Old EnglishsbEnglish
Dub nA blow, 2. a calling, titling, naming, deeming. 2. the action of dubbing
Dub vbTo confer (a) knighthood by tapping gently on the shoulder of the recipent with a sword. 2. to mane, title, call. 3. deem. 4. to dress, adorn, ornament. 5. to strike a blow with various tools, such as a adze. 6. to raise a nap on material.
Dubbing nThe action of conferring (a) a knighthood by tapping gently on the shoulder of the recipent with a sword. 2. calling, naming, titling, deeming.
Duck nSpecifically, an adult female duck; contrasted with drake and with duckling. 2. the flesh of a duck used as food. 2.(cricket) A batsman's score of zero after getting out. (short for duck's egg, since the digit "0" is round like an egg.) 3. (slang) a playing card with the rank of two. 4. a partly-flooded cave passage with limited air space. 5. a building intentionally constructed in the shape of an everyday object to which it is related. 6. luncheonette in the shape of a coffee cup is particularly conspicuous, as is intended of an architectural duck or folly. 7. a marble to be shot at with another marble (the shooter) in children's games. 8. (US) a cairn used to mark a trail. of the weights used to hold a spline in place for the purpose of drawing a curve. 9. a quick punge; a dip. 10. an instantaneous lowing of the head of body. 11. a rapid, jerky bow or obeisance.
Duck vbTo lower the head or body in order to prevent it from being struck by something; to bow. 2. to lower (something) into water; to thrust or plunge under liquid and suddenly withdraw.  3. to go under the surface of water and immediately reappear; to plunge one's head into water or other liquid. 4. to lower (the head) in order to prevent it from being struck by something. 5. to evade doing something. 6. to lower the volume of (a sound) so that other sounds in the mix can be heard more clearly.
Duck phr"Break One's Duck" - to end a spell or time without results.
Duck phr"Duck Shove" - to avoid an issue or shirk a responsibility.
Duck phr"Ducks on the Pond" - a sign or message passed among shearers in the wool sheds of Australia to make them aware that women are coming into the shed.
Duck phr"Duck Out" - (idiom)- to depart quickly or exit suddenly, esp. in a manner quiet and unobtrusive, before a meeting or event has ended. 2. to move or act as to achieve an escape, evasion or avoidance.
Duck phr"In Two shakes of a Duck's Tail" - in an instant.
Duck phr"Like a Dead Duck" - to have failed.
Duck phr"Like a Duck in Thunder" - having a forlorn and hopeless appearance.
Duck phr"Like a Duck to Water" - producing no effect or remonstrance.
Duck phr"Like a Dying Duck" - sad and weak.
Duck phr"Like a Lame Duck" - a person who is unable to fend for themselves. 2. a slow moving ship.
Duck phr"Like a Sitting Duck" - to be readily exploited.
Duck phr"Like Water off a Duck's Back" - if criticisms, insults, etc are like water off a duck's back to you, they do not affect you at all.
Duck phr"Lovely Weather for Ducks" - wet weather.
Duck phr"Two Shakes of a Duck's Tail" - in an instant.
Duckboard nOne of a long series of boards put down as a pathway over muddy ground.
Duck-dive nIn surfing the action of pushing one's board under the water nose first, to gain advantage of a breaking wave.
Duckdive vbTo surf by pushing one's board under the water nose first, in order to gain advantage of an breaking wave.
Duck-diving nThe action of pushing one's board under the water nose first. 2. the action of diving arm first when swimming.
Duck-drowned adjVery heavy rain
Duck-footed adjHaving splayed-foot(s). 2. walking with the ends of the feet angled outwards; pigeon toed.
Ducking nThe act of wetting something by submerging it. 2. the hunting of ducks. 3. immersion in water. 4.prompt bowing or bending the head or body.
Ducking pond nIn ancient times, the pond into which disorderly women were placed in ducking-tool and immersed in the waters of pond, etc.
Ducking-stool nA chair used to punish women who scold by immersing them in water.
Duckless adjUnpopulated, or not having, ducks in a specific region or area.
Duck-like adjSimilar to, or resembling a duck in look and manner.
Duckling nA young duck; a duckling.
Duck's arse nHaircut with the hair on the back of the head shaped like a duck's tail.
