Old EnglishsbEnglish
Coal nThe glowing portion of a match. 2. hot, live, quick coal(s). 3. piece of burnt wood, capable of re-igniting.
Coal phr"Blow Hot Coals" - to rage fiercely, stir up trouble, ill-feeling or strife.
Coal phr"Call Over the Coals" - haul over the coals: reprimand.
Coal phr"Heap Coals of Fire on the Head" - to produce remorse by requiting evil with good.
Coal phr"Rake Over the Coals" - criticize, reprimand; haul or call over the coals.
Coal-bearing adjProducing or abounding in coal.
Coal bed nA coal seam. 2. a receptacle or place for coal, as in a forge.
Coal black adjOf a black colour, like that of coal.
Coal dust nPowdered coal.
Coaler nA vehicle used for the carrying or supplying coal
Coalfield nAny region containing deposits of coal which may be mined.
Coal-fired adjHeated or driven by coal.
Coalfish nA dark-colored food fish of the cod family; the saithe.
Coalish adjSomewhat like coal, like a glowing, fiery.
Coal-laden adjFull of, or rich in coal.
Coal-less adjWithout coal or not having coal.
Coal-like adjResembling or characteristic of coal.
Coaly adjAbounding in coal; covered by coal, carbonaceous; coally.
Coalman nA coal-miner, as distinguished fro other types of miners.
Coalmonger nA trader and dealer of coal.
Coal-sack nA sack or bag used for carrying coal. 2. a dark nebula in the Milky Way, esp. one near the Southern Cross.
Coalworks nA place where coal is dug, inclding the machinery for raising the coal mined.
Coane n.Chawn, gap, deft, chink
Coath vb.To swoon, faint.
Coathe nPains of childbirth, cothe.
Coathed adj.Diseased
Coathy adjDiseased, sick, ill.
Cobweb nFrom the Middle English coppeweb, from coppe (“spider”), from attercoppe, from Old English āttercoppe, from ātor (“poison”) + copp (“head”) + web (“web”). 2. a spiderweb, or the remains of one, especially an asymmetrical one that is woven with an irregular pattern of threads. 2. one of its filaments; gossamer. 3. (fig.) something thin and unsubstantial, or flimsy and worthless; rubbish.  4. an intricate plot to catch the unwary. 5. (internet, rare, slang) 6. a web page that either has not been updated for a long time, or that is rarely visited. 7. the European spotted flycatcher, Muscicapa striata.
Cobweb nFig. fanciful, finespun reasoning. 2. a thing of flimsy, unsubstanstive nature.
Cobweb vbTo cover with cobwebs or hanging with cobwebs.
Cobweb phr"Blow the Cobwebs Away" - refresh oneself (in the open air).
Cobweb phr"Have a Cobweb in the Throat" - to be thirsty with a desire to drink.
Cobwebbed adjCovered with cobwebs. 2. covered with thick interwoven cover. 2. pubesence 3. arachnoid.
Cobwebby adjFull of cobwebs; covered with cobwebs. 2. resembling cobwebs; of the nature of cobwebs. 3. thick, confused, of thought or reasoning.
Cobwebless adjLacking or without cobwebs.
Cobweblike adjCharacteristic, resembling or like cobwebs.
Cobweb morning nA misty morning.
Cobweb-spider nAny species of the world-spanning family 'theridiidae', that build tangle space webs, and have a comb of serrated bristles on the tarsus of the fourth leg.
Cobweb morning nMisty weather.
Cock nGame bird of the male gender, the cockbird, esp. of the pheasant. 2. a male bird, especially a domestic fowl; rooster. 3. a male chicken or other gallinaceous bird. 4. a male pigeon. 5. vane in the shape of a cock; a weathercock.  6. a chief man; a leader or master. 7. the crow of a cock, esp. the first crow in the morning; cockcrow.  
Cock phr"At Full Cock" - (of a gun) with the cock lifted to the position at which the trigger will act.
Cock phr"Cock an Ear" - erect one's ear. 2. start to listen attentively. 3. have one's interest aroused by something heard.
Cock phr"Cock of the Walk" - a person in a group who exercises most authority in it, whom the others obey, defer to, and are careful to keep on good terms with.
Cock phr"Cock Up Your Head" - lift or turn up your head.
Cock phr"Cock Your Eye" - to shut one eye and look withe the other n a smewhat cheeky fashion; to glance at questioningly.
Cock phr"Every Cock Crows on its Own Dunghill" - it is very easily to brag of your deeds on your own patch when safe from the danger and not likely to be put to proof.
Cock phr"Live Like fighting Cocks" - to live in luxury. 2. fighting cocks were highly fed to increase heir mettle and powers of endurance.
Cock phr"That Beats Cock-fighting" - that is most extraordinary and improabable.
Cock nHill, usually in place names as 'Cockham.'
Cockcrow nThe time of day at which the first crow of the rooster is heard; dawn, daybreak, first light; sunrise, dayrew; sun-up.
Cocked adjTilted, slanted, oblique, askewed.
Cocker nOE: coccor, originally, a receptacle; a case for arrows, a quiver. 2. casing for the legs. 3. gaiters or legging. 4. coarse stockings. 5. cf 'quiver'
Cock-eyed adjHaving both eyes facing inwards. 2. crooked or askewed. 3. absurd, silly, or stupid, usu. in reference to ideas rather than people. 4. drunk.
Cockfight nContest, in a cockpit, between game roosters fitted with cockspurs.
Cockfight vbTo participate in (as a rooster) or organize and run as a gambler or bookie) a cockfighting event.
Cockily advIn a cocky manner: arrogantly, extremely confidently, boastfully.
Cockiness nThe quality of being cocky; overly confident, arrogant and boastful. 2. strutting like a rooster.
Cockle nDarnel, sleepies: plants whose seeds have or produce a narcotic effect. 2. injurious plant growing amongst corn (tares). 3. corn-cockles.
Cock-of-the-walk nA proud or conceited person.
Cockscomb nThe fleshy red crest of a rooster; coxcomb. 2. a conceited fop or dandy. 3. piece or section of hair styled upwards, resembling a cock’s comb (typically worn by a man); a hairstyle consisting of this. 4. a foolish person; also: fools collectively .
Cocksparrow nA male sparrow. 2. a quarrelsome, confident, somewhat arrogant person.
Cock up phr"To Cock up One's Ears." - to prick up, raise up, or listen attentively.
Cod nA bag, scrip. 2. a civet bag or musk bag. 3. a husk or outer covering of any fruit or seed. 4. pod, husk or seed vessel of a plant, esp. of peas, beans and their ongeners. 5. the belly, stomach. 6. scrotum; cocoon. 7. the center of a spider's web.
Cod vbTo produce cods or pods.
Codded adjHaving or bearing pods
Codder n.Leather-worker, saddler
Codweed nCentaurea nigra.
Cofe advOE cove, cafe, cof. - quickly, sharply, eagerly, promptly, soon.
Cold n(Of a thing) Having a low temperature.  2. (of the weather) Causing the air to be cold. 3. (of a person or animal) Feeling the sensation of coldness, especially to the point of discomfort. 4. unfriendly, emotionally distant or unfeeling.  5. dispassionate, not prejudiced or partisan, impartial. 6.completely unprepared; without introduction. 7. unconscious or deeply asleep; deprived of the metaphorical heat associated with life or consciousness. 8. (usually with "have" or "know" ): perfectly, exactly, completely; by heart. 9. (usually with "have" transitively) Cornered, done for.   10. (obs.) not pungent or acrid. 11.(obsolete) unexciting; dull; uninteresting. 12. affecting the sense of smell (as of hunting dogs) only feebly; having lost its odour. 13. (obs.) Not sensitive; not acute. 14. distant; said, in the game of hunting for some object, of a seeker remote from the thing concealed. 15. (painting) Having a bluish effect; not warm in colour. synonyms: (of a thing, having a low temperature): chilled, chilly, freezing, frigid, glacial, icy, cool. 16. (of the weather): nippy, parky, taters

(of a person or animal). 17. (unfriendly): aloof, distant, hostile, standoffish, unfriendly, unwelcoming. 18.(unprepared): unprepared, unready. 19. (medicine) a common, usually harmless, viral illness, usually with congestion of the nasal passages and sometimes fever; (illness): common cold, coryza, head cold.

