Old EnglishsbEnglish
Do nA wild, noisy party, a bash. 2. deed, act, fear. 3. a swindle, scam, rip-off scheme.
Do vbTo put, place. 2. to proceed, go. 3. to apply, employ, layout, extend. 4. to settle, invest. 5. bestow, impart, grant, bring upon (a person, etc.) some affecting quality or condition, notion of performance, to cause to befall or come. 6. to render, administer, pay, extend, to fetch, accomplish, effect. 7. to execute, achieve, carry out, bring to past. 8. to commit, perpetrate (sin, crime). 9. celebrate, function, cause to function. 10. to execute, discahrge, deliver, manage. 11. to put forth, exert, use, endeavor in affecting something. 12. to do one's best. 13. to produce, make, bring into existence by one's action. 14. to do work upon, prepare, repair, clean, keep in order, furnish, attend to. 15. to prepare food. 16. to work out of, review, depict. 17. to act, enact, play the part of. 18. to finish up, exhaust, undo, ruin. 18. beat up, finish off, kill. 19. to oax, swindle, scam, catfish. 20. to accomplish a distance, travel at a certain speed. 21. go as a tourist, 'do france'. 22. to translate, render into another language, or form of composition; as ' this work will shortly be done into Latin'; 'not translated but done out of French '. 23. to be brought about, come to pass. 24. to be put forth into activity; exert authority. 25. to perform deeds, exert oneself oneself to work. 26. to continue, manage, live on.
Do phr"Anything Doing" - is anything happening?
Do phr"Could Do With" - need.
Do phr"Do a Somebody" - behave as a named person would do, as 'do a General MacArthur'
Do phr"Do As" - serve in place of, as a substitute for.
Do phr"Do As I Say, Not As I Do" - obey and follow my instructions and advice, not my actions.
Do phr"Do a Slow Burn" - to experience a gradual increasing feeling of anger and/or frustration.
Do phr"Do As You Would Be Done by" - treat others as you would like or hope to be treated by them
Do phr"Do Away With" - dispose of, abolish, get rid of. 2. kill; destroy.
Do phr"Do Better to Do Something" - do better or succeed by sticking closely to plan; or by not doing something done by someone else. 2. gain advantage by doing something specified instead of doing something else already, or about to be, mentioned.
Do phr"Do Bird" - serve a prison term.
Do phr"Do Business With" - interact or deal with in various senses of the word.
Do phr"Do By" - act towards.
Do phr"Do Down" - cheat, swindle, get the better of, overcome. 2. try to make somebody or something small, mean , unimportant.
Do phr"Do For" - be satisfactory or sufficient. 2. keep house for, clean and keep a house tidy for. 3. manage to obtain. 4. as in such a way that somebody is harmed, ruined or killed.
Do phr"Do Good" - act with sincerity, virtue and good intentions towards others; especially in promoting and supporting social reform and benevolence.
Do phr"Do Good By Stealth" - quietly and assumingly work at improving the fortune, circumstance, life of others, either to avoid praise or as the best method to achieve the best outcome.
Do phr"Do I Understand" - is it true that? 2. do I gather? 3. in this the case?
Do phr"Do in the Eye" - to swindle.
Do phr"Do Into" - translate, as 'this work shall shortly be done into Latin'.
Do phr"Do It Yourself" - do handyman work around one's house, rather than engaging the services of a tradesman.
Do phr"Do More Harm than Good" - get an outcome more bad than good (or beneficial).
Do phr"Do No Good" - not be effective or useful in bringing about any purpose.
Do phr"Do No Harm" - have no bad effect, or result, and possibly have a good or useful one.
Do phr"Do No More Than do" - be sufficient or adequate. 2. only meet a particular need or purpose.
Do phr"Do Nothing For" - detract from the look, appearance of, or quality of.
Do phr"Don't I Know It" - an added comment to the effect that somebody is very well aware of something mentioned.
Do phr"Do Off" - to put out of, deprive, rid of.
Do phr"Do On" - put on, or don, clothes.
Do phr"Do One's Best" - do all or everything one can. 2. have good intentions, be conscientious, hard-working, anxious to please.
Do phr"Do One's Bit" - make a useful or worthwhile contribution to an communal effort.
Do phr"Do Oneself a Bit of No Good" - fail, lose, suffer harm or misfortune by one's own lack of judgement.
Do phr"Do One's Homework" - prepare oneself diligently to ensure one knows all the facts and possibilities, before facing examinations or engaged in an enterprise.
Do phr"Do One's Nut" - get into a state of alarm or consternation. 2. lose one's temper. self-control; blow's one's top.
Do phr"Do One's Own Thing" - allow one's natural abilities, tastes, interests, feelings etc to guide one's way of life, work, past times or behavior (the implication being that self-expression is as desirable end in itself).
Do phr"Do One's Thing" - perform in a way commonly associated with one; go into one's act routine.
Do phr"Do One's Worst" - be difficult, unpleasant, harmful as possible.
Do phr"Do or Die" - resolve, make a determined or desperate, attempt to do something (the outcome of failure not necessary being death).
Do phr"Do Out " - clean, refurbish a room or house; to decorate, tidy, clean.. 2. make tidily or orderly by removing unwanted clothes, papers, toys etc.
Do phrDo Out of" - translated, as in 'not translated but done out of French'. 2. trick out of something, cheat, con out of.
Do phr"Do Over" - beat up, assault, thrash. 2. clean or redecorate the surfaces of a house, wall, cooker etc. 3. repeat, do again.
Do phr"Do's and Don'ts" - instructions; detailed guidance.
Do phr"Do (Somebody)In" - (slang) kill somebody or oneself.
Do phrDo Someone's Head In" - make someone feel annoyed, confused or frustrated.
Do phr"Do Someone/Somebody Proud" -treat somebody well.
Do phr"Do Something For" - enhance the look off. 2. help or assist.
Do phr"Do Something (or somebody) Good" - do something beneficial to improve the lot of others.
Do phr"Do Something to" - excite, stir somebody's feelings; concern, disturb.
Do phr"Do The Deed" - do something daring and bold, courageous, dangerous; or risky.
Do phr"Do The Hard Yards" - work hard and make the effort needed for success, but often unobtrusively.
Do phr"Do The Needful" - do some task or take some action, that is expected or required.
Do phr"Do The Rest" - complete a job or process, especially one begun by something.
Do phr"Do The Right Thing" - do what is ethical or just. 2. act wisely, prudently.
Do phr"Do The Spadework" - perform the (hard) tasks that are a necessary preliminary to the success of a project.
Do phr"Do the World of Good" - be very beneficial to somebody, especially to their health, good spirits, morale.
Do phr"Do Time" - serve prison time.
Do phr"Do To Death" - to do something slowly and frequently. 2. to execute, kill.
Do phr"Do Unto Others, As You Would Have Them Do To You" - do as you would be done by; treat others as you would like them to treat you.
Do phr"Do Up" - to tie, wrap, fasten or lace up; bundle up; parcel up. 2. renovate, modernize, refurbish.
Do phr"Do Well by" - treat somebody kindly or generously.
