Old EnglishsbEnglish
Crab n.Any decapod crustaceous animal of the tribe Brachyura; esp the edible species found on or near the seacoast.
Crabbed adjFractitious, dogged, refractory, cantankerous, morose, contrary, disagreeable, churlish, acerbic. 2. crooked, awkward ingait.
Crabbedly advCrossly, ill-temperedly, sourly, morosely.
Crabbedness nThe quality of being crabbed, in a fractious state. 2. crookedness, refractoriness, ill-disposedness, harshness of mood, crossness, irritability.
Crab-harrow n.A harrow with bent teeth for tearing up the ground.
Crab-harrowvbTo break up soil or ground with a crab-harrow
Crabbish adjSomewhat crabbed, irritated, ill-disposed, fractitous.
Crabby adjIll-tempered, morose, cantankerous, contrary, dogged.
Crabdom nThe life and habitat of crabs.
Crablike adjWalking and moving characteric of a crab; sidle-like.
Crabmeat nFlesh or meat of the crab.
Crab sidle vbTo sidle or shuffle somewhat like a crab. 2. with a sideways and backward movement; crabwise.
Crab-spider nA spider (Latrigadae) so named because they can run backwards like a crab.
Crabwise adjIn a sidle-up-to mannner.
Crabword nPalindrome.
Crack nA sharp noise.
Crack vb.From Middle English crakken, craken, from Old English cracian ‎(“to resound, crack”). 2. to form cracks. 2. to break apart under pressure. 3. to become debilitated by psychological pressure. 4. to break down or yield, especially under interrogation or torture. 5. to make a cracking sound. 6. to change rapidly in register; of a pubescent boy's voice) - to alternate between high and low register in the process of eventually lowering. 6. to make a sharply humorous comment. 7. to make a crack or cracks in. 8. to break open or crush to small pieces by impact or stress. 9. to strike forcefully. 10. to open slightly. 11. to cause to yield under interrogation or other pressure. (figurative) 12. to solve a difficult problem (fig, from cracking a nut.) 13. to overcome a security system or a component. 14. to cause to make a sharp sound. 15. to crack a whip. 16. to tell (a joke) 17. to break down (a complex molecule), especially with the application of heat: to pyrolyse. 18. to circumvent software restrictions such as regional coding or time limits. 19. to open a canned beverage, or any packaged drink or food. 20. be ruined or impaired; to fail.  
Crack phr"Crack a Book" - to open a book and read it.
Crack phr"Crack a Smile" - (informal) to smile.
Crack phr"Crack Down On (something or someone)" -
Crack phr"Crack Hardy" (or hearty) - to put a good face on; to assure or maintain a bold bearing.
Crack phr"Crack of Dawn" - a time very early in the morning; daybreak.
Crack phr"Crack of Doom" - a peal of thunder announcing the day of judgement.
Crack phr"Crack Through" - to penetrate, to overcome, get by, manage
Crack phr"Crack Up" - disintegrate under emotional strain. 2. to physical break up.
Crack phr"Crack Wise" - to wisecrack.
Crack phr"Hard Nut to Crack" - a difficult problem. 2. a person not easily understood or influenced.
Crackberry nThe huckleberry, 'Gaylussacia bacca'
Crackbrain nOne addicted to crack cocaine. 2. a weak-minded person.
Crack-brained adjStupid, foolish, idiotic.
Crackdown nAn instance of cracking down. 2. legal or disciplinary severity, repression.
Cracked adjBroken by a sharp blow. 2. having a thin break or fracture on the surface of an object or body. 3. of the brain: unsound of mind; crazy.
Crackhead nA Cocaine user.
Cracked-headed adjCrazy, mad,
Crackedness nThe state or quality of being cracked: having a thin break or fracture on the surface.
Cracker nA bragger or boaster.
Crackhouse nA house or other building where crack cocaine, is made, sold or consumed.
Crackiness nSome prone to cracking, brittleness, fracture, fragility.
Crackingly advIn a cracking manner. 2. (sl) excellently, first-rate,
Crackle nFizzing, popping sound. 2. (sl) banknotes, money, paper cash.
Crackle vbTo make a fizzing, popping sound.
Crackless adjWithout a crack, flawless, whole, fractureless, unbroken.
Crackling adjThat which cracks. 2. pork rind roast. 3. attractive women collectively.
Crackly advProne to crackle, crisp and brittle.