Duck's foot nThe Lady's Mantle, a plant.
Duck-shove nThe avoidance of an issue or shirking of responsibility.
Duckspeak nThoughtless or speech according to formula (coined by George Orwell and used in his book 'Animal farm"
Ducktail nA hairstyle in which the hair is swept back into an upturned point at the back.
Duckwalk nAn walk or gait resembling the awkward waddle of a duck.
Duckwalk vbIn popular music employed by guitarists who jump on one leg while moving backwards and forward.
Duckweed nAny of several aquatic floating plants in the family 'Lemnoid' or araceae.
Ducky adjGreat, fine, very good, sweet, splendid,agreeable, proceding in an agreeable and satisfactory way.
Dug vbSee "dig" perhaps Old English : dicigian; obtained by digging, excavated, thrust into something, etc.
Dug-out nA shelter on a sporting field where players, coaches, and officials sit during the game. 2. a canoe made by hollowing out (dug-out)and shaping of a large log. 3. a fortification of earth, mostly or entirely below ground; a dug-out. 4. a rough kind of dwelling.
Dug-out adjHollowed out by digging; excavated. 2. formed by excavation of the ground (usually into the bank). 3. of persons: of an outdated appearance or ideas spec. usually one recalled for military.
Dug-up adjExhumed, unearthed.
Dull vbTo make dull in appearance. 2. become dull or lusterless in appearance; lose shine or brightness. 3. deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping; muffle, mute, dull, damp, dampen, tone down. 4. make numb or insensitive; numb, benumb, blunt, dull. 5. make dull or blunt; dull, blunt, not to sharpen. 6. become less interesting or attractive; pall, dull. 7: make less lively or vigorous. 8. to become dull or stupid.
Dull adjSlow of understanding; wanting readiness of apprehension; stupid; doltish; stultish; blockish. 2. slow in action; sluggish; unready; awkward. 3. insensible; unfeeling. 4. not keen in edge or point; lacking sharpness; blunt. 5. not bright or clear to the eye; wanting in liveliness of color or luster; not vivid; obscure; dim; as, a dull fire

or lamp; a dull red or yellow; a dull mirror. 6. heavy; gross; cloggy; insensible; spiritless; lifeless; inert. 7. furnishing little delight, spirit, or variety; uninteresting; tedious; cheerless; gloomy; melancholy; depressing; as, a dull story or sermon; a dull occupation or period; hence, cloudy; overcast; as, a dull day. 8. lifeless; inanimate; dead; stupid; doltish; heavy; sluggish; sleepy; drowsy; gross; cheerless; tedious; irksome; dismal; dreary; clouded; tarnished; obtuse.

Dull phr"Dull as Ditch/ Dishwater" - boring, uninteresting, dreary.
Dull phr"Dull Edge Of" - cause or make to feel to be less keenly felt; reduce the intensity of.
Dulled adjDulled deprived of color; colors dulled by sunlight, etc. 2. dulled made dull or blunt as a knife. 3. having lost or been caused to lose interest because of over-exposure
Dullen vbTo make dull.
Dull-eyed adjHaving eyes wanting brightness, liveliness, or vivacity.
Dull-head nAn unalert person, slow-witted person, fool, stulty, dolt, blockhead.
Dull-headed adjIdiotic, doltish, stultish, slow-witted, obtuse in intellect, mentally unalerted.
Dull-hearted adjEmotionless, joyless, having no purpose or ambition in life.
Dull-house nA madhouse.
Dulling adjThe process of making something dull.
Dullish adjSomewhat or rather dull, rather unalert, slowish and dullish.
Dull-looking adjResembling or characteristic of something lacking brightness and lustre. 2. inteelligent, stupid, slow at understanding. 3. slow, overcast.
Dullminded adjDim-witted, stupid, unintelligent.
Dullness nThe quality of being dull. 2. the quality of being uninteresting. 3. lack of visual brilliance. 4. (fig.)bluntness, without edge or edginess. 5. irksome, very uninteresting character. 6. doomness of mind or spirit; now, esp. as any lack of intent. 7. want of sensibilty for acuteness (of senses); want of sharpness, cleverness, brightness, directness or intensity. 8. of physical quality: bluntness, dimness.