Cold advWith no warmth.
Cold adj.Feeling no warmth
Cold phr"A Cold Day In Hell" - something that will not happen or is never likely to happen, (Before hell freezes over)
Cold phr"Be a Cold Fish" - to be an unemotional person.
Cold phr"Be in a Cold Sweat" - to be afraid.
Cold phr"Be Stone Cold" - very cold.
Cold phr"Blow Hot and Cold" - alternate.
Cold phr"Cold All Over" - fright.
Cold phr"Cold as Ice" - very cold; unemotional and unfeeling of response.
Cold phr"Cold as the Light of Day" - common, sensical, logical analysis.
Cold phr"Cold Hands, Warm Heart" - having cold hands is an indication of warm-heartedness, used as a quick response if one finds that the hands of another are cold.
Cold phr"Come In From Out of the Cold" - to gain widespread acceptance in a group or society, esp. where there was not any before. 2. return to safety and shelter. 3. come in out of the rain.
Cold phr"Get Cold Feet" - to lose one's nerve; to have doubts about taking on an activity.
Cold phr"Give Someone the Cold Shoulder" - to treat with neglect and disdain.
Cold phr"Have A Handshake Like a Cold Fish" - to have a handshake lacking vigour, or emotion.
Cold phr"In Cold Blood" - to do deliberately and without excitement or sudden passion. 2. in a cold unemotional way.
Cold phr"In the Cold light of Day" - in an unemotional atmosphere at a later stage.
Cold phr"Leave Out in the Cold" - to be intentionally neglected, to be left care for oneself.
Cold phr"Leave Someone's Cold" - be unaffected (emotionally).
Cold phr"Send a Cold Shiver Down Someone's Spine" - to horrify a person.
Cold phr"Throw Cold Water On"- of a suggestion, ideas, emotion, achievement, etc. - to belittle or dismiss, cast doubt upon, debunk. 2. be unenthusiastic about something.
Cold-blood nBlood(physically) cold or not warmer than the external air or water; esp. said of fish & reptiles.
Cold-blooded adj.Having blood(physically) cold or not warmer than the external air or water; esp. said of fish & reptiles. 2. without excitement, feelings or sensibility; deliberately cruel; ruthless, merciless, heartless, dispassionately. 3. without compunction or human feeling.
Cold-bloodedness nAn abscence of concern for others feelings or sufferings; cold-hearted, cold-heartedness, emotionless.
Cold bloodly adjIn a manner without concern for the feeling and welfare of others; unemotionally.
Cold-bloodness nState of being cold-blooded, having an unregulated temperature; ectothermic. 3. state of lacking emotion or compunction.
Cold boot vbTo reboot a computer by turning it and on.
Cold call nA sales call either by phone or in person made without referral or request by the recipient.
Cold calling nThe calling of someone without preparation or referral. 2. a sales call unsolicited.
Cold chill nAn ague fit.
Cold chips nPotato chips, ccrisp.
Cold fish nAn emotionless person. 2. a heartless individual person, one lacking emotion. 3. (sl) a sexual partner who, during copulation, lacks vigour and emotional reciprocity.
Cold fish handshake nA handshake lacking vigour and emotional reciprocity.
Cold-handed adjUnemotional, lacking or without feeling.
Cold-handedness nState of being cold-handed.
Coldheaded adj.Wanting in sensibility or natural affection; unkind.
Cold-hearted adj.To be aloof and unfeeling. 2. cruel, mean or unmoved.
Cold-heartedly advIn a cold-hearted manner.
Cold-heartedness nState of being cold-hearted or without sympathy, feeling of compassion, callous, or heartless.
Coldish adjSomewhat cold, rather cold.
Coldishly advIn a somewhat cold-hearted or unfeeling, unemotional manner.
Coldlike adjResembling or characteristic of a cold (viral illness)
Coldliness nThe realtive lack of heat. 2. the sensation resulting from exposure to low temperature. 3. having limited enthusiasm, coolness.
Coldly adjIn a cold manner or state. 2. calmly, cooly, dispassionately. 3. without ardour, enthusiasm. 4. without heat, impatience.
Cold meat n(slang) a corpse.
Cold meat box n(slang) a coffin.
Cold meat cart n(slang) a hearse.
Coldness nThe state or condition of being cold. 2. the lack of heat. 3. the sensation resulting from exposure to low temperatures. 4. limited or little enthusiasm or affection, coolness.
Cold one nSlang term for a beer.
Cold read nPerformance of a script without preparation. 2. the act of cold reading. 2. cold-reading.
Cold read vbTo perform a script without preparation.
Coldrife adjFull of cold.
Cold room nA room that is used to chill or freeze food stuffs.
Cold sell nTo make a sale to a client who is not the primary target of a sales pitch. 2. a sale made by phone to a person ('cold call') made without referral or request by the recipient.
Cold selling nThe act of making a sale to a client who is not the primary target of a sales pitch.
Cold-short adjBrittle when cold, said of metals, such as iron.
Cold shot adjBrittle when cold, as metal.
Cold shoulder phr.To Give Someone the Cold Shoulder" -ostentatiously ignore someone; as in, to give someone the cold shoulder
Cold sleep nA deep sleep during which the body is stored at a very cold temperature to preserve it, cryonic sleep. 2. suspended animation, hibernation.
Cold sore nA small sore or blister on the lip, resulting from infection by the herpes virus.
Cold start nAn attempt to start a vehicle engine when it is cold. 2. a military doctrine designed to make a rapid and limited penetration into enemy territory. It is not a plan for comprehensive invasion or occupation. 3. a colder than usually start to a season, as 'a cold start to winter.' 4. in computing, the reloading of a program or operating system.
Cold Steel nAn edged sword.
Cold sweat nA physical condition of concurrent perspiration and chill; it maybe associated with fever or anxiety and stress.
Cold War nThe unfriendly relations between the communist nations and the capitalist nations.
Coldware nAppliances and equipment used in the refrigeration of food and beverages etc.
Cold water adjDesignating a room, apartment, flat, that is not provided with hot water or sometimes a bathroom, as a 'cold water flat.'
Cold wave nA short period of very cold weather; a cold snap.
Cole nGeneric name for Brassica. 2. pottage.
Colewort nOriginally, a general name for any plant of the cabbage kind, genus Brassica.
Collow vb.To make black or dirty with soot or coal dust. 2. to blacken, smut, begrime
Collow n.Soot, smut, grime of coal, coal dust.
Collowed adjCovered with smut, soot and general grime.
Collowing nThe condition of becoming covered in soot and/ or grime.
Colly vbTo blacken in character, blacken, denigrate. 2. to make black with blows; beat, thrash.
Colt nA young horse. 2. a cunning fellow, cheat. 3. a third swarm of bees in summer. 4. youthful tastes or desires; inclination to wantoness.
Colt vbTo frisk and run wild as a colt (usu. implying wantonness. 2. to befool, cheat, take. 3. to swarm a third time as bees in summer.
Colthood nThe state or quality of being a colt. 2. the colt stage ogf life.
