Old EnglishsbEnglish
Draft n.Probably OE but not recorded in O.E.
Drag nResistance of the air or some other fluid; obstruction to progress; slow-motion, retardation of progress. 2. in a foundry, the bottom part of a sand casting mold. 3. a device or apparatus for dragging along the bottom of a body of water; often to recover dead bodies. 4. a puff on cigarette or pipe. 5. someone or something that is annoying or frustrating. 6. someone or something that is, dreary, boring, disappointing. 7. horse-drawn wagon or buggy. 8. a street or road, as 'the main drag' 9. scent-path; a strong smelling lure dawn before the hounds as a substitute.. 10. heavy harrow. 11. kind of sledge. 12. in metallurgy: bottom part of a flask or mould. 13. in masonry: steel instrument for dressing of soft stone. 14. nautical: difference between the true speed of a vessel and theoretical speed attainable by the propeller. 15. anything towed in the water to retard a ship's progress. 16. skid or shoe for retarding the motion of a carriage wheel. 16. motion affected with slowness and difficulty.
Drag vbPull along with effort or difficulty. 2. allow one' s feet, clothing, tail to trail along the ground. 3. to go along or pass heavily, seriously tediously. 4. to search the bottom of a river or waterway with a grapnel or drag (often to find the bodies of drowned persons). 5. take a person to a place, esp. against her or his will. 6. draw or suck on a cigarette, cigar or smoking pipe. 7. continue at a tedious length, as 'drag on'.
Drag phr"Drag by the Head and Ears" - to force a person reveal the true facts.
Drag phr"Drag In" - introduce (an unnecessary subject) constantly, tiresomely or irrelevantly. 2. make somebody take part in an activity or be the subject of discussion etc against his/her will, or against the will or other interested person.
Drag phr"Drag Off" - lead somebody against his/her will (t).
Drag phr"Drag One's Feet/Heels" - be deliberately slow or reluctant to act. 2. proceed unwillingly, or with delaying tactics, in a course that one must take or should take.
Drag phr"Drag On" - last, endure, persist for a specified period of time. 2. continue at a tedious, boring length, as 'drag on'. 3. go on proceed for an extended period of time.
Drag phr"Drag Out" - protract; prolong. 2. make something longer than it need be, thus causing tedium. 2. extract information from a person who is reluctant to give it.
Drag phr"Drag Up" - deliberate recall or mention an unwelcome or unpopular subject. 2. allow a child to grow up without proper discipline or training.
Drag phr"Look What the Cat Dragged In" - used as an ironic acknowledgement of someone's arrival by implying that they are unwelcome or disagreeable in a some way. (from the habit of domestic cats of leaving mice they have caught on the back doorstep.)
Drag-anchor n(Of a ship)move from a moored position when the anchor fails to hold.
Dragging nMarked by a painfully slow effortfulness.
Dragginigly advIn a dragging manner.
Draggle vb.To wet or befoul by allowing to drag through mire or wet grass, to make wet, dirty or limp; to trail on the ground. 2. to come, do or follow slowly or straggly.
Draggy adjTedious, boring, ennui. 2. unpleasant.
Drag-hound nA dog trained to follow an artificial scent.
Drag-line nAn excavator with a bucket pulled in by a wire rope.
Dragnet nA net drawn through a river or across ground to trap fish or game. 2. a systematic hunt for criminals.
Drag-ropenA rope with a chain hook attached used as a brake on a gun carriage. 2. a guide rope. 3. a rope dragged by a balloon over the ground to check speed and control height of ascent.
Drain n(No written example of the word between C11th until c16th. 2. applied to a natural water course which drains a tract of country. 3. a wide canal-like navigable channel, in fen country. 4. a drain emptying something accomplished by allowing liquid to run out of it. 5. a gradual depletion of energy or resources. 6. a pipe through which liquid is carried away. 7. a tube inserted into a body cavity (as during surgery) to remove unwanted material.
Drain vbTo make weak; drain of energy or strength. 2. to empty of liquid; drain the liquid from a tank, etc. 3. deplete of resources. 4. flow off gradually.
Drain phr"Drain Away" - flow away down a waste pipe or drain. 2. decrease, disappear gradually. 3. gradually reduce the volume or strength of.
Drain phr"Drain Off" - draw liquid from something until it is empty.
Drain phr"Go Down the Drain" - got lost, vanish, disappear, deteriorate, go to waste,
Drain phr"Laugh Like a Drain" - laugh widely, copiously and loudly.
Drained adjOf water, carried away by a drain. 2. exhausted or deprived of strength or energy.
Drainer nA device for draining; anything on which things are put to drain, e.g. a draining board. 2. a person who drains.
Draining nHaving a debilitating.
Draining-board nA sloping usu. grooved surface beside a sink, on which dishes are washed; a drainboard.
Drain-like adjresembling a drain or some aspect of.
Drainless adjThat cannot be drained or exhausted; inexhaustible.
Drain-pipe nA pipe for draining surplus water or liquid sewage from a building. 2. very narrow trousers.
Drake nDragon; also, representation of this used as a battle standard; a serpent, a fiery monster. 2. a beaked gallery, or ship of the Vikings.
Drake-stone nA flat stone thrown so that it skiffs and bounds across the surface of the water.
Drast n.Dregs, lees, feces, refuse, draff, residue, swill.
Draught nProbably O.E. but not recorded in O.E. (see; 'draft')
Drave n.Fishing expedition made by a co-operative; a haul of fish, shoal.
Draw nAn act of drawing. 2. a person or thing that draws custom, attention, etc. 3. the drawing of lots esp. a raffle. 4. a drawn game or sporting match. 5. a suck on a cigarette, etc. 6. the act of drawing a gun from a holster in order to shoot. 7. strain, pull.
Draw vbto produce a picture. 2. to drag, pull 3. to pull out. 4. to extract a liquid, or cause a liquid to come out. attract. 6. to deduce or infer. 7. to rely on.. 8. to disembowel; as in 'draw and quarter.' 9. archery: to pull back the arrow

10. to close curtains etc. 11. of drinks: to leave temporarily so as to allow the flavor to increase. 12. to end a game with neither side winning.

Draw phr"Draw a Bath" - fill a bath with water.
Draw phr"Draw a Bead" - take aim at.
Draw phr"Draw Abroad" - to spread a thing over a surface, spread out, expand.
Draw phr"Draw a Bead On" - to have an ambitious plan or lofty goal. 2. aim with a gun; have in sight or a head on; get in cross hair.
Draw phr"Draw a Breath" - breathe; breathe in; pause to breathe.
Draw phr"Draw a Deep Breath" - to get ready for exertion or for emotion news.
Draw phr"Draw a Furrow" - to plow/plough or make a furrow.
Draw phr"Draw Ahead of" - move forward or in front of; progress beyond. 2. get ahead, ahead of.
Draw phr"Draw a Head On" - aim at.
Draw phr"Draw a Line in the Sand" - ( a state that one has reached) - a point beyond which one will not go.
Draw phr"Draw Along" - to stretch, extend, fig. to prolong, protract.
Draw phr"Draw Alongside Of" - (of somebody approaching from behind): stop, move or move along, at the side of.
Draw phr"Draw a Long Bow" - to state a conclusion which while possible is unlikely to be based on facts.
Draw phr"Draw Aside" - pull to one aside. 2. take somebody on side to talk to him quietly, privately or confidentially.
Draw phr"Draw Away" - recoil, retreat; withdraw, move away from.