Do phr"Do Well, By Doing Good" - to achieve social acceptance and success as a result of behaving in a benevolent or charitable way.
Do phr"Do Well for" - have a good supply of, and obtain a large amount of something.
Do phr"Do Well for Oneself" - succeed, prosper, thrive, improve one's social standing.
Do phr"Do Well Out Of" - get advantage from, profit by.
Do phr"Do Well to Do Something" - be advised to, find it in one's own interests, to remember to do something.
Do phr"Do What One Is Told" - obey orders; be obedient to one's parents, superiors, especially at work.
Do phr"Do With" - need, want.
Do phr"Do Without" - manage, exist, function without something; get by with what one has. 2. go without. 3. not require and resent having.
Do phr"Do Without So-and-So" - to deny oneself something; to manage without it.
Do phr"Do Wonders" - be extraordinary succesful in achieving something. 2. work a miracle; produce some outstanding result.
Do phr"Do You Know?" - a comment, exclamation, introducing a statement.
Do phr"Do You Know Who I Am?" - uttered by a self absorbent person who feels they are being wronged by someone in a particular situation.
Do phr"Do You Mind?" - an expression of objection, often aggressive, to something occurring. 2. a ccording to the context it could be a demand 'get out of my way'.
Do phr"Do Out" - to decorate, tidy, clean.
Do phr"Have No Further Connection With" - have relevance, or be associated with.
Do phr"It Isn't Done" - it is socially unacceptable.
Do phr"Not Do Anything by Halves" - do anything engaged in completely and thoroughly. 2. extend oneself to one's limit in one activities, emotions.
Do phr"That Will Do" - that is enough.
Do phr"To Make Do" - get along or manage with what is at hand.
Do phr"What Do With" - where did you put , lose, hide something etc. 2. how shall we handle or treat this matter.
Do phr"What To Do with Oneself" - how should one occupy one's time; give meaning to one's existence.
Do phr"You Do That!" - you carry on (I don't care).
Do-all n.Factotum
Dock nName of variety of species of the genus Rumex (N.O. Polygonacea)
Do-do n(sl)The excrement of dogs.
Doe nFemale of the fallow deer, applied to the female of other similar species, as the female of the hare or rabbit, sometimes of the rat.
Doe-buck nMale deer
Doe-eyed adjHaving large, gentle dark eyes (of a woman).
Doe-like adjResembling a doe or some aspect of one, submissively tender.
Doe-ling nA female domestic goat of less than one year old.
Doer nOne who does, one who performs, some act or deed, e.g. the rat. 2. in combination, a 'hard-doer' an eccentric character; hard-case.
Does phr"Does Anyone Here Speak English"
Doeth vbArchaic form of do.
Doe-skin nSkin of a doe; leather made from the skin of a doe.
Doff vbTo put off or take off from the body (clothing, hat, etc.)other by way of salutation, or token of respect. 2. to raise one's hat to a person. 3. to undress oneself, strip. 4. to throw away, lay aside; hence, in a broader sense - to do away with, get rid of. 5. to turn aside, put off with excuse.
Doffer nOne who doffs.
Doffing nThe action of the verb 'to doff'. 2. the putting or taking off of clothing.
Dog nOld English docga, a late, rare OE word used of a powerful breed of canine. It forced out Old English hund (the general Germanic and Indo-European word canine) by 16c. and subsequently was picked up in many continental languages (French dogue (16c.), Danish dogge), but the origin remains one of the great mysteries of English etymology.
Dog nA name given to various atmospheric appearances, a luminous appearance on the horizon, such as 'fog-dog, sea-dog, sun-dog, (parhelion: luminous appearance near the sun), water-dog (a small, dark, floating cloud indicating rain).
Dog vbFollow closely and persistently; pursue, track, follow. 2.
Dog phr'A Black Dog has Walked Over Him" - said of a sullen or morose.
Dog phr"A Dead Dog" - something utterly worthless.
Dog phr"A Dirty Dog" -one morally depraved.
Dog phr"A Good Bone Never Falls to a Good Dog" - reward reward is always in the inverse ratio of the duties done.
Dog phr"All the Dogs are Barking" - this news is being widely disseminated.
Dog phr"Any Stick to Beat a Dog" - any excuse will do if it serves one's purpose.
Dog phr"Be an Old Dog" - inveterate, experienced.
Dog phr"Be in the Dog House" - to be in the disgrace.
Dog phr"Call off the Dogs" - to desist from some pursuit or inquiry; end the search. 2. to break up a disagreeable conversation.
Dog phr"Die Like a Dog" - die miserably or shamefully.
Dog vb"Dog ear" - to damage or disfigure by turning or folding over the corner of a page.
Dog phr"Dog Eat Dog" - ruthless competition that takes no account of loyalties or fellow-feeling.
Dog phr"Dog It" - be idle, shirk, approach lazily.
Dog phr"Dog It Was That Died" - somebody has become a victim of their own attempt to harm another.
Dog phr"Dog Of God" - the bear, according to the folk of Lapland.
Dog phr"Dog of War" - the havoc, horror accompanying war: fire,sword, famine.
Dog phr"Dog One's Steps" - be something that someone can never escape from, as bad luck, misfortune, unhappiness, sickness.
Dog phr"Don't Keep a Dog and Bark Yourself" - do not employ someone to do a job and then do it yourself.
Dog phr"Don't Wake a Sleeping Dog" - let sleeping dogs lie.
Dog phr"Every dog Has Its Day" - good luck comes sooner or later.
Dog phr"Go To the Dogs" - deteriorate, be spoiled, upset, ruined.
Dog phr"Hair of the Dog that Bites You" - to drink more in an attempt to overcome the effects of alcohol already consumed.
Dog phr"He Who Has the Mind to Beat His Dog Will Easily Find a Stick"-if you wish to abuse a person, you will easily find something to blame.
Dog phr"In a Dog eat Dog World" - ruthlessly contemptible attitude.
Dog phr"It Was the Tale of the Dog and His Shadow"- one who can't separate the substance from the shadow.
Dog phr"Lead a Dog's Life" - life of misery and subservience.
Dog phr"Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" - to do disturb a situation that is finally calm after being troubled.
Dog phr "Like a Dog's Breakfast" - a great mess.
Dog phr"Like a Dog in the Hunt" - persistent, relentless.
Dog phr"Like a Dog With a Bone" - stubborn, persistent, relentlessly.
Dog phr"Like a Dog with Two Tails' - very ecstatic; very happy.
Dog phr"Live a Dog's Life" - a way of life in which there is not much pleasure or freedom or one must follow the orders of others.
Dog phr"Love Me, Love My Dog" - if you love someone, you will love everything about him.
Dog phr"Not Throw A Word at a Dog" - said of a person who is sulky and sullen.
Dog phr"Put On the Dog" - act or assume airs; with airs; pretentious.
Dog phr"Rain Cats and Dog" - rain heavily.
Dog phr"Sick as a Dog" - very sick.
Dog phr"That Dog Won't Hunt" - that idea or plan will not work; that is an inadequate explanation or proposition; synonyms 'that cock won't fight' or 'that old dog won't hunt'
Dog phr"There's Life in the Old Dog Yet" - I may be elderly, but I'm stive active and alert.