Dull-sighted adjHaving poor vision.
Dullsome adjDull, slow and dull, lacking mentally alertness.
Dull-witted adjHaving a dull, blunt wit or mind. 2. slow-minded; stupid.
Dull-wittednessnThe state or quality og having a dull, blunt wit. 2. slow-wittedness. 3. mentally lacking alertness and awreness. 4. slow-witted, slowness, dullness, stupidity.
Dully adjIn a dull manner; without liveliness, without lustre.
Dully nA dull or stupid person.
Dully advWithout quickness of understanding; stupidity. 2. without eergy or activity, sluggishly, drowsing, inertly. 3. gloomy, sadly, with ennui, irksomely, without interest or enlivenment. 4. in reference to the body senses or as too the physical qualities, bluntly, indistinctly, obscurely, dimly, not keenly, clearly, or brightly.
Dumb adjOE: dumb, silent, speechless, mute, unable to speak. In modern usage: stupid, rather than lacking the power of speech. 2. unable to speak; lacking the power of speech. 3,. silent; without words, dumbstruck, mute, speechless, wordless. 4. of a person (pejoratively) extremely stupid, foolish, without intellectual content or value. 5. feeble-minded, idiotic, stultish, doltish, stupid, moronic. 6. lacking brightness or clearness of colour. 7. banal, brainless, silly.
Dumb phr"Dumb Down" - to make simpler, even somewhat condescendingly to the point of oversimplification.
Dumb-born adjBorn without the power to speak. 2. born lacking intelligence or nous.
Dumb-chill nFever.
Dumb dog nOne who remains silent when he/she should protest.
Dumb-down nThe action of making simpler, often condescendingly.
Dumb-downed adjMade condescendingly simple: simple even for a dummy.
Dumb-friend nApplied to domestic animals.
Dumbhead nBlockhead, stult, fool, idiot.
Dumb-headed adjSilly, stupid, awkward, stultish, indolent.
Dumbing-down nThe making of something simpler or easier to understand, even somewhat condescendingly to the point of oversimplification
Dumbish adjSomewhat silent or mute. 2. rather stupid or unintelligent.
Dumbishly advIn a manner somewhat silent or mute. 2. in a rather stupid or unintelligent way.
Dumbly advIn a dumb, somewhat silent manner; speechlessly mutely or silently.
Dumbness nQuality or condition of being dumb, silent or mute. 2. dim-witted, not communicating or having an inability to speak. 3. muteness, silence, abstention from speech; speechlessness. 4. show or gesture without words.
Dumbnut nA stupid person, an idiot, fool.
Dumb ox nStupid, uncommunicative person.
Dumbshow nA performance during which the players do not speak. 2. significant gestures in mime, used when words are inappropriate.
Dumbstruck adjSo shocked as being unable to speak.
Dumb-struckness nThe state or condition of being so shocked as being unable to speak.
Dumminess nQuality of being a dummy; fool, stult.
Dummy nA silent or dumb person. 2. a person who does not talk or has nothing to say or takes no active part in affairs. 3. a puppet, doll or figure of a ventrilogist. 4. something constructed to the size and form of a human, to be used in the place of a person. 5. a deliberate non-functioning device with a tool used in place of a function. 6. a plastic or rubber teat used to comfort a baby. 7. a bodily gesture meant to fool an opponent in sport; a feint. 8. a word used to make a sentence or word construction grammatical, such as the pronoun 'it.' 9. a dolt, stult, blockhead, idiot. 10. a punishment cell in a prison.
Dummy phr"Dummy Up" - to make a mock-up or prototype version of something, with limited functionally.
Dummy-bidder nA fake bidder used at auction at an auction whose primary purpose is to get potential buyers to bid more or higher for a the property being auctioned.
Dummy runnA trial or test before the real attempt; a practice run.
Dummy spit nThe act of overreacting childishly to a situation in an angry or frustated manner.
Dun nA dull or dingy brown colour.
Dun vbTo make dun, dusky or dingy. 2. to darken or dull the colour of.
Dun adjOf a dull or dingy brown colour, now esp. dull greyish brown, like the hair of the ass and mouse.