Draw phr"Draw Back" - to get back or recover money or goods. 2. fig. to take off, discount. 2. to withdraw from, or move away from an undertaking. 3. recoil, retreat.
Draw phr"Draw Blood" - injure somebody sufficiently, seriously enough to make one bleed.
Draw phr"Draw Blood (From a Stone)" - do the impossible.
Draw phr"Draw Breath" - live, begin, continue, to exist.
Draw phr"Draw By" - to draw aside, pass by, draw to a close.
Draw phr"Draw Down" - to cause to fall or light upon a person; to attract, bring down; lower.
Draw phr"Draw Down (On One's Head)- pass by one's conduct, attract somebody's anger etc.
Draw phr"Draw Fire" - encounter criticism. 2. 'draw somebody's fire' - tactically allow oneself to be attacked.
Draw phr"Draw First Blood" - get an advantage; make the first decisive blow.
Draw phr"Draw From" - obtain from, derive from.
Draw phr"Draw In" - shorten or arrive, stop.
Draw phr"Draw In One's Horns" - become less assertive or ambitious; draw back.
Draw phr"Draw Into" - arrive at, pull into. 2. lead somebody gradually but firmly to take part in something.
Draw phr'Draw It Mild" - moderate one's speech or behavior. 2. not exaggerate a description, overstate a case.
Draw phr"Draw Lots" - to decide by a lottery' select by lottery.
Draw phr" Draw Near" - to come gradually near or nigh to something or someone.
Draw phr"Draw Off" - decant, siphon or divert the flow of a liquid. 2. withdraw, retreat, as an enemy. 3. doff, pull of (as clothes).
Draw phr"Draw On" - allure, entice, or take from. 2. take from reserve or resources. 3. don, put on clothes, dress. 4. make somebody continually, steadily forward on course. 5. approach, come near, come on. 6. exploit, use. 7.
Draw phr"Draw One's Last Breath" - to die, fail, cease to be.
Draw phr"Draw Oneself Up" - straighten oneself (often in a solemn ,formal, or pompous way).
Draw phr"Draw One's Sword Against" - attack.
Draw phr"Draw Out" - extend, prolong; drawn out. 2. extract information, or withdraw money.
Draw phr"Draw Out Of" - remove, extract (from) , pull out. 2. produce from an inner space. 3. withdraw from a bank account. 4. elicit, persuade someone to tell or offer. 5. leave, depart (from), pull out of.
Draw phr"Draw Somebody Aside" - take somebody from a group for private conversation.
Draw phr"Draw Somebody's Fire" - tactically allow oneself to be attacked.
Draw phr"Draw Teeth" - render something / somebody harmless. 2. take away from somebody/ something the means to cause fear or harm.
Draw phr"Draw the Cloth" - clean Up After a Meal.
Draw phr"Draw the Line at That" - to refuse to go any further. 2. not go beyond a certain limit in one's conduct.
Draw phr"Draw the Nail" - to release onself from a vow.
Draw phr"Draw the Net Tighter" - to intensify one's efforts.
Draw phr'Draw the Short Straw" - be selected or appointed from a group to carry out an unpleasant or dangerous task.
Draw phr"Draw to An End" - bring or come to an conclusion.
Draw phr"Draw Together" - compile, make a bundle or file. 2. add to, accumulate. 3. brinng together in a common cause; unite, unify.
Draw phr"Draw Towards" - by force of personality, attract people towards oneself.
Draw phr"Draw Up" - compile, compose, prepare, draft. 2. arrive; stop, come to a halt. 3. place close together in lines. 4.
Draw phr"Draw Up Sharply" - stop abruptly; cause to pause and consider or reflect.
Draw phr"Draw Oneself Up to One's Full Height" - strike a dignified or important attitude.
Draw phr"Long Drawn Out" - unduly or tiresomely prolonged or protracted.
Draw phr"Quick On the Draw" - quick to react. 2. to act precipitately.
Drawback nA pulling back or retiring. 2. amount paid for a charge previously made. 2. a deduction, diminution. 4. a thing that retards progress or advance, or takes from a diminishes success or satisfaction, hindrance, disadvantage, downside. 3. one who draws back or retires.
Draw-bed nExtendable bed.
Drawbench nA machine used to do cold work on a metal, such as changing the shape of the metal without applying heat and applying only metal.
Drawbolt nA coupling pin.
Drawbridge nA bridge, esp. over water hinged at one end so that so that it may be raised to prevent passage or allow ships to pass.
Drawbridge phr"Pull Up the Drawbridge" - refuse to co-operate.
Drawdown nThe act of raising money through loans; borrowing.
Drawer nA person or thing that draws, esp. a person who draws a cheque etc. 2. boxlike storage compartment without a lid, sliding in and out of a frame, table, etc (a chest of drawers). 3. knickers, underpants (jocular).
Drawer n"Out of the Top Drawer" - of a high social position.
Drawerful adjAs much as a drawer can hold.
Drawerless adjOf furniture and cabinets not having drawers.
Draw gate nA sluice gate on a canal to let part of the water escape.
Drawing nThe art of representing by line. 2. delineation without color or with a single color. 3. the art of representing with pencils, pens, crayons, etc., rather than paint. 4. a picture produced in this way.
Drawing phr"On the Drawing Board" - at the design or planning stage.
Drawing phr"Out of Drawing" - incorrectly depicted or drawn.
Drawing-board nA board on which paper is attached for drawing or writing on.
Drawing board phr"Back to the Drawing-board" - the details need to be reconsidered.
Drawing board phr"On the Drawing Board" - at the designing and/or planning stage. 2. to be planned in detail.
Drawing deadnA player is said to be drawing dead when the hand he hopes to cpmplete will nonetheless lose to a player who has already a better one.
Drawing-hand nA poker hand which requires some specific cards on later rounds in order to become a strong hand.
Drawingly advIn a slow, deliberate or in a hesitatingly manner, drawingly.
Drawing room nOf a position, tendency likely to lead to drawing.
Drawish adj(chiefly chess) - a game, or a particularly position in a game, deemed likely to end in a draw.
Draw left advAxis drawn from left to right.
Drawloom nA machine used to weave many different kinds of items and is capable of weaving complex.
Drawn adjLooking strained from fear, anxiety, pain. 2. butter melted. 3. of a position in chess: that will result in a draw if both players make the best moves available.
Drawn phr"Drawn In" - of daylight or hours becoming shorter. 2. of a train arriving at a station.
Drawn phr"Drawn On"- make use of, employ,rely on, exploit, extract, take from, fall back on, have recourse to.
Drawn phr"Drawn Up" - devised, formulated, drafted, esp. in a legal form or as formal proposal of drawing up a will. 2. put in a position, arrange in order of formation. 3. to bring or come to a halt, stop.
Drawnness nThe quality of being drawn.
Drawnwork nOrnamental work on linen etc., by drawing out threads, (also known as 'drawn-thread-work) usually with additional needlework.
Draw-sheet nA sheet that can be taken under a patient without making the bed.
Drawspring nOf rail transport: the spring to which a draw-bar is attached.
Drawstring nA string that can be pulled to tighten the mouth of a bag, the waist of a garment.
Drawth nThe act or process of drawing; a pull; draught. 2. that which is draughted or drawn; a draught. 3. a treatise.
Draw-well nA deep well from which water is drawn by a bucket suspended to a rope.
Dray n.Wheel-less sled or cart; a sled or cart without wheels, formerly much used for moving wood, turf. 2. sled used for dragging logs. 3. a low cart without sides for carrying heavy loads.
Dray vbTo convey by dray or dragging.
Draying nThe act of moving goods by dray.