Dog phr"The Tail Wagging the Dog" - a minor aspect with disaproportionate effect on a major aspect.
Dog phr"Throw it to the Dogs" - throw it away, it is useless and worthless.
Dog phr"Throw somebody to the Dogs" - condemn somebody to an unpleasant fate.
Dog phr"Two Men and a Dog" - very few people.
Dog phr"Why Keep a Dog and Bark Too"- it is silllytopay for assistance andthen do things personally.
Dog phr"Work Like A Dog" - work very hard for little reward.
Dog and bone nRhyming slang for phone.
Dog-ape nA baboon or similar.
Dogbane nAny of the genus Apocynun.
Dogberry nThe fruit of the dogwood.
Dog-bite nThe bite of a dog.
Dog-bitten adjBitten bu a dog.
Dogbreath nA very bad breath; halitosis.
Dog-bright adjBright-spotted caused by the refraction of sunlight through ice-crystal, sometimes seen on the parhelic circle.
Dog cart nA cart hauled by one or more dog.
Dog days nThe time around the helical sing of the Dog-star in late July to mid August in the northern hemisphere. 2. an evil time; a time in which malignant influences prevail.
Dogdom nThe domain of dogs; the dog collectively; doghood.
Dog-eared adjWith the corners worn or battered with use.
Dog-eat-dog adjRuthlessly competitive.
Dog end nA cigarette end or butt.
Dog-eyed adjAn opprobrious epithet meaning shameless; bitch-eyed. 2. of a woman: having large gentle dark eyes.
Dog fight nClose combat between jet fighters. 2. uproar; a fight like that between dogs.
Dog fighting nA type of blood sport generally defined as opposing two game dogs against one another in a ring or pit for entertainment.
Dog food nFood eaten by or appropriate two dogs in general. 2. food for domesticated dogs. 3. computer software (beta) that is tested on the developer's own computers. 4. slang for death and dead.
Dogfully adjIn ways worthy of, or befitting a dog: courage and persistence.
Dogged adjLike a dog, having the character or having some good (or bad) characteristic of a do. 2. having bad qualities of a dog: currish, ill-conditioned, malicious, crabbed, spiteful, cruel. 3. of things - awkward, crabbed or difficult in dealig with, ill-tempered, surly, sullen, morose, obstinate. 4. having the persistency or tenacity of various breeds of dog.
Doggedly advLike a dog in appearance and manner. 2. currishly, surly, with sullen obstinacy. 3. persistent, full-of-effort, stubbornly tenacious, determined..
Doggedness nThe quality or state of being dogged: tenacious, obstinate, persistent; spiteful, malicious, sullen.
Dogger nOne who hunts dingoes for a bounty, bounty-hunter.
Doggily advIn a doggy manner; like a dog.
DogginessnThe quality of being like a dog, doggy; canine.
Dogging nThe direction of cranes on a building. 2. the action or act of being persistently tenacious.
Doggish adjOf the nature of, pertaining to or resembling a dog, canine. 2. having or indication a dog-like disposition and character, currish, malicious, spiteful, ill-natured, snappish, snarling,. cynical. 3. brutish, bestial, sensual.
Doggishly advIn a doggish manner.
Doggishness nThe state or quality of being doggish.
Doggy adjHaving the bad qualities of a dog: malicious, spiteful, vile, contemptible, debased, corrupt. 2. of or pertaining to the characteristics of a dog: canine. 3. having the good qualities of a dog: dashing, stylish, smart, loyal and faithful. 4. a dog, especially a small one. 5. a child's term or affectionate name for a dog.
Dog-handler nA person who is in charge of a dog; esp. a police dog.
Dog-handling nThe training of dogs, for various tasks.
Dogheaded adjOf mythical creatures having the head of a dog, but the body of an other animal; as an ape-dog.
Dog-headedness nOf a human having the head resembling that of a dog.
Dog-hearted adjUnkind, vicious, aggressive. 2. loyahy., faithful, trustworthy
Dog-hole nA hole fit only for a dog; a slum, hovel, vile or mean dwelling,
Doghood nCondition or nature of a dog. 2. the race of dogs; dogs as a species. 3. dogs collectively; dogdom.
Doghouse nA kennel.
Doghouse phr"In the Doghouse" - in disgrace, out of favour.
Dogkind nThe race of dogs, dogs collectively. See: dogdom, doghood.
Dog-leech nA veterinary surgeon who heals dogs. 2. pejoratively: an ignorant, medical practitioner.
Dogless adjWithout or devoid of dogs.
Doglessly advIn a manner or state where there is an absence of dogs.
Dog-lessness nThe state or quality of not having dogs.
Doglike adjLike, resembling or in the manner of dogs.
Dogling nA pup.
Doglore nFolklore relating to dogs.
Dog-madness nDistemper.
Dog ('s) meat nFood prepared from horse meat or scraps of offal. 2. offal, carrion.
Dog ('s) meat phr"To make Dogs Meat Of Someone' - to kill and throw to the dogs (lit & fig.)
Do-good nOne who, or that which, does good or is of use.
Do-gooder nA well meaning, active, but unrealistic philanthropist or reformer who tries to do good, but often fails to achieve any real success.
Do-goody adjWell-meaning, but unrealistic and ineffectual.
Dog's bane nA name given to various plants (Apocynum and Rosaemifolium) said to be harmful and poisonous to dogs
Dogsbody nA junior person, esp. one to whom a variety of menail tasks are given. 2. a drudge, a general utility person; a lackey.
Dog's breakfast nA confused mess.
Dog's ear nCorner of a leaf of a book, etc. turned over like a dog's ear by constant or careless use, or to serve as a book mark.
Dogship nThe personality or nature of a dog.
Dog sick adjVery unwell, sick as a dog.
Dogsit vbTo take care of a dog (after babysit).
Dog sitter nOne who takes care of dogs for a loving.
Dogskin nLeather made of or imitating dog's skin; used for gloves.
Dog sleep nFeigned, pretended sleep; a light, easily interrupted, fitful sleep.
Dog's life nA miserable; unhappy existence. 2. a life of indolence where the individual may do as he or she pleases, like a pampered dog.
Dog slow adjVery slow.
Dog's meat nHorse or other flesh as food for dogs; carrion.
Dog Star nA bluish-white star in the constellation Canis Major; Alpha (α) Canis Majoris. A vertex of the Winter Triangle and the brightest star in the night sky. It is actually a binary star with a white dwarf.
Dog time nA long time
Dog-tired adjExhausted, tired out after a long chore; dog weary.
Dog tooth nCanine tooth or eye-tooth.
Dog walker nOne who takes care of dogs for a living, especially waling them.
Dog-wash nA place where dogs are washed and groomed.
Dog watch nOn board a ship, either of the two hour watches that takes place between 4pm and 8pm. 2. a night shift, or an other or earlier period of duty.
Dog weary adjExtremely tired and weary; exhausted.
Dog-whisperer nThe understanding and raising of a dog.
Dog-whistle nA high-pitched whistle, inaudible to humans, used to train dogs. 2. that which is only understood only by a narrow demographic. 3. an allusion or a subtly aimed comment made by a politician with the intent that only a certain demographic note it and recognize its significance.