Dune nA mound, ridge or hill of drifted sand on a sea-coast, but used more widely of any mound of drifted sand; also a similar ridge of clay formed by the action of the wind. (dun, down).
Dung nFecal matter or excrement of animals; droppings, dung, muck. 2. transfig. & fig. applied to that which is morally filthly or defiling or to matter that is vile, contemptible, coath.
Dung vbTo fertilize with dung; to manure or dress land with dung. 2. to defecate, eject excrement used of animals, and also animals. 3. to excrete or excrementate.
Dung-bird nThe hoopoe.
Dung-eating adjStercpphagous, such as the dung-beetle.
Dunged adjCovered or mixed with dung.
Dung heap nA mound or heap of animal excrement used as manure on fields and pasture. 2. a dunghill, dung-mixen, heap of dung or refuse. 3. fig. and transfig. a heap or repository of filth or rubbish; often applied in deprecatory manner to the earth, and to the human body. also applied to a type of the lowest or most degraded state. 4. applied opprobriously to a person of evil life, or of base life or station.
Dunghill nSee dung heap. 2. any mold of dung; fig. any mean condition; a vile abode.
Dunghilly adjLike or character of dunghill, vile, ignoble.
Dungish adjOff the nature of dung; vile, foul, and filthly as dung.
Dung-like nResembling or characteristic of dung, dungy. 2. fpul or filthly as dung, vile, defiling.
Dungy adjResembling, abounding or characteristic of dung; dung-like.
Dungyard nA yard or enclosure where dung is kept.
Dunned adjOf a dark or dusky colour.
Dunnish adjSomewhat dunny or dusky; inclining to a dun colour.
Dunny adjThe quality of being dun, duskiness, dunginess. 2. somewhat dun or dusky brown in colour.
Dunstone nStone of a dun or dun-brown colour; applied locally to different sedimentary rocks, as magnesian limestone, ironstore, sandstone and sometimes igneous rocks, such a sdolerite.
Dunt nOE dynt: dint, stroke, firm blow, bruise, thud, noise, a dull sounding blow. 2. a wound produced by such a blow. 3. a beat or palpitation of the heart.
Dunt vbTo strike, give to a blow to, knock with a dull sound. 2. to beat violently.
Dunted adjStruck, knocked, thuddy.
Dusk nThe darkened stage of twilght before it is quite dark at night, or when darkness begins to give way in the morning. 2. the quality of being dusk, that is dusk, duskness, shade, gloom (as a forst. 3. Candle-light, The Dim, darkfall, downset, eventide, evenfall, The Gloam, twilight, nightfall, sundown, sun-sitting, sunsetting, owldust, the Shutting-in, The Shank of The Evening, dusktime, dusklight.
Dusk adjDark from absence of light. 2. dim, to be or made dusky; dusky or dim, gloomy, cloudy, sully, shadowy, dark-coloured, blackish, dusky (usu. in reference to twilight.) 3. to exhibit a dusky appearance. 4. obscure, veiled from sight, dusky of the eyes, or understanding.
Dusken vbTo make dusty or obscure; growing dark.
Duskened adjobscured, darkened, dustied.
Duskily advIn a dusky, dim or obscure manner; dimly.
Duskiness nThe quality of being dusky, or obscure or darkened. 2. the time when it is near dusk.
Duskish adjSomewhat duskish, obscured or darkened. 2. dusky, blackish, partly obscure, somewhat dusky.
Duskishily advIn a duskish manner; duskily, obscurily.
Duskishness nQuality of being duskish or slightly dark; slight obscurity or dimness.
Dusklight nThe light of dusk, 'we saw Melbourne all stretched out ... spewing out choking smoke and early dusklight'.
Duskly adjSomewhat black or dark in colour; dark-coloured, darkish. 2. somewhat dark or deficient of light; not bright or luminous, dim, obscure. 3. melancholy, gloomy, little sad.
Duskness nDuskiness, the quality of being dusky, dark, partial darkness or blackness, dimness, or obscure. 2. obscureness, gloom.
Dusktime nThe time of dusk, twilght, duskstund, dusk-tide, eventide, evenfall, nightfall, sundown. 2. the time when it is near dusk.