Drayman nA man who drives a dray; a brewer's dray.
Dread nFear, great fear in view of impending evil; fearful apprehension of danger; anticipatory terror.. 2. reverential or respectful fear; awe. 3. a person highly revered. 4. somebody or something dreaded. 5. fury; dreadfulness.
Dread vbTo fear greatly. 2. to anticipate with fear.  3. to be in dread, or great fear. 4. to style (the hair) into dreadlocks.
Dread adjTerrible; greatly-feared. 2. (archaic)- awe-inspiring, held in fear.
Dread-bolt nLightning.
Dread-bolted adjLightning, as ' dread-bolted thunder.'
Dread-death adj'A reader of old dread-death and dread-devil books.' - horror and blood-chilling literature.
Dreaded adjFeared, frighten, terrified.
Dreader nOne who fears or lives in fear.
Dread-devil adj"A reader of old dread-devil and dread-death books.' - horror, and blood-chilling literature.
Dreadful adjInspiring awe or dread; terrible. 2. awful.
Dreadfullness nAwfulness, dread, terror, apprehension.
Dreadfully advWith dread, apprehension, fear, terror.
Dreadingly advWith dread
Dreadless adjWithout dread or fear; having no fear, fearless, not frightened. 2. exempted or void from dread or apprehension. 3. of danger: secure, free of terror. 4. without doubt or mistake, doubtless, apprehension-free.
Dreadlessly advIn a manner free of dread, fear, anxiety or worry.
Dread-lessness nFearlessness
Dreadlocked adjHaving hair styled in dreadlocks.
Dreadlocks nA hair style of Rastafarians and others in which the hair is left to grow into long matted strings.
Dreadly advIn a manner inspiring dread; dreadfully, awfully, terribly. 2. with dread or awe. 3.
Dreadness nThe quality of being dread.
Dreadnought nDreading or fearing nothing or no one.
Dreads nShort for dreadlocks or by synecdoche a rastafarian
Dreadworthy adjWorthy of being dreaded.
Dready adjFeeling dread, fearful, awe-filled, timid, frightened, scared.
Dream n.The sense - "sequence of sensations passing through a sleeping person's mind"- (also as a verb), probably related to Old Norse draumr, Old Saxon drom "merriment, noise." But Old English dream meant only "joy, mirth, noisy merriment," also "music." And much study has failed to prove that Old English dream is the root of the modern word for "sleeping vision," despite being identical in spelling. Words for "sleeping vision" in Old English were mæting and swefn. Old English "swefn" originally meant "sleep." Dream: "ideal or aspiration" is from earlier sense of "something of dream-like beauty or charm" 2. mirth, noise, pleasure, gladness, rejoicing. Music: the sound of a musical instrument, melody.
Drear n.Soundness, gloom, dismalness.
Drearhood nDrearihood: dismality, gloominess.
Drearily advIn a dreary manner.
Dreary adj.Gory, bloody, cruel, dire, horrid, grievous. 2. of persons - sad, melancholy, doleful, 3.dismal, gloomy. 4. repulsively dull or uninteresting.
Dreariness nSadness, gloom, quality or state of being dreary - of an oppressingly uninteresting character. 2. sadness, sorrowfulness (influenced by desolate sadness.) 3. dismality, desolation, gloom
Drearing nSorrowing grief.
Drearisome adj.Dreary of character; lonely and desolate.
Drearsome adjDismal, dull, gloomy, dreary.
Dreary adjGory, bloody. 2. cruel, dire, horrid, grievous. 3. of persons: their actions, state, aspect, etc. - full of sadness or melancholy, sad, doleful, dismal, dull or uninteresting.
Dreave nA drove; shoal of fish,
Dreave vbTo drive, repel,
Dreck n.Rubbish, trash, worthless debris, rotteness.
Dree nThe action of the verb 'to dree' 2. suffering, endurance, trouble, forbearance, lasting, doughtiness.
Dree vbTo do, perform service, duty, any one's will, grievous, to commit sins. 2. to endure undergo, suffer, bear something grievous, burdensome, or painful. 3. to do perform, suffer penance, shrift. 4. to endure, last, hold out, continue. 5. to spin out, protract. 6. also spelt 'dreigh'
Dree phr"Dree One's Weird" - to endure one's fate, destiny. 2. suffer or submit to one's destiny. 3. to suffer,
Dree adjEnduring, long suffering, patient. 2. heavy, mighty, doughty, fierce. 3. long, slow, tedious, wearisome, difficult to surmount or get over; stiff, severe. 4, dreary, cheerless, doleful.
Dree advDreely - heavily, severely, mightily, vehemently. 2. persistently, doggedly,
Dreeing nThe performance of military service.
Dreely advHeavingly, mightily, vehemently, stiffly, slowly, persistently.
Dreep nA wet, dripping condition. 2. an ineffective, spiritless or lugubrious person; a drip.
Dreep vbTo fall in drops, drip. 2,. fig. to droop, to loose courage (fig.); grow faint.
Dreepy adjDrooping, ineffectual, spiritless, lugubrious.
Dref adjTroublesome, vexatious, grievious.
Dreigh nVariant of 'dree.' - a long duration or space or time, length, distance, extent.
Drench nA drink, draught, draft. 2. a medical soporific or poisonous draught, a potion. 3. a draft or dose of medicine administered to an animal.
Drench vbCover with liquid; pour into. 2. permeate or impregnate. 3. force to drink (of an animal.) 4. submerge; steep in moisture, soak. gorge, satiate.
Drench phr"Drench In" - covered abundantly or soaked with.
Drenched adjCovered abundantly or soaked in.
Drencher nOne who drenches a beast.
Drenching nThe action or process of drenching an animal.
Drenchingly adjCovered abundantly or soaked in.
Dreng n.Young man, fellow, lad, 2. contemptuously, low based fellow.
Drenkle vbTo submerge, drown. 2. to suffer submersion or drowning.
Drepe vbTo strike, kill, overcome.
Dreper nOne who kills, a murderer.
Drese vbTo fall.
Dretch nTrouble, vexation, affliction, suffering, torment.
Dretch vbTo afflict, torment, vex, to trouble in sleep. 2. to be troubled in speech.
Dretching nTorment, vexation, trouble.
Dreve vb(drove)to drive away or apart; to separate. 2. to trouble, disturb, agitate. 3. to move, proceed, tend.
Drib nA droplet, a petty or in considerable quantity.
Dribble nc. 1300, perhaps from Middle Danish drippe, from Proto-Germanic *drup- (source also of Dutch druipen, German triefen), from PIE root *dhreu-. Related to droop and drop. Old English had cognate drypan "to let drop," dropian "fall in drops," and dreopan "to drop." 2. saliva falling from the mouth. 3. the moving of a ball by small kicks or taps.
Dribble vbCause to fall in drops. 2. run or flow slowly.
Dribbler nOne who dribbles or allow saliva fall from his or her mouth. 2. one who kicks a ball with slight taps.
Dribbling nThe allowing of saliva to fall from one's mouth. 2. the act of moving a ball by small or slight kicks or taps.
Dribbly advProne to dribbling; slobbery.
Dried adjFree or without moisture; not moist, not wet.
Dried phr"Dried Out" - free from moisture or excess moisture; not wet.
Driedness nThe quality of being dry.
Drier nA person or thing that dries.
Dright n.Multitude, army, people, company, a body of retainers . 2. march of a host, procession, throng.
Dright nDrighten, drightin. - a lord, ruler, chief, spec. the Lord God or Christ.