Dog wise advIn the manner of a dog.
Dogwood nThe Wild Cornel or Cornus sanguinea.
Dog year nA period of time (informal) in the life of dogs, defined such that the average life expectancy of a dog in "dog years" is numerically equivalent to the average life expectancy of a human. A 4- and a 5-year-old dog are about as mature as a human of 28 to 30 years and 33 to 35 years, respectively. 2. unit of age relative to the species being considered, defined such that an animal's age in "dog years" is the equivalent age of a dog in calendar years. 3. very long time.
Doing nThat which is done, a deed, action, performance, transaction, preceding, a piece of business. 2. beating up, thrashing, scolding. 3. a severe financial or monetary loss. 4. copulation, sexual intercourse. 6. lace trimmings, ornaments. 7. applied to any concomitant, adjunct or etcetera; or anything about or to be wanted.
Doing adjThat does, acts, performs. 2. actively engaged or occupied, busy, energetic.
Doing phr"Up and Doing" - enegetic.
Doing phr"What are you Doing" - used to ask what one who is taking part in the conversation is currently doing.
Do-It-Yourself adjThe action or practice of doing work of any kind by oneself, esp. one's own household repairs and maintenance, as opposed to employing someone else to do it.
Do-It-Yourselfer nOne who carries out his own household maintenance and repairs.
Doke n.A small hollow, dimple, depression, dalk, dawk
Dole n.State of being divided, part of a division of a whole portion, dealing. 2. money or goods given as charity. 3. distribution, dealing, apportionment. 4. payment by the state to the unemployed. 5. a boundary or a landmark.
Dole vbTo distribute or share out in a small amount or meager portion.
Dole phr"Dole Out" - distribute; serve grudgingly in portions
Dole phr"Dn the Dole" - receive benefits from the state.
Dolk n.Wound, scar, gash, dint
Dolt n.Dullard, Stupid fellow, blockhead
Dolven pplPast particle of 'delve.'
Dom sfxFrom Middle English -dom, from Old English -dōm ‎(“-dom: state, condition, power, dominion, authority, property, right, office, quality”, suffix). Forming nouns denoting the condition or state of the suffixed word, as boredom, freedom, martyrdom, stardom

2. forming nouns denoting the domain or jurisdiction of the suffixed word, as folkdom, kingdom, Saxondom. 3. forming nouns — usually nonce words — denoting the set of all examples of the suffixed word, as catdom, dogdom

Dom nAbbotdom, alderdom, antdom, apedom, arseholedom, awaredom ** bakerdom, beardom, beedom, beingdom, bestsellerdom, bird-dom, birthdom, bissondom, blithedom ** crabdom, brethenrdom, burgherdom, catdom, chickendom, cookdom **dealerdom, deerdom, devildom, dindom, drightdom, drunkendom, dry-as-dustdom, dwarfdom, ** earldom, elfdom ** falsedom, feardom, featherdom, feydom, fickledom, folkdom, freedom, ** gangdom, ghostdom, goosedom, gossipdom, greekdom ** hackerdom, halidom, heathendom, husbanddom. ** kingdom, kitchendom, ** ladydom, land-ladydom, lonedom, lord-dom, loserdom ** makedom, mandom, martyrdom, masterdom, mickledom, mongreldom, monkdom, mousedom ** next-door-neighbordom, olddom, old-maidendom, outsiderdom, owldom ** pigdom, popedom, priestdom, **quakerdom, queendom, ** readingdom, ** selfdom, shackledom, sheriffdom, shirtdom, shrewdom, snakedom, sparrowdom, spiderdom, spinsterdom, stardom, swikedom ***teacherdom, thanedom, theedom, thegndom, theowdom, thiefdom, thirldom, thistledom, thralldom, thrildom, turfdom ** uunshackledom, unwisdom ** wheeldom, whoredom, wickdom, wifedom, wisdom, wit and wisdom, witchdom, withoutdom, wolfdom, womandom, wrakedom.
Domesday nSee:"Doomsday' - The day when God is expected to judge the world. 2. the final judgement, the day of the Final Judgement. 3. any day of a decisive judgement or final dissolution. 4. Armegeddon; the Apocalyse; Raknarok.
Domesday adjSee: "Doomsday" - concerned with or predicting future universal destruction. 2. given to, or marked by forebodings or predictions of impending calamity. 3. capable of causing widespread of total destruction.
Don vbTo put on, dress.
Done adjCompleted, finished, ended, agreed, ruined.
Done phr"A Done Thing" - the acceptable, correct or fashionable action or mode of behaviour.
Done phr"Be Done For" - doomed, ruined without hope of recovery. 2. dead or about to die; moribund.
Done phr"Done and Done" - a binding agreement, mutually accented. 2. done thoroughly and satisfactorily.
Done phr"Done and Dusted" - completed thorough and thoroughly.
Done phr"Done in" - be exhausted, extremely tired.
Done phr"Done Out" - exhausted, totally spent; tired out..
Done phr"Done to a Turn" - cooked just for the right time and ready to eat (usually roasted meat).
Done phr"Done to the Wide World" - to be absolutely beaten or done for,, defeated absolutely.
Done phr"Hard Done By" - be unfairly treated.
Done phr"Have Done with" - finish, have no further connection with.
Done phr"That's Done It" - it has happened and there will be trouble.
Done phr"The Done Thing" - that ewhich is recognisable as socialy acceptable and proper.
Done phr"Well Done!" - congratulations!
Done deal nAn agreement that has finally been resolved or decided.
Doneness nExtent to which something is done.
Done thing nSomething done habitually or according to social norms, expectations, etc.
Done-up adjWorn out; exhausted.
Do-nothing adjDoing nothing; idling, inactive. 2. that does nothing or characterized by doing nothing or inactivity. 3. idle, inactive, indolent, lazy.
Do-nothing-ness nThe habit or practice of doing nothing. 2. the condition of doing nothing; idleness, indolence.
Do-nought nA do-nothing; one who does nothing or is good at nothing. 2. an idler, sluggard, layabout.
Don't nSomething that must not be done; as in, 'dos and don'ts'.
Don't cntrA contraction of 'do not'.
Don't intjDon't do that; stop.
Don't phr"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - a policy of the US military from the 1990s to 2010, which barred openly gay men and women from serving in the military.
Don't phr"Don't Call, We'll Call You" - a stereo-typical reply from a hiring organization to a potential applicant suggesting that the applicant will not be hired.
Don't phr"Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do" - used as an ironic statement or advice in leave taking.
Don't phr"Don't Drop the Soap" - reference to prison rape; and used as a mockery to someone who is about to be confined in prison.
Don't phr"Don't Get Me Started" - of exclamation of despair regarding a topic that just be brought up and about which the speaker feels very strongly and usually negatively about.
Don't phr"Don't Give Me That" - what nonsense! do you expect me to believe that? 2. what you said is patently untrue.
Don't phr"Don't Go There" - don't even talk about it.
Don't phr"Don't Go Much On" - to dislike, not like very much.