Dusky adjDimly lit, as at dusk or evening. 2. partially dark or obscure, not luminous. 3. sunsettish, shadowy, twilighty, darkish, lighted by or as if in twilight. 3. of a person: dark-skinned, swarthy, ashen, greyish skin hue. 4. a shade of colour that is darkish. 5. tending to blackness in colour, partially black, dark coloured, not bright, dusky brown. 6. intellectually clouded.
Dusky vbTo make or render dusky.
Duskyish adjSomewhat dry.
Dust nFine, dry particles of earth or other matter, so comminuted that they may be raised and wafted by the wind; 2. that which is crumbled to minute portions; fine powder; as, clouds of dust; bone dust. 3. a single particle of earth or other matter. 4. the earth, as the resting place of the dead. 5. the earthy remains of bodies once alive; the remains of the human body, the earthly frame of man. 6. condition of death, being dead and buried, 'laid in the dust' or 'dust to dust, ashes to ashes'. 7. in phrases denoting condition of humilation, as 'one licking the dust'. 8. (fig.) a worthless thing or that type which is worthless, 'thus while they search for gold and silver, they search for dust and sand'. 9. (fig.) a low or mean condition. 10. gold dust; hence: (slang) coined money; cash.; gold dust, fine particles of gold, such as are obtained in placer mining; often used as money, being transferred by weight. 11. disturbance, uproar, row, shindig, as to raise dust.
Dust vbTo free from dust; to brush, wipe, rub or sweep away dust from; as, to dust a table or a floor. 2. to sprinkle or strew with dust or powder. 3. to reduce to a fine powder; or small particles like dust, to crumble to dust. 4. to be dusty, rise as dust. 4. to dust the eyes of. 5. to soil with dust. 7. to beat, thrash, strike, hit. 8. to out-ride someone; to pas someone on the road ;(make them taste your dust). 9. to ride or go quickly, hurry, make off. 8. to drink quickly: to wash away the dust from your throat. 10. to bring to ruin, defeat, kill, discard, get rid off; (fig & lit.) reduce to dust.
Dust phr"As Dry as Dust" - uninteresting, unsatisfactory, inconclusive, poor, as 'a dusty answer.'
Dust phr"As to Ashes, Dust to Dust" - a phrase from the English burial service, sometimes to denote total finality.
Dust phr"Bite the Dust" - to fall to the ground wounded, hurt or slain, to die, cease to exist. 2. confusion, disturbance, commotion, (as of a commotion in which dust is raised).
Dust phr"Down in Your Dust" - dead and buried.
Dust phr"Down With the Dust" - out with the money; dub up!
Dust phr"Dust and Ashes" - (allusion to the legend of the Dead Sea Fruit): used to indicate severe disappointment or disillusionment. 2. the decomposed state of somebody long dead. 3. previously pleasant which has become unpleasant.
Dust phr"Dust Down" - to make ready something for use that hasn't been used for some time.
Dust phr"Dust Off" - to revive something, such as a proposal or idea.
Dust phr"Dust Up" - to clean by dusting. 2. to attack or renounce - see: 'dust up'
Dust phr"Gather Dust" - not to be acted upon without being formally rejected.
Dust phr"In Dust and Ashes". - humbly expressing or expression of grief or repentance from the method of mourning in the Middle East. 2. generally, that the most widely romantic adventures and hopes all turned into dust and ashes
Dust phr"In the Dust" (of One's Good Name): humiliated.
Dust phr"Leave One in the Dust" - to surpass a competitor, opponent or one who is less ambitious, qualified - as in 'He is so meek that they leave him in the dust.'
Dust phr"Lick the Dust" - to be killed, to die. 2. to be humbled abjectly.
Dust phr"Like Gold Dust" - extremely rare.
Dust phr"Make the Dust Fly" - to do with vigor and speed.
Dust phr"Not See Someone For Dust" - unable to see somebody because he or she has left in hurry.
Dust phr"Not So Dusty" - quite good.
Dust phr"Raise Dust" - to make a disturbance.
Dust phr"Shake the Dust off One's Feet" - move away, emigrate. 2. to depart in anger or disdain. 3. leave decisively or in haste. esp. from an unpleasant situation.
Dust phr"The Dust Settles" - the upset, consternation, confusion, resentment etc aroused by something slowly lessens , subsides.