Coltish adjOf, pertaining to, or resembling a colt or colts. 2. transfig. wild, friskly, untrained, untamed. 3. lustful, salacious, wanton.
Coltishly advIn a manner wildly unrestrained, wantonly, untamed.
Coltishness nThe state or quality of being untamed, wild frisky, wanton.
Coltsfoot nTussilage forfora.
Comb nA toothed implement for grooming the hair or (formerly) for keeping it in place. 2. machine used in separating choice cotton fibers from worsted cloth fibers. 3. fleshy growth on the top of the head of some birds and reptiles; crest, cocckscomb; (skin on head of birds): caruncle, snood, wattle. 4. structure of hexagon cells made by bees for storing honey; honeycomb. old English measure of corn equal to the half quarter. 6. the top part of a gun’s stock. 7. the toothed plate at the top and bottom of an escalator that prevents objects getting trapped between the moving stairs and fixed landings. 8. (music) the main body of a harmonica containing the air chambers and to which the reed plates are attached. 9. a former, commonly cone-shaped, used in hat manufacturing for hardening soft fibre. 10. toothed tool used for chasing screws on work in a lathe; a chaser. 11. the notched scale of a wire micrometer. 12. the collector of an electrical machine, usually resembling a comb. 13. one of a pair of peculiar organs on the base of the abdomen in scorpions. 14. the curling crest of a wave; a comber. 15. toothed plate used for creating wells in agar gels for electrophoresis. 16. (weaving) A toothed wooden pick used to push the weft thread tightly against the previous pass of thread to create a tight weave.
Comb vbEspecially of hair or fur): to groom with a toothed implement; chiefly with a comb. 2. to separate choice cotton fibers from worsted cloth fibers.

3. to search thoroughly as if raking over an area with a comb. 4. to roll over, as the top or crest of a wave; to break with a white foam, as waves. 5. to comb out, disentangle.

Comb phr"Comb Out" - remove knots, tangles in hair and fibers.
Combe nA long, narrow hill or ridge having steep sides. 2. crest or ridge of roof. 3. crest of a house.
Combed adjOf hair, wool and other fibres: combed or groomed. 2. searched, or gone through thoroughly. 3.disentangled.
Comber nA person who, or a machine that which combs wool or other fibres. 2. a long running wave breaking on the shore.
Combing nThe act of combing. 2. combing etc. fragments of hair rmoved with a comb.
Comb-footed-spider nA spider of the Therididae family, which has combed-like structure on their hindmost feet.
Combless adjWithout or lcking a comb, as some birds.
Comblike adjResembling or like a comb in some aspects.
Comb-maker nThe maker of arious types of combs.
Come nArrival, coming, advent. 2. applied to the flow or flood or come of water.
Come vbTo move from further away to nearer to.  2. to move towards the speaker. 3. to move towards the listener. 4. to move towards the object that is the focus of the sentence. 5. to move towards the agent or subject of the main clause. 6. to move towards an unstated agent. 7. to arrive. 8. to appear, to manifest itself. 9. to take a position to something else in a sequence. 10. to approach a state of being or accomplishment.  11. (fig., with to) to take a particular approach or point of view in regard to something. 12. to become, to turn out to be.  13. to be supplied, or made available; to exist. 14. (slang) to carry through; to succeed in. 15. happen. 16. to have a social background.  17. to be or have been a resident or native, as 'where did you come from?' 18. to have been brought up by or employed by.
Come prpUsed to indicate an event, period, or change in state occurring after a present time.
Come intjAn exclamation to express annoyance. 2. an exclamation to express encouragement, or to precede a request.
Come phr"As Tough As They Come" - typically or supremely as tough as they come.
Come phr"Come Aboard" - board, come on board (esp. a ship or plane). 2.
Come phr"Come About" - happen, occur, take place. 2. change direction of movement. 3.
Come phr"Come Above (another)" - to be thought of in a better light.
Come phr"Come After" - follow in sequence, succeed, replace. 2. to pursue, follow in pursuit, track, seek.
Come phr"Come Again" - be reborn, come a second time, repeat what you said; pardon.
Come phr"Come Alive" - become interested or interesting ; show animation, purpose.
Come phr"Come Along" - present oneself, come along. 2. to move onward, hurry up (to or with a speaker), often used as an exhortation.
Come phr"Come Along to" - come from one place to another, often a short distance.
Come phr"Come A Long Way" - make considerable progress or improvement.
Come phr"Come Along With" an instruction, request to move somewhere quickly.
Come phr"Come Amiss" - be unwelcome, unsuitable.
Come phr"Come and Go" - to leave and return; arrive and depart; move in and move out; to wander without an aim. 2. comings and goings.
Come phr"Come As One" - pay a visit , attend a function or performance without dressing formally, without taking any special pains about one's appearance.
Come phr"Come At" - reach, ascertain facts, truth, causes. 2. to make a threatening move towards someone or something; attack.
Come phr"Come Away" - an invitation to someone to enter a room. 2. break off, dislodge.
Come phr"Come Back" - return to fame or prominence. 2. soon shortly, in a reasonable time. 3. become fashionable again. 4. return (in memory). 5. be restored.
Come phr"Come Back Empty-handed - to achieve long, fail.
Come phr"Come Back To" - to return, remember.
Come phr"Come Back To Earth" - to face reality. 2. come down to earth.
Come phr"Come Before" - to precede. 2. to stand before, as alleged offender before a court. 3. be presented for consideration, decision, judgement. 4. have greater importance than something else.
Come phr"Come Beneath" - to be in a less successful position. 2. to be considered inferior to another or others.
Come phr"Come Beside" - to approach and become beside or parallel with another.
Come phr"Come Between" - lit. to be in-between two persons. 2. fig. to interfere in the affairs of, etc as to break up a romance of lovers. 3. to have a position between one thing and another. 4. to cause a relationship to be less close. 5. prevent somebody from doing or enjoying something.
Come phr"Come By" - pass, especially of something or somebody towards the speaker. 2. obtain usually as a result of effort, as job, wealthy, a rare coin. 3. receive by accident; happen to get.
Come phr"Come Clean (with some about something)" - to be honest about something; confess everything. 3. tell the truth often about something you wish to keep secret.
Come phr"Come, Come" - used to urge somebody to be sensible, to talk to, behave reasonably, with a stronger suggestion of reproach or rebuke, than; come now.
Come phr"Come Down" - collapse, fall in on, drop, fall. 2. fall to the ground as an aircraft. 3. be reduced in price, weight, costs, expenditure. 4. reach a decision, decide to exert one's influence. 5. come to a place to live.
Come phr"Come Down (from)" - leave a University, college etc.
Come phr"Come Down in the World" - suffer a change for the worse in one's economic circumstance, economic conditions; become needy, somewhat poor.
Come phr"Come Down On" - reprimand, rebuke, criticize, or punish severely; come down hard on. 2. voice one's opposition, oppose; have your opinion on something. 4. demand financial redress.
Come phr"Come Down the Pike" - appear, become prominent: to happen, occur, appear.
Come phr"Come Down On The Side Of" - make a choice or decision in favour of.
Come phr"Come Down To" - mean in essence; boil down to, reduce to a simpler form. 2. have one's standard of living, self-confidence etc reduced to a level normally beneath one . 3. pass on to, as myths, legends, stories, traditions.
Come phr"Come Down to Earth" - return to reality. 2. comeback to earth.
Come phr"Come Down To Us" - to be handed down or bequeathed (from previous generations.)
Come phr"Come Down Upon" - to reproach, to punish severely, to make a peremptory.
Come phr"Come Down With Us" - to travel together to a specific location.