Don't phr"Don't Hold Your Breath" - "Don't wait." Said cynically to suggest that what has just been said to is unlikely to happen soon or at all.
Don't phr"Don't Knock Yourself Out" - don't over exert yourself, in doing something that doesn't require much effort.
Don't phr"Don't Let the Door Hit you on the Way Out" - (with sarcasm) : indicates that one is glad or happy to see someone leaving. 2. good riddance.
Don't phr"Don't Look at Me" - a response indicating one is not willing or able to perform a task or that is not guilty of something for which blame was implied.
Don't phr"Don't Look Now, But" - a request that somebody should take another look at something, without drawing attention to oneself.
Don't phr"Don't Make Me Laugh" - Used to express that one cannot take a suggestion seriously.
Don't phr"Don't Mind If I Do" - used to express acceptance of something offered to the speaker.
Don't phr"Don't Mind Me" - don't bother about me. 2. don't let concern for me interfere with your plans.
Don't phr"Don't Tell Me!" - surely that can't be possible or has occurred.
Don't-knows nThe ignorant and rude (people).
Do off vbDoff or take of clothing.
Doom n.Statute, law, enactment; generally an ordinance, decree. 2. a judge or decision-maker, esp. one who formally pronounces a sentence. 3. a sentence mostly in an adverse sense, condemnation or sentence of punishment. 4. faculty of judging, judgement , discrimation, discernment. 5. fate, lot, irrevocably destiny (usually adverse fate). 6. final fate, destruction, death. 7. action or process of judging (as in a case of law), judgement,trial. 8. the Last Judgement of the world; day of doom, judgement day. 9. last day of one's life, the fatal day. 10. (scriptural allusion): justice, equity, righteousness. 11. power and authority of a judge; general power and authority.
Doom vbTo pronounce judgement or sentence on. 2. to pronounce, deem, adjudge. 3. to destine or consign to some adverse fate or lot; also sometimes in neutral sense, to any fate, good or ill. 4. to decree, to pronounce or fix as a sentence or fate.
Doom phr"As To My Doom" - a personal, private opinion ('in my opinnion).
Doom phr"Day of Doom" - the day of the Last Judgement.
Doom phr"Doomed to" - bound to meet or suffer disappointment, failure, frusstation.
Doomed adjCertain to suffer death, failure, or a similar negative outcome.
DoomsbooknA book or code of Old Teutonic law; spec. that attributed to King Alfred and referred to in the laws of latter West Saxon kings. 2. a book of doom or judgement.
Doomsday nJudgement day.
Doomer nOne who believes that the depletion of the world's petroleum resources will lead to severe financial failure and social catastrophe.
Doomful adjFraught with or involving doom; fateful.
Doom-giving nJudgement.
Doom-house nCourthouse; a place of death, doom or little hope .
Dooming nA time of doom.
Doom-laden adjHeavily or laden with doom, as a death-sentence or diagnosis of a terminal illness.
Doomlike adjSuggesting doom.
Doom-monger .nOne who preaches disaster and misfortune.
Doom-ring nA ring of stones forming the boundary of the Old Norse courts of judgement.
Doomsay nA person who predicts impending misfortune or disaster.
Doomsayer nA prophet of doom; esp. one of political or economic disaster.
Doomsaying nThe act of predicting disaster and dire straits.
Doomsday nA day of judgement ; Judgement day
Doomsday phr"Until or Till Doomsday" - until the end of the world; also, a day of final dissolution, as of the 'end' of the world. 3. as long as the world lasts; loosely, forever.
Doomsday weapon .nA hypothesized weapon that has the capacity to destroy the Earth. 2. a bomb that is capable of causing widespread destruction.
Doomsman nA judge, deemster, demend, doomer. 2. one who reads out the sentence of death upon a convicted criminal.
Doomstead nA place of judgement.
Doomster nA person habitually given to prediction of impending disaster and doom. 2. a judge.
Doomstool nJudgement seat.
Doom-tree nA hanging-tree, tre on which condemned person was hanged, execution place.
Doomwatch vbTo watch pessimistically about the future and particularly about the exploitation of the world's natural resources. 2. observation intended to avert danger or destruction , esp. of the environment by polltion, global warning or nuclear war.
Doomwatcher nOne who is pessimistic about the future and particularly about the explotation of the world's natural resources. 2. one who observes or monitors evidence from the environment; one who prophesizes disaster, economic, financial, political or otherwise.
Doom-word nWord of 'condemnation' - judgement of death.
Doomy adjOf a person: depressed, sad, pessimistic, melancholy. 2. of a thing: depressing, weird, guarded.
Door nAn opening in the wall of a house or of an apartment, by which to go in and out; an entrance way. 2. the frame or barrier of boards, or other material, usually turning on hinges, by which an entrance way into a house or apartment is closed and opened. 3. passage; means of approach or access. 4. an entrance way, but taken in the sense of the house or apartment to which it leads.
Door vbTo supply or furnish with a door.
Door phr"Be at Death's Door" - be on the point of death.
Door phr"Beat a Path to Someone's Door" - seek a person out in great numbers.
Door phr"Be Out of the Door" - have one's position terminated.
Door phr"Doors of Hell" - a prelude to war.
Door phr"Drink and Eat Outdoors" - to drink oneself to destitution by excessive eating and drinking.
Door phr"Every Door May be Shut But One: Death's Door" - death is inevitable; man is a mortal being.
Door phr"Fetch at the Door" - to obtain from.
Door phr"Have a Foot in the Door" - the opportunity to do business. 2. gain access to a difficult-to-enter group, organization.
Door phr"In Through the Back Door" - unofficially, secretly or surreptitiously without formal permission
Door phr"Keep the Wolf from the Door" - ensure that one has enough money for basic necessities, such as food and shelter.
Door phr"Knocking on Heaven's Door" - dying, moribund, marcescent.
Door phr"Lay/Lie or Be At (Somebody's) Door" - to imput, be imputable, charge to. 2. to lay (a fault, misfortune, etc.) at one's door, to charge one with a fault; to blame for.
Door phr"Leap Over the Door" - to escape, run out.
Door phr"Leave the Door Open" - (fig.) - ensure that an option remains available. 2. provide a possibility for the future.
Door phr"Make the Door" - to make it fast by shutting and bolting it.
Door phr"Never Darken My Door Again" - never appear at one's door again, uninvited and unwanted.
Door phr"Next Door to" - very near to; like next door neighbours. 2. almost the same as.
Door phr"Not Break Someone's Door Down" - to be quite unenthusiastic about someone'sgoods or services.
Door phr"On One's Own Doorstep" - in one's own domain. 2. close to where one lives.
Door phr"One's Door is Always Open" - people can take their problem to one at any time.
Door phr"Open the Door to" - create opportunities for. 2. cause to happen, occur.
Door phr"Out of Doors" - outside the house; in the air. 2. or without doors, and, [colloquially], out doors, out of the house; in open air; abroad; away; lost.
Door phr"Show Someone the Door" - peremptorily to ask a person to leave one's house. 2. get rid of someone whose presence is unwelcome.
Door phr"Sin Lies at the Door" - the blame of the sin attaches to the wrongdoer, and theyy must take the consequences.