Crack of Dawn nA time very early in the morning; daybreak.
CracksmannA housebreaker. 2. safebreaker. 3. a sharp-shooter.
Crack-up nAn emotional breakdown. 2. disentregration under emotional strain; a collapse, a crash.
Crackwhore nOne addicted to crack cocaine, who finances the habit through working as a prostitute.
Crackwise adjTo make a smart answer or smart comment in an attempt to impress and seem intelligent and sophisticated.
Cracky adjHaving cracks or fractures. 2. prone to cracking or fracture. 2. abounding in conversation, verbose.
Cradle n.A little bed or cot for an infant. 2. infancy, or the first stage of existence. 3. the place in which anything is nurtured in its earlier stage.
Cradle vbTo lay or place in a cradle. 2. to nurture, shelter in one's arms.
Cradle phr"From Cradle to the Grave" - from infancy to death.
Cradle-board nA traditional protective baby-carriers used by many indigenous cultures in North America.
Cradle-books nIncunabula.
Cradled adjLaid or reposing in a cradle. 2. provided with a cradle.
Cradlehood nInfancy, babyhood. 2. the condition of a child in a cradle..
Cradle-land nA land or region in which people have dwell for centuries (or from earliest times)
Cradle-like adjResembling a cradle.
Cradle-scythe nA scythe fitted with device for laying the grain evenly in a swath as it is cut.
Cradle-song nA lullaby.
Cradle-to-the-grave nLife-span, from birth to death; one's entire life; from tomb to womb.
Cradle-to-grave adjLife span; lifetime.
Cradle-walk nA walk or avenue with an archway of trees.
Cradle-witted adjHaving the wit or intelligence of a baby or infant. 2. puerile.
Cradling nThe act by which one cradles a child or a person who is extremely ill or injured.
Craft n.Power, strength, force. 2. intellectual power, skill, art, ability in planning and construction. 3. ingenuity, dexterity.
Craft n.Guild, union, syndicate
Craft sfx -craft; in combinations such as handicraft, watercraft, witchcraft.
Craft vbTo construct skillfully. 2. to use crafty devices; to use crafty ways, to act craftily. 3. to exercise one's craft, make a job of it. 5. to make or build skilfully.
Craft beer nA beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery
Craft-brother nA fellow worker in the same trade.
Crafted adjCraftily or cunningly devised. 2. manufactured, made, produce.
Craftedness n.Possessing a handicraft
Crafter nSomeone who participates in a particular handicraft, either as a hobby or in a small business.
Craftful adj.Skillful, dexterous, able.
Craftfulness nQuality of being craftful. 2. skilfulness, cleverness, appitude in a handicraft. 3. artfulness in decieving or overreaching. 4. the idea that making things with your hands makes you feel better, and can offer the same benefits as mindfulness and meditation, yoga, running, playing an instrument or singing.
Craftihood nCraftiness, cunning,
Craftily advIn a crafty manner; slying, surreptitiously.
Craftiness nSkill and cunning in deception and stealth. 2. slyness.
Crafting nCrafting or artful dealing, using crafty or cunning devices.
Craftless adjWithout, unskilled in a craft. 2. without cunning.
Craftlike adjSkilfully, cleverly. 2. in a bad sense: cunningly, artfully, willing
Craftly adjArtificail, skilfull, ingenious, crafty cunningly.
Craftsman n.A person who practices a handicraft; artificier, an artisan.
Craftsmanlike adjResembling or character of a craftsman, artisanal.
Craftsmanship nOne skilled in various forms of handicraft
Craftwork nHandicraft. 2. an item produced by handicraft.
Craftworker nMaker of craft work; handcrafter.
Crafty adj.Strong, weighty, skillful, dexterous, cunning, ingenuous.
Cram vb.To press, squeeze. 2. to fill a space, etc in more than it properly holds by compression. 2. to thrust, force, stuff, crowd. 3. to fed with an excess of food.
Cramdown nA court settlement in bankruptcy in which creditors receive less than they were owed.
Cramfull adjFilled up, crowd-in or crammed-in beyond capacity, (in various senses), such as a sporting or entertainment stadium.
Crammed adjPushed in, crowded or filled up to or beyond the capacity of the thing which contains it.
Crammer nA book used for accelerated study in preparing for exam. 2. a student who is studying hard for an exam. 3. a teacher who assists a student cramming for an exam. 4. a school whose speciality is helping students pass certain exams.