Dust phr"Throw Dust in One's Eyes" - to mislead; to deceive or dupe by making one 'blind' to the actual case or matter of the affair..
Dust phr"We Are Nothing but Dust and Shadows - life is ephemeral and we leave little evidence of our existence.
Dust phr"Well It's Not So Dusty" - it's not so bad; in fact, it's good.
Dust phr"When the Dust Settles" - when the situation is calm.
Dust vbTo free from dust; to brush, wipe, or sweep away dust from; as, to dust a table or a floor. 2. to sprinkle with dust. 3. to reduce to a fine powder; or to levigate.
Dustbane nA cleaning product for carpets and rugs
Dustbath nA place or area where it is extremely dusty. See:'dust-bathing"
Dust bathing n(Also called sand bathing) is an animal behavior characterized by rolling or moving around in dust, dry earth or sand, with the likely purpose of removing parasites from fur, feathers or skin.
Dustbin nA container or receptacle for dust, rubbish, refuse or garbage.
Dustbin-man nThe men who collects one's dustbin from outside your house.
Dustborn adjBorn of dust; 'as the dustborn body, turns to dust again'. 2. mortal; life's ephemeral nature.
Dustbowl nA region or area that abounds in dust and is very dry. 2. a central region in the US during the 1930s.
Dustcart nA cart or vehicle collecting garbage and refuse.
Dust cloth nA cloth used for dusting; a duster.
Dust cloud nThick mass of dust.
Dust devil nA small atmospheric vortex appearing in clear, dry conditions, made visible by swirling dust picked up from the ground.
Dust-dry adjAbsolutely free of dust; dust-free.
Dusted adjSprinkled with dust or powdered. 2. made clean or free from dust.
Duster nA cloth, used for dusting, a duster. 2. one who dusts.
Dustfall nFine particles of dust deposited by the atmosphere.
Dust-free adjAbsolutely free of dust; dust-dry.
Dust heap nPiles of dust, often gathering in heaps in corners of a house or buildings.
Dustily advIn a dusty manner or condition.
Dustiness nDusty condition.
Dusting nThe act or process of sprinkling powdered insecticides from a plane (a crop duster). 2. a beating, thrashing, also used by sailors to describe rough and stormy weather. 3. a light snowfall. 4. light covering of something. 5. the act of removing dust from, as a household chore.
Dustish adjSomewhat dusty.
Dust-laden adjAir laden with dust.
Dustless adjFree from dust.
Dust-licking adjDust so thick that one struugles to keep it away from their lips and out of their mouth. 2. knocked to the ground in a fight.
Dustling nA small grain or particle.
Dustman nA garbage collector. 2. a personification of sleep or sleepness; in allusion to the rubbing of the eyes as if dust were in them; the sandman. 3. a preacher who uses hot-gospeling; is a hot gospeller; a barnstormer in the manner of Billy Sunday.
Dustmote nA mote of dust, a small speck of dust.
Dustmouse nA small clump of dust, fluff, hair, particles of hair, etc. that tend to gather indoors in places that are not regularly dusted, such as under heavy furniture.
Dust-off nThe act of removing dust from something. 2. in military terms: a helicopter; whirlybird.
Dustpan nA flat scoop with a short handle into which dust, dirt and other material are brushed.
Dust sheet nA large sheet is used to cover furniture to protect it from dust.
Dust storm nA storm in which a gale-to-hurricane force winds blow dust particles into the earth's atmosphere. 2. a tempest in which large clouds of dust are raised and cover all things. 3. of colour: having the appearance of dust
Dust up nA scuffle or a quarrel, disturbance, fight.
Dustwards advTowards the 'dust': death and the grave.
Dusty adjFull of, or abounding in dust; strewn with dust. 2. consisting of, or of the nature of, dust; powdery. 3. of colour: having the appearance of dust. 4. in various fig. senses: soiled, or stained with dust, smirched; mean worthless; obscured, as with a cloud of dust.
Dusty answer n'The people met with what is among politicians known as 'a dusty answer', that is one inconclusive and as dry as dust'.
Dustyfoot n.Wayfarer, traveller, pedlar, hawker, chapman. 2. mortal man, the rambling dustyfoot earthly journey: 'death personified'.
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