Door-bell nA button on an outer door that gives a ringing or buzzing signal when pushed.
Door-cheek nArea of the side pots of a door; a door post.
Door-dwell nThe amount of time it takes for the door to close after having board a lift or elevator; door dwell.
Doored adjHaving doors.
Dooring nA type of road accident caused by someone opening the door of a car without checking that its safe to do so, causing a collision with other roasd users.
Door-keeper nOne who is responsible for entry and departure to a building, sports arena etc. 2. a janitor (obsolete sense); doorman.
Door-knocker nA knocker mounted on a door.
Door-less adjHaving no doors or entry.
Doorman nA man who holds open the door at the entrance to a building, summons or calls taxicabs, and an element of security in apartment buildings.
Door nail nThe nail which studded the door-stead.
Door nail phr"As Deaf as a Door Nail" - very door extremely deaf.
Door sill nThe sill or thresh old or a door; cf window sill.
Door-stead nA place for a door or doorway.
Doorstep nThe sill of a door. 2. a horizontal piece of wood or stone that forms the bottom of a doorway , and offers support when passing through a door way.
Doorstep phr"On One's Own Door Step" - in one's own domain.
Door-stop nA device too keep the door open or to prevent it from closing.
Door-to-door adj(of selling etc) - done at each house in turn.
Doorward advTowards or in direction of the door.
Doorway nThe entrance through which one can enter or leave a room or building. 2. a space that a door can close.
Dooryard nA yard outside the front or rear door of a house.
Do-over adjRepeat, do again.
Dop vb.Immerse, baptize, immerse in baptism, dip, sink/descend or dive suddenly into water. 2. to curtsy; drop/duck the body or head suddenly and quickly. (see dope.)
Dopper nAny of the various diving birds.
Dor n.OE dor: insects that fly (colopterous) in a loud humming noise; that is bees, bumblebees, flies, hornet drone. 2. a large black dung beetle that makes a droning sound in flight and excavates burrows in which its young develops.
Dor(r)head nA person who is lazy, idle, blundering or stupid.
Dos-and-Don't nRules of behavior.
Dot nOE dott, dit. the head of a nail. 2. a small lump, clot. 3. a minute, spot, speck or mark of different colour or material from the surface on which it is. 4. a minute, roundish ink mark made by a pen, etc. 5. notes on sheet music. 6. a punctuation point as a full stop. 7. to write down compendiously. 8. to strike someone.
Dot phr"Dot and Go One" - a term describing a person with a limp in one leg, or has a wooden leg by which he makes dots on the ground.
Dot phr"Dot the 'i' s" (fig.) - to fill in the particulars; to particularize minutely; to cover something with minute spots.
Dot phr"On the Dot" - exactly on time.
Dot phr"The Year Dot" - a date so long ago that it cannot be particularized; a very long time ago.
Dotted adjMarked, spotted or flecked with dots. 2. spread or scattered like dots. 3. diversified; delineated.
Dotter nOne who makes braille sheets for the blind.
Dotting nThe marking, spotting or flecking with dots. 2. the spreading or scattering lke dots.
Dottily advMadly or eccentric of ways, absurdly, crazily.
Dottiness nUnsteady, stiffness of gait. 2. state of feeble-mindedness; craziness.
Dotty adjConsisting or characteristic of dots; dot-like. 2. of unsteady, uneven or feeble gait, as for stiffness or lameness. 3. feeble in the mind; brittle-minded.
Dough nAny soft, past mass. 2. money (sl).
Doughhead nA silly person, stult, dullard, fool.
Doughily advIn a doughty way: soft pasty mass; softly-brained; silly.
DoughinessnThe quality or state of being doughy. 2. made or consisting of dough.
Doughish adjSomewhat doughy. 2. soft-headed, brittle-minded.
Doughless adjLacking or not consisting of dough. 2. poor (sl).
Doughlike adjOf the nature of dough.
Doughmaking nThe process or action of making dough.
Doughnut nA soft, rounded, fried pastry ring with a circular hole in the middle.
Doughnut phr"Watch the Doughnut- not the Hole" - look for positive aspects. 2. concentrate on the main issue.
Dought n.Might, power, sturdiness, stoutness.
Doughty adjAble, capable, worthy, virtuous. 2. valiant, brave, formidable, stout.
Doughty-handed adjAdroit and nimble of hand; dextrous.
Doughty-hood nDoughtiness.
Doughy adjOf the nature of dough. 2. like dough in look , consistency or character.
Douse vb.To punch, strike, beat, inflict, knock, put-off, throw down, shut up, cease, doff
Douth n.Virtue, worth, good-deed, excellence, nobility, power, richness, benefit. 2. good-deed, benefit, manhood, 3. men collectively, company, army, folk-army, force, retinue.
Douthlike adjVirtuous, worthy
Douthwight n.Kin, man
Douthy-like adjVirtuous, worthwhile, worthy.
Dove nAny bird of the family Columbidae, with short legs, small head and a large breast.
Dove n.Gentle, innocent, loving woman or child; appellation of tender affection. 2. one seeking peace; a peacemaker, a messenger of peace, deliverance from anxiety, as the dove of Noah. 3. a person who advocates negotiations as a means of ending or preventing military conflict, as opposed to one (a hawk) who is a hardliner or warlike in policy. 4. a gentle, innocent, or loving woman or child; also an innocent, simpleton, one gullible or mentally unalert. 5. an appellation of tender affection. 6. an image of a dove as a symbol of innocence, peace and affection.
Dovecote nA house, dove-house,enclosure or coop where doves or pigeons are caged.
Dove-eyed adjHaving eyes like a dove: soft, tender, meek, gentle.
Dove-like adjresembling or characteristic of a dove.
Doveling n A young dove. 3. term of affection for a little child.
Dovely adj. Gentle, innocent, affectionate
Dove-monger nA seller of doves.
Doveship nThe personality or nature of a dove.
Dove-soft adjVery kind and tender.
Dovish adjOf or pertaining to a dove; dove-like.
Dovetail nA joint formed with a mortise with a tenon shaped like like a dove's spread tail or a reversed wedge.
Dovetail vbTo join together by means of a dovetail. 2. to fit readily together; combine neatly or compactly.
Dovetail phr"Dovetail Into" - conform harmoniously with.
Dovetailing nThe joining together by means of a dovetail. 2. the fitting readily together; combining neatly or compactly.
Dovish adjResembling or characteristic of a dove.
Dovishness nState or quality of being dovish.
Dow vbTo avail, be strong, good, fitting, proper, worthy, valiant, virtuous, manly. be valuable or valid, of worthly or good for anything. 3. to be of a use, useful or profit for anyone. 4. to be good, fitting or proper for anyone. to be strengthful, vigorous, able to do somehing. 5. to do well, thrive, prosper.
Do-well n. A personification of success.
Down n.Hill, upland, elevated land, treeless chalky upland, sandhill, open expanse. 2. "The Downs" - the part of the sea within the Goodwin Sands off the east coast of Kent.