Come phr"Come Fast and Thick" - see 'come thick and fast.'
Come phr"Come For (something or someone)" - to arrive to get something. 2. to arrive to convey someone another location. 3. to come to kill someone.
Come phr"Come Forth" - to advance out of a place of shyness. 2. come out, emerge; be produced often as an encouraging or challenging. 3. emerge, as of an idea, opinion, proposal suggestion.
Come phr"Come Forward" - to approach, come from the background to the front. 2. to present or make oneself known before the public, tribunal, or the like. 3. to make advances; progress. 4. to undertake as a volunteer. 5. raise for discussion at a meeting.
Come phr"Come From" - to come from or originate from somewhere. 2. be a native of; be a product or result of. 3. be descended from.
Come phr"Come From Behind" - to improve one's position relative to the position of another person or thing. 2. to advance from a losing position. 3. advance from the rear on a losing position. 4. win after trailing or lagging behind for most of a contest, sporting event.
Come phr"Come From Far and Wide" - come from everywhere. 2. to arrive from many positions and directions.
Come phr"Come From Nowhere" - to come as a surprise with no warning.
Come phr"Come From the Shadows" - to come from obscurity.
Come phr"Come Good" - prove eventually to be helpful, talented or successful.
Come phr"Come Hell and High Water" - to do something no matter what happens.
Come phr"Come Hither" - flirtatious, seductive.
Come phr"Come Home To" - to be affected by a previous(bad) action. 2 be painfully clear.
Come phr"Come In" - enter hither, esp. into a house or enclosure. 2. to enter the arena or field. 2. be fashionable. 3. become seasonable or available, as fruit. 4. gain power. 5. finish in an event or contest. 6. receive an income. 7. move towards the land. 8. receive a story, radio communication, commentary, details, news, information, news, news broadcast, etc. 9.
Come phr"Come in For" - to be inclined among those who receive a share of anything. 2. to receive incidentally. 3. to attract or e the object of.
Come phr"Come In For It" - to incur punishment or rebuke.
Come phr"Come In From the Cold" - to gain widespread acceptance in a group or society, esp. where there was not any before. 2. return to safety and shelter. 3. come in out of the rain.
Come phr"Come in Handy" - to be, prove or find useful or opportune.
Come phr"Come In On" - join, have a share or part in.
Come phr"Come In On the Ground Floor" - join a venture at the start.
Come phr"Come Into" - to enter some enclosed place or area. 2. to get something by good fortune; to receive money or property from someone who has died; inherit; inheritance. 3. to attain some state or condition. 4. to accede to power or office.
Come phrCome Into Being" - to come into existence. 2. to be created, start, begin or established.
Come phr"Come Into Blossom" - open, show in bloom.
Come phr"Come Into Its (or Ones) Own" - show at ones best; achieve rightful recognition. 2. get rightful possession of something.
Come phr"Come Into Leaf" - of a bud, leaf, on a bush: appear, show itself.
Come phr"Come Into Line* with" - conform with the rules etc of a movement, party etc.
Come phr"Come Into One's Head" - to come to one, to realize, to come into one's knowledge.
Come phr"Come Into One's Own" - reach fulfillment of one's own personality, capabilities.
Come phr"Come Into Play" - become involved, start to have an influence.
Come phr"Come Into Sight" -appear, become visible.
Come phr"Come Into Something" - to receive money, or property from someone who has died.
Come phr"Come Into the Open" - be frank, speak freely, become obvious, made public.
Come phr"Come Into the World" - to be born.
Come phr"Come In With" - to overtake, to meet, fall in with. 2. join someone in a n undertaking, partnership, firm.
Come phr"Come Near To" - to approach in person, order, qualities, etc. 2. to come nigh.
Come phr"Come Now" - used as mild expression or reproach, urging somebody to be sensible, to talk or behave reasonably.
Come phr"Come of" - be descended from. 2. be the result.
Come phr"Come Off" - fall from, be detached from, be removable. 2. happen, fare well or badly. 3. finish, complete; to succeed, achieve.
Come phr"Come Off It" - you expect me to believe that. 2. not say things which one's knows can't be true. 3. stop trying to mislead others. 4. said when vigorously expressing disbelief.
Come phr"Come of Good Stock" - to be descended from a good family.
Come phr"Come On" - be quick, make an effort, try harder. 2. make progress; grow. 3. leave a place in order to arrive at a destination later than somebody else. 4. be cheerful; pull yourself together. 5. starting up, as a cold coming on. 6. start to rain, snow, thunder. 7. walk on to a stage. 8. take place a certain time. 9. be considered by a court or tribunal.
Come phr"Come On" - to advance thither forward often implying hostile intent.
Come phr"Come On Down" - come over and visit me. 2. a more persuasive invitation than 'Come In'
Come phr"Come One, Come All' - anybody that cares to do so can come, take part, etc; it makes no difference how many people come; if one everyone comes.
Come phr"Come One's Way" - found, met with, without deliberate attention or effort.
Come phr"Come Online" - to log on to a computer.
Come phr"Come On Over" - to pay a casual visit to.
Come phr"Come On Strong" - emphasis, exaggerate, one's speech or behavior for effect, speak very, unduly, forcefully about something.
Come phr"Come On to" - begin, start.
Come phr"Come On Top of" - follow (often as a complicated or aggravating factor).
Come phr"Come Out" - from a place: emerge, issue. 2. to publish, utter, give vent to; be spoken. 3. stop work, strike. 4. be released from prison. 5. formally enter society. 6. flower, blossom, bloom. 7. appear, become visible. 8. appear in shops, stores. 9. be revealed or shown up clearly. 10. be clear or explicit. 11. emerge, elicited. 12. produce a satisfactory answer.
Come phr"Come Out At " cost, be calculated at, work out at.
Come phr"Come Out In" - become (partially) covered with an skin eruption.
Come phr"Come Out In the Wash" -eventually have a satisfactory outcome
Come phr"Come Out Of" - to issue or emerge from; leave a place. 2. to be bought or exported from. 4. disappear from a surface with cleaning.
Come phr"Come Out of One's Ears" - to be plentiful.
Come phr"Come Out of One's Shell" - to be more confident and less shy.
Come phr"Come Out of the Woodwork" - to appear after being hidden or not active for a long while, esp. in order to do something unpleasant.
Come phr"Come Out On Strike" - to take industrial action by leaving one workplace as a protest or demand.
Come phr"Come Out On the Right Side" - not lose money; experience apositive result.
Come phr"Come Out On the Wrong Side" - lose money; experience a negative result.
Come phr"Come Out On Top" - succeed eventually; win, overcome difficulties, prove superior to others.
Come phr"Come Out Swinging" - to strongly defend about something you believe in.
Come phr"Come Out To" - leave home for an excursion, drive, walk (with a friend).
Come phr"Come Out Well" - be revealed as behaving in a good way. 2. achieve a positive result.
Come phr"Come Out With" - to say, utter, blurt out.
Come phr"Come Over" - to effect, or become, or make an impression, persuade etc. by assuming a false manner or behavior. 2 visit, usually after a long journey. 3. reach a destination. 4. overtake, seize, effect. 5. suddenly feel sick, faint, weak; dizzy, angry, bad-tempered.
Come phr"Come Over to" - change side; allegiance.
Come phr"Come Rain, Come Shine" - whatever the weather is like; what ever happens; in any case, event wet or fine.
Come phr"Come Right" - have a succesful, happy outcome.
Come phr"Come Short" - not to be sufficient.
Come phr"Come Thick and Fast" - to appear repeatedly. 2. come etc in large numbers or great quantity.
Come phr"Come Through" - to emerge successfully. 2. to survive (an illness, setback etc.)