Drightfare nMarch of a host, procession, throng, multitude.
Drightfolk nPeople, nation, army.
Drightful adjMultitudinous, thronging.
Drightlike adjLordly, noble.
Drightman:nWarrior, soldier
Drightness nMajesty, godhead.
Drink nThe act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess. 2. the act of swallowing. 3. any liquid suitable for drinking. 4. a single serving of a beverage. 5. any large deep body of water
Drink vbTo be fascinated or spell-bound by; pay close attention to. 2. take in liquids. 3. to consume alcohol liquid. 4. to drink excessive amounts of alcohol; be an alcoholic. 5. propose a toast to.
Drink phr"Be Meat and Drink" - to be very pleasurable.
Drink phr"Drink and Drive" - to drive a motor vehicle whilst one blood alcoholic level is above the legal limit.
Drink phr"Drink deep" - take a large draught or draughts.
Drink phr"Drink Down" - drink until nothing remains in a cup or glass.
Drink phr"Drink Himself Drunk" - to drink until one is drunk.
Drink phr"Drink In" - absorb or listen by eager attention such as atmosphere, tranquility, beauty. 2. be fascinated or spell-bound by, pay close attention to.
Drink phr"Drink Like a Fish" - drink heavily or to excess.
Drink phr"Drink Off" - drink until nothing remains in a cup or glass.
Drink phr"Drink Oneself to Death" - kill oneself by excessive drinking.
Drink phr"Drink One's Fill" - drink as much as one's wants.
Drink phr"Drink on the House" - complimentary drink from owner, proprietor.
Drink phr"Drink Someone Under the Table" - drink more alcohol than somebody else whilst remaining more sober than he or she.
Drink phr"Drink the Cup of Sorrow" - experience great sorrow.
Drink phr"Drink the Sun Up" - to drink heavily or carouse
Drink phr"Drink the Waters" - drink medicinal waters, as spa water.
Drink phr"Drink To" - to toast.
Drink phr"Drink to the Health of" - to drink with good wishes foe one's health.
Drink phr"Drink Up" - drink until nothing remains in a cup or glass (often in one swig).
Drink phr"Drink with the Flies" - to drink alcohol alone (Australia)
Drink phr"Drive to Drink" - make someone so desperate that he or she seeks forgetfulness, or relief, in drinking.
Drink phr"In the Drink" - (nautical slang)in the sea, or into the water.
Drink phr"Long Time Between Drinks" - activity occurring only very spasmodically.
Drink phr"One Must Drink as One Brews" - one must take the consequences of one's actions.
Drinkdom nThe sphere of action of drinking.
Drink-driver nA person who drives while under the influence of alcohol.
Drink-driving nDriving a car under the influence of alcohol, and above the permitted legal blood-alcohol limit. permitted.
Drinker nA person who drinks alcoholic drinks (esp. to excess). 2. a drunkard.
Drink-house nA tavern, pub, hotel.
Drinking nThe act of consuming a beverage. 2. the drinking of alcoholic drinks to excess. 2. the act of consuming a beverage.
Drinking-glass nA container for holding liquids while drinking.
Drinking-horn nA horn of a bovine used for drinking.
Drinking-house nA tavern, hotel, pub.
Drinking-hole nOne local drinking place; a bar.
Drinkle vbTo cause to drink; drench,drown, get drunk. 2. to drown.
Drinkless adjWithout drink or liquid to quench one's thirst; dry.
Drinking-song nOne written about drink and drinking. 2. a song sang during drinking and carousing.
Drinking-straw nA thin paper or plastic tube used to suck liquids into the mouth.
Drinking-up timenThe time when customers in a hotel should finish their drinks before closing time.
Drinking water nWater suitable for drinking; potable water.
Drinking window nDenoting a period in which a mature wine is good to drink before it passes its peak.
Drinkless adjestitute of drink. 2. without drink; having nothing to drink.
Drink-off nA quaffing wholly and at a gulp.
Drinks nBeverages collectively.
Drink-seller nA seller of drinks.
Drink-shop nA shop where drinks can be purchased.
Drink-sodden adjDrunken, sodden with alcohol.
Drinkware nDrinking vessels collectively.
Drinkworthy adjPotable.
Drinky adjTipsy, drunk.
Drip nFrom Old English 'drop" - a falling drop. 2. that which drips or falls in drops, dripping. 2. a stupid, feeble or dull person, a fool, bore, one lacking mental alertness. 3. a grumble, complaint.
Drip vbTo let drop, cause to fall in drops. 2. to moisture, wet with drops.
Drip-drop nContinuous dripping with alternating sound.
Drip-feed na method of feeding, lubrication, etc. where liquid is supplied a drop at a time.
Dripless adjWithout a drip; that does not drip.
Dripped adjThat has been allowed to drip or percolate (of coffee so made).
Dripper nHe who, or that which, drips. 2. a wet, rainy day.
Dripping nThe fall of liquid drops; the liquid so falling. 2. melted fat that drips from roasting meat, whic when cold is used like butter.
Dripping adjThat drops, having liquid falling off in drops of. 2. of weather: wet, continuously raining.
Dripping adjCharacterized by dripping or drip(s), wet, rainy. 2. drivel-like, sloppy, sentimental.
Dripstone nA molding, or cornice over a door, window, etc. to throw off the the rain. 2. a label.?????
Drite vbEarlier form of dirt: to void excrement, to stool.
Drive nA journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile,) "a drive in a new car." 2. the act of driving a herd of animals overland

3. (sports) a hard straight return (as in tennis or squash). 4. the hitting a golf ball off of a tee with a driver. 5. a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end "the movement to end slavery". 6. a wide scenic road planted with trees. 7. a mechanism by which force or power is transmitted in a machine. 8. (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium. 8 a road leading up to a private house. 9. the trait of being highly motivated. 10. a physiological state corresponding to a strong need or desire.

Drive vbTo herd (animals) in a particular direction. 2. to cause animals to flee out of. 3. to move something by hitting it with great force. 4. to cause a mechanism to operate. 5. to operate a wheeled motorized vehicle. 6. to motivate. 7. to compel (to do something). 8. to cause to become. 9. to travel by operating a motorized vehicle. 10. to convey (a person, etc) in a wheeled motorized vehicle.
Drive phr"Drive At" - imply, suggest.
Drive phr"Drive Away" - to force animals or someone to leave a place. 2. repel, discourage.
Drive phr"Drive a Wedge Between" - to set out to cause two persons, groups to confront each other. 2. cause disharmony between persons.
Drive phr"Drive Back" - repulse, force back; force to withdraw.
Drive phr"Drive Back On" - oblige,force somebody (as a last resort) to use something he would rather avoid.
Drive phr"Drive By" - pass by or near.
Drive phr"Drive Home" - transport an other by one's own vehicle to their home.
Drive phr"Drive In" - (in military)force to withdraw towards the main body of one's unit.
Drive phr"Drive Into" - force to enter by striking with a hammer or any other object.
Drive phr"Drive Off" - drive away, leave (by car) from a place. 2. repel, force back, cause to withdraw. 3. drive a golf ball off a tee at the start of a game or a hole.
Drive phr"Drive Out" - force someone to leave a place; expel. 2. drive away, repel.
Drive phr"Drive Out of One's Mind or (Wit)" - make mad, drive insane, reduce to be very nervous or in an anxious state. 2. to cause someone great worry.
Drive phr"Drive Someone to the Wall" - to ruin a person.
Drive phr"Drive Someone Up the Wall" - to make somebody very frustrated or annoyed.