Cramming nIntensive learning aimed at passing a neccessary exam.
Crammy adjCharacterized by crammimg or crowding; affording insufficient space.
Crane n. A large grallatorial bird of the family Gruidae, characterised by very long legs, neck and bill.
Crane vb.To stretch (the neck) like a crane; to lean or bend forwatd with the neck stretched out.
Cranelike nResembling a crane (bird) or some aspect of. 2. resembling a crane (mechanic lifting device) or some aspect of.
Crank nOld English *cranc, implied in crancstæf "a weaver's instrument," crencestre "female weaver, spinster," from Proto-Germanic base *krank-, and related to crincan "to bend, yield" (see crinkle, cringe ). English retains the literal sense of the ancient root, while German and Dutch krank "sick," formerly "weak, small," is a figurative use.
Crankily advCrotchety, cantankerous, perverse.
Crankiness nIrascibility,asperity, ill-will, rancor, harshness, rudeness, churlishness.
Crankness nThe state or quality of being strange, weird, odd or eccentric.
Cranky adjGiven to fretful fussiness. 2. readily angered when opposed.
Crate nOE craet: cart, wagon, chariot.
Crave vb.OE: cratian: to demand, to ask with authority, or by right. 2. to long for, yearn, to need greatly.
Cravenness nThe state of yearning, longing for.
Craving nStrong desire, yearning, great need for.
Cravingly advWith a manner yearning or great need for
Cravingness nThe state or condition of longing for, yearning.
Craw n.The crop of birds or insects. 2. stomach (of man or animals) derisively.
Creed nA Latin borrowing: a system of religious belief; a faith. 2. a formal statement of christian beliefs. 3. a set of beliefs or aims which guides someone's actions.
Creed vbTo believe.
Creedful adjFull of belief.
Creedless adjLacking a creed; not having a creed.
Creedlessness nState of not having a creed.
Creedsman nAn adherent of a creed, or of the same creed.
Creep vb.To move with the body close to the ground, as a reptile, insect, quadruped moving stealthily. 2. to come on slowly by degree. 3. to move timorously, cautiously, or slowly. 4. to grow extending along the ground, as a creeper.
Creep n.A sensation as of creeping thing on ones body. Also phr: 'It gives me the creeps.'
Creep phr"Creep Into" - enter stealthily; sneak in. 2. move with the body close to the ground. 3. to move slowly and cautiously. 4. to move or proceed very slowly.
Creep phr"Creep Someone Out" - give someone an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease.
Creep phr"Creep Up On" - to approach someone quietly, so that the person is surprised unexpectedly.
Creeper nAny plant that grows along the ground, on another plant, up a wall, along a fence.
Creephole nA hole to which an animal may go to avoid danger.
Creepily advIn a creepy manner; grimly, awfully, in a somewhat blood-chilling manner.
Creepiness nSensation or feeling of uneasiness or fear.
Creeping adjThat creeps as a reptile. 2. of the flesh: chilly, shuddering feeling caused by horror or repugnance.
Creepingly advIn a creeping manner.
Creeping thistle nCirsium arvense, a plant native to Europe and Northern Asia, and as an introduced plant elsewhere.
Creep nA term used by a woman to describe an undesirable man. 2.
Creepy adjCharacterized by creeping.
Cress n.Name of various cruciferous plants, having mostly edible leaves of a pungent flavour. 2. as a type something of little worth.
Cresswort nA book name for any plant of the Order: Criciferae.
Crib n.In OE. cryb, cribb: couch, bed, manger; a barrel, receptacle for fodder, manger. 2. the stall or cabin for an ox, manger. 3. a cabin, a hovel or narrow room. 4. bed for a child with barrel sides. 5. a dwelling, house, shop, pub. 6. a wickerwork basket. 7. something cribbed or plagiarized. 8. a petty theft.
Crib vbTo feed in a crib. 2. to shut up in a crib or small compartment. 3. to confine in a small space or narrow limit; to hamper. 4. to lock up in a prison. 5. to live in a crib. 6. to furnish with a crb. 7. to pilfer, purloin, steal, appropraite furtively. 7. to plagiarize; to take (a passage, piece of translation)without acknowledgement and use as one's own. 8. complaint, grumble.
Cribbed adjConfined within narrow spaces or limits.
Cribber nAn occupant of a crib (a young child.) 2. one who appropriates clandestinely.
Cribbing nPetty theft, pilfering. 2. something that is pilfered. 3. provender, provisions.
Crib death nThe sudden and unexpected death of an infant.
Criblike nResembling or characteristic of acrib in some aspect
Crimble vbOE: crimman - to press, compress, to crimb. 2. to shrink, cringe; go shrinking from observation.
Crimp n
Crimping-iron n
Cringe vb.OE: crencan, crencgan: cause to fall, turn; to draw in or contract any part of the body. 2. behave obsequiously to show base or servile deference. 3. recede from ones purpose. 4. to compress, draw together.
Cringeling nA cringing creature.
Cringer nOne who is obsequious or servile.
Cringing nThe action of behaving obsequiously or servility. 2. muscular contraction, slinking.
Cringingly advIn obsequious and servile manner.
Cringingness nHaving a cringing quality. 2. timidity, servility.
Cringe-maker nSomeone who, or that, which makes your feel uncomfortable, or uneasy
Cringe-making nThe act of making something or someone feeling uncomfortable or uneasy.
Cringeworthy adjEmbarrassing, pitiful, uncomfortably, undesireworthy, shameful.
Cringe-worthiness nThe state or quality of being cringe-worthy.
Cringy adjHaving the attribute of cringing.
Crinkle vb.OE: crinclian, frequentative form or stem of OE crincan ('to yield"); to form many short twists or turns; crumple. 2. to emit sharp thin sounds.
Crinkled adjThat has been crinkled.
Crinkleroot nThe pepperwort.
Crinkliness nA crinkly condition.
Crinkling nThe action of the verb "crinkle" - twisting to and fro; crimpling. 3. a thin, sharp sound.
Crinkly adjFull of crinkles.
Crinky adjHaving crinkles, of the nature of crinkles.
Cripple n.OE: crypel: one who is disabled, either from birth or by accident or injury; a lame person.
CripplenA dense thicket in swampy or low-lying ground. 2. a lumberman's term fo a rocky shallow in a stream
Cripple vb.To deprive (wholly or fully) of the use of one's limbs; disable, hobble. 2. impair the action of a person in his resources, efforts, etc, in trade, schemes, strength.
Crippled adjDeprive of the use of one's limbs; disabled.
Crippledom nState, condition or realm of being crippled or severely impaired. 2. collective term for the disabled.
Cripple-hole n.A hole left in the fence, hedge or walls for sheep to creep through.
Crippleness nThe state or quality of being crippled or disabled.
Crippler nOne who crippled.
Crippling adjDisabling, incapacitating, paralyzing, constraining, hindering, impairing, maiming, burdensome.
Crippingly advSo as to cripple or disable.
Cripplish adjSomewhat crippled or disabled.
Crippleware nAn software program that cannot be fully utilized until the user register or, in the case of shareware , purchased the program.
Cripply adjSomewhat crippled or disabled.
Crisp adjOf the hair:curly, frizzy. 2. having a surface or fretted into minute waves, ripple folds or wrinkles. 3. applied to fabrics of a crepe-like texture. 4. smooth, shining, clear. 5. brittle. 6. crisp snow. 7. short, sharp, brisk, decided in manner. 8. clean, neat, clearly defined.
Crisp phr"Burn Something to a Crisp" - burn completely.
Crispbread nA Nordic style dry biscuit.
Crisped adjOf hair: closely and stiffly curled. 2. having surface curled into minute waves, or folds. 3. crisple, brittle.
Crispen vbMade crisp, curly, wavy.
Crisper nOne who or that which crisps or curls: spec. an instruments for frizzy or crisping hair. 3. a container in a fridge.
Crisping adjFirm, but easily broken or crumbled. 2. brittle, fragile, frangible. 3. bracing, invigorating.
Crisping adjCrisping, curling, frizzing.
Crispish adjSomewhat
Crispness nThe state of being crispy.
Crispy adjCurly, crisping, undulated.
Crock n.OE: croc, crocca, an earthen pot, jar, a metal pot. 2. a broken piece of earthenware. 3. a sick weak or emaciated beast; an old ewe past bearing; a broken down horse.
Crock phr"Crock of Gold" - a large but distant or imaginary reward.
Crocked adjOld, broken-down, decrepit person or thing.
CrockernA potter; maker of earthenware pots.
Crock of Gold n(Pot of Gold) - a large but distant or imaginary reward.
Crock pot nA slow cooker, used for simmering food at a very low temperature.
Croft n.A piece of enclosed ground, used for tillage or pasture. 2. a small piece of arable land attached to a house. 3. a small agricultural holding worked by a peasant, esp. in the Highlands of Scotland.
Croftdom nThe life of those living on, and working small agricultural holdings.
Crofter nOne who rents and farms a croft.
Crofting nThe state of being successively cropped; that which is cropped in this way. 3. practice or system of croft-tenancy. 4. the holding as a crofter.
Croftland nLand of superior quality, which according to the old mode of farming was still-crofted.
Croh nOE: a small vessel, pitcher, water-pot, crockpot.
Cromb n.A hook, crook. In early use , also a talon, claw. 2. also crome: a stick with a hook at the end of it, to pull the boughs of a tree. 3. the drawing of weeds out of a ditches.
Cromb vbTo seize or draw with a crook, hook, cromb.
Crook nOE:. 2. hook, herd,????
Crop n.A pouch like enlargement in the oesophagus or gullet of many birds, from which food is prepared for digestion; the craw. 2. head of a herb, flower, tree, etc. 3. the annual produce of plants grown or gathered for food; the produce of some particular plant in one season or locality. O.E. cropp "bird's craw," also "head or top of a plant, sprout or herb." Meaning of "harvest product" is c.1300, probably through verb meaning "cut off the top of a plant" (early 13c.). The general meaning of "to cut off" is early 15c. See stonecrop.
Crop phr"Crop Out" - to appear above the surface, as a seam of coal. 2. to come to light; to be manifest, to appear.
Crop phr"Crop Up" - to sprout, spring up, appear, suddenly.
Crop phr"Crop and Neck" - completely; altogether.
Crop-duster nAn aircraft built or converted for use in agricultural spraying of pesticides and fertilizers.
Crop dusting nThe act of agricultural spraying of spraying and fertilizers.
Cropfull adjCrop or stomach filled, filled to repletion.
Cropland nArable, fertile land.
Cropless adjWithout, lacking or having no crops.
Croplike adjResembling or characteristic of crops grown for food.
Cropper nA person who nurtures and harvests a crop. 2. a machine for cropping. 3. a tenant-farmer with a small agricultural holding.
Croppy adjOf hair cut short.
Cropsick adjA bird having a sickness or disease of the crop or craw.
Croptop nA short hair style.
Cross n.Late OE. a borrowing from Latin - a kind of gibbet, a stake with a transverse bar, on which anciently criminals were put to death. 2. The holy Rood (late OE.) 3. in place names, such as Crosby.
Cross phr"Cross My Heart" - said to show that what you just said or promised is completely true or sincere.
Cross phr"Cross Ones Fingers" - wish or hope for luck by crossing the fingers of one hand.
Cross phr"Cross Out" - put a line through, cancel, call out.
Cross phr"Cross Over" - a point or place of crossing from one side to another. 2. the process of achieving success in a different field or style, esp. in pop music. 3. go over, span, transverse, connect,bridge.
Cross phr"Cross Someone Path" - to meet, or come across; hap upon.
Cross phr"Cross the Floor" - vote against one's own political party in parliament.
Cross phr"Cross the Line" (crossing the line) - to cross the Equator, as a vessel at sea. 2. to go beyond a boundary, line, limit. 3. to do something unacceptable.
Cross phr"Cross Someone's Path" - to meet or thwart s person.
Cross phr"Cross Swords" - fight a duel.
Cross phr"Everyone Must Bear His Own Cross" - everyone must carry his own burden or troubles.
Cross-beam nA transverse beam.
Cross bedding n(In geology) layering within one or more beds in a series of rock strata that does not run parallel to the plane of stratification.
Cross-bench n Usually plural; a seat in Parliament occupied by a neutral or independent member
Cross-bencher nOne who occupies the cross-bench in a parliament.
Cross-birth nA birth in which the foetus is positioned with the head and the feet lying in the direction of the birth canal.
Cross-biting nCheating.
Cross body nIn wrestling a move in which the wrestler jumps onto his opponent and land horizontally across the opponents torso, forcing them to the mat.
Cross-bones nSkull and cross-bones - representation of a skull with thigh bones crossed below it as an emblem of piracy or death.
Crossbow nA medieval bow.
Crossbreed nA breed of animals or plants produced by crossing. 2. an individual animal or plant of a crossbreed.
Cross-dressing nThe practice of wearing the clothes of the opposite sex.
Cross-eyed adjHaving one or both eyes turned permanent towards the nose.
Cross-fingers nThe crossing of fingers as a sign of hope for future good luck.
Crossfire nfiring in two crossing directions at the same time.
Crossfish nA kind of starfish.
Cross foster vbTo remove an offspring from its biological mother to be reared by another, esp. so as to equalize the number in a litter.
Cross-fostering nThe technique used in animal husbandry in removing an offspring from its biological mother to be reared by another, esp. so as to equalize the number in a litter.
Crosshair(s) nFine wire at the top of the focus of an optical instrument for use in measurement etc.
Cross-hatch vbTo shade with intersecting sets of parallel lines.
Cross hatching nShade with intersecting sets of parallel lines.
Crosshead nA bar between the piston rod and the connecting rod in a steam engine.
Crossheading nA heading to a paragraph printed across a column in the body of an article in a newspaper etc.
Crossing nA voyage across a body of water (usually across an Ocean). 2. crossing the act of mixing different species or varieties of animals or plants and thus to produce hybrids. 3. crossing a path (often marked) where something (as a street) can be crossed to get from one side to the other. 4. crossing a junction where one street or road crosses another. 5. crossing a point where two lines (paths etc.) intersect. 6. crossing a shallow area in a stream that can be forded.
Crossmatch vbTo test the compatibility of (a donor's and recipient's blood or tissue).
Crossmatching nThe testing of the compatibilty of (a donor's and recipient blood or tissue).
Crossness nAngriness
Crossover nA point or place of crossing from one side to another. 2. the process of achieving success in a different field or style, esp. in pop music.
Cross-play nAn activity in which a person dresses up as a character of a different gender.
Cross-reading nThe reading of the lines of a newspaper directly across the page, instead of down the columns thus producing a ludicrous combination of ideas.
Cross-sea nA sea state in two wave systems traveling at oblique angles.
Cross-sell nThe process of selling or suggesting relating or complimentary to a prospect or customer.
Cross-shaped adjOf the form of a cross.
Cross talk nConversation that is incidental to the topic discussed.
Cross talk vbTo hold an incidental conversation.
Crosstown adjExtending across a city or town.
Crosstree nHorizontal timbers at the top of a lower mast, supporting the top mast.
Crosswalk nA pedestrian crossing.
Crossway nA road that crosses a main road or joins two roads.
Crosssways advCrosswise.
Crosswind nA wind blowing across one's direction of travel.
Crosswise advIn the form of a cross; intersecting.
Crossword nA puzzle of a grid with squares and blanks into which words crossing vertically and horizontally have to be filled from clues.
Cross words nAngry words; words spoken in anger.
Crosswort nA name applied to several plants, including Crucianella stylosa, Crucianella laevipes, and Lysimachia quadrifolia.
Crouch nOE cruc: cross. (crouch; to bend down is from Old Norse.
Crow n.A black carrion-eating bird of the genus Corvus 2. southern constellation "Corvus" - The Raven, as 'towards the horizon are distinguished the Balance, the Crow and the Cup.'
Crow vb.To utter the loud cry of a crow. of persons, to utter an inarticulate sound of joy or exultation, as an infant. 2. to exult loudly, boast, swagger. 3. to utter a loud cry of a rooster.
Crow phr"As the Crow Flies" - in a direct line, without any detour.
Crow phr"Crow Over (one)" - to triumph over a vanquished or abased person.
Crow phr"Eat Crow" - to force to do something extremely disrespectful and humiliating.
Crow phr"Go the Early Crow" - to count one's chickens before they hatch.
Crow phr"Have a Crow to Pluck With" - to have an explanation or account to demand from.
Crowbells nA name for the daffodil.
Crowberry n.The fruit of Empctum nigrum a heath-like shrub, bearing a black berry; the cranberry.
Crowbill n.Forceps for extracting bullets from wounds
Crowd nA group of people congregated or collected into a close body witho‎ut order. 2. several things collected or closely pressed together; also, some things adjacent to each other. 3. the so-called lower orders of people; the populace, vulgar; the crowd. 4. a group of people united or at least characterized by a common interest
Crowd vbOE: crudan - to push, push forward, press 2. crowd to gather together in large numbers 2. to cause to herd, drive, or crowd together. 3. to approach a certain age or speed. 4. to fill or occupy to the point of overflowing
Crowd phr"Crowd Out" - exclude by crowding.
Crowd phr"Crowd Up" - to come together to form a crowd. 2. of or concerning a crowd.
Crowd-drawing adjDrawing a large number of people to come and watch an event.
Crowded adjFull of people, pressed in, thronged, gathered.
Crowdedly advIn a crowded or pushing throng or manner.
Crowdedness nThe state or quality of being crowded.
Crowder nOne who crowds or pushes.
Crowding nThe state of crowding or pressing together closely; thronging.
Crowdlike adjResembling or characteristic of a crowd.
Crowd-mind n"Crowds and the crowd-mind have gone forever"
Crowd-puller nA person, object, event etc., that attracts a large audience.
Crowd-pulling adjThe act or process of attracting a large audience.
Crowdy adjOf of concerning a crowd. 2. somewhat crowded or thronged.
Croweater nA nickname for an inhabitant of the Australian state of South Australia.
Crowfoot nThe ranunculus or buttercup.
Crowing nThe action or sound of a crow.
Crow-iron n.Crowbar
Crowish adjPertaining to a crow; crowlike.
Crowke nPitcher, jug.
Crow-keeper n.One who guard cornfields from crows and rooks; a scarecrow.
Crow-leek n.The wild hyacinth (Scilla nutans)
Crowlike adjResembling, characteristic of a crow.
Crow needle nUmbelliferous, 'Sandix Pecten'
Crow's foot na wrinkle at the outer corner of a person's eyes.
Crow's nest nA fortress placed on a height or hill.
Crowsoap nThe soapwort, 'Saponica oficinialis'
Crowstone nThe top stone on the cable of a house.
Crow-tread vbTo tread (a fowl) as crows or rooks were supposed to do. 2. to subject to ignominious treatment.
Crow trodden adjMarked with crow's feet or wrinkles about the eye.
Crud nDialect form of curd.
Crudwort nName of the Yellow Bedstraw or cheese-benet, 'gallium verum.'
Crumb n.A small particle (of anything); a small particle of bread; a small piece of earth, including ploughed earth; a grain, as of dust. 2. a scrap of s.t. immaterial. 3. the soft part of the bread as opposed to the crust.
Crumb vbTo break down into crumbs or small fragments. 2. to reduce to crumbs. 3. to crumble, fall into crumbs. 4. to put crumbs on or over. 5. to thicken or cover with crumbs.
Crumb phrTo Gather (or pick up) One's Crumbs: to pick up or recover strength gradually. 2. to improve one's health gradually; get better.
Crumb cloth nA cloth laid under a dining table tocatch falling fragments and to keep the floor and carpet clean.
Crumbily advIn a crumbing manner.
Crumbiness nThe state or condition of falling apart; disintegration
Crumbing n Material that has fallen away; crumble away or disintegrated.
Crumble nSmall crumbs; tiny crumbs of anything friable; particle of dust. 2. crumbly substance, crumbly consistency, fine debris. 3. food such as bread or a mixture of flour that is in the form of crumbs.
Crumble vbTo fall aprt; disintegrate. 2. to render into crumbs.
Crumbled adjReduced to minute fragments, pulverized, disintegrated.
Crumbleness nThe quality of being crumbly.
Crumbless adjWithout crumbs, like crumbless bread.
Crumbling adjDecaying, breaking up, disintegrating, collapsing, wearing out, waning.
Crumbly adjEasy broken int pieces or fragments.
Crumbs nExpressing dismay or surprise
Crumby adjResembling, covered or coated in crumbs; also spelt 'crummy'.
Crumminess nState of being crummy.
Crummy adjDirty, filthy, squalid, inferior, worthless.
Crump vb.To curl up, bend into a curve.
Crutch n.A staff for a lame or a person with an infirmity to lean on for walking. 2. (transfig & fig.) a support or prop to lean on. 3. the area of the body where the legs fork from a trunk.
Crutch vbTo support (on a crutch), prop-up. 2. to shear or dag, the wool from the crutch or hindquarters of sheep.
Crutched adjSupported of a sustain by a crutch (lit & fig.)
Crutchlike adjResembling, like or chracteristic of a crutch.
Crystal nA borrowing late OE: cristal, a borrowing from Latin: clear, ice, mineral, the mineral has been so-called since OE times and regarded by the ancients as fossilized ice
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