Down vbImprove or perfect by pruning or polishing one's style, etc. 2. down bring down or defeat (an opponent). 3. eat immoderately, gorge, scoff. 4. drink down entirely. 5. cause to come or go down, knock down, strike by blows, flatten. 6. shoot at and force to come down 9an the enemy aircraft.)
Down adjFilled with melancholy and despondency, gloomy, depressed, downcast, discouraged and downhearted. 2. not functioning (temporarily or permanently) 3. shut or dawn down. 4.lower than previously, as "prices are down." 5. understood perfectly, on pat. 6. extending or moving from a higher to a lower place; as a downward course." 7. becoming progressively lower; a downward trend. 8. being or moving lower in position or less in (some) value.
Down advAway from a more central or a more northerly place. 2. paid in cash at time of purchase; as "put ten dollars down." 3. in an inactive or inoperative state; as a business or a computer," 3. to a lower intensity.
Down prpFrom the higher end to the lower. 2. from one end to the other of.
Down phr"Be Down to" - be attributable. 2. be the responsibility of. 3. having used up anything except the last little portion or item.
Down phr"Be Further Down the Line" - to have a low priority.
Down phr"Be Down To" - ready for. 2. with not one remaining but.
Down phr"Be Sent Down" - be sent for trial.
Down phr"Do Somebody Down" - abuse, slander someone.
Down phr"Down and Out" - in poor financial, social or physical condition, particularly with respect to the condition one was previously; destitute. 2. knocked unconscious (usually in a sporting contest, as boxing, rugby, gridiron, Australian football).
Down phr"Down the Line" - at a further, later, or unspecified point.
Down phr"Down a Shot" - to drink quickly the contents of a shot glass.
Down phr"Down At (the)Heel (s)" - worn down. 2. (of a person) - impoverished , shabby, slovenly.
Down phr"Down in the Back" - having a sore back.
Down phr"Down At/In the Mouth" - glum, dispirited; miserable, unhappy.
Down phr"Down in the Mouth" - out of spirits; disheartened.
Down phr"Down On" - to attack, implying the idea of a threatening power.
Down phr"Down on the Ground" - completely.
Down phr"Down the Hatch" - an encouragement to others to drink a toast or a bad tasting or strong drink.
Down phr"Down the Line" - at a further, later or unspecified point.
Down phr"Down there" - at a place other than the one you are currently at.
Down phr"Down Tools" - stop work at the end of the day, for any official break, or as part of a strike or other protest. 2. fig. to pause in, or discontinue any activity.
Down phr"Down to Somebody/ Something" - even including the final item of a comprehensive list of persons or things, as the last detail.
Down phr"Down to the Start" - the starting position in a race; back to the beginning.
Down phr"Down To the Wire" - a situation whose outcome is still in doubt or not decided until the very last minutes.
Down phr"Down With (Somebody)" - an exclamation, or exhortation that expresses hatred of somebody/something or a desire to destroy somebody or something. 2. an exclamation: 'away with!'
Down phr"Down With His Apple-cart" - knock or throw down him (someone)down.
Down phr"Feel Down" - feel depressed, gloomy, grumpy.
Down phr"Go Down the Drain" - be totally wasted.
Down phr"Go Down the Line" - to visit the seedy side of a town.
Down phr"Have a Down On" - disapprove of; show animosity towards; hold a grudgge towards. 2. treat someeone unfairly, wish harm upon.
Down phr"He Is Run Down" - out of condition. In a thorough rest.
Down phr"Hit Somebody When they're Down" - take advantage when someone is in trouble.
Down phr"It Comes Down to This" - an issue decided upon what one considers to be most imporant.
Down phr"Keep One's Head Down" - to work very diligently.
Down phr"One Down, Two to Go" - of matters to attend to, one has accomplished, and one still remaining to be done.
Down phr"Put One's Foot Down" - to exert one's authority and insist on something.
Down phr"Run a Man/Woman Down" - to denigrate or discredit someone to a third party.
Down phr"Talk Down to Somebody" - talk to someone as if they were less intelligent or mentally alert than you.
Down-along adj"The people of the Down-along country are slow at putting thoughts together." - rural areas, boondocks, back-blocks, hills.
Down-and-Dale nFrom an alliterative association with dale - low-lying land and upland.
Down-and-out adjPenniless, destitute, (of a person).
Down-and-outer nOne who is impoverished.
Down-and-outness nThe state of being impoverished.
Down-at-the-heel adjImpoverished, needy, shabby, unkempt, sloven, in disrepair.
Down-at-the-heeled adjWorn down. 2. (of a person) - impoverished, needy, shabby, slovenly, unkempt.
Down-at-the heeledness nThe quality of being down at the heel.
Down-beaming adjShining down or directed down.
Downbear vb.Press down, cause to sink; oppress
Down-bearing adjWeighed down; weighing upon.
Downbeat nIn music: an accented beat, usually the first of the bar.
Downbeat adjPessimistic, gloomy, sombre, unemphatic.
Down below n
Downbent adjBent towards.
Downbow nA downward stroke of a violin from the heel to the top of the bow.
Downburst nA localized area of strong damaging winds, esp. during a severe thunderstorm
Downcast adj(of eyes) looking downwards. 2. of a person: dejected. 3.
Downcome nAn act of coming (lit. and fig.), descent, downfall, humiliation.
Downcomer nA pipe for the downward transport of water and gas.
Downcoming n.Descent
Downcoming adjComing down or descending.
Downdraw nA downdraft.
Downdraw vbTo draw downwards or down.
Downed adjBrought down (lit. & Fig.) as an aircraft.
Downer nA drug which has a depressing or tranquilizing effect. 2. a person who is depressed, gloomy or sad. 3. a downward trend or experience of downturn in one's business or in the economy generally. 4. a trap operating as by a descent of a weight; a dead fall.
Downfall nA fall from prosperity or power. 2. the cause of a fall from prosperity or power. 3. a fall; a disgrace. 4. a sudden heavy fall of rain.
Downfallen adjFallen to the ground; humiliated; ruined.
Downfalling adjDeclining, decaying, regressing.
Downfield nIn sport, into or towards the point of a field towards where a team is heading or going.
Downflow nSomething that flows downwards, a downward flowing current.
Downflowing advFlowing or falling downwards, as a waterfall.
Downfold vbA syncline.
Downfolded adjFolded down.
Downfolding nA downwards folding.
Down-go nA descent.
Downgoing adjDescending or going downwards.
Down-hanging adjHanging downwards.
Downhearted adjDiscouraged, put-off, low-spirited, depressed, gloomy, sad.
Downheartedly advIn a downhearted manner.
Down-heartedness nDoldrums, dumps, dolefulness, gloominess, despondency, glumness, melancholy, of dispirited state, unhappiness.
Downheld adj.Oppressed, kept back, held down
Downhill adjSlopey or descending, declining, declining, downwards.
Downhill advDown the slope of a hill; in a descending direction; or on a decline, downwards. (lit.&fig.)
Downhill phr"All Downhill From Here" - steadily worsening.
Downhill phrDownhill All the Way" - bad and steadily worsening.
Downhill phr"Go Downhill" - decline, as in success. 2. to steadily worsen.
Downhill phr"It's All Downhill" - something is steadily worsening.