Come phr"Come Through On" - make communications with somebody, (by means of); (by); or receive by a message, communication, news.
Come phr"Come Through the Side Door" - to be born as an illegitmate child.
Come phr"Come To" - to regain consciousness; awake from sleep and regain awareness. 2. of a boat; heave to. 3. be equal to, reach, a total amount to, of a bill purchase, goods.
Come phr"Come to a Dead End" - reach a point beyond which no progress can be made.
Come phr"Come to a Full Stop" - to completely cease activity.
Come phr"Come To an End" - conclude, terminate, finish. 2. all things good or bad come to an end. 3. come to an untimely end.
Come phr"Come To a Head" - (fig.) - of a problem: to reach a critical or crucial stage. 2. to reach a stage in a difficult situation when someone takes a strong action to deal with it.
Come phr"Come to a Standstill" - (of the movement or progress of something): stop or be unable to progress further.
Come phr"Come To Bear" - something, usually, important that soon or later will impact upon some aspect of ones life. 2. to bring to bear.
Come phr"Come Together" - to meet, to attend something together, to catch up. 3. to come together in opinion, to agree.
Come phr"Come to Grips With"- engage in, struggle with a problem, question, disease, life.
Come phr"Come to Ground" - fall down, as a pole, tent, chimney.
Come phr"Come to Hand" - obtain, get, have.
Come phr"Come to Harm" - be hurt, harmed; fall under the bad influence.
Come phr"Come to It" - reach a state (usually unpleasant) as a result of change in a age, strength, ability, wealth, etc.
Come phr"Come To Life" - lit. to act as if alive after a time of seeming not to be alive.
Come phr"Come To Light" - to be discovered, revealed.
Come phr"Come To Mind" - to remember.
Come phr"Come To Nothing" - fail, after much endeavor. 2. have no useful or interesting result; be a complete failure. 3. never come to anything. 4. never come to much.
Come phr"Come To Nought" -fail, after much endeaour.
Come phr"Come To Oneself" - to begin behaving and thinking like one normally does. 2. come to one's normal state. 3. return to normal consciousness.
Come phr"Come to One's Feet" - stand up quickly, as an audience, crowd at a match.
Come phr"Come to Rest" - stop, reach a final position.
Come phr"Come To Somebody's Help" - give aid, etc to somebody else.
Come phr"Come To Somebody's Ears" - come to somebody's attention.
Come phr"Come To Something" - be surprized, strange.
Come phr"Come to That" - in fact, if this is the case.
Come phr"Come To the Fore" - fig. to be well-known or prominent, to be important or growing in importance.
Come phr"Come to the Same Thing(as)" - equal, be equivalent to, one another.
Come phr"Come To Think of It" - to remember and consider a matter on reflection. 2. now that the person, event etc just mentioned or just about to be mentioned has been thought of or recalled.
Come phr"Come To This" - to result in a negative situation. 2. reach a certain state or result.
Come phr"Come To With" - approach, tackle (with) enthusiasm, ardor.
Come phr"Come to Words" - to argue, dispute.
Come phr"Come True" - actually happens as foretold, dreamed, hoped for.
Come phr"Come Under" - classified with, or subordinate to.
Come phr"Come Undone" to disintegrate; fall to pieces, meet with disaster, come to grief, fall apart (lit. and fig.)
Come phr"Come Unhinged" - to become deranged or mentally unbalanced. 2,. to be thrown into turmoil and confusion.
Come phr"Come Unstuck" - fail, or encounter an unexpected problem. 2. met with a mishap, misfortune, reverse.
Come phr"Come Unto" - to attempt to seduce sexually.
Come phr"Come Up" - to ascend, rise up, be elevated above the surface. 2. occur, arise, happen; happen by chance. 3. appear above the soil. 3. travel to a place, town etc. 4. arise, be mentioned. 5. come to be considered (by a court); appear in court. 6. vomit, retch, spew. 7.
Come phr"Come Up Against" - to oppose; be faced with, contest with, knock or bump into.
Come phr"Come Up As Far As" - reach, extend to the road, chin etc.
Come phr"Come Up For" - to be eligible for something; to be in line or in sequence for something. 2. be considered as an applicant, candidate.
Come phr"Come Up for Sale" - come onto the market, become available for purchase.
Come phr"Come Upon" - find, discover, encounter, come on (by chance).
Come phr"Come Upon One" - (of something not welcomed): arrive, strike, effect; come on.
Come phr"Come Up Smelling Roses" - happen in the best, most desired way possible.
Come phr"Come Up Smiling" - emerge bravely and cheerfully from an unpleasant experience.
Come phr"Come Up the Hard Way" - reach one's position through hard work.
Come phr"Come Up To" - equal. 2. encounter. 3. come up to an acceptable level or standard.
Come phr"Come Up to One's Chin" - as tall as the height of another person's chin.
Come phr"Come Up With" - to be equal or level with. 2. to bring forth, produce, find 3. discover or produce. 3. to suggest.
Come phr"Come What May" - no matter what. 2. in spite, disregarding, whatever (else) may happen (while doing something or a result of doing something).
Come phr"Come Within" - come near enough to be seen, heard, reach.
Come phr"Coming Right Up" - an expression used by someone (such as a waiter) to explain that something ordered will be served or delivered very quickly.
Come phr"Have It Coming to One" - deserve what is about to happen.
Come phr"How Come/" - how did that occur?
Come phr"I don't Know What Came Over Me' - said as an excuse for one's irrational behavior, often in the expression 'as I don't know what came over me, I was thinking clearly.
Come phr"If It Comes (Down) To That" - in that event. 2. if it is, were, a question of that. 3. in fact, (said to introduce an additional point.) 4. of a situation or outcome, being dependent on a specified factor. 5. if a situation or decision comes down to something, that is the thing that influences it most.
Come phr"If It Comes To This" - summarized; 'if it comes to this.'
Come phr"Let Them All Come" - an expression of confidence in the face of a challenge by others.
Come phr"Not Come to Much" - not do anything of any importance, or consequence.
Come phr"Not Have Enough Brain to Come In Out of the Rain" - be very stupid or foolish.
Come phr"Not Know Whether One Is coming Or Going" - be confused.
Come phr"This is Where We Come In" - our knowledge or knowing dates from this point. 2. we are back where we started.
Come phr"Until the Cows Come Home" - for a very long time.
Come phr"When it Comes Down to" - when it is a question of.
Come phr"When One's Ship Comes In" - when one has plenty of money to spend; largesse, good luck or fortune.
Come-again nA direction to come again. 2. a deferring of attention.
Come-all-Ye nA street-ballad, or folksong, whose opening words were 'come all ye maidens; young men, etc..
Come-a-long nA hand operated winch with a ratchet used to pull objects. The drum is wrapped with wire rope. A similar tool that uses a nylon strap is used to straighten trees in Texas, as it straightens gradually over time, therefore not splitting the trunk
Come-and-Go nA passing backwards and forwards.
Comeback nAn act or retaliation, a reply, a verbal retort. 2. a recovery, return to a former state or position. 3. to stage a comeback, reinstatement to a former position.
Come-backer nA retaliator. 2. one who retorts or replies. 3. one who makes a comeback to a profession, sport or other cativity.
Comeback-king nA man who finds success after a series of setbacks or failures. 2 a man who makes several comebacks.
Comeback-queen nA woman who finds success after a series of setbacks or failures. 2. a woman who makes several comebacks.
Come-between nAn intervention, one who or that which intervenes.
Comedown nA descent, a downfall, a notable reverse. 2. now, esp. a fall ir drop in social or official position or status.