Drive phr"Drive Something Home" - try very hard to get somebody to accept, understand something (using a forceful or repeated argument).
Drive phr"Drive Someone to Tears" - to present information designed to make another person express sympathy not warranted by the facts.
Drive phr"Drive the Pigs to Market" - to snore heavily.
Drive phr"Drive to Drink" - make someone so desperate that he or she seeks forgetfulness, or relief, in drinking.
Drive phr"Drive Up" - make something increase. 2. arrive in a vehicle.
Drive phr"In Driving Rain" - during an excessive windblown rainfall.
Drive phr"Let drive " - aim a blow or missile at.
Drive phr"What Are You Driving At" - what are you implying at; trying to say or achieve.
Drive bolt nA tool for setting bolts home.
Driveaway adjIn vehicle sales (Australia): sale price including all dealer's fees, and all legally, required fees such as resignation and insurance. 2. in Canada, USA a variation of car rental in which the driver contracts to deliver the vehicle to a specific location.
Drive-by adjA crime carried out from a moving vehicle. 2. done quickly or in a cursorily manner. 3. performed hastily or without adequate care.
Drive-by phr"Drive-by Shooting (or Murder)" a shooting or murder carried out from a moving car.
Drive-by phr"Drive-by Download" - in computing, a download triggered by scripts etc. on a website, without prompting the user, usually for malicious purposes.
Drive-in nProviding service to patrons who remain in their motor cars, as a drive-in restaurant, drive-in funeral home. 2. an outdoor movie theatre where the films are projected onto a large screen and patrons watch from inside their vehicle, listening either by a speaker attached to their vehicle or on a designated radio frequency.
Drivel nNonsense talk. 2. saliva allow to flow from a person mouth.
Drivel vbTo talk nonsense. 2. to let saliva flow from the mouth; dribble.
Driveler nOne who talks nonsense. 2. one who allows saliva to flow from the mouth
Driveling nThe act of talking nonsense. 2. the act of allowing saliva to flow from one's mouth.
Driveless adjWithout any psychological drive; inert. 2. without a mechanical drive. 3.
Driverless nA vehicle moving (usu. out of control) and without a driver.
Drive-like adjResembling or characteristic of a driver, or some aspect of one.
Driveline nThe drive-train minus the engine and transmission. 2. the power train in general.
Driveling nFoolish talk, nonsense.
Driveling adjFoolish in speech.
Drivelingly advIn a driveling manner. 2. idiotically, foolishly.
Drivelly adjNonsensical, foolish, idiotic.
Driven adjObsessed, passionately, motivated to achieve goals. 2. of snow: driven into snowdrifts by the winds.
Drivenness nThe quality of being driven: drive, ambition.
Drive-off n drive away, leave (by car) from a place. 2. repel, force back, cause to withdraw. 3. a person who fills his car with petrol at the pump or bowser, then drives off without paying. 4. drive a golf ball off a tee at the start of a game or a hole.
Drive-on/Drive-off nOf a ship on to and from which a motr vehicle may be driven.
Drive-pipe nA pipe used to force or for forcing into the earth
Driver nTo person who drives a motor vehicle. 2. a wooden-headed club with a flat face used to drive a golf ball of a tee. 3. a device or part of a circuit providing power for output. 4. a mallet. 5. a part that transmits motion to another part by contact with it, or through an intermediate relatively movable part, as a gear which drives another, or a lever which moves another through a link, etc. 6. an attachment to a lathe, spindle, or face plate to turn a carrier. 7. an implement used for driving. 8. an overseer of a gang of slaves or gang of convicts at their work. 9. one who, or that which, drives; the person or thing that urges or compels anything else to move onward. 10. (Machinery) the driving wheel of a locomotive. 11. the person who drives beasts or a carriage; a coachman; a charioteer, etc.; hence, also, one who controls the movements of a any vehicle.
Driver phr"In the Driver's Seat" - having the most importance in a story line or recognition. 2. of primary importance . 3. in control of an entity or situation.
Driver-side nOn the side of a car correspondingly to the driver's seat.
Drive-shaft nA shaft transmitting torque.
Drive-through nOf an establishment, providing service to occupants of motor cars while still in their still-running vehicle. 2. an establishment, esp. a restaurant providing a 'drive-thru' service. 3. the window of such an establishment, adapted for such a purpose.
Drive-through adjOf an establishment, providing service to occupants of motor cars while still in their still-running vehicle. 2. an establishment, esp. a restaurant providing a drive-thru service.
Drive-time nThe time it takes to drive between two points. 2. of the time of the day when a person commutes (to) and (from) work, regarded as a popular time to listen to the radio.
Driveway nA short private road that leads to a house or garage.
Drive wheel nA wheel that transmits power to other elements of a mechanism; driving-wheel.
Drive-yourself nA motor vehicle on hire, and driven by the person who hires it.
Driving nThe act of controlling and steering the movement of a vehicle or animal.
Driving adjTransmitting power. 2. active and energetic. 3. having the power of driving or impelling. 4. acting with vigor.
Driving phr"What Are You Driving At" - what are you implying at; trying to say.
Driving iron nAn 'iron' golf club which can be used as a driver; a driver.
Drizzle n(Probably O.E. 'droesan' to fall) - a very fine, steady rain; a light rain. 2. in cookery: a trickle.
Drizzle vbOf rain)to fall in very fine drops. 2. in cookery to sprinkle in fine drops or a thin trickle.
Drizzly adjSomewhat or rather drizzly.
Drof adjOE: turbid, disturbed, troubled, physically or mentally.
Droke n.Furrow, grove, ditch. 2. small watercourse, stream, fleet, ditch, ea. 3. steep narrow ditch. 4. narrow passageway.
Drone nA non-working male of the honey bee, whose only social function is to mate with the queen bee. 2. a deep humming sound. 4. a monotonous speech or speaker 5. sluggard; idler. 6. a string or stringed instrument used to make a continuous droning sound. 7. remote controlled, pilot-less aircraft or missile.
Drone vbTo make a deep humming sound. 2. to speak or utter monotonously. 3. to idle away.
Drone phr"Drone on" - talk in an monotonous way. 2. speak tediously and at length.
Droned adjSounded in a monotonous tone.
Droner nOne who talks in an monotonous way.
Drong nA narrow passage or way; a lane.
Droning nA dull humming sound.
Droningly advIn a droning sound.
Dronish adjOf the nature or male bee. 2. living on the labor of others, lazy, sluggard, indolently, inactive.
Dronishly advIn a rather drony manner.
Drony adjOf a sound: dronelike.
Drop nThe act of dropping something. 2. a central depository where things can be left or picked up. 3. a curtain that can be lowered and raised onto a stage from the flies; often used as background scenery. 4. a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity

5. a free and rapid descent by the force of gravity. 6. a predetermined hiding place for the deposit and distribution of illicit goods (such as drugs or stolen property) 7. a steep high face of rock. 8. a small indefinite quantity (especially of a liquid). 9. a shape that is spherical and small

Drop vbTo fall. 2. to drip. 3. to fall straight down. 4. to allow to fall from one's grasp. 5. to lower oneself quickly to the ground. 6. to come to an end. 7. to express or utter casually. 8. to part with or spend money. 9. to cease over. 10. to decrease in value. 11. to send a letter or message. 12. to make fall to the ground. 13. to fail to pronounce. 13. to reduce. 14. to eject, remove, dismiss. 15. of music: to release to the public. 16. of music: to enter public distribution. 17. to cancel something scheduled. 18. of a voice, to go down in pitch.