Downhiller nA skier who takes part in a downhill events and races.
Downhole n(In the petroleum ) - used, taking place or performed in a well or borehole.
Down-home adjRelating to simple, folksy qualities associated with one's family, esp. one from a rural area.
Downiness nThe condition or quality of being down.
Downing nAn incident in which sometimes is downed or brought down, as an aircraft by enemy fire.
Downish adjSomewhat dejected or depression. 2. somewhat directed downwards.
Downland nOE. dunland; land forming downs; hilly pasture-land. 2. land lying low or sloping downwards.
Down-lead nA lead-in.
Down-lievbTo lie down; go to bed. 2. taking up permanent quarters. 3. the confinement of a woman.
Downlight n
Downlighter nA light placed or designed so as to throw illumination downwards.
Downlighting nLighting concentrated in a downward direction.
Downline advAt a further, later, or unspecified point.
Down-line nA railway line leading from the capital or chief terminus.
Down link nIn the telecommunications the transmission of a signal from a satellite to aa receiving station on earth. 2. the means of this transmission. 3. transmission of data for a network, usu. wireless to the user.
Downlink vbTo transmit a signal fora satellite to an on-earth receiving station.
Download nA file transfer to a local computer. 2. a file that has been, or will be transferred in this way.
Download vbTo transfer a file to a local computer.
Downloaded adj(Of a file) transferred to a local computer.
Downloader nOne who transfers or loads a file for the internet. 2. a computer programmer who ais the downloading of files.
Downloading nThe transferring of a file to a local computer.
Down-long adjHeadlong; rushing headlong down, down along.
Downlook n.Having a downcast or downward look, a guilty look, sheepish, demure
Downlooked adjDowncast, gloomy, glum.
Down-looking adjThat looks down; demure, downcast in looks; pessimistic, gloomy. 2. guilty looking, sheepish, demure.
Down-lying adjThe time of retiring to rest. 2. travail in childbirth.
Downmost adjLowest.
Downness nThe state or quality of being down (in its various senses). 2. down-lowness.
Down-pipe nA pipe carry rainwater from the roof to a drain at ground level.
Down-play nPresentation or portrayal of something as less important or consequential
Down play vbTo de-emphasize; to present or portray something as less important or consequential.
Down player nOne who or that which downplays, presents or portrays something as less important or consequential.
Downright adjStraight to the point; unequivocal; plain; outspoken. 2. directed downwards. 3. thorough, utter, absolute.
Downright advDirectly downward. 2. without qualification. 3. in the extreme; utterly.
Downrightly advIn a downright manner; irectly, thoroughly.
Down-rightness nThe quality of being downright. 2. directness, straight-forwrdness of speech and behaviour.
Down run nA slope used by recreational and competition skiers at snowfields.
Downrush advrush down; rapidly descending.
Downset n.The setting of, or going down of the Sun, dusk, twilight.
Downshake vbTo shake down.
Down-share nA breast plow used in paring off turf on downs.
Downshift nAn instance of downshifting.
Downshift vbTo become less active, slow down. 2. to live simpler lives to escape the rat race or obsessive material and to reduce stress.
Downshifter nOne who downshifts in order to live simpler lives to escape the rat race or obsessive material and to reduce stress.
Downshifting nA social behavior or trend in which individuals live simpler lives to escape the rat race or obsessive material and to reduce stress.
Downside n.Disadvantage. 2. the underside.
Downside up advUpside down.
Downside-up adjChaotic, disorderly, disheveled. 2. unhinged, confused, disorganized. 3. inside out, inverted, overturned; upended. 4. untidy, messy, cluttered, jumbled, pell-mell. 5. disarranged, disorderly, disorganized.
Down-sitting nAction of sitting down.
Downsome adjInclined to be down or dispirited.
Down South advIn the US. south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Down-spring vbTo jump down.
Downstairs nA lower floor.
Downstairs advDown a flight of stairs. 2. to or on a lower floor.
Downstairs adjSituated on a lower floor.
Downstart nOne who pretends to be of a lower-class origin than he or she is.
Down-steepy adjSteeply descending, precipitous.
Down-step nA phenomenon in language where two syllables have the same tone with the second syllable is lower in pitch than the first.
Downstream advSituated or moving in the direction of the stream or river flows. 2. in biology sitated in or towards a point of a sequence of genetic material where transcription takes place than at a given point. 3. at the stage in the process of gas or oil extraction and production after the raw material is needing further refining.
Down-street adjDown the street; in, or towards the lower part of the town.
Downstroke nA stroke made downwards.
Down-swept adjSwept or curving downwards.
Down-swing nPeriod of low or declining activity. 2. in activity, in trade, in business.
Down-the-Line adjAt a further time, later or at unspecified point.
Down-throng vbTo press down, crush, oppress.
Downthrow nA throwing, casting or warping down(wards). 2. being thrown down.
Down-tide nEarth tide (also known as solid Earth tide, crustal tide, body tide, bodily tide or land tide) is the displacement of the solid earth's surface caused by the gravity of the Moon and Sun. Its main component has meter-level amplitude at periods of about 12 hours and longer.
Down-timber nTimber in a heap brought down by wind or storm or other natural thing.
Down time nA period of time that a system fails to provide or performs its prime function.
Down-to-earth adjPractical, realistic.
Downtown nOf, or pertaining to, or in the lower, or more central part of a town. 2. te central part and business part of a town or city.
Downtowner nOne who lives or frequents the central part of a town.
Downtrend nThe price movement of a financial asset when the overall direction is downwards.
Downtrodden adjBeaten down, trampled down by treading; trodden under foot. 2. crushed down by tyranny, oppression.
Down-troddenness nThe state or condition of being beaten down, trampled down by treading; trodden under foot; or crushed down by tyranny, or oppressed.
Down-tumbling nA sudden or clumsy fall.
Down-tumbling adjFall suddenly, clumsily or headlong.
Down Under nAustralia and New Zealand.
Downward adjDescending or tending from a higher to a lower level (lit. & fig). 2. decending from that which is remote.
Downward advFrom a higher or lower position. 2. from that which is more remote , as in place or time. 3. towards the extremities.
Downwardly advIn a downwardly direction.
Downwards advTowards a lower place; towards what is below. 2. to have a lower figure or amount. 3. towards something which is lower in order; smaller, inferior, etc.
Downwarp n.Local sinking of the earth's surface; a broad surface depression, a syncline.
Downwash nA downward air turbulence caused by he propeller or jet; bu esp. by helicopter blades. 3. the downward motion of air as a result of eddies behind a wing or chimney,
Downweigh vbTo weigh down; to depress with weight.. 2. to exceed in weigh/ power and influence. 3. to outweigh.
Downwind advThe direction in which the wind is blowing.
Downwind adjThe direction in which the wind is blowing.
Downwinder nA person (or community) that lives downwards from a potential hazard, such as a nuclear power station.
Downwith advDownwards , or on a downwards course.
Downy adjOf the nature of a down, charcterized by downs. 2. of rolling, downy land or country; land of a downy kind, often without a tree and with dry stretches.
Dowy adjValiant, virtuous, thriving.
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