Comefrom nAn obscure control flow structure used in some programming languages, originally as a joke. COMEFROM is roughly the opposite of GOTO in that it can take the execution state from any arbitrary point in code to a COMEFROM statement.
Come-hither nAn invitation to approach, an enticement, as a come-hither look.
Come-hithery nInviting or enticing quality, behaviour, etc.; specifically sexual seductiveness or allure.
Come-in nAn entrance, ingress. 2. an arrival, immigration.
Comelily advIn a comely manner, prettily, decently, becoming, suiyably.
Comeliness nThe quality of being comely. 2. suitableness, becomingness, seemliness, decency, propriety.
Comeling nOne who has come to a place, as distinguished from its permanent residents. 2. an immigrant, stranger, foreigner, sojourner.
Comelingness nState of quality of sojourning, immigrating etc.
Comely adjFair, pretty, beautiful, nice. 2. of things: expressing decent, sober or quiet beauty. 3. pleasing - in modern use a more homelier style of beauty which pleases, but does not excite admiration. 4. applied to those of noble station, 'as God and Jesus.' 5. pleasing in a moral sense to notions of propriety or esthetic taste, decent, proper, decorous. 6. befitting the purpose, appropriate.
Comely advHandsomely, nicely, suitably, in a seemly or becoming manner.
Comely-looking adjHaving comely looks.
Comely maidens nYoung, attractie, nubile women.
Comely-wise advIn a comely way.
Come-off nA coming off the field of action. 2. a conclusion, finish-up, an issue. 3. a conclusion of an argument, discourse. 4. a getting-off a task or duty, an evasion, excuse for non-performance. 5. something that has been tried and has 'come-off.' or succeeded.
Come-on nA swindle, swindling. 2. an inducement, enticement, lure; an invitation to approach. 2.something intended to attract, as in an advertisement.

3. statement or sometimes action reflecting sexual or relational interest.

Come-outer nOne who 'comes out' or separates h/self on principle from an established society or organisation; originally applied to certain religious dissenters or radiacl reformers.
Comeover nArrival, approach.
Come-'o'-will n"Come-of-will" - any person or thing that comes of his own accord without being invited. 2. a plant that springs up spontaneously. 3. a bastard child. 4. a pidgin or trade language.
Comer nA visitor, an arrival. 2. in combination, first-comer, newcomer, all-comers; up-and-comer. 3. anybody or somebody that comes or chooses to come. 4. a grower or springer-up, said of a plant. 5. a person or animal that shows promise of development or achieving success.
Comet nLate Old English comēta, from Late Latin, from Latin comētēs, from Greek komētēs, long-haired (star), comet, from komē, hair. A celestial body, observed only in that part of its orbit that is relatively close to the sun, having a head consisting of a solid nucleus surrounded by a nebulous coma up to 2.4 million kilometers (1.5 million miles) in diameter and an elongated curved vapor tail arising from the coma when sufficiently close to the sun. Comets are thought to consist chiefly of ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, and water. 2. a tail-star.
Comet-tail nThe fiery afterburn of a comet.
Come-to-bed adjExtremely good looking, sexually dazzling in looks.
Come-to-bed-eyes adjSexually alluring in facial expression and gesture.
Comet-year nA year in which a notable comet appears, as in Halley's Comet.
Coming nA sprouting, esp. of barley in malting. 2. that or something that comes; approaching in space in time or space. 3. inclination to make a meeting; an advance, readiness, eagerness, complaisant. 4. a rising in prominence, likelihood to attainment or to distinction.
Coming phr"Not Know Whether One Is Coming Or Going" - to be confused.
Coming phr"Have It Coming" - to get what one deserves; to deserve what one gets.
Coming phr"Not Know Whether One Is Coming Or Going" -be in a state of great confusion, uncertainty.
Coming on advAlmost, nearly, nigh on.
Comings-and-goings nBusy, active movements of many persons, especially in and out of a place.
Coming-together nA union. 2. a collision.
Coming up adjSoon to appear, imminent, soon.
Cook n.One whose occupation is the preparation of food for the table.
Cook vb.To prepare food ; to make it fit for eating by application of heat, as by boiling, roasting, broiling.
Cook phr"Cook the Books" - an obsolete metaphor for cooking, where ingredients are changed, altered and improved by the process. Thus financial statements can be also be modified to the benefit of the "cook'. 2. to manipulate accounts information, especially illegally. 3. to falsify an account of an event.
Cook phr"Cook One's Goose" - spoil or ruin one's own or the chance of another of success either in general or in a particular way.
Cook phr"Cook Up" - concoct, invent, often in haste.
Cook phr"There are Many Ways to Cook an Egg" - there are many ways to achieve an objective.
Cook phr"What's Cooking" - what in hand, what's doing.
Cookbook nA book of recipes with cooking directions.
Cookdom nThe office or position of a cook. 2. the domain of cooks.
Cook-chill nOf food which has been cooked and refrigerated by the manufacturer ready for reheating by the consumer.
Cooked adjOf articles of food prepared by heat for eating. 2. combinations, such as half-cooked, ill-cooked, well-cooked.
Cooker nA stove or other apparatus, designed for cooking. 2. a vessel in which food is cooked. 2. a fruit, etc, that cooks well. 3. one who cooks up or doctors something; manipulation of financial accounts ('to cook the books') 4. (sl) a finisher.
Cook-house nA building or room in which the cooking is done. 2. an outdoor cooking kitchen.
Cooking nThe act of preparing something (as food)by the application of heat;
Cooking-apple nAn apple siutable for cooking, such as the "Granny Smith: apple."
Cooking pot nA pot which food is cooked in.
'Cooking-shopn an eating house.
Cookish adjLike a cook. 2. somewhat cooked.
Cookless adjWithout a cook.
Cook-off vbIn military terms: to pull the pin from the grenade and wait two or three seconds before throwing it. 3. to unintentionally wait so long that the grenade detonates. 4. to accidentally (or sometimes cause) a grenade to detonate as the result of excess heat.
Cookout nAn outdoor gallery at which food is cooked; barbeque.
Cookroom nA kitchen.
Cookship nThe function or position of a cook.
Cookshop nA shop where food is cooked and sold; restaraunt, eating-house.
Cook top nAn assembly of burners for cooking, designed to fit onto the surface, such as the top of a table.
Cookware nUtensils for cooking , esp. dishes, pans.
Cook wench nA girl working at a cookshop, restaraunt, eating-house. (beer wench.)
Cook up vbTo prepare a meal. 2. to manufacture, fabricate, to devise an elaborate. 3. to prepare a heroin dose by heating.43. to make a large amount of illegal drugs.
Cookware nVarious objects, such as pots, pans, baking dishes, etc. used for cooking.
Cool nThat which is cool, the cool part, place, time, thus a 'cool breeze,' a light refreshing wind.
Cool vb.To lose heat, to get colder. 2. to make cooler, less warm. 3.(fig.), to become less intense, e.g. less amicable or passionate. 4. to make less intense, e.g. less amicable or passionate
Cool adjHaving a slightly low temperature; mildly or pleasantly cold. 2. allowing or suggesting heat relief. 3. a cool grey colour. 4. of a person, not showing emotion, calm and in self-control. 5. unenthusiastic, lukewarm, skeptical.

6. calmly audacious. 7. (informal) of a person, knowing what to do and how to behave; considered popular by others. 8. (informal) in fashion, part of or fitting the in crowd; originally hipster slang. 9. (informal) of an action, all right; acceptable; that does not present a problem. 10.(informal) a dismissal of a comment perceived as boring or pointless. 11. (informal) Of a person, not upset by circumstances that might ordinarily be upsetting. 12 applied facetiously to a sum of money, commonly as if to give emphasis to the largeness of the amount.  