Drop phr"At the Drop of a Hat" - at once, without hesitation. 2. with the slightest excuse.
Drop phr"Bottom Drop Out of" - prices fall to a very low level.
Drop phr"Drop a Hint" - make a subtle suggestion. 2. refer indirectly to something; make a suggestion indirectly, or tactfully, in order to give the listener an opportunity to do something that the speaker wants him to do.
Drop phr"Drop a Line" - write a letter; write a brief note.
Drop phr"Drop Anchor" - anchor a ship.
Drop phr"Drop Asleep" - fall gently asleep.
Drop phr"Drop a Stitch" - let a stitch fall off the end of a knitting needle.
Drop phr"Drop Away" - decrease or depart gradually.
Dropphr"Drop Back" - fall back, get left behind; at the rear. 2. drop back to lag or linger behind.
Drop phr"Drop Back Into" - return to a habit.
Drop phr"Drop Behind" - get farther back from the leader. 2. be left behind; fall behind (deliberately.) 3. allow others to move ahead.
Drop phr"Drop By" - call on, or casually visit.
Drop phr"Drop Dead" - die suddenly in the middle of some activity. 2. go away, stop interfering, I want no dealings with you, stop bothering me! 3. (slang): an exclamation of intense scorn.
Drop phr"Drop Down" - to move down a stream, or along a coast, as a vessel.
Drop phr"Drop In" - to happen in, as for a call. 2. call on, make a casual visit.
Drop phr"Drop In On" - call by, pay a casual visit to.
Drop phr"Drop Into" - call casually at a place. 2. resort to a habit.
Drop phr"Drop Into One's Lap" - to turn up fortuitously.
Drop phr"Drop It" - stop that!
Drop phr"Drop Like Flies" - die in large numbers.
Drop phr"Drop Names" - over use the names of celebrated or influential persons sin order to impress others with one's acquaintance with, or knowledge of, them. 2. to overuse scientific, technical, specialist words and terms in order to impress a lay audience.
Drop phr"Drop Off" - fall asleep; doze. 2. diminish, slacken, decrease, fall off. 3. decline gradually.
Drop phr"Drop On" - reprimand or punish.
Drop phr"Drop 0ut" - leave, withdraw from. 2. reject conventional, and join the alternate society. 3. leave school permanently.
Drop phr"Drop Out Of" - withdraw (from), abandon, leave.
Drop phr"Drop To" - (slang) : become aware of.
Drop phr"Have/Get the Drop On" - have the advantage over; specifically, to have 9a person0 covered with a gun before he can draw his.
Drop phr"Have a Drop Too Much" -be slightly drunk..
Drop phr"Only a Drop in the Bucket" - insignificant amount; quantity. 2. of inconsiderable value, importance, esp. as compared with something larger in total or in kind.
Drop phr"Ready to Drop" - exhausted, tired out.
Drop phr"Take a Drop" - have a liking for drinking alcohol.
Drop-back nSomeone or something that drops back, as a chair or seat.
Drop-back adjLagging, dropping or moving backwards.
Drop cloth nA sheet of impermeable material meant to catch paint and other liquids, materials or hard-to-clean substances.
Drop-dead adjStunningly beautiful; brilliant, excellent.
Dropdown nAn instance of a selection object that hides the contents (es. other choices) until activated.
Dropdown adjIn computing: dropping down from above, being a specific type of selection control that hides its contents until activated.
Drop Hammer nA heavy weight raised mechanically and allowed to drop, as used in drop-forging and pile-driving.
Drophead nAn adjustable fabric roof of a car.
Drop-in nOne who arrives unannounced or without an appointment. 2. (surfing) the act of paddling into and take off on a wave another surfer is already riding
Drop-in vb(Idiom) - to arrive unannounced or with little or no warning; also, to visit without an appointment. 2. to paddle while surfing into and take off on a wave another surfer is already riding.
Drop-in adjMade or constructed off-site and then dropped into a place or position.
Dropless adjWithout a drop or drops, as of water.
Droplet nA tiny drop.
Droplight nA lamp that is suspended, for example by a cable.
Droplike adjResembling or characteristic of a drop of liquid.
Dropmeal advIn drops; drop by drop.
Drop-off nThe act of dropping off or delivering something to someone. 2. a decline, a decrease. 3. a sheer downward slope; a cliff.
Dropout nA person who has dropped out of school, society, etc.
Dropped adjDiscarded, expelled, discharged, released, dumped, rejected.
Dropper nA device for administering liquids, esp. medicine in drops.
Dropping nThe act of a person or thing that drops.
Dropping-fire nThe frequent discahrge of small arms at irregular intervals.
Droppingly advIn a dropping manner; drop-by-drop, one by one.
Droppings nThe dung of animals or birds.
Droppy adjGiven to dropping, drippy, rainy.
Dropship nA relating practice of sending items for a manufacturer directly to the customer.
Dropshot nGunshot made by dropping molten metal from a height into water.
Drop shot nIn tennis, a softly hit shot, usually with backspin, which drop abruptly to the ground.
Dropside nA cot or truck having a side that drops down to open.
Dropstone nOld popular name for stalactites, and stalagmites, formed by the dropping of water.
Dropwise advIn the manner of a drop, drop by drop.
Dropwort nThe perennial herb 'Filipenda vulgaris' closely related to the meadow-sweet.
Dross nThe scum, recrement, or extraneous metals in process of smelting. 2. volcanic scoria. 3. impurities, mixed with impurities., dregs, impure or foreign matter.
Dross vbTo dross out; to sift out the dross. 2. to render impure or corrupt. 3. to free from from dross.
Dross phr"Mankind's Dross" (the dross of mankind) - the flotsam and jetsam of society.
Dross phr"The Dross of His Flock" - a worthless animal of a flock. 2. fig. & lit. the downtrodden and rejected.
Dross heap nHeap of worthless, impure matter, ' having stood for a long time on the edge of a dross heap.
Drossiness nThe state or quality of being drossy.
Drossless adjLacking or without dross.
Drossy adjResembling or characteristic of dross.
Drought nLong-continued dry weather. 2. scarcity, dearth, drouth.
Drought phr"Break A Drought" - to resume supplies after an interval.
Droughted adjDried, parched, without rain.
Droughtiness nThe state or condition of experiencing long-continued dry weather.
Droughting nExposure to drought.
Droughtless adjNot affected by drought or a serous lack of rain.
Drought-like adjResembling or characteristic of a drought, in some aspect.
Drought-stricken adjSeriously or greatly affected by drought or lack of sufficient rainfall.
Droughty adjDry, without moisture, arid. 2. characterized by drought; deficient in rainfall. 3. thirsty, often addicted to alcohol.
Drouth nDrought.
Drove nThe act of driving. 2. a number of beasts, oxen, sheep, etc. driven by a body; a flock, herd. 3. a crowd, multitude, teem, shoal, mob of other animals or human beings, esp. when in body; also fig. of things. 3. in some areas of England, a road along which horses or cattle are driven. 4. a channel for draining and irrigation. 5. a drove-dike, drove-road, drove-way. 5. an ancient road or track along which there is a free right-of-way for cattle, which is not kept in repair by authorities.
Drove vbTo trouble, disturb. 2. become troubled or overcast.
Drove vbTo drive herds of cattle; to follow the occupation of a drover.
Drove vbTo dress stone in parallel lines with a drove or broad chisel.
Drove-den nA wooded hollow or tract into which swine and other beasts might be driven to feed.
Drover nOne who drives animals in droves to market; a cattle-dealer. 2. a dealer, trafficker.
