouded, clear.
Cloudlessly advIn a cloudless state or appearance.
Cloudlessness nState of being cloudless.
Cloud-lighting nClouded light, dim light (also fig.)
Cloudly adjCloud-like, nature of clouds.
Cloud-monger nA diviner who predicts weather conditions, especially the likelihood of rain, by studying the clouds.
Cloud-ridden adjFull of clouds. 2. during which the sky is full of clouds. 3. covered or obscured by
Cloud-street nThe most prominent clouds are thousands of bright cumuli arrayed in roughly parallel bands called 'cloud streets' which usually indicate direction of the wind.
Cloud-seeding nThe action of firing munition containing silver iodine at passing clouds to make them more likely to produce rain.
Cloudwards advTowards the clouds.
Cloudware nSoftware that runs on a remote Web server rather than on a mobile computing device, personal computer (PC) or traditional on-premises application server.
Cloud-world nA world of fancy and mystical speculation. 2. the cloud-world of the transcendental.
Cloudy adjRocky, hilly. 2. of cloud, of the nature of clouds; of or pertaining to clouds. 3. characterized by the presence of clouds; abounding in or full of clouds. 4. not transparent or clear. 5. having cloud-like markings. 6. clouded, dim, obscure, faint. 7. clouded by ignorance, etc. of ideas, perceptions: dim, obscure, indistinct, not clear. 8. darkened by misfortune, grief, anger, foreboding, etc., full of gloom, sullen, frowning. 9. under a cloud,of disgrace or disrepute, shady (coll.)
Cloudy-eyed adjDim, obscure of foggy of sight.
Cloudy-headed adja feeling of being low in concentration and a loss of focus
Cloudy-topped adjCovered or hidden by clouds at the top or summit.
Clough, n.Ravine or valley with steep sides, a cleugh
Clout nInfluence or effectiveness, especially political. 2. informally, a blow with the hand. 3.informally, a home run in baseball. 4. in archery, the center of the butt at which archers shoot; probably once a piece of white cloth or a nail head. 5. a swaddling cloth. 6. archaic, a cloth; a piece or shred of cloth or leather; a patch; a rag. 7. a small piece of cloth or shred produced by tearing or rending 8. contemptously applied to inferior quality clothing. 9. a handkerchief, a sail of a ship 10. archaic, an iron plate on an axletree or other wood to keep it from wearing; a washer. 11. ( obsolete) a piece; a fragment.
Clout vbTo hit, especially with the fist. 2. to cover with cloth, leather, or other material; to bandage; patch, or mend, with a clout. 3. to wipe or a cloth or clout. 4. to stud with nails, as a timber, or a boot sole. 5. to guard with an iron plate, as an axletree. 6. to join or patch clumsily, awkwardly or coarsely.  
Clouted adjMended with patches, patched, patched up. 2. depreciatory, clumsy in putting together. 3. of milk, clotted.
Clouter nOne who clouts or mends with patches (lit. & fig.) 2. a cobbler, a mender, patcher.
Clouting adjThe action of mending, patching, fixing up. 2. striking with the hand. 3. bungling, botching, patching.
Cloutish adjSomewhat clouty in various senses of the word.
Cloutlike adjLike or characteristic of a botcher, clumsy, akward, clownish.
Clouty adjFull of clouts, clots, clouted.
Clove nOne of the small bulbs like garlic. 2. a natural division or segment of fruit. 3. one of the divisions of a cloven-hoof. 4. the dried flower, bud of caryophylus aromatica, much used as a pungent, aromatic spice. 4. the tree caryophylus, orig. a native to the mollucas.
Clove vbTo sow or lay down in clove.
Cloved adjSown with cloves, covered in cloves.
Cloven adjDivided or split lengthways. 2. split into (thin) pieces, cleft asunder. 3. split to a certain depth, so as to give double extremity.
Cloven phr"Show the Cloven Foot" - to give an indication of one's evil traits in one's character.
Cloven footed adjCloven hoofed, cloven footed, the divided foot of a ruminating quadruped. 3. a foot divided into distinct toes. 3. often ascribed to pan in pagan mythology, and hence to the Satan or the devil, and often used allusively as an indication to Satan, or satanic agency.
Clovenness nThe quality or state of being cleaved.
Clover nThe name of the species of trefoil or trifolium repens, trifolium pretense, both cultivated largely for fodder.
Clover phr"Live in Clover' - to live luxuriously.
Clover-leafnA junction of roads intersecting at different levels with connecting sections forming the pattern of a four leaf clover, as a few tram line intersections.
Clover-summer nAn exceptional time
Clove-tongue nStinging, acerbic, pungent of speech.
Clovewort nRanunculus acris, a bulbous buttercup.
Clow nOE clus, cluse, an enclosure, narrow passage, 2. a dam for water, sluice gate.
Clum vb.Mutter, murmur
Clumper n.Compact shapeless mass, a heap, a lump. 2. a cluster, a tuft, a patch
Clumpish adjHeavy and clumsy.
Clumpy adjA clump-like, clumpish.
Cluster nA collection of things of the same kind, growing closely together, a bunch. 2. a rounded mass, a clot, a number of persons, animals or things close together. 3. a swarm, group, crowd.
Cluster vbTo gather or grow in clusters, to cover with clusters, to congregate in a cluster. to grow or be situated in a cluster or group.
Clusterfist nA clumsy or closed fisted fellow, a lout, niggard.
Clustery adjBunchy, gathering in mass, crowdy.
Clutch vbTo seize, as though with claws. 2. to grip or grasp tightly.
Clutch nO.E. clyccan 'crook, clench'. A vintage clutch with a fold-over closure, made of red snakeskin. 2. the claw of a predatory animal or bird. 3. grip, especially one seen as rapacious or evil. 4. device to interrupt power transmission, commonly used between engine and gearbox in a car. 4. the pedal in a car that disengages power transmission. 5. any device for gripping an object, as at the end of a chain or tackle. 6. small handbag or purse with no straps or handle. 7. an important or critical situation
Clutch phr"Clutch at Straws" - be in such a desperate situation as to resort to even the most unlikely means of salvation.
Clutch phrIn Someone's Clutch" - a person's power or control, especially when regarded as inescapable..
Clutch phr"In the Clutch" - at a critical moment.
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