Cool phr"Cool Down" - to be cooler, reduced in temperature. 2. to cause to cool down.
Cool phr"Cool It" - to calm or quiten down.
Cool phr"Cool off" - become, or make less warm, excited, ardent or interested.
Cool phr"Cool One's Heels" - to wait, esp. impatiently and restlessly
Cool phr"Keep a Cool Head' - remain calm.
Cool phr"Play It Cool" -take a low key and rational approach.
Cool boxnCar-fridge, eskie, ice-chest; chillbin.
Cooled adjMade cool; lowered in temperature. 2. refrigerated at a lower or reduced state of coolness.
Cooler nAnything that cools, such as a coolroom, eskie, cool-box, ice-chest, etc. 2. an insulated container with ice and freezer packs to keep ffood and drink cold when camping or other outdoor excursion. 3. a mixed drink, of alcoholic and non-alocoholic contents, served chilled. 4. (sl) a bouncer, ground-controller, doorman, security staff. 5. (sl) prison.
Cool-headed adjFree from excitement, not easily excited in the mind. 2. having an even temper and being calm and in control.
Coolheadedly advIn a coolheaded manner
Coolheadness nThe state or characteristic of being coolheaded: having an even temper and being calm and in control.
Coolhunter nOne who observes emerging trends and styles, usually involing street fashion, and sells the data to companies.
Coolhunting nThe observation of emerging trends and styles, usually involing street fashion, as a form of market research.
Cooling nA decrease in tempature. 2. refrigeration, that which cools.
Coolingly advIn a cooling manner or way.
Cooling tower nA large device, in the form of a tower-shaped building in which warm water is cooled by evaporation carried by circulating currents of air.
Coolish adjSomewhat cool, quite or rather cool.
Coolness nThe state of being cool, as in chilly. 2. the result or product of being cool, as in chilly. 3. the state or result of being cool, as in good or pleasurable. 4. in a state of composure, or control.
Coolroom nIn a laboratory, (chemical) a large cupboard or room kept at a temperature lower than room temperature for long term, stable storage. 2. in a restaurant, (chemical) a large, chilled container or room kept at a temperature lower than room temperature for long term, stable storage of perishable foods.
Coolth nCoolness. 2. a cold (malady)
Coolwort nSaxifragacae.
Cooly adjOf a cool, refreshing quality.
Coom n.Soot formed on a fireplace (culm), blacksmith furnace, refuse
Coom vbTo begrime with smut, as in soot.
Coomy adj.Covered or blackened by soot, dust, grime. 2. Soily, smirchy
Coomb n.Small valley, hollow, deep hollow or valley in Old English times. 2. a valley, a steep short valley running up from the sea coast.
Coomb nA vessel, cup or perhaps a small measure. 2. brewing tub, vat. 3. a dry measure of capacity, equal to four bushels.
Cop n.Summit, top, peak, brow, esp of a hill, 2. top of anything, esp. of a hill, 3. the head, crown. 4. bird's crest; crest on the head of a bird. 5. heap, mound, tumulus. 6. ridge. 7. an enclosing mound or bank; a hedge bank. 8. a centre ridge of a butt of ploughed land. 8. spider.
Cop vbTo pile up in a tumulus, heap or mound, to bank up. 2. to plough in ridges.
Cop-bone n.Kneebone
Copen vb.Desire eagerly, long for, yearn deeply
Copener n.Paramour
Copped adjHaing the head cut off, polled. 2. rising to the top of the head. 3. heaped in tumulus. 4. crested, having a tuft on the head. 5. saucy, peeish, crabbed, heady.
Copper nfrom Old English, from Late Latin cuprum, from Latin Cyprium (aes) a reddish-brown, malleable, ductile metallic element with high electrical and thermal conductivity, symbol Cu, and atomic number 29. 2. a coin, usually of small denomination, made of copper or a copper alloy. 3. chiefly British a large cooking pot made of copper or often of iron. 4. any of various small butterflies of the subfamily Lycaeninae, having predominantly copper-colored wings.
Copper vbTo cover with copper. 2. to sheathe the bottom and sides with copper, as of a ship.
Copper adjReddish-brown in colour. 2. made of copper
Copper-belt nA copper-mining area
Copper-bit nA soldering-tool pointed with copper.
Copper-bottomed adjHaing the bottom covered with copper. 2. fig. thoroughly sound, genuine, authentic, trustworthy.
Coppered adjOf the colour of copper. 2. covered with copper, coated or copper plated.
Copperen adjMade of copper.
Copper-fastened adjFasten with copper bolts.
Copper-head nA snake with copper coloured head. 2. a nickname given, during the American Civil War, to a northern sympathizer by Secessionists of the south. 3.a ginger headed person.
Copperish adjSomewhat coppery in colour.
Copperless adjWithout or lacking in copper.
Coppersmith nAn artificer in copper, one who manufactures copper utensils.
Coppersmithing nThe art of the coppersmith.
Coppersmithy adjPertaining to the art of the coppersmith and coppersmithing.
Copperware nUtensils made of copper.
Coppery adjCharacterized by the presence, quality or application of copper
Copse n.OE. ? a shackle for any part of the body. Foot-copse: leg iron; Hand-copse: manacle; Wear-copse: neck-copse; 2. Hapse for fastening a gate or door; fastener.
Corn nThe main cereal plant grown for its grain in a given region, such as oats in parts of Scotland and Ireland, and wheat or barley in England and Wales.  

2. in US, Canada, Australia, maize, a grain crop of the species Zea mays. 3. grain or seed, especially of a cereal crop. 4. small, hard particle.  

Corn vbUS, Canada: to granulate; to form a substance into grains. 2. to corn gunpowder. 3. in US, Canada, Australia: to preserve using coarse salt, e.g. corned beef. 4. in US, Canada): to provide with corn (typically maize; or, in Scotland, oats) for feed. 5. to render intoxicated, as 'ale strong enough to corn one.' 6. short for corn snow, a type of granular snow formed by repeated melting and re-freezing, often in mountain spring conditions. as corny, something appealing to country folk in US, Canada something (e.g. acting, humour, music, or writing) which is deemed old-fashioned or intended to induce emotion.
Cornbread nBread made from cornmeal
Corn-cockle nLynchis githago. In previous times cockle (tares) was used generally for an intrusive weed that grew in corn fields.
Corn-dealer nCornmonger.
Corned adjFormed into grains or particles, granulated. 2. bearing seeds or grains; having seeds developed. 3. intoxicated.
Cornfield nA field planted with corn.
Cornhouse nGranary.
Corning nThe action or process of granulation. 2. pickling with salt, salting. 3. the growing or cultivation of grain.
Cornish adjOf the corn kind.
Corn-loft nA granary.
Cornmonger n.Corndealer, (monger of corn) often contemptous implication of greed and extortion
Cornstalk nA tough, fibrous of corn (maize), often ground for silage after harvest. 2. in colonial Australia, a young person born in New South Wales of immigrant parents.
Corn thistle nA perennial herb, Cirsulum arvense
Corn-tree nOE: corntreow. cornel tree.
Corny adjAs such a type as appeals to country-folk or unsophisticated, tiresomely or ridiculously old-fashioned or sentimental, hackneyed, trite, inferior. 2. producing corny, abounding in corn or grain. 3. intoxicated, tipsy.
Cosp nOE: cosp - hasp, a shackle
Cost n.Way, manner, available course, means, contrivance. 2. quality, condition, wont or habit, disposition, kind, charactristic.
Cost n.The herb called Alecost or Costmary.
Costen vb.To try, tempt.
Costening n.Temptation, costnung, testing, trial, tribulation.