Drovering nThe business or occupation of a drover.
Droveship nThe business or occupation of a drover.
Droving nThe occupation of a drover. 2. troubles, tribulation, disturbance.
Drovy adjTroubled, turbid, not clear or transparent, opaque, drumly, cloudy.
Drow nDialect form of drought; adrow: to dry up.
Drow nA fit of illness. 2. a fainting fit, a qualm.
Drow vbTo endure, suffer,
Drown vbNot found until the C13th (when it began to replace the related 'drench' in the sense 'suffocate in water' but an Old English verb 'drunian' could well have existed. 2. to sink (a ship or like); to send to the bottom. 3. to submerge, flood, inundate, deluge, drench. 3. to overwhelm, overpower by rising above like a flood. 4. to immerse or smother; to overpower sound by greater loudness. 5. to extinguish by merger in something greater or higher; to merge.
Drown phr"Drown One's Sorrows" - to drink, by way of solace, in order to forget (temporarily) one's troubles.
Drown phr"Drown Out" - to put or drive out by inundation; to stop( works or people) or drive out from their habitation by inundation
Drown phr"Like a Drowned Rat" - extremely wet and bedraggled.
Drown phr"Wet As a Drowned Rat" - thoroughly soaked or in a dripping condition.
Drowned adjKilled by submersion in water. 2. submerged, flooded, deluged, inundated; of a physical feature such as a valley, dale, that is fully or partially under water as a result of permanent change in the relative levels of land and sea, or lake).
Drowned phr"Like a Drowned Rat" - extremely wet and bedraggled.
Drowned phr"Wet As a Drowned Rat" - thoroughly soaked or in a dripping condition.
Drowner nOne who drowns; or suffers drowning; that which drowns.
Drowning nPerishing by suffocating in water, suffering inundation. 2. suffocating or destroying by submerging in water; also fig. overwhelming or overpowering.
Drowningly advSo as to drown.
Drowse nBefore 900; Old English drūsian to droop, become sluggish (not recorded in ME); akin to Old English drēosan to fall. 2. the action of drowsing; a fit of drowsing. 3. state of being drowsy or sleepy.
Drowse vbProbably from O.E. 'drusin' be languid or slow. to sink, droop, become slow. 2. to become drowsy, to become heavy or dull in or as with sleep. 2. to be half-asleep. 3. to nod off. 4. to become inactive, dull, sluggish. 5. to render drowsy, dull or inactive, as with sleep. 6. to pass away time, drowsily, or in drowsing.
Drowsed adjDrooped, dulled, inactive, sleepy, sluggish.
Drowsen nOE. drosna: dregs, grounds; a kind of oatmeal porridge.
Drowsihood nDrowsiness.
Drowsily advIn a drowsy manner; sluggishly, inactively.
Drowsiness nThe state of being drowsy; or heavy-sleepiness. 2. intellectual or moral lethargy, sloth, sleep, lulling, soporific state, dullness, sluggishness, lethargy.
Drowsing nThe state of being half asleep, dozing.
Drowsy adjInclined to drowse. 2. disposing to sleep. 3. dull, stupid.
Drowsy-headed adjA person of a sleepy or sluggish disposition.
Drowsy-headed adjSleepy, sluggish, inactive, lethargic. 2. a drowsy-headed person. as ' a man, on his bed, slumbers prone.
Drowth nDrought, an extreme spell of weather without much rainfall.
Drunk adjIn a state of intoxication caused by the consumption of excessive alcohol, usually by drinking alcoholic beverages. 2. habitually or frequently in a state of intoxication from alcohol. 3. (usually followed by with or on) elated or emboldened.  4. drunk with power he immediately ordered a management reshuffle. 5. drenched or saturated with moisture or liquid. 6. (intoxicated from alcohol): blitzed, drunken, ebrious, hammered, pissed, tipsy, wasted, smashed.
Drunk nOne who is intoxicated with alcohol. 2. a habitual drinker, especially one who is frequently intoxicated. 3. a drinking-bout; a period of drunkenness. 4. a drunken state.
Drunk phr"Drunk as a Fiddler" - a fiddler at wakes, fairs etc was often paid in liquor.
Drunk phr"Drunk as a Lord" - falling down or roaring drunk.
Drunk-driver nA person driving a motor vehicle under the influence of, and impaired, by alcohol.
Drunk-driving nThe crime of driving a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs, including those prescribed by a doctor.
Drunken vbTo be swallowed or sunken in water; to suffer drowning; be drowned. 2. to be swallowed up in water. 3. to saturate or soak with liquid. 4. to be intoxicated or drink to excess.
Drunken adjIntoxicated, tipsy.
Drunkendom nStat.e or condition of being drunk; alcoholics collectively; drunkenship.
Drunkenly advIn a drunken manner.
Drunkenship nDrunkenness.
Drunkenwort nTobacco; minshu ductor
Drunk-head nA drunkard affected by alcohol.
Drunk-headly adjExtremely affected by drinking too much alcohol.
Drunkhood nState or condition of being intoxicated or inclination to excessive drinking..
Drunkish adjSomewhat or rather drunk.
Drunk-like adResembling or characteristic of a drunken state.
Drunkness nThe state of being drunk, or of intoxication. 2. the habit of being drunken; or addicted to excessive drinking. 3. intoxication of the mind or spirit. 4. unsteadiness of the thread of a screw.
Drunksome adjAddicted to drunkenness, or excessive drinking.
Drunk trees nTrees which under the discontinuous permafrost or ice have melted, causing the trees to tilt at various angles.
Drunky adjDrunksome, intoxicated, tipsy.
Druthers n"I would rather" - a choice, preference.
Dry nA desert, a water-less place; a long stretch of the dry; a 75 mile dry. 2. prohibitionist, one who believes in an alcohol-free society. 11. a politician (esp. one of the Conservative Party): whose economic stringency, individual responsibility and vehemently opposes high government spending.
Dry adjA blow that does not draw blood. 2. feeling or showing no emotion, impassive. 3. dry of tender feeling; want in sympathy or cordiality; stiff, hard, cold. 4. wanting spiritual emotion. 5. yielding no fruit, result or satisfaction, barren, sterile, unfruitful, jejune. 6. of person: miserly, stingy. 7. uncommunicative, reserved. matter of fact, lacking adornment, embellishment, meagre. 8. deficient in interest, unattractive, distasteful, insipid (fig. of food that lack succulency). 9. lacking in softness or mellowness. 10. of acoustics: lacking in warmth and resonance. 11. of money-paid in full. 10. prohibitionist, one who believes in an alcohol-free society. 11. a 'dry' or 'dry-up' - an instance where an actor or orator forgets or fails to speak one's word in a play, speech or other performance.
Dry vbTo become thirsty. 2. suddenly to forget or fail to speak one's word in a play or other performance, as 'an actor friend of mine once dried at the beginning'. 3. to render a cow dry or stop the secretion of its milk.
Dry phr"Dry As a Bone" - very dry.
Dry phr"Dry as Dust" - very dry; libale to crumble. 2. (fig) very tedious and uninteresting.
Dry phr"Dry Behind the Ears" - naive, gullible, credulous.
Dry phr"Dry Down" - of paint: to become dry.
Dry phr"Dry Off" - to make dry (after being wet from rain or after swimming.)
Dry phr"Dry Out" - become, make, quite free of water. 2. to evaporate; dry up. 3. stop drinking heavy liquor.
