Old EnglishsbEnglish
Cymbal nLatin borrowing into OE: a musical instrument consisting of a concave brass or bronze plate or with a stick etc to make a ringing sound, or struck with another a musical instrument.
Cyne nOE: royal, kingly
Cynebold adjRoyally bold, very brave.
Cyneboot nCynebote, kingbote: compensation paid to the people for the murder of the king; king's wergeld.
Cyneborn adjOE: royally born.
Cynebote nCyneboot, a compensation for the murder of a king.
Cynedom nKingdom.
Cynegild nA king's compensation.
Cynehelm nThrone, realm.
Cyningeswick nA stately abode, dwelling, etc.
Cyningeswyrt nMajoram; queenwort.
Cynekin nRoyal pedigree or family.
Cyneright nRoyal prerogative.
Cynestreet nA Public highway.
Cyneweed nRoyal robes.
Cynewise nRoyal state; kingdom, commonwealth.
Cyneword nA fitting word.
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