Cot n.Small house, little cottage, a small shelterpoetical connoting smallness, humbleness, (rather than meanness or rudeness expressed by hut.) That is: cot-folk, cot-town. 2. a finger stall
Cote n.OE: parallel form of cyte: cell. - a small detached house occupied by the poor, and labourers. Note: Cottage: a slight building for the shelter of animals (pigcote, hen-cote, fowl-cote, sheepcote) 2. small building for storage, shed, stall.
Cote vb.To enclose and shelter animals in a pen, enclosure.
Coteful adjAs much as a cote can hold.
Cot-folk nCottar folk
Cothe nCoathe: the pangs of childbirth.
Cothouse nCottage, a small cottage, working man's cottage. 2. a slight shelter, shed, shelter.
Cotland n.A piece of land (about 5 acres) held by a cotman, cotlander, cotter along with his cot.
Cotlifn.Life or living, dwelling in a cot, see: mynster-lif: a monastery. 2. a house, cottage, possibly a village. 3. secular life as opposed to religious life..
Cotly advQuickly, keenly, boldly, fiercely
Cotman nCottager, cotter; a tenant of a cot(e).
Cotquean nThe housewife of a cot or labourer's hut. 2. opprobriously, a woman to whom the manners of such a housewife are attributed. 3. a scolding, coarse, vulgar, woman, low beldam, beldam, a fish-wife, tinker's wife. 4. a man who acts the housewife; often a man who has been cuckolded by his wife.
Cotquean vbTo play the cotquean, said of a man.
Cotqueaned adjOne, in modern use, a man who acts the housewife.
Cotqueanish adjRather or somewhat cotqueaned.
Cotquean-like adjCharacterized or resembling a cotquean.
Cotset n.Cottage settler, (In Doomesday Book) 2. in OE: a villein who occupied a cot or cottage with an attached plot of land, held by service of labour.
Cotted adjDotted or lined with cottages.
Cotter n.A peasant or tenant who occupies a cottage (cot-house) belonging to a farm (usu. 5 acres) as a sort of out-servant.
Cottish adjCotqueanish.
Couch-grass n.a species of grass, Triticum repens, with long, creeping root-stalks
Cough vbFrom Middle English coughen, coghen, apparently from Old English *cohhian (but not recorded) (compare Old English cohhetan (“to shout”)), from Proto-Germanic *kuh-. 1. to push air from the lungs in a quick, noisy explosion; to expectorate, spit, spit up. 
Cough nA sudden, usually noisy expulsion of air from the lungs, often involuntary. 2. a condition that causes one to cough; a tendency to cough; tussification.
Cough phr"Cough Up" - give up reluctantly. 2. spit up, expectorate, tussive.
Coughy adjPertaining to coughing, tussive, expectorative, spitty.
Could vbFrom Middle English coude, from Old English cūþe, past indicative and past subjunctive form of cunnan (“to be able”). The addition of the silent 'l' was likely a misappropriation attempting to normalize with modal verbs will/would and shall/should. However, while the letter l was historically pronounced in the latter two, can never did have an l sound in it. Verb: 1. simple past tense of can. 2. conditional of can. 3. used as a past subjunctive (contrary to fact). 4. used to politely ask for permission to do something. 5. used to politely ask for someone else to do something. 6. used to show the possibility that something might happen. 7. used to suggest something.
Could phr"Could Do With" - I would like to have
Could phr"Could Do Without" - I don't wish to have.
Could phr"Could Go Something" - could enjoy something; would like to have something, esp food or drink.
Could phr"Could Swear (that)" - perfectly sure (that).
Couldn't vbNegative form of 'could.'
Couldn't phr"Couldn't Care Less" - used to express an uncaring opinion.
Coulter n.The iron blade fixed at the front of a share plough; also attributively.
Coulterneb n.The local name for the Puffin, so called because of the shape of its bill.
Court n.In OE. an assembly held by the sovereign at his residence. From OF.
Courtleet n.Court record. 2. a court district or jurisdiction or district which jurisdiction extends. See: court.
Couth adj.A back -formation of 'uncouth' - as of a quality of things: known, (wide couth: well known, familiar, famous, acquainted, renown. 2. of persons and their actions: kind, affable, agreeable, pleasant, well-mannered. 3. comfortable, smug, cosy. antonym: uncouth. 4. knowing how to handle oneself socially.
Couth advClearly, manifestingly, familiarly.
Couthily advIn a clear, manifestily manner
Couthiness nFriendliness, familiarity, affability. 2. renownness, agreement, pleasance. 3. acquaintance. 4. smugness, cosiness, complacency.
Couthlike adjCharacteristic of friendship, kindness, etc.
Couthly advFamilarly, friendly, kindly, as a friend. 2. in the knowledge of being familiar.
Couth-ut-laughe nCouth-out-law: a term applied to a person knowingly harbouring or concealing an outlaw, or perhaps, more properly the offence of doing so.
Couthy adjAction as befits a person well known to everyone. 2. full of friendly familarity warm and friendly, kindly, pleasantly, genial. 3. of things: agreeable, pleasant, nice.
Cove n.In a rock hollow or recess in a rock. 2. recess in a precipitious mountain side. 3. Sheltered place or recess in forest, hills, woods. 4. cell in a pigeon coup. 5. a nook.
Cow n.The female of the domestic or of any bovine animal. The female of some other large animals, eg, elephant, whale.
Cow phr"Till the Cows Come Home" - not for a very long time, if not at all.
Cow phr"The Cow With An Iron Tail" - a pump.
Cowbane nAny of the several related poisonous plants of the genus, Cicuta; esp. the water hemlock.
Cowberry nVaccinum vitis; foxberry.
Cowed adjDepressed or disappointed through fear; overrawed.
Cow-fish nOne of the various cetaceans, as a grampus, dolphins. 2. a trunk-fish. 3. a sirenian.
Cowflesh nBeef.
Cowhand nAn worker who manages the general day to day handling of cows.
Cow-hearted adj.Faint-hearted, timorous, meek and mild; cowardly.
Cowherd nCows in a herd or group.
Cow-herder nOne who herds or drives cows to specific locations; a drover.
Cowhide nThe skin of or outer dermic layer of a cow.
Cowhiding nThe process and preparation of turning cowhides into leather.
Cowhouse nA building where cows are keeped for shelter and safety. 2. a milking shed.
Cowing nOverawing, intimidation.
Cowish adjLike a cow, characteristic of a cow. 2. somewhat or rather fearful, afraid, meekish.
Cowkeeper nA diary man and/or beef farmer.
Cowl n.A garment with a hood, esp worn by monks; occasionally the hood alone. Sometimes: a monk.
Cowled adjFurnished with or wearing a cowl.
Cowlish adjCharacteristic of a monk, monkish. 2. adorned or attired in a cowl.
Cow-leech n.Cow doctor
Cowlness nThe state of wearing a cowl. 2. monkhood.
Cowmilk nMilk produced by a cow or cows in herd.
Cowpath nA track used by cows usually leading to a milking-shed; a cowper.
Cowshard n.Cowdung, sheard, sharn
Cowshed nA shed or house where cows are kept.
Cowslip n.Cow-dung. 2. the common name of Primula veris, a well known wild plant in pastures and grassy banks. also some plants of the genus 'carduus lanceolatus'
Cow's-lungwort nMullein, fellwort, flannel leaf.
Cow-shard nCow dung, cow turd, cowslip. 2. cow dung; cow-sharn.
Cow soapwort nCowherb
Cow tree nOne of several trees yielding a milky juice which can be used as a food, mostly in South America.
Cowy adjBovine; pertaining to a cow, characteristic of cows.
Cowyard nA yard or enclosure where cows are held.
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