Dry phr"Dry Up" - cease, halt, stop talking. 2. of something perceived as a continuous flow or source: stop flowing. 3. dwindle, wane, disappear, subside. 4. make dry by wiping with a cloth. 5. be exhausted, come to an end. 6. stop talking, be quiet, shut up (through shyness or anxiety).
Dry phr"Dry Wipe" - wipe something dry, as a kitchen bench.
Dry phr"Go Dry" - propose legislation for the abolition of alcohol.
Dry phr"Have a Dry Run" - rehearsal, practice run, experimental or trial
Dry phr"I Am Dry with Talking" - I am thirsty after talking for so long.
Dry phr"Leave High and Dry" - stranded in a very difficult situations.
Dryasdust nDull, pedantic, though often learned person.
Dryasdust adjDull, pedantic, though often learned.
Dryasdustdom nThe realm, sphere or world of those dryasdust.
Dryasdustness nThe state or quality of being dryasdust.
Dryasdustly advIn a pedantic, boring, but learned manner
Dry-beatingnA sound beating which does not draw blood.
Dry bite nA dry bite is a bite by a venomous animal in which no venom is released. Dry snake bites are called "Venomous snake bite without envenoming". Dry bites can occur from all snakes, but their frequency varies from species to species.
Dry-boned adjThin, withered, emaciated.
Dry-bones nContemptuous name for a thin or withered person or one who has little flesh on his bones.
Dry clean vbTo clean fabric clothing by a chemical agent, rather than water.
Dry-cleaned adjOf fabrics/ clothes cleaned with a chemical solvent.
Drycleaner nThe operator of a dry-cleaning business.
Drycleaning nThe act of cleaning fabrics/clothing with solvents, rather than water.
DrycoughnCoughing without expectoration.
Drydock nA narrow basin or vessel that can be flooded to allow a load to be floated in, the drained to allow the load to come to rest on a dry platform. dry docks are used for construction, maintenance and repair of ships, boats and other watercraft.
Drydock vbTo flood a narrow basin or vessel to allow a load to be floated in, then drained to allow the load to come to rest on a dry platform. 2. to use a dry dock for construction, maintenance and repair of ships, boats and other watercraft.
Dry-eyed adjTearless, not weeping, unlachymous
Dry-film-thickness nThe thickness, experienced in mils, of anapplied and / ? coating or mastic.
Dry fire nThe practice of 'firing' a firearms without ammunition.
Dry-fist nA niggardly or stingy person
Dry-fisted adjNiggardly, stingy, miserly.
Dry fly nA type of fishing fly.
Dry-foot nOne who tracks criminals or lost-persons by their scent.
Dry foot vbTo track game (or criminals) by the mere scent of the foot.
Dry-footed adjHaving feet not wetted. 2. lightly pass through difficulty: like one who steps lightly over a stream without wetting his or her feet.
Dry goods nA name for class of merchandise made up of textile fabrics and related things; such as articles of drapery, mercery and haberdashery (as opposed to groceries).
Dry-handed adjHaving hands that are dry. 2. old and withered with connotations of lacking potency and sexual appeal. 3. empty-handed. 4. lacking special equipment for fighting. 5. snobbish, concerned more with social standing than worth.
Dry-hole nA hole drilled to find oil and gas but yielding none.
Dryhood n.Drought, dryland, a dry place, desert, rain-lessness.
Dry-house nA building in which miners change their clothing.
Dry ice nSolid carbon dioxide used as a refrigerant. 2. the cold dense white mist produced by solid in air, used for theatrical effects.
Drying nThe action of the verb 'dry'; dessication; abstractuion or drying out of moisture.
Drying adjThat dries or render dry; dessicative, abstracting of moisture from garments or other materials. 3. drying quickly; becoming dry, opposed to oils.
Drying day nA sunny, windy day on which washing dries quickly.
Drying-house nA enclosure covered with light, see-through material and used to dry vegetables.
Dryingness nThe quality of drying quickly.
Dryish adjSomewhat dry.
Dry lake nA dry lake bed, consisting of of fine grained sediment infused with alkali salts, with no outflow
Dryland nAn arid area. 2. a region with a low rainfall.
Dry-law nA law prohibiting the sale spiritous liquor.
Dry-lighting nA lightning display without rain.
Dry-lipped adjHaving dry and chafed lips.
Dryly advIn the manner of something without moisture. 2. without emotion, sympathy, or cordiality; coldly, frigidly. 3. without quick sarcasm or caustic humour. 4. in a bare or plain style; without embellishment. 5. badly; dully or uninteresting style or manner.
Dry milk nDried or powdered milk.
Dry mouth nA condition where does not make enough saliva.
Dry needling nA type of Western medical acupuncture.
Dryness nThe condition or quality, absence or deficiency of moisture, aridity, bing dried up or droughty. 2. a dry place; dryland, as 'that dryness earth men shall call; the gathering of the waters all seas to name.' 3. failure, cessation, 4. thirst, want of water. 5. absence of emotion, feeling or fervour. 6. lack of cordiality, coldness of feeling, distance of manner. 7. absence of embellish, plainness, baldness, lack of interest, dullness. 8. condition of being dry - or without alcohol; prohibition of the sale of alcoholic liquor during the 1930s.
Dry up nOf the flow of words: cease talking. 2. cause to forget his or her words.
Dry rot nA fungous disease of timber, causing it to crumble. 2. fig. a state of gradual, hidden or unsuspected moral or social decay, tending towards disintegration. 3. a disease of potatoes and other vegetables.
Dry rot vbTo affect with dry rot.
Dry-rotted adjDecayed, rotted (by fungous disease).
Dry run nA practice run or testing process where the effects of possible failure are intentionally mitigated. 2. a rehearsal.
Dry salt nTo preserve or cure food by salting and removing water.
Dry salter nA dealer in dyes, gums, and chemical preparations. 2. one who deals in salted meats, pickles, etc.
Drysane vbTo fall down, sink.
Drysnyng nFalling.
Dry-shod adv(In dried-feet) having one's shoes dried without wetting the feet. 2. without wetting the shoes or feet
Dry spell nA longish period when the weather has been dry, for an abnormally long time. 2. a period dry shorter and less severe than a drought. 2. a period of time (usually quite long) of abstinence from alcohol, drugs; sex, etc.
Dry-steam nSteam containing no evaporated water
Dry steering nThe act of turning the steering wheel or rotating the steering wheel or rotating the vehicle on an axis by some other means, while the vehicle is stationary.
Drystone nA building method in which structures are built from stones without any mortar to bind them together.
Dryte nFeces.
Dryte vbTo defecate.
Dryth nDryness, dry condition, dry weather, drought. 2. thirst.
Dry tongue nA medical condition where the tongue tends to stick to or against the roof of the mouth, causing a problem with chewing and/or swallowing.
Dry-tongued adjSuffering or infliction of the medical condition called 'dry-tongue.'
Dry-thunder nA thunder roll without rain.
Dry tool nClimbing (rock climbing) axes and crampons.
Dry tooling nThe action of climbing of rocks using ice axes and crampons.
Dry-up nThe action of drying up.
Dry-wall nA panel of plaster board (gypsum panel) pressed between two thick sheets of paper used to make interior walls amnd ceilings.
Drywalling nThe construction of interior walls and ceilings using panels of dry walling or plasterboard.
Dryware nGoods or merchandise packed in barrels for transport by sea.
Dry wit nHumor, when the intent, but not the presentation is humorous, blunt, sarcastic, laconic or apparently unintentional.
Dry-wood nSeasoned wood free from sap.
Ducky adjA term of endearment for an elderly woman. 2. sweet, pretty, splendid